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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Dont Knock It Till U Try It )~".


Dont Knock It Till U Try It -)~

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Don’t Knock It Till U Try It :)~

Trish and I were just into our second year of marriage and loving life. We were your typical happy adventurous couple with great friends and enjoyed an active lifestyle.

My wife Trish was a long blond haired, small framed knockout with a gorgeous set of tits that no surgeon could ever create. Her nipples would protrude through most of her tops that she wore and it would drive men crazy with desire and she knew it.

Trish knew how to carry herself and was aware of how she looked and every little move she made. She knew men would look at her with desire and she used her sexy skills to keep our bedroom activities peaked often.

Trish has actually modeled a beach wear clothing that had very tasteful but suggestive visuals of her breasts. My favorite was a few button up tops that was tied in a knot at the waist and only buttoned u one or two buttons revealing all of her chest and outline of her wonderful tits with of course her nipples cover but noticeably pushing out the material making you want to see more and a really cute pair of jean shorts.

I went to one of her photo shoots and and it was very interesting and professional. It was amazing how the right background and lighting could enhance what she was modeling and give her such a suggestive provocative look. To be honest If she wasn’t my wife I think I could masturbate looking at photos of her beautiful look.

Well no need for that because Trish knows how to get me horned up at home by posing provocatively and masturbating in front of me driving me fucking crazy with desire to rear that ass up! She really enjoys turning me on in so many was and does it so well. She can be in our kitchen with just one of my button up shirts and a pair of panties on and bend over just enough to show her tight cute little ass and partial boobs exposed with a hint of nipple view and I would get an instant hard on.

This was one reason I fell in love and wanted this women to be mine. I loved the fact that Trish was my wife and she made so many men envious of what they couldn’t have. I was so proud of her and I let her know it. She knew I loved to see her dress on the provocative side, not slutty, just very tastefully provocative.

Trish enjoyed being a bit of a tease giving me and my male friends little views to make our minds race with desire. She knew exactly how to sit and casually spread her legs enough that make it look like a harmless move and give us want more to see and she would love to wear a top that would outline her nipples and a good bit of her soft beautiful tits.

We always had so much fun in bed after getting home from a beach bar putting and I would tell her how much she drove my buddies crazy. I notice this things just as much as she did and we like to have fun with it privately at home. I would tease her and say I caught Jim, Tom or Bob for example starring at your tits hoping to get to see your nipples.

As time went on we started getting into a little more erotic details with our pillow talk and I would say things like, I bet my friends would love to get your tits in their hands and suck on them. Trish would say, I bet they would and it would make my nipples hard.

We liked how our suggestive pillow talk was going and it was harmless, so we started a little fantasy talk. I would tell Trish I was going to give my friends some nude photos of her so they could jack off looking at them. Trish would get so wet and let me watch her masturbate when she imagined men jacking off thinking about her. I guess this was kind of the turning point in how we conducted our intimate times together as we were really enjoying our fantasy talks. It got more descriptive and involved us doing things with others. Trish would also describe other women doing things with me. In my mind I secretly wondered if Trish would do anything that involved other people in our bedroom activities? We actually stepped it up a notch and Trish would let me take pictures of her nude and in provocative and sensual positions. She had a couple little vibrators she would use and I would take a few videos of her using them on herself and filming her orgasm.

One of our couple friends were getting married and as a practical joke we decide to give them some sex toys to open in front of others to get some friendly adult laughs.

Trish and I went to a nearby adult center and shopped around and we actually had a good time looking at all the toys. Trish picked up a couple large dildos and said Jesus Mark (me)….. How could that thing fit in anyone? It was a big dildo and obviously not possible to be used to insert in a women’s vagina, or so that’s what we thought.

We shopped around some more and found a couple toys and a paperback book, Happy Wife, Happy Life and purchased the items for our comical wedding gifts. As we were leaving I noticed a hallway with a sign that said video booths pointing this way. I had never been to one of those.

When we got home Trish wrapped the presents in some adult wrapping paper we purchased at the adult center and she said I want to read what this books about. It had plastic wrap around it and we didn’t want to open it. I said if you really want to read it I can go back and buy you one. I’ll even buy you that one dildo I seen you looking at. Trish said that monster thing I showed you? I said no, the one you was holding and thought about buying.

I said it might be fun watching you play with a dildo anyway. She said ewwww you ornery minded stud you. I knew she wanted it and I said I need to run to the store grab some wine, so I’ll stop in and get it.

I went back to the adult store and bought the items and asked the cashier what the video booth rooms were about and she said they were little rooms that showed pay per view porn flicks and were all connected if you know what I mean as she smiled. I assumed she was meaning they were glory hole rooms as I paid for my items and left.

Trish had dinner ready and after we ate Trish was eager to open her new package. She pulled her new dildo out of the wrapper, looked at me with an ornery smile and said eww it’s bigger than I thought it was as she wiggled it in front of me. I poured us a glass of wine and she had opened the book she wanted and was leafing through it.

I could tell she was going to be reading a while so I grabbed my wine and went in the other room and watched a movie. It was time for bed and I went in to check on Trish and she was nose deep into the book. I asked if it was interesting and she didn’t even look up at me and just nodded her head yes.

I went to bed and was about to doze off when Trish came in and I could feel her naked body get close to me as she grabbed my cock and began playing with it. I was getting aroused and I looked over and asked if that book made her horny? She stroked my cock some more and uh huh. We have this nice ambient light we like to turn on when we’re enjoying our intimate times and she rolled over and turned it on. She rolled back over with her new dildo in hand and said what do you think about my new friend as she held it up close to her lips.

I was momentarily speechless as I’ve never seen a cock in front of my wife face other than mine! My mind was racing and I could feel my cock instantly harden when she gave her new dildo a soft kiss on the head of it. I knew she was ready to play around and reached over and felt her pussy and it was so wet and moist.

I said nice babe, what are you going to do with that big guy?….. The role playing was on now. She said this guy wanted to rub his cock on my pussy…..Do you mind? My cock twitched and I said humm, he can if I can watch!

Trish smiled and stuck out her tongue and swirled it over the head of the dildo and then started rubbing it on her clit. Trish looked so hot and sexy laying there. We had some sexy fantasizing talks but actually seeing a fake cock rubbing my wife’s beautiful shaven pussy was turning me on.

I was trying to understand why I was enjoying this situation and was it normal to feel this way? I could tell my wife was enjoying her new toy as she was spreading her legs and rubbing it softly and cooing. I reach over and rubbed her clit as she enjoyed herself. I whispered in her ear…. Babe that hard cock looks good rubbing your hot pink pussy. She raised her hips and and stiffened up and had an orgasm using her new toy.

She calmed down and said wow that felt good. I said well it looked good too. I said do you mind as I took the dildo from her hand and I began rubbing it against her her wet pussy lips again. I said I want to watch you take that hard cock, ok? She just squirmed with approval and as she spread her legs to let this fat cock enter her. I gently pushed the head of it in her opening. She thrusts her head back and I could see she was wanting it in her as she cupped her tit’s and twisted her her nipples.

I was still trying to deal with my feelings envisioning a hard cock in my wife and it wasn’t mine!

I wasn’t going to deny the pleasure she was feeling and I started working that stiff dildo in and out of her pussy. She was moaning….. yes, yes, YES as she tried to raise her hips to get more.

I picked up the pace and decided to whisper in her ear telling her how hot it looked watching a hard cock drill her hot pussy. She kept bucking and screamed out….Oh Shit…Oh God! Trish was cumming on that dildo and I could only imagine she was fantasizing about a real cock in her.

We laid there and cuddled a while and I asked her what the book was about. She looked at me and said I think you should read it and see for yourself. I asked if it was interesting and she yes it was very interesting and couldn’t wait to see what I thought about it. She said I have a few more chapters to read then she would give it to me.

I was intrigued and assumed it was most certainly sexual in nature and not your typical happy wife happy life guide. A couple days later she left it on the breakfast nook with a note… Please read with an open mind. I grabbed a cup of coffee and went to the den and started reading this book. Right off the bat I could tell it was all about pleasing your wife in a sexual nature. I can’t imagine how I could treat my wife any better than I do now? I treat her like a sex goddess and please her in every way I can.

The book takes a turn towards letting a wife be a Hotwife. It goes on to describe letting her have sex with whom ever she wanted and much of it was the husband bringing a Bull to her to enjoy. The first thing that came to my mind was Trish told me this book was very interesting!!! I had to keep reading it to determine what she found to be so interesting? It didn’t say much of anything about the husband being pleased by another women and it appeared to be the husband was to condone her sexual desires at all times. I began to laugh a bit thinking my wife would never want me to bring men home to have sex with her.

The book had talked about letting your wife live out some fantasies and experiment being nude with other men present. Some of this just didn’t make any real since to me but I kept reading it.

Later that evening my wife asked me what I thought about the book? I said it was pretty direct and to the point on many topics. She said I know!!! I said so now tell me what you thoughts reading it? She kind of smiled and said well…. Happy Wife Happy Life with a shit eating grin. I had a lump in my throat and said what do you mean? She reached down and grabbed my crotch, winked and said you keep me happy and I’ll keep you happy and left the room for me to ponder my thoughts.

Wow that women really knows how to wind me up. I didn’t quite no how to take that remark as it could mean many different things? I’ve always enjoyed Trish’s ability to be a cock tease with me and it’ has kept our sex life exciting. I try to do the same back with her keeping her in tune sexually.

At dinner Trish mentioned she enjoyed going to the adult store with me the other day. She said they had so many products and toys she couldn’t believe existed. I said I know, crazy right? Trish asked what I thought the video booths were about? I said I seen that area when I went back and I asked the cashier and it was supposed to be a bunch of connected booths for people to watch pay per view videos I think?

I asked if she wanted to go check it out sometime and do some more toy shopping? She said sure and she had seen a sexy sensual outfit you can only wear in private she wanted to get for our home sextivities. We made plans to go next Saturday.

I had asked Trish a couple more times why she thought that book was interesting but she declined to elaborate to much and just kept saying it sounded very interesting!!! Was I hearing this correctly? She said sounded interesting which meant she had some curious thoughts in that sexy little mind of hers.

We are usually very open with each other with what’s on our mind, but this might be a touchy subject Trish was concerned of discussing? For the past several days I had visions of Trish and I in a Happy Wife Happy Life scenario and I just couldn’t fathom bring a bull home for my wife to play with. But at the same time gave me a hard on envisioning Trish with another man sexually? Why was I trying to imagine this kind of stuff? Why did it give me a hard on thinking about it? For some reason my curiosity was morally disturbing for me.

Saturday afternoon was here and we headed off for another shopping spree at the adult store to build Trish’s toy supply. Trish dressed hot as hell as usual and looked especially seductive in a very classy way today. We went in and it quite a few more people were there this time. Two other couples and what appeared to be three single men were browsing around.

We were there about ten minutes and Trish noticed one couple go down the hallway to the private booth area. She said Mark, do you want to go check it out with a curious look? I said ok lets go. We went to the cashier and she said just pick a booth that’s dose’nt have a locked door and go in. She smiled and suggested locking the door behind us if we don’t want to be disturbed. She said there were instructions on how to watch videos.

We felt a little weird going down the hallway but too curious not to proceed. The first door we checked was locked and we assumed it was the couple that went ahead of us so we went two doors down and it was open. We opened the door and it was a very small room with one small chair / stool and a video screen that gave instructions. It was obvious it wasn’t designed for comfort and only for watching porn. It had a large roll of paper towels on a roller attached to the wall and a trash can.

Trish said oh my god this looks like a place for men to come to and jack off while watching videos! I said it sure does and if I’m not mistaken I think they call these glory holes as I point to the large holes on each of the side walls. Trish said I’ve heard of these but never seen one. We decided we didn’t want to stay when suddenly some person stuck their hand through the hole and gave a little wave.

It startled Trish and she said Oh God!!! I couldn’t help but to laugh at her getting startled and I said shush don’t say anything. The video screen kept flashing back to a general animated porn commercial with moaning sounds the back to instructions. I said are you ready to go? Trish said yes and this wasn’t what she thought it would be. Just when we turned to go out a hard dick poked through the hole and Trish stepped back and looked at me in disbelief. I don’t know why I thought it was so funny, but the expression on Trish’s face was priceless.

She just got behind me like it was a monster coming to get her and kept peaking around me to watch it bounce up and down. The guy held it there for almost a minute then pulled it back in. Trish said I can’t believe guys would do that. Her curiosity got the best of her and she leaned forward and peaked through the hole and she blurted out…. Mark! His Jacking off!

I was tickled that Trish was so intrigued with the two of us in a glory hole room. The guy stuck his cock back through the hole again and Trish said what’s he trying to do? I said Hon, you know what goes on in these glory hole places. He’s looking for some attention.

I don’t know what made me say it but I said…. I dare you to touch it. Trish said no way as she giggled at me. I could tell she was intrigued just as I was in this new situation to us. The guys cock twitched a few times and Trish looked at me and said look how hard it is. Trish wouldn’t touch it but she did squat down beside the wall so I could take my camera phone and take her picture with that guys hard dick in the picture to prove we were at a glory hole.

When the guy realized he wasn’t going to get any attention out of this room he pulled back and didn’t try anymore. Trish being the nice girl she is knelt down and spoke through the hole and said, sorry buddy I’m not here for that. Good luck with someone else. Just as she finished telling the guy sorry I said Babe!!! Don’t back up! Trish turned and another huge black cock was poking through the wall behind her. Trish said Oh My God! Is that real? When it twitched a couple times I said well I guess that answers your question.

I’m not into looking at mens cocks but I’ve never seen a real black hard cock before and it’s true about their size, or at least this one. It definitely put mine to shame and Trish was amazed and said I’ve never seen a dick that big. Trish kept saying Honey, look how big and hard it is! I said I see Trish. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. He pulled his dick back out of the hole and Trish looked at me and gave me a pouty lipped look that the show was over.

Just then he stuck his hand through the hole as if he was trying to feel something. I said Trish, he wants to feel your tits or ass. Trish was laughing hysterically as not to believe what was happening in front of us. I said let him feel one of your tits. Trish said are you kidding me! I said he don’t know who we are and we don’t know who he is and nobody will ever know but us. I said I’ll take a picture of a black hand playing with your tits so we can talk about our first glory hole experience later. Trish held her hands to her chest and looked at me like should I? I said what’s it going to hurt, let him feel those beautiful sexy titties. Trish was anxious and nervous but pulled her top open so her tits were out. I said go ahead lean over and let him feel them. He must be able to hear us because he turned his hand up waiting for her to put them in his hand. Trish leaned forward and he cupped one of her tits feeling it and Trish looked at me biting her lip as she let this black hand fondle her tit’s. He played with one then the other. I pulled out my phone and videoed the little playtime she was having. Trish’s nipples were very hard and erect telling me she was enjoying this erotic little escapade.

Trish pulled back smiling at me saying ok Mark that’s enough. The guy kept his hand out wanting more. Trish said now what’s he want….. I said I guess he wants to feel you ass? Trish playfully turned around and pulled her skirt up and showed me her cute little ass and wiggled it. It was just out of reach of his hand and I was videoing him trying to touch her ass. Trish was being a tease now knowing she had control of what would happen.

Trish played along and said do you want to see him play with my ass as she moved it almost within touching distance then pulling back. Then a little closer then back. I guess the guy repositioned himself to where he could reach in further and placed his had on her ass. It startled her a bit and she had a surprised look like she didn’t mean for that to happen. I spoke up and said Nice! Trish looked at me to see my reaction with a black mans hand feeling her ass.

I just raised my eyebrows and grinned a little as I kept filming. Trish was a little uncomfortable as he was trying his best to reach between her legs to feel her pussy. She stood up and pulled her skirt down and said Mark, that enough for now. The guy heard her say that and pulled his hand back. I reached down under my wife’s skirt and felt her pussy was damp through her panties. I said damn Babe he almost found your wet spot. She smacked me on the shoulder and said quit it Mark.

The guy stuck his hard cock back through the hole again to see if he could get attention. I said damn Babe the poor guy looks like he’s hurting for attention. She looked at me with that we shouldn’t go there look. Trish kept looking at this huge hard black cock and I could see she was almost in a trance looking at it.

Against my better judgement I said grab hold of it and let me take a picture. I could tell my wife wanted to touch it as she’s never seen or held such a big one like that. I said it’s ok Honey I won’t be mad. She just kept looking at me then back at this hard black cock. She was just afraid to make the first move, so……. I reach out and grabbed her hand and lifted it to his cock. Her hand naturally opened and all of a sudden his throbbing cock was in her hand.

Trish looked up at me with a shy shameful look as she moved her hand back and forth very slowly. I said wow babe that looks hot! Her sweet small little hand couldn’t go all the way around the shaft of his cock. Trish was still looking back at me to see if I was ok with her hand on his cock.

I said how does it feel to have a huge cock in your hand Hun. Trish was getting out of that initial shock mode and showed some excitement in her eyes. She started giving that cock long strokes and you could tell he was enjoying that small hand gripping his cock. His veins were popping out and Trish kept jacking off her first big black cock. I have my phone camera out because we just couldn’t forget this moment. Trish being the sultry tease when she’s in mood, was now in the mood and started stoking his cock like it was her mission. She puckers her lips like she was blowing it a kiss for the camera and then smiles.

Trish was squat down close to eye level stroking his cock and being the first time either of us being at a glory hole, we didn’t know that two heavy knocks on the wall meant that person was going to cum. Trish was looking at me when suddenly cum was shooting out and all over her and down her chest! She tried to push his cock away from her but it caused his cum to shoot in the air onto her arm and leg. Trish jumped back and went Oh God!!! She looked at me and said Fuck Mark….. He got it all over me!

The guy pulled his cock back and Trish stood up and held her arms and hands out like she had spilled paint all over herself. It surprised me as well and thank god the roll of paper towels were there. We used up almost a half a roll wiping cum off of my wife. She had it all over her top and it was wet from cum now.

Trish gathered herself and said god damn that man can cum a lot! It was kinds funny after we thought about it. We just wished we could have been a little more prepared. Trish doesn’t mind cum on her and loves it when I jack off on her tits. She likes to know when I’m ready to cum and that’s what surprised her, she nor I paid attention to the two knocks on the wall.

We cleaned her up and left the room. We walked down the hallway and a few different people are still in the store now including one tall black guy that kept looking our way. Trish’s face turned red as we had to walk by him to leave. He and anyone else could see that Trish’s shirt had cum wetness all over it. Trish turn her head towards me trying not to look at the black guy but just as we past him he gently spoke out Thank You for Coming. As we’re out the door Trish said fuck Mark… That Was Him! He was the only black guy in there and I know it was him….. I know it, I know it, I know it.

We got in the car and looked at each other and Trish said I think we crossed the line in there? I said maybe we did but I instigated it. She said well I didn’t resit to much Mark. I said when I seen the look on your face when that black dick came through the hole, I couldn’t help but to watch your reaction. It was some giddy fun at first but something deep inside me wanted to watch you touch that dick?

Later that evening Trish said she wanted to apologize for doing that in front of me and certainly didn’t mean to make him cum like that. I said that shocked me too but we should have expected that to happen. That’s what those guys are there for. I think I just had some crazy thoughts running through my mind after reading some of that book I bought you.

Trish said that’s so weird that I mentioned that because she was thinking the same thing! She said she found the book interesting especially the parts where a husband watched his wife with other men. She said the book made her mind race with crazy thoughts when it described the wife making her husband watch her enjoy sex with young bulls. She said in my mind I didn’t think that was right but it gave her some erotic thoughts and visions.

I said I thought similar things. I tried to imagine if you were capable of being a Hot Wife like that? I guess I was intrigued enough to see if you would touch another mans cock in front of me? She said she was confused with the thoughts she was having but found the book interesting about a husband bringing bulls home for her to play with and tried to imagine me doing that?

I said Trish it looks like both of us had some crazy thoughts and I’m not mad about it. In fact it was pretty erotic watching you do that and I grabbed my phone so I could show her the short video I took of her while we were in the booth. Trish watch the video and said god Mark, I can’t believe we done that. But the black guy did have a big dick! She said the other guy had a nice dick and probably jacked off because I didn’t let him do anything with me?

I said I’m sure he would have shot a load if you stroked his cock too. So Trish…. Did you enjoy it enough to go back and experiment a bit? She was starring at the video and said well if you want to I think it might be kinda hot to try. I said I’ve always knew that men drooled over the thoughts of seeing you naked and it was no different than me appreciating the look of a hot looking naked chick. That’s just normal for any red blooded American male. I just didn’t want people to know causin issues. Trish said she wouldn’t want our friends to know anything about what we did either.

So we said ok let’s experiment again and see how it goes. I said let’s grab a glass of wine and go to the bedroom and maybe you can show me how what you would do with your new dildo? She smiled and said you couldn’t handle what I would do with a real one. I knew she was teasing me trying to get me aroused and it was working.

Trish was in laying in bed nude waiting on me to come in with our wine. She had her dildo laying on the nightstand and she looked so sexy and seductive this evening. Her nipples were already hard as large pencil erasers. Trish said I want you to show me how we should experiment. Trish is no dummy, she was throwing anything we might do back on me to eliminate any guilt or regrets that may arise. I knew there wouldn’t be any on my side as I did want to see where this new fun could go.

Trish laid there on her side with her arms up and hands folded behind her head and one leg crossed over looking at me. I reach over and grabbed the dildo and slowly rubbed it up and down her arm. She kept looking me in the eye for what I was going to do next. I gently drug the dildo down her side and over to her breasts caressed her tit’s with it. She said ewww, you like seeing that hard cock on my tit’s?

Trish sure knows how to turn things up a notch and I could see she was going to make this a fun night for us! I said yes that cock looks good rubbing your tit’s. She pulled her hands down and cupped her breast insinuating she wanted me to slide the dick between her tit’s.

She said do you like watching that hard dick fuck my tits? Damn this girl can be a seductive slut when she wants to be. I yes babe that looks good. She said could you handle a real cock fucking my tits? My dick was getting hard hearing her talk dirty and I said yeas that would be hot. Trish smiled and said I’d like that too.

Trish pulled one hand down and cupped the back side of my hand holding the dido and helped me fuck her tit’s with it. She said what else would you want to watch me do? My mind was racing what to do as Trish guided my hand with the dildo up to her neck. She looked at me and said eww it’s so big and hard Mark, then motioned me a kiss with puckers lips.

I couldn’t believe how hot and erotic it was playing with my wife like this. I moved the head of the dildo onto her cheek and we starred at each other as I touched her lips with it. Trish reach down and grabbed my hard cock then kissed the head of the dildo. My cock jumped with excitement as Trish said you liked that didn’t you Honey? My cock was throbbing and she kissed it again then ran her tongue around the head of it.

I couldn’t help but to roll that dick around her lips to make it look like a a real cock was there for her to lick. She said does this make your dick hard watching me lick a hard cock? I said hell yes, can’t you tell with your hand on my dick! She smiled and said it makes me horny too. Then reach down and started rubbing her pussy. Trish said would you like to watch me kiss and lick a real hard dick? I knew she meant another mans dick and I said Wow that would be Hot!

I wanted to see what my wife looked like with a hard cock in her mouth but didn’t want to stick dildo in her mouth and she sensed this to as she grabbed my hand and pulled it down to her belly. She was getting into masturbating good now and said what else would you like to watch your Happy Wife do? I just realized my wife was setting me up. I remember reading some of the remarks she was saying. She was subconsciously trying to turn me into her servant, a husband that wanted to watch her have sex with other men. A husband that would bring bulls home for her to enjoy!

I was thinking how far do I want to take this giving her the signal I was good with watching her do these things? I was enjoying our moment and I was fantasizing about watching her with another man but was I really going to be ok with it? I could see how turned on she was getting thinking it turned me on to watch her do this stuff. I think I really have crossed the line? I think I really would like to watch my wife have sex with another man at least one time.

I slowly moved the dildo down and started rubbing her pussy with it like we did the other night. She moaned Ahhh that feels good Honey. That would feel good having that guy rub his hard cock on my pussy…… I was thinking what guy? My curiosity was killing me and I said what guy Honey? She raised her hips trying to get the dildo into her pussy lips. She said the guy in the booth. My mind just switched gears and now I know she’s talking about the large black cock she played with.

I’m not against interracial and obviously My wife isn’t either. We were too far into our erotic play to end now and I said I want to watch a guy put his hard cock in you. I said it… I just told my wife I wanted to watch her fuck another man! She moaned and said that would feel good. I decided to step it up and I said, would you like me to get that guy with the big black cock to fuck you? Then I pushed the dildo deep into her pussy and she immediately started a violent orgasm she pulled my hand tight against her pussy trying to get as much cock as she could.

I held the dildo in her until she calmed down. She pulled my hand wanting the dildo out and then rolled over to me and held me tight. She looked at me and said that was amazing. I said I glad you enjoyed it. I gave her a couple moments to reflect on what we just done then I asked, Babe would you like to go back to the adult center to see if that black guy might be there? She smiled and nodded her head yes and said only if you want to.

The next morning over coffee I said Honey, I had a great time last night, how about you? She came over and hugged me and said yes I did and thank you for making me feel so special. I do feel like a Happy Wife and gave me grin. I knew she enjoyed herself and was open to try the real deal.

I said how about us going to the adult center next weekend to see what kind of fun we can get into? She said I’m game if you are. I said good, it’s a date then.

I did have concerns of what we were getting into but my curiosity and sexual desires got me hoping this might be some new exciting things to broaden our sexual adventures.

I kept think about our next trip to the adult store and thought it would very unlikely that same black guy would be there. I know Trish would have been excited if he was. I decided to stop by the store after work and sit in the parking lot just to see who was coming and going. I felt a bit embarrassed knowing I was sitting there trying find that one black guy that excited her last time.

I sat there for about 30 minutes and seen a few people enter and leave but not him. I decided to leave and as I was pilling out of the parking lot I seen a black guy pulling in. I had to go down the street to turn around and get back in the parking lot. By the time I got back he was already inside. I wasn’t sure if it was the same guy or not, I didn’t get a good look at him when he pulled in. Now what to do? I was running late to get home now so I called Trish and said I had stop and get some fuel and pick up something at the hardware. I went in the adult center and seen the black guy and he was behind the sales counter? I didn’t want to just walk up and talk to him so I pretended to shop around. I was trying to figure out how to approach him and what to say? I leafed through some of the rental videos and found one with black guys and white chicks. It was pretty descriptive about white wife breeding.

I worked my way to the counter when no one was there and laid the video on the counter. He said I needed to register an account to take movie out. I proceeded to register and he said that flick was a good choice for couples. I said really? My wife and I just got into experimenting a bit. I said by the way, did we see you her last week? He looked at me a little puzzled? I said my wife, a hot little girl with long blond hair and I was here last Friday afternoon and I thought we seen you when we were leaving from the back video booth rooms.

He said ….Oh yea, yea, yea….I remember you guys. I said I thought that was you. Anyway, I said my wife Trish and I had a good time on our first video booth experience and we were planning to come back Saturday afternoon to sample some more videos and have more of the same fun. I didn’t say anything about the glory hole but he absolutely knew who we were and we knew who he was.

He said he worked here part time filling in for the owner that was a good friend of his. He said he was a lineman for the phone company but filling in here once in a while had benefits. I smiled at him and said I bet it does! He said his name was Ray. I said thanks Ray, maybe we’ll see here again sometime?

Without suggesting what Trish and I was interested in, I think got the hint and if luck was to go our way he might show up this Saturday?

When I got home I told Trish I stopped and picked up a porn flick she might find interesting? She pulled it out of the bag, looked at the title then looked at me. She said you’er an ornery little boy. Are you trying to be a bad boy and make me a Happy Wife? We both busted out laughing and I said we’ll see. Trish and I watched it later and fucked like rabbits. Trish was liking the way things were going and said she was looking forward to our adult center trip.

I didn’t tell her I met Ray there. I wasn’t sure he would show up or not so I didn’t want to get her hopes up.

Saturday rolled around and Trish was dressed sexy as hell as usual and I asked if she was ready to go have some fun. She said damn right I am, are you ready too, you bad little boy? It was a short fifteen minute drive to the adult center. We pulled in and I didn’t see the car that Ray was driver. I don’t know why but I actually felt a little disappointed?

Trish walked back to the lingerie while I returned the rental movie. I met Trish in the back of the store and she was talking to another couple as they admired and held some lingerie up to each other in front of the mirrors. I said wow those look great! The girl giggled a bit and was treating them more like costumes. The other girls husband said yes and they don’t leave much to the imagination do they? Trish and I moseyed around the corner and walked down the hall to one of the booths. This one seemed to be pretty nice and a little larger with two stools. It seemed to be clean and smelled fresh. As I started up the porn flics we could hear someone in the room next to us. Trish and I said shush to each other as we could hear what they were saying.

I turned up the volume a bit so they couldn’t hear us whispering. Trish bent over to peek through the glory hole and she said it was the couple we were just talking to a few minutes ago. Trish said she could her the guy say he’ll be here in a minute and the husband was fingering his wife. Trish motioned for me to look. I bent over and could see she had no pants or panties on and he was fingering her good. She was bent over with her hand through the hole on the other side of the wall to the next room. She moved back and I caught a glimpse of a dick poking through the glory hole. I motioned for Trish to look! Trish bent over and I started rubbing her ass. I decided to pull her panties down and she eagerly stepped out of them and peeked through the hole again. Trish looked back at me and said that girl was jacking off the dick sticking out of the hole. She smiled at me with excitement.

I started rubbing Trish’s pussy and it was already wet. Trish looked back up at me and motioned for me to look again. She was grinning like a giddy little girl. I could barely make it out but the guys wife was squat down in front of the hole and had to be giving that dick a blow job. All I could see was the back of her head and it was in motion.

I stepped back so Trish could watch for a bit while I fingered her wet pussy. Then…….. Yes it happened…… A guys black hand reached through the hole on the opposite wall behind Trish. I leaned over and whispered in my wife’s ear… I think our friends back. Trish quickly turned and stood up and seen his hand reaching out. She looked at me and smiled.

She didn’t know what to do at first? I said let him know you see him. She shyly reach over and gently stroked his finger. He waved his hand letting her know his hand was free to feel whatever. I whispered… Let him feel your tits. Trish grinned at me and cupped her tit’s through her top and leaned forward. She moved her hands so this black hand could fondle her tit’s. Trish looked at me and mouthed the words, Oh My God as she smiled at me. She pulled both her tit’s out of her shirt so he had full access to both her bare breasts. Trish’s nipples were rock hard. I said that looks hot Babe.

I grabbed my phone and started taking some pictures. Trish held both tits up with her hands letting him know she was enjoying the attention. He pulled his hand back out of the hole and within a few seconds his hard back cock came through the hole. Trish looked at me with wide eyes and again mouthed the words, Oh My God!!! I said I think he wants you to play with his cock Babe. Trish scooted her back against the back wall so his cock was out in full view between Trish and I. It was bobbing up and down craving attention and I nodded to Trish to go ahead.

Trish reached up and took one of her small fingers and tapped the huge head of his cock. It pop up wanting more. I nodded again to go ahead. I made sure my video recorder was on and Trish done her best to grasp her small hand around the girth of this huge black cock. She gradually stroked it front to back and she was starring at it with amazement. Trish reached up with her other hand and placed it on his cock and started jacking him off with both hands. He was moving his cock back and forth trying to fuck her hands. Trish was smiling so big that she had this huge hard black cock enjoying her erotic and sensual touch. The contrast of her small white hands gripping a hard black cock was erotic for sure.

He suddenly pulled his back out of the hole and Trish looked at me and frowned. She tried to peek through the hole but he must be standing out of view? Trish stayed squatting in anticipation for at least a minute when his black hand came back through the hole holding a note. Trish looked at me then grabbed the note and he pulled his hand back. Trish opened the note and she had a shocked look on her face when she looked at me.

I said what does it say? Trish held it for a moment longer and then handed it to me. It read…Hi Trish your soft hands feels wonderful on my cock but I think you husband wants to watch you suck my cock. It had a little smily face at the end! Trish held both hands out and said how does he know my name!!! I looked at her with an ornery smile and said maybe a Happy Husband had something to do with it? Trish said you are a dirty little boy, aren’t you? I said his name is Ray and I met him the other day and said we’d be here today. Trish had a very Happy Wife smile on her face just as Ray stuck his cock slowly back through the hole.

Trish reached up with her left hand as I recorded the light was shinning on her wedding diamond. She grabbed his cock and held it up close to her cheek. It was such an erotic site and my dick was hard as fuck. Trish had this serous look in her eyes as she placed his cock on her cheek. She gave me that look like theirs no going back now. She was letting me know she was about to suck another mans cock. A black mans cock.

She rubbed his cock crossed her cheek then across her chin to the other cheek. She pulled it back and looked me square in the eye slowly kissed the head of his cock! I thought I was going to blow my load right then and there in my pants. Trish pulled her head back and she had a string of sticky pre-cum on her lips. She winked at me as she stuck out her tongue and licked around the head of his cock.

She looked absolutely beautiful with that sexual look in her eyes. I could see her desire and she knew she was turning me on so much. She opened her lips and put a partial of his cock head between her lips. I was over the edge with the erotic sex scene she was performing in front of me. I said god Trish, That looks so fucking hot!

She pulled his cock back and raised it up and leaned forward and licked his balls, then up the full length of his throbbing cock and opened her mouth and took him in as much as she could. She was trying her best to suck his cock and go down on him but he was just too big. She reached up with both hands and stroked his cock as she sucked aggressively on his dick. I couldn’t help it. I had my cock out jacking off watching my wife with a big black cock in her mouth.

Trish was being so slutty and asked if I liked watching her with a hard black cock on her lips? I could tell she was trying to make him cum for her and it wasn’t long. Trish stopped for a second and said Mark…. I want you to bring him home. I want you to watch him fuck me! I was in a trance watching my wife be this way. Trish and I both heard him knock on the wall loudly this time and Trish let him explode all over her face with his cum running down her lips and chin!! I immediately shot cum all over my wife as she took his cock back in her mouth sucking her black cock surprise. Cum was still oozing out of the corner of her mouth, down her chin and dripping on her tits. Trish laid her head back as Ray shot a couple more spurts of hot cum in her face.

I could barley recover enough to video Trish licking his cock. She had cum all over her as Ray’s cock slowly softened. Trish had a serious look on her face with cum all over it and said I love you Mark. I’m a Happy Wife today. Just then we heard some faint clapping and noticed that couple was peeking through the hole for a show.

It took almost ten minute to clean Trish up. Thank god she thought to bring a thin halter top to change into. The shirt she had on was completely cum covered. All got quite in the rooms B-side us by the time we were ready to leave. I didn’t want to kiss Trish after she had another mans cum in her mouth but she forced her kiss on me and said I’m not done yet Mark. I want you to make me a Happy Wife tonight too and winked at me. So exchange numbers with him and make it happen.

Trish said this in a tone that was important for her and expressed it a way that made me understand she needed this tonight! We walked out and I didn’t see that couple or Ray? We got to the car and I seen that Ray was in his parked car directly behind us. I told Trish that was Ray parked there and I would be back in a minute. Trish walked to our car and opened the back hatch to get something? I walked over to Rays car and he opened his window. I said Hi Ray, good to see you today. Trish and I was hoping you could join us later tonight for drinks and get to know each other? Ray said he was free tonight and wanted to know where and what time? I said I hadn’t confirmed with Trish yet but how does 9 pm at the Beach Marriott sound? Ray said it sounds good to him. I asked ray for a contact number and he handed me one of is emergency service lineman cards. I jotted down my number on the back of another card and said Trish is really looking forward to meeting you tonight. Ray kept looking in his sideview mirror and said he was looking forward to meeting Trish as well. I looked back and Trish was bent over looking into the back of our car. Her legs were spread ever so slightly and her skirt was pulled up just far enough to have a prefect view of her pink pussy. She knew exactly what she was doing and showing Ray what may be in store for him later.

It was now 3:30 in the afternoon and we didn’t have a lot of time to get ready. Trish and I headed home. In the car I said Babe, I never seen anything so erotic in my life. She said so enjoyed huh? I said fuck yea! She said I did to Honey. She said I always wanted to see what it was like to be a real slut. Acting is one thing but actually doing it is way, way better.

We got home and thank god we have two showers because Trish had our on suite tied up until it was time to leave. I told her we needed to leave by 8:20 in order to be on time. Trish said Babe, why don’t you get us a nice room and we can spend the night in case we have too much to drink. I followed her advise and booked us a room.

I was ready in no time then Trish came out of the bedroom dressed to the nines! She looked absolutely delicious! She had on her favorite club wear black skirt, A white sheer top that was so revealing it would be illegal to wear in public if any more revealing. She had on a new pair of black heels with bright red soles. Her long blonde hair was done nicely as it flowed with nice long curls. I said Babe you’re knocking it out of the park tonight. She said thanks Honey, Maybe I’ll hit a home run tonight as she tapped me on the nose and said don’t forget…..Happy Wife, Happy Life then gave me quick squeeze on my cock.

We got in the car and headed to the Marriott and I looked over and asked…. Pantyless? She said why ruin a perfectly good outfit? My mind was trying to imagine anything and everything. I said do we need any rules or safe words? Trish said…Why Mark…You don’t think your wife can handle herself? I said Hun, I got your back if needed. She said oh you’ll be needed alright.

Once we arrived at the hotel I decided to go ahead and check in and get that out of the way. We could hear some great music being played by a band and headed for the lounge. I walked behind Trish and she was being undressed by most every man that seen her walk by. Trish has an uncanny ability to know when men are eyeing her and knows how present herself that makes men drool over her.

We stopped just inside the lounge to look around and I could see who I thought was Ray wave his hand at us. He must have arrived early because he found some great seats on the far end of the dance floor. We walked over as Ray stood up. I reached out and shook hands and said Ray, this is my wife Trish. He reach for her hand and gave the back of her hand a kiss and said wow, I’d recognize those soft hands anywhere. Trish blushed a bit and said thank you Ray it’s nice to meet you too.

We had a corner booth facing the dance floor and Ray said please sit. I got in on one side and Trish slipped in the middle and Ray sat on her left side. The waitress came right away to take our drink order. I know my wife well and I’m sure she was impressed with Ray’s look. He was on the taller side and looks very lean. He was also well dressed for the club night atmosphere and was definitely a ladies man type.

Trish was very curious about Ray and struck up some small talk about what he does places he like to hang out, etc. Our drinks arrived and the band started playing this song and Trish said I love this song. Being a gentleman I let Ray ask for the first dance. He did and Trish said sure. As they were getting up I could tell most in men in view were trying to catch a limps of my wife’s crotch as she got up. Trish looked over at me and said are you ok Babe. I smiled and said sure. Damn Trish looked so good out on the dance floor. She could dance in heels very well. Ray was very polite and respectful on the first dance and as they were on the way back to the table the band started a slow song. Ray touched her shoulder and asked for one more dance.

They turned back and Trish raised her arm to place on his shoulder and one in his hand. Her skirt was just short enough that it made you just stare at her hoping it would raise just a tad more to see her goodies. Ray slipped his hand down much farther than it should be in a friendly dance and it was obvious he was trying to press his manhood against her. Trish swayed in a manner that her breast would rub against him and he could easily see down her top.

Dance had ended and they came back to sit down. Trish scooted in and I placed my hand on her thigh and I said you look stunning tonight Honey. She gave me a nice soft kiss and said thank you. Trish turned to Ray and said thank you Ray for the dance and gave him a kiss. Ray had placed his hand on my wife’s other leg and I could tell she had spread her legs as much as she could and still be lady like. You could clearly see under that table from around the dance floor and I know people could see that my wife had a different mans hand on each leg.

I thought it was comical that men were desperately waiting for me to turn my head away from their direction so they wouldn’t get caught looking at us. I leaned over and whispered in Trish’s ear that the men at the bar area were trying to look up her dress. Trish looked at me and said do you like it when men look up my dress and then spread her legs a little more. She leaned over and said Ray is trying to put his hand up my dress, do you mind? God damn it this girl nows how to turn me on. Trish pulled my hand up closer under her skirt and I could feel Rays hand on the other side near her pussy. Trish smiled at me and said she seen two guys at the bar point at us. They are watching you guys with your hands up my skirt.

One guy at the bar was brazen enough to come up and ask Trish to dance when she had my and Rays hand up her skirt. She was being such a slut. She said maybe later I’m bit busy right now and smiled at the guy. I said damn Babe, maybe we should get out of her and go somewhere else. Trish said lets check out the Tiki Bar outside. Ray said that sounds good to him. Ray got up and Trish gave the hard dick onlookers one last peek up her skirt as she really spread her legs getting up. You could see the disappointment in some of the onlookers faces as we left.

Outside at the Tiki Bar it was less crowded and we found a nice seating area next to a wall with a view of the ocean. Not much of a view because of no moon but we could her the waves crashing. I went to the bar and ordered some drinks. When I got back Trish was setting on a lounge chair and had her heels kicked off. Ray was sitting in a chair next to her. I pulled up a chair to the other side of Trish and she said this is nice boys. Much more private and quiet. Trish way laying back on her lounger and she reached over and grabbed my hand and pulled it to her breast and smiled. She says thanks Babe for bringing me out tonight. Then she reached over and grabbed one of Rays hand and pulled it to her other breast and said thanks Ray for coming out to meet us.

She rubbed our hands on her breast wanting us to massage them. Ray and I obliged her want and reached inside her top and cupped her tit’s. She laid her head back and enjoyed the attention she was getting. I was in the best position to watch for anyone come our way. Trish reach out and put her hands on each of our crotches and was giving us some gentle squeezes through our pants. Trish looks at me then over at Ray as she draws her legs up and planted her feet in the lounger. She kept looking at Ray as she seductively spread her legs. Ray knew this was an invitation for him to feel between her legs. Ray looked over at me and I nodded approval and he slipped his hand between my wife’s legs. This was the first time he had clear access and free will. Trish let out a quiet moan and looked over at me and I knew he had his finger in Trish’s pussy. We were not fully out of sight and had to be careful. Trish grabbed my hand as Ray was gently working his magic on my wife’s pussy.

I was getting hard watching her being pleased laying there. She was gorgeous and I could see she was happy that I was watching, happy that I was letting her do this, happy that she was getting her pussy played with by another man while she was with the man she loved. She certainly looked like a Happy Wife to me!

Trish was getting too turned on for us to continue here and I said hey Babe lets go to our room and invite Ray up for a while. She looked me and said I’d like that.

I said Ray, here is one of our key cards. Do you mind giving us about 30 minutes to get our bags into our room situated? Ray gave me a thumbs up and said he would bring up three drinks in about 30 minutes.

Trish got up and leaned over and gave Ray a tongue kiss and said I’ll see you in a bit mister. We went to the lobby and Trish said she would wait for me to run to the car and grab our bags. I wasn’t gone but 3 minutes and when I got back some guy was making a pass at my wife. I said what’s up? Trish said he was just asking if I was ok and I said I was waiting for my husband. He said ok guys have a good evening and walked away.

We went to our room and Trish went to the bathroom to make sure everything was in check. She added a touch of that beautiful shade of red lipstick. She kicked off her heels and came over to give me a deep tongue kiss. She looked at me and said are you good Mark? I said so far I am. She said were you ok with his hand up my skirt? I said it looked pretty hot and I was getting a hard on. She said good because I want you to have a hard on the rest of the night.

Trish said are you going to be ok if Ray and I do things? I said I think so She said would you like to watch him do things to me? She had a hold of my crotch and my cock was getting hard again. She said good. Then said do you want me to be a Happy Wife? I knew she was referring to the book we read and that meant anything goes. She massaged my cock some more and I melted and said I want you to be a Happy Wife. She said I want you to make me a Happy Wife. I want you to help me be a Happy Wife. I said what ever you want Babe. She smiled and said good because I want you to be a bad little boy and watch me do what only Happy Wive’s do.

A couple taps on the door and I went to let Ray in. He had some drinks in a carry case and I took them and put them on the bar. Trish waisted no time and walked over and stood on her toes and gave Ray another deep tongue kiss. He grabbed her ass and pulled her up close and Trish raised one leg trying to get a feel of Rays manhood next to her groin.

Trish pulled away and walked over to her overnight bag, opened it and and pulled out our video recorder. She said Ray, are you camera shy and he said no only if it stays private. She said good because my husband wants to film our first Happy Wife moment. Ray looked at me and I said it’s her call. Trish was getting a little bossy and said Babe come over here tell Ray how I want to be a Happy Wife. I could see Trish was wanting me to orchestrate what she thinks I want to see and watch.

I said Ray my wife wants to be a hot wife and she wants me to watch and film her having sex with you. Trish spoke up and said there you go Babe. Your’e being a bad little boy aren’t you. Trish kind of took the lead and said would you like to film Ray playing with my tit’s? She backed up to Ray as he cupped her beautiful tit’s. She said come here and remove my shirt so Ray can play with my tit’s.

I laid the recorder down removed her top. She laid her head back on his chest and her nipples were as hard as little rocks. Trish had her hands behind her playing with Rays cock. Trish said come over here and take my skirt off, you dirty little boy. I unzipped her skirt and as she wiggled her ass I pulled it to the floor and she kicked it away.

There’s my wife standing totally nude letting a black man feel her naked body. It did look good but my imagination was going wild. I said Babe, put your heels back on. She smiled and said oh baby you’re enjoying this aren’t you. Trish slipped back into her heels and she said what do you want me to do now Honey.

I said turn around and undress our friend. She smiled again with approval of my suggestion, Trish turned and unbuttoned Ray’s shirt and she ran her hands across his chest and belly. From what I could see he looks pretty well built. As his shirt came off she grabbed his pant buckle and undone it. She unsnapped his pants and slid them to the floor. Trish ran her hands up and down his sides and took a finger and ran it around the inner waist band of his briefs.

I said Babe, squat down and remove his briefs, I can get a better view with the recorder this way. She did and when she pulled his briefs down to his mid thigh his very large cock sprang out. Trish quickly removed his briefs and turned back to look at me.

I wish you could see what I was looking at. I was looking at my beautiful long blond haired bombshell of a wife squatting down in front of a naked black man with his cock in front of her face in plain view. I was so damn hard because I knew Trish was going to suck this guy off right in front of me and I wanted to watch her do it!

Trish reached around and grabbed one of his ass cheeks and placed her cheek against his hip as she grabbed his dick and began stroking it. She worked her hand up and down his hard shaft and was admiring it shape and size. She played with it like a toy and bounced it off his belly then tapped it on her cheeks a few times.

I done my best to hold the camera with one hand and take my pants off with the other. I knew I was going to watch Trish start sucking his cock any second! Trish had his cock right in her face stroking it and I could see his pre cum emerging from the tip of his cock. Trish seen it too and said watch this Honey and she did it again. She licked the pre cum from head of his cock. She done this and winked at the camera.

Trish was on a mission after that. She wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked it down her mouth as much as she could. Ray reached down and grabbed a fist full of he golden blond hair pulled head onto his cock and held it there. Trish was about to gag as he released the pressure.

Never in a million years did think I would ever watch my wife do this. I kept encouraging my wife telling how good a hard black cock looked In her mouth. Trish reached down with her other hand and began rubbing her pussy.

I said Ray, move your right hand behind you and let me film you fucking Trish’s mouth. Trish started fingering herself faster and Ray placed his hand on his hip with fist full of her hair in the the and began pumping his cocking her mouth! I must be crazy or sick but I enjoyed watching Trish get her mouth fucked by another man!

Suddenly Ray pushed her head back off his cock and pulled her up to her feet. He pushed her back to the bed and Trish fell backwards. Ray knelt down between Trish’s legs and he pushed them apart. My wife’s bare smoothly shaved pink pussy was right in front of Rays face. Ray ran his tongue up one side of her inner thigh and stopped just before he reached her opening. Trish was squirming as Ray licked up her other inner thigh. Trish was wailing her hips wanting him to put his mouth on her pussy. Trish loves to have her pussy eaten and can cum really hard when I eat her out.

Ray finally raised his head just above her pussy and kissed her pelvic area. Trish grabbed his head and pushed it down to her pussy and held his head there and screamed PLEASE!!! As she hunched on his mouth. Ray started working his tongue all around her swollen lips, licking and sucking all around her clit. He had his arms wrapped around her small body and she was locked in his grip. He was driving her crazy with his tongue and rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Trish was trashing with ecstasy trying to fuck Ray’s face. I know my wife and I knew she was ready to explode! She did….. Trish screamed out OH FUCK HONEY I”M CUMMING!!!! She was having a massive orgasm as this was the first time cumming in another mans mouth since way before we married. Trish started to come down for her orgasm and I know she can have several body shaking orgasms getting her pussy licked.

Trish finally looked over at me and with a shaky voice said this feels good Babe. I said are you Happy? She smiled and raised her left hand to show me her diamond wedding ring while getting ate out by another man and said Happy Wife so far. Trish pressed her head back into the mattress getting ready for her second orgasm. Then Ray pushed her legs to her chest and went down to lick her asshole. He ran his tongue in little circles at her ass hole and Trish bucked and grabbed the sheets and tensed up and squealed again with another orgasm. It was getting to be too much and she pushed his head back for a moment to recoup from the electric sensitivity.

I said Honey I want to watch you in 69 with Ray. Trish said hand me some water Babe. She rolled over and sat up to drink some water as well as Ray did. Ray crawled up and laid crossway on the bed. Trish looked at me and said I’m going to fuck his face, ok? Of course I smiled with a nod.

Trish looked so good crawling over and placing her wet pussy on Ray’s face. Ray again wrapped his arms around her waist and had her locked in his grip. Trish leaned forward to brace herself to get his had cock near her mouth. Trish began giving that hard cock another fantastic blow job. Ray was licking Trish sliding his tongue and mouth from her ass hole to her pussy. Trish found a rhythm she liked and started fuck Rays face. She let go of his cock and concentrated on humping another mans face. God she looked so good with her tit’s bouncing as she jammed her wet pussy. Her motion became faster and in shorter strokes.

I encouraged her and said do it Babe, I want to watch you cum on his face! She straightened up and tried to put all of her weight on pushing her pussy in his mouth and done her squeal again…… Oh FUCK!! She was quivering with her hands on his chest and I said that’s it Babe give it to him. Make him eat your wet pussy! Trish cried out again OH GOD…. OH FUCK!!!

She did it. She came in another mans mouth and I got to watch her do it. Trish kept her hands on his chest and looked over at me with so much pleasure in her eyes as she slowly rubbed her pussy on Ray’s face. She was looking at me and said… You Like? I looked down at my hard cock and said what do you think?

Trish rolled off and got up and went to the bathroom. She quickly came back and through Ray a hand towel and in a smart ass tone said don’t go nowhere mister, I’m not done with you yet. I’m sure Ray is up for a little more action as he hasn’t got a nut yet.

We took a few minutes to regroup, sip our drinks and enjoyed just being naked with each other. It was amazing how comfortable Trish and I was like this. In less than a few days our hole sexual adventures have changed in a drastic way and yet we felt so confutable like we’ve done this many times?

Ray was sitting in one of the soft clothed side chairs, Trish on the edge of the bed and I was sitting on a little side bench. Trish looked at me and said I think I owe Ray a little pay back don’t you think Honey? I said well it looks like he earned some to me. I’m pretty sure what my wife wanted to do now appears this was going to be a no rules night.

Trish got up and went over and sat on rays lap and through one leg over the chair arm. She put her arm around his neck and started playing with his cock between her legs. She told Ray she was really enjoying herself this evening and so far it’s turned out very similar to what we fantasized about. Ray’s dick was getting hard again. Trish said…. I want to try more of this Happy Wife stuff. She said I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have a husband that enjoys watching me have fun. I wasn’t sure I could do this but when I seen Mark was enjoying this it made me want to turn him on more. She went on to say…. Well I think my husband wants to watch me take your cock Ray?

This was really hitting the heart of my inner emotions. My wife is telling Ray I want to watch her with another mans cock in what was only mine. She felt comfortable telling him I wanted to watch them fuck…….. I was wondering how the hell did we get to this point? How did we let this happen? Could I really watch another man take my wife?

Trish was stroking his cock and it was getting very hard as it rose up between her legs. Ray was playing with her pussy and Trish was pulling is cock back between her legs letting the shaft rub her clit. Trish looked at me and smiled with so much wanting desire. Damn It…. She was so gorgeous sitting there playing with his cock and I enjoyed watching?

Trish rolled her leg back over from the chair arm and was sitting with her legs straddling his and Ray’s hard cock sticking out between her legs. Trish was jacking him off and pulling his cock back to rub her pussy with it. When she laid it back on her stomach, it came up to her mid belly. I said said damn Babe his dick almost touches your tits sitting there like that. Trish leaned over and squeezed her tits around his cock. Ray tried humping a bit sliding his cock up and down.

Trish let go and leaned back and and reached behind her and grabbed the back of Ray’s head. Trish was rubbing her clit harder and harder on Ray’s cock. She was trying to press her pelvic forward to feel the head of his cock. Trish was getting so worked up. She kicked her heels off and put her feet up on Rays thighs and her pussy was so wet and open. She was trying so hard to feel the tip of his cock on her pussy lips and kept saying I want it. Babe I want it! The teasing and anticipation of his cock so close to going in her pussy was driving her crazy!

Trish was lifting herself up trying to capture the head of his cock to go in. She kept telling me Please Mark I Want It Now! Please Put It In For Me!!! Holy shit Trish wanted me to put Rays cock in her! Trish looked over at me and said please put in for me Babe. I want you to do it. I want you to show me you want to watch me fuck his hard dick. God it was so close to going in and she was so fucking horny!

She said Honey please make me a Happy Wife! Please put his dick in me. Trish had me in a trance and I walk over beside them and put my hand on her pelvic and tried to guide her down on his cock. It was throbbing and bouncing up and down and just missing her pussy. Fuck Babe, Put It In Now!!! Against all my sexual willingness, my wife has just asked me to grab another guys hard cock and guide it into her wet pussy so he could fuck her!

I reached over and hesitantly put my hand on Ray cock. It felt warm, almost hot? I could feel it throbbing in my hand as I moved it around the opening of my wife’s wet pussy. Trish started humping and said Fuck Babe, put it in!! I held it as she guided herself down and I watched the large black cock head disappear between the folds of my wife’s wet pussy. Trish screamed… YES…YES as she inched herself down. Trish was rocking forward to feel more of his pulsing cock in her.

Trish could feel I was holding it steady for her as she kept inching down on it. I was so fascinated watching his cock slip into my wife’s hot pussy. Trish kept say Yes!…Yes!…Yes! I started moving his cock back and forth trying to make Trish’s pussy feel good and it was working. Trish was beginning to accept his size and started raising herself up and down taking more and more of his cock each time.

Trish raised and lowered much further down each time as I held it there deep in the sanctum area that has always been mine as I tried making his cock roll around in her pussy while she held onto Rays neck. She started shaking violently knowing I was moving Rays cock around in her trying to make her pussy feel his swollen cock head. Her arms were shaking and I knew she was going to cum. Trish suddenly scream OH GOD!!! OH FUCKKK! I’M CUMMMING!!! I kept shaking this hard cock in her like it was a big didlo. Trish’s voice was quivering and she was moaning I could feel her juice running down his cock on my hand,.

Trish kept riding his cock saying don’t stop… Fuck me please fuck me… Trish was to weak to raise up and down and Ray’s hands came around and grabbed Trish’s ass and he held her still and began slow strokes in and out. He was giving long slow strokes and she kept shaking as he pumped her with his cock. I sensed he had control now and I let go. Ray’s rhythm picked up and Trish was begging him to fuck her. Trish started saying Oh God Honey…Can you see this dick in me? I said I can babe. I said it looks so good Babe.

I just realized I needed to capture this on video and reach over to get the camera. I was getting some really good close up video. I was mesmerized watching a large black cock fucking my wife. I stood back a bit so I could capture all of Trish’s naked beauty getting her pussy filled with another mans hard cock. Ray was fucking her faster, harder and deeper now. Trish said STOP! Hold It There! Ray stopped and held his hard cock still deep fill her full of throbbing cock and Trish screamed out again in a shaking crying voice…. OH GOOOD! She was rocking her hips on his cock making it touch areas that’s never been touch before. Trish was about to have another orgasm.

I reached over and rubbed her clit as she was fucking Rays cock on her own and her orgasm exploded again. Trish let loose and started squirting uncontrollably. I kept rapidly rubbing her clit and she tensed up. Trish was having orgasm after orgasm. Ray said hey guys I need to cum soon! He couldn't help but to keep pumping his cock and Trish was loving it now. She had adjusted to his size and they were fucking each other as I videoed.

Ray growled out loud Oh Fuck! Trish kept bucking and rocking on his cock and Ray grabbed her hips and pushed his cock in as deep as it would go. His cock disappeared deep in my wife and Trish yelled out at the same time… I’m Cumming! Ray stiffened up and I could tell he was pumping his hot sperm deep in my wife and Trish was cumming on his cock as she felt his hot cum spurt deep within her womb.

Ray reached up, cupped Trish’s tit’s and held her, keeping his cock deep in her. Trish told Ray she could feel his cock throbbing as it gradually soften and she loved how that felt, Trish looks over at me with Rays half hard cock still in her and his hands cupping her tits and said Honey…..I’m one super Happy Wife tonight and I think I like being a Happy Wife!

Cum was oozing out of Trish’s pussy down Rays shaft and Trish looked at me with a serious loo and ask if I enjoyed watching Ray fuck her? I said I loved it! She said do I have Rays cum spilling out? I said you sure do. Trish said, will you rub some of it on my clit? I want you to show me you like watching me fuck a hard cock. Again I reluctantly reached over and scooped up sum of the dripping cum and rubbed Trish’s clit with it. She said yes Babe, that feels good! Did you like seeing another man fill your Hotwife’s pussy with cum? Trish was tormenting me with her sexual remarks and suggestions.

I immediately suggested I’ve had more fun than I’d ever hoped for thinking Trish was in the mood to ask me to do something that wasn’t in my wheelhouse. I felt we were getting carries away with her suggestions of me placing another mans hard cock in her pussy and I was ok with this as long as this type of fun didn’t involve any further male to male contact. This was not discussed or agreed upon, but when Trish was so into wanting to please me and turn me on watching her with another man, I decided to help in the heat of the moment. Trish later told me that was so exciting for her to watch me guide Rays cock into her pussy. She said it made her feel so connected to me in the most sensual way.

I grabbed a couple towels for them to clean up with and and thanked Ray agin for meeting with us and maybe we’ll try this again another time. Trish stood up, turned around and gave Ray a kiss and a hug with one more little tug on his cock and said she enjoyed herself tremendously. Ray said likewise as he dressed and left.

Trish and I hoped in the shower and washed each other softly. I had a bottle of champagne in or overnight bag to celebrate should all go well. Trish and I laid back in bed and sipped our champaign as we reviewed some of the video I took. I wanted Trish to see want I was looking at. She was in ahh watching her first real Hotwife play. She looked at me and asked if I enjoyed it? I said I enjoyed more than I’d ever thought I would. I asked if she liked it enough to do it again? She reached over and grabbed my cock and said that was the most fun ever turning you on and I enjoyed the benefits of pleasures too! She said it was a win, win for her.

Trish went on to give me one of the best blow jobs she ever gave me as a thank you for such an exciting evening. We are looking forward to our next Happy Wife get together and will write about it soon.

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