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Donna’s Weekend Part Five

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Donna?s Weekend Part Five

When the sound of the front door opening hit Donna?s ears, her heart lept into her throat and she jumped out of bed. ?Fucking bastard said it was OVER!!!? she screamed in her head. She grabbed the nearest heavy object she could find (the iron) and dashed into the bathroom, where she would make her last stand.

As she heard the footsteps advance down the hall, all she could do was try to catch her breath and plan for how she was going to take him, her, them out. ?Over means over.? she muttered to herself. It sounded to her like she was breathing so heavy that people around the corner could hear her. She tried to hold her breath a little, but it just made her pant even harder.

The footsteps ended and she heard the swish of shoes on the bedroom carpet. The floor creaked (the son of a bitch was on her side of the bed!) and she swung back the iron to crush her enemy in the face when they tried the bathroom door. She froze, not understanding what she was hearing. The blood pumping in her veins was ringing in her ears and it was hard to make out what was being said. They knew she wasn?t in bed now.


She heard the whisper and now she knew what she had heard the first time. Not going to get me out that easily she vowed.

?Donna. Are you in there??

Finally her brain connected the words and the voice and she burst out of the bathroom and into her husband?s arms. She went from anger to uncontrollable sobbing in less than 1 second. The iron hit the floor as her hand simply released it and let it fall where it might.

?God, you certainly are happy to see me!? Dan said as he struggled to keep from falling down with a beautiful, scantily-clad woman clinging to his chest and smothering his face, neck and lips with kisses.

?Just shut up and kiss me!? she demanded, pulling him onto the bed and pinning him to the mattress. She grabbed both sides of his face and pulled it to hers. His hands mirrored hers and stroked her short sexy hair, then proceeded to reacquaint himself with the rest of her body.

The next few minutes were quiet, the only sounds were those of lips parting and Donna?s light sobs. Finally sated, she rolled to the side and pulled Dan close, curling her left leg across his body to let him know that getting up was not an option at this point.

?What ?are you doing? home six ?days early, and ?in the middle of ?the night!? she finally asked, her chest racked by the crying she had been doing.

?I haven?t been able to reach you for three days!? he responded. ?I got the text about the concert, and was happy that you weren?t just going to sit at home and pine for me.? She knew he had that goofy grin on his face right now, the one when he used ?fancy? words on her. It was too dark to see, but she could see it in her mind.

?I tried calling and texting, and figured the international connections were just poor and I wasn?t getting through. But I got through to Brian across the street, and he said he had seen a strange car here on Friday night. That was weird. You not answering was weird. Then I read online that the concert was cancelled because Jon had swine flu. I just cancelled the rest of my trip, grabbed the red-eye through Tokyo to Tulsa, rented a car, and here I am! If I had tried to get into the regional airport, it was going to be nine hours more, and I couldn?t wait?

Dan had blurted that last statement on one breath, his tempo rising as he raced through what he had been through to get to this spot. ?I?m operating on three hours sleep in the last 48 hours, knocked back about five Red Bulls, got one speeding ticket, my bladder is about as big as a water bottle, and I?ve never been happier in my life to see you?re okay.?

?What?s going on? Is there a problem?? he finally asked, his voice lowering to a whisper.

Her gently sobbing was ending, and she knew that happiness to see him was a good enough explanation. For now. How could she explain the last three days? ?Nothing?s wrong.? She finally choked out through her tears.?I just want to lay here and hold you and never let you go.?

?Deal.? He replied. ?But unless you want to be swimming in a few minutes, let me up to pee and strip out of my clothes. I promise I?ll be back in a flash?

She relented by pulling back her leg and Dan dashed off to the bathroom, stripping his shirt off as he went. Donna slid into the bed and pulled back the covers on his side, so happy to be able to do that. Good to his word, Dan slid into bed in less than a minute and rolled her over so that he could spoon her. His lips lightly brushed the back of her neck, bringing goose bumps to her arms, and the brush of his hand across her bare breast caused her to gasp lightly.

?Do you want to just be held tonight?? he whispered in her ear? ?Or do you want to help me shake off two weeks of missing you. Either way you call in sick tomorrow.?

Donna didn?t say anything, just wiggled her ass back against his crotch. His erection told her that he was ready, and the wetness between her legs signaled that she was as well. A few more well timed rotations of her hips had Dan slowly grinding back as his hands began to knead her breasts. His breath warmed her neck and the soft kisses turned to small nips on her ear. As he took her ear into his mouth she melted.

This continued for several minutes as Dan continued his soft assault on her neck and breasts. She was totally relaxed and could only moan in pleasure as his fingers rolled her erect nipples and his warm, wet tongue stroked her neck and ear. It was soft. It was slow. It was perfect.

Finally she could no longer contain herself, and Donna turned to face Dan to take his tongue into her mouth, firmly kissing him and guiding one hand down lower. As his tender fingers slid under her panties, she spread her legs slightly to give him easier access. The tenderness continued as Dan slowly massaged her clit and brought her even closer to what could only be described as a sexual trance. The taste of his lips, the strumming of his fingers across her sensitive pussy, the continued stroking and pinching of her nipples had Donna almost paralyzed by pleasure.

The first climax of the evening snuck up on her. From this totally relaxed state the spasms and shaking seemed to flow out from her core until her entire body was consumed by them. Her legs clamped together around his hand and held it near as she reached the peak of her happiness.

As the tension subsided, Dan continued his ministrations upon her breasts and pussy, and the deep kisses became longer and more intense. He finally separated so he could reach down with both hands and slowly strip her panties from her body. He began a kiss that started on her lips, ran past her breasts, onto her belly button and ended up firmly in the middle of her hot, soft pussy.

As Dan began lapping at her honey pot, Donna pulled his hips to her face and began a similar long, slow, soft attack on his cock. Soon they were making a synchronized dance with the mouths and tongues on each other. As Dan would slowly travel his tongue up and down her sensitive pussy lips, Donna would lick his cock and balls from end to end. When he took her clit in his mouth and sucked her engorged lips into his mouth, she would take his entire cock deep into her mouth, the tip reaching deep into her throat.

They both neared orgasm, but Dan pulled away from her and slowly began retracing the path he had taken to get there. He ended with a long, hard kiss on her lips and then rolled to his back, dragging her over on top of him. ?I want to be inside you? he whispered as he stroked the breasts that now hung in front of him.

Donna straddled him and, as she neared his cock, he lifted his hips and met her in mid-air, inserting his hot erection into her soft, warm channel. Donna moaned with pleasure as he filled her, the slight curve in his cock stroking her g-spot as she began to tilt her pelvis. Dan continued to kiss and fondle her breasts and roll her tender nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Donna began to pump on his cock harder and harder as the stimulation brought her back to the edge of an intense wave of pleasure.

As she tensed in the expectation of another climax, Dan took his right hand and began to stroke her clit as she impaled herself on his throbbing cock. The combination of cock and finger was too much and Donna soared over the edge of pleasure with her pussy contracting on his stiff member. With that stimulation, Dan stiffened and sent his seed deep into her pussy. They both fought to make the deepest coupling possible as their simultaneous orgasms rocked their bodies.

As Donna collapsed back to the bed, Dan began once again a slow stroke over all the sensitive areas of her body. His lips once again found her ears, lips and next. His fingers caressed her breasts, down her sides and around her pussy, but never actually entered her again. The light, sensual massage was all Donna needed to keep her relaxed and she relaxed against him. Him. Home.

It may have been 20 minutes, maybe an hour, but they both drifted off to sleep. Dan was still out four hours later when she slipped out of bed and used his phone to call in to the office and let them know she wouldn?t be in today. Luckily she could leave a voice mail and not have to talk to anyone.

She had no idea how long Dan would sleep, but she prepped a big breakfast that she could cook up quickly when he did shake off the jet lag, made herself a cup of tea and sat down to think. What would she tell him about the weekend? How much could he take before it affected their relationship? She had lots of questions, no answers.

At about 9:00 she was still sitting in the living room, sipping tea when the doorbell rang causing her to about jump out of her pants. She pulled the robe tight around her, self-conscious of the fact that she was wearing only a pair of boy-short panties under it.

?Ms. Boncaro?? was the question from the Hispanic man at the door as she opened it halfway. Salesman! At this hour? Shit.

?We don?t want any.? She replied, already closing the door.

?Ms. Boncaro!? he insisted, actually keeping the door open with his foot. ?I have a package for you, but need full identification before I can deliver it.?

Donna saw the thick manila folder in his left hand, and the official-looking clipboard in his right. ?You first? she said.

He pulled a slim gold clip from his jacket pocket and handed her a business card. Paulo Tagliatelle. Customer Relations, UBS Bank, Switzerland.

Oops. Italian, not Mexican. She should have noticed the cut of the suit, and now did.

?Long way from home, aren?t you? Just a minute? she said and closed the door to retrieve her purse. Removing the driver?s license, she went back to the door and handed it to him. He looked it over, made some notes on the clipboard and handed the completed form to Donna for a signature.

?What is all this about?? she asked as she scratched her name on the form. Stupidly, she never even read it, or she might have had the answer she needed.

The clipboard back in his possession, he simply handed her the envelope and the license, kissed her hand, and walked straight to a black BMW, climbed into the back seat and departed.

Donna was still confused, and even more when she heard Dan yell from the bedroom ?Got you, fucking bloodsuckers!?

He shuffled out of the bedroom naked, glanced to make sure the front door was shut and gave Donna a kiss on the neck. ?The doorbell woke me up, so I logged on to check my e-mail. Verizon just sent us an e-mail apologizing for the outage on your phone this weekend. Some kind of system error that affected your service. That?s why I couldn?t get through to you. A free month! That?s $150!? Dan and the cell phone company never got along, and a chance to get back at them after years of complaining had him giddy.

?Who?s at the door?? he asked as he continued on into the kitchen for a drink.

?Don?t know.? Donna replied. ?Some suit that dropped off a package.? She sat down at the table and ripped it open and Dan came over to watch.

The words and images kind of ran together and the next 15 minutes were a blur for Donna. Partner, Italy, numbered account, internet, apartment, tax-free status, cash, key, box. They were all words she had heard before, but the order and the significance had her mind in a blender.

Dan was now grabbing the papers from her, combing them for loopholes, tricks and fine print. The details were all here. She was listed as a co-owner of Europe?s leading internet pay service, this was her buyout for all of her shares. He dropped the papers, placed the bundles of cash in her hands, grabbed her face, holding it still while he repeated the words to her.

?You now have one point two five million Euros in a numbered account?an apartment on the Grand Canal in Venice?fifty thousand cash?and a former partner named Carlo Bonnano. Who the fuck is he??

A second time and her eyes focused on his and she answered honestly, ?I have no idea.?


From the balcony of their apartment, Dan and Donna often sat watching the sunset over St Marks. The peaceful evenings were their time to enjoy each other, and often ended just as the night had just before their lives were changed. The billowing white curtains allowed the soft breezes up on the fifth floor apartment to filter through, caressing their bed and providing an almost surrealistic feel as they made love.

?Carlo?, if that?s who and what he was, never contacted Donna again. She had found that a fantasy could be nice, but reality and love was even better. Dan and Donna shared love not only in bed, but every time they strolled across the bridges, took a boat onto the mainland, or plucked olives off trees in Tuscany.

Dan never told Donna, but her secret was safe with him. There was a DVD in that envelope also, and Dan took possession of that before Donna saw it. After he viewed it, he destroyed it. The woman on those tapes was the woman he loved, unconditionally. He had seen the look in her eyes and the feel of her lips when he came home that night, and that was enough for him. Nothing ever had to be said. Except ?I love you.?


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