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Date Night Surprise

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I had nothing in particular in mind, just something cold to drink and a quiet place to sit before I headed home from an afternoon of running errands. The place was dark, quiet, and absolutely dead. I sat at the bar next to a very pretty young woman. She had a smile on her face and struck up a conversation immediately as I ordered my drink. I didn?t mind the chat. It wasn?t often I talked to anyone who was above the age of 10. She and I had a lot in common other than our ages, she was 20 while I was 41. Conversation flowed so easily. It didn?t take me long to notice how directly she looked at me and how often she reached out and touched me as she spoke. I didn?t mind, in fact, I found it rather flattering. After an hour and a half, a few drinks, and wonderful conversation, I noticed the time and began to make my way out the door but I had so thoroughly enjoyed her company, I was hesitant to see it end. I decided to ask her over to the house where we could visit some more while I waited for my husband to come in from work. Though it was a thing I would not ever usually do, in this case it felt ?right.? She was quite happy to oblige and so she followed me home.

When we walked in the door, I felt her hands encircle my waist and she turned me to face her, offering me a soft kiss and a thank you for the invitation. I was stunned. I had never been kissed by a woman and had certainly never had one look at me the way she was at that moment. I was not offended though by this young woman or her soft lips but having been so shocked I could say absolutely nothing. I simply returned that kiss with a smile and a ?your welcome? I heartily meant. I walked to the kitchen to grab a couple of beers out of the fridge and offered one to my guest. She sat down on the couch and I excused myself to change.

I am not one to stay overly dressed for long and without even truly thinking about it, I slid into a nightgown I wore frequently. It was short and silky and red and I loved the feel of it against my skin. She was a woman and I didn?t feel even remotely uncomfortable walking back into the living room to join her in such a getup. I had intended to get dressed for the evening soon, as this night was ?date night? for the hubby and I, but at the time, I never imagined my guest would stay so long or that things would turn out quite the way they did.

When I opened the door, I could hear her sharp intake of breath and then saw that smile light up her face, her hand immediately patted the empty spot on the couch next to her and in a soft but sure voice, she said, ?Come here.? I walked over to her and sat down beside her where she had indicated. I had no indication, no thoughts that this one thing would take me so far but it did and I cannot help but smile now when I think on it.

When I sat next to her, she encouraged me to turn around with my back to her. She knew what a hectic day I had had. As I turned my back to her, I felt her soft young hands on my shoulders, rubbing skillfully, chasing away any tension I had left over from the day. The more she rubbed, the more I relaxed and soon I began to feel those delicate fingers moving across more and more of my back. My back is very sensitive but when I felt her fingers brush my long hair off of my neck and her hot breath on the back of my neck, I got chill bumps all over. I leaned back into her mouth wanting to feel more than her breath without even thinking about it. She kissed me softly, stroking my back with her fingers and sliding them around my sides where she lightly brushed the side of my breast with her fingertip. I actually moaned out loud and to my own surprise, I leaned back even further into her allowing her greater access to my tingling breast and hardening nipple. She didn?t hesitate. She deftly slid those soft fingers beneath the silk of my gown and so softly cupped my breast. My breasts are not the most sensitive in the world but when this girl touched it, caressed it with her fingertips I felt sensations shoot all the way thru me. It was heavenly. I still had not thought about the fact that this was a stranger to me and even more than that, that the person causing such delicious sensations and a burning ache inside me was a female, a woman. She grabbed my chin with her other hand then and looking at me before leaning in close, she pressed her lips to mine and I felt her soft, wet tongue gently nudge my own lips open and before I knew it I was seeking her tongue with my own just as I do when lost completely in longing with my own dear husband. I felt it?I felt every nerve of my body awaken then in a flood and I could feel the growing wetness seeping between my legs. I had no idea what I should do or what I shouldn?t but at the moment, I didn?t care. All I knew is that this beautiful girl was touching me in a way that had lit a raging fire in me and I wanted more. She grabbed my breast more firmly then pulling me into a position where I was facing her more than sitting with my back to her. She lowered the strap on my gown with her hand as her tongue continued its relentless dance with mine. Once the strap was lowered and my breast was completely exposed, she pulled her lips from my own and lowered her head, and I watched in awe as this beautiful girl with those pink wet lips took my own nipple into her mouth. It was if this girl had known me intimately all my life, she touched in ways that were so perfect, so right?she touched me in ways that my own husband, even after years of marriage, had not yet learned or discovered. My breasts actually ached and though I didn?t realize at the time or care what I was doing, I pulled down the other strap of my gown and gently directed her tongue and that heavenly warm mouth to my other breast.

I arched into her as she took my nipple inside her mouth, sucking and nipping it ever so lightly with her teeth. She must have known then I was ripe for anything and I was because by this time I had no idea where I was, what time it was or anything else for that matter. All that mattered to me was this beauty, this incredible beauty with her hands and her lips on me and the ache inside me that was nearly bursting me apart. She pressed back on my shoulders, with my nipple still firmly inside her mouth and I was suddenly laying back fully on my couch. Her hands then began to explore, leaving my breasts?they traveled softly down my stomach, to my thighs and as her fingertips gently tickled my inner thigh I parted my legs ever so slightly. She pressed on then, seeking that warm wet spot between my thighs and as her finger brushed across my already hardened clit, I spread my legs open wide. She didn?t hesitate and rubbed across it again and again deliberately with that finger until I couldn?t contain the moans any longer. My pussy was throbbing with such intensity. She sat up and slid off her halter top. She had the most beautiful, full tanned breasts. Each hard nipple was pierced with a steel bar and I couldn?t take my eyes off of her, even for a moment. It was then she looked at me, leaned her breasts close to my face and commanded gently, ?Take them in your hands, squeeze them, taste them. NOW!? I had never touched any breasts besides my own and I had certainly never tasted any but I did what she commanded and as my tongue flicked across her hard brown nipple I couldn?t imagine anything sweeter than that nipple in my mouth, than her finger circling again and again around my hard little button. I licked her nipple, I suckled her breast as I must have my own mother?s. It was exquisite. She arched into my mouth and grabbed the back of my head encouraging me in my endeavor. I loved the feeling of that hard little nipple in my mouth. I loved the feeling of her hand on the back of my head. I felt her pull away and she took my hand into her own. She raised her skirt and slid our joined hands between her legs. I was surprised to find she had no panties on and that her soft, bare pussy was incredibly wet as well. She smiled at me and said, ?Might we go into your bedroom?? I stood up shaking but grabbed her hand and led her into the room I had only ever shared with my husband. She pulled me close to her and as our breasts touched flesh to flesh I shivered and swayed. This was the most intense experience of my life. I knew I wanted to experience more of this pretty young thing. I wanted to explore every inch of her. I wanted to taste her. I didn?t have the slightest idea where to begin but I had a very good idea that I didn?t need to know. All I need do is follow where she led and I was determined to do just that. She kissed me again then and slid her hand between my legs. As her tongue penetrated my mouth, her long slender finger penetrated my quivering hole. She slid that long finger in and out slowly and then pressed me back until I felt the mattress on the back of my legs. It was then she pulled away from my mouth and said, ?Lay down!? I did, immediately. She pulled off her skirt as I lay there taking in the breathtaking beauty of her body, of her face. She slid her finger then between her own legs and I watched as it disappeared. When she pulled it out it was slick and glistening. She brought that finger to me and placed it against my lip. I couldn?t help but to open my mouth and grab her hand as I slid that finger inside, tasting her, tasting a woman, for the first time. She grinned when I moaned. Then she stood back up and spread my legs wide, tickling down my inner thigh as she did so with those fingertips. I couldn?t think. I couldn?t breathe. She brought her head down and when her lips touched the flesh of my pussy I immediately pressed up and into her.

She began to lick me then?she teased and tortured me in a way I didn?t know was possible. It was not long before I exploded and that beautiful girl opened her mouth fully to the gush that spurted out of me and she swallowed it all down, moaning herself.

We were both so oblivious to all but the experience between us, neither of us were aware of my husband?s arrival home or of his presence in the doorway of our bedroom. He was frozen?absolutely in awe. He knew me very well and all through the years we had been married, I had always said I didn?t have a thing for women and though he longed for the day I might change my mind, he never imagined it would actually happen. And here it was, his wife with her legs spread wide and a beautiful young thing with her face buried in his wife?s sweet pussy. ?Oh my God,? he thought. ?Here it is, here it fucking is!? Being a smart man, he was able to see quite easily that what he had before him were two women absolutely ripe for a good fucking. He unzipped his pants quietly and his cock sprang out, harder than he could remember being in ages. ?Jesus Christ, I could come just watching this, but no, no?this is one opportunity I am not going to miss.?

After I came, she climbed fully on top of me and kissed me again. The taste of my juices in her mouth made me crazy. I touched her then, running my fingers across her breasts and finally making my way between our bodies to her hard little clit. She spread her legs for me and I began working my own magic on her delicate and perfect young pussy. I was amazed that her body reacted so strongly. I guess a woman really does know a woman?s body best. She moved as I slid my finger into her cunt, pressing into me as hard as she could. I have small hands and one of my fingers must make for a pretty lousy imitation of a hard throbbing cock?but she was not complaining. Her pussy grew wetter and my mouth began to water as I thought of that hot little pussy underneath my lips and how wonderful she?d taste on my tongue. With one last thrust of my finger I raised up off my back, sliding her body off me and to the side, intending fully to taste her own honey but imagine my shock when I sat up and came face to face with my wonderful husband and that hard glorious cock of his bursting to attention as he slid his pants down. I came instantly at the sight and at the thought that he?d seen at least some of this action between this young beauty and me. She looked at me puzzled. I had completely frozen and tensed as the orgasm overcame me. She lifted up on her elbows and it was then she saw him standing there. I touched her softly, hoping she wouldn?t be angry, that this wouldn?t end. I was rewarded with a smile and her soft voice now commanding my husband??Well, don?t just stand there with that beautiful cock swinging in the wind. Come here and join us.?

The smile on his face told me all I needed to know. He?d always said he wouldn?t care if I desired a little fun on the side but having always believed in monogamy myself, I doubted his sincerity. He had meant it. In fact, I think this was every bit as good as the wettest, wildest dream his own perverse mind could concoct even better in fact because this was a thing that wasn?t supposed to have ever happened?I didn?t like women, remember. He was so hard and when he got to the bed, we both sat up and reached out to touch that hardness. We looked at each other and then leaned together to take it in our mouths, to taste him on our tongues. The pre-cum was flowing freely and in large amounts. I love the taste of my husband and apparently she did too as we both gobbled up every drop like we were starving. He threw his head back at the feel of two wet tongues gliding down his cock and two wet mouths taking turns drawing the head of his cock inside for another taste.

I kissed her then and reached my hand between her leg. I loved the taste of my husband but I wanted more from this pretty young thing. I told my husband, ?She is very wet. She is very ready. Please fuck her Baby. Let me see your hard cock slide inside that beautiful pussy.? He laid her back and I moved my hand as his legs pushed her own apart. He pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, I saw that wet slit of hers and that engorged head of his and then his huge cock disappeared inside her. Oh my god, it was incredible. She moaned. He moaned. She was so young, so perfect, so tight and so happily giving herself to us both. She told me then, ?Please come back to me and let me taste you again.? So as my husband fucked her with incredible intensity and power, I crawled to her and then crawled over her, positioning my sopping wet pussy above her soft lips. She dove into me with wild abandon and I pushed so hard into her face I was certain she would suffocate. But she licked and sucked despite my own pressure against her mouth. It was an incredible experience to be eaten out so perfectly and at the same time to watch my husband?s beautiful cock slide in and out of a perfect pussy. Her legs were high in the air and he was ramming into her tiny little pussy with every inch of his very large cock and I could see the intensity in his face. As he fucked her harder and harder, I moved more and more over her face feeling the cum rising inside me as I felt sure it was rising in him. When he said in that way he does, ?I am going to cum??I exploded immediately, drenching her completely. I could hear the slurp of her mouth as she took in as much as she could while at the same time she tried to give voice to her own orgasm and the arrrrrrghhh of my husband as he pummeled into her with each shot of sperm pumping out of him.

He and I collapsed forward, into one another?holding each other up, we kissed so deeply. Oh God, I said, as he pulled away and I saw the cum on the base of his cock and the wetness on her pussy lips spread wide by his still hard cock fully inside her. ?Baby, move, move now. I want to taste her,? I said. He pulled out of her then with a moan and he sat down on the bed by her. She reached for his cock and lifting up on her elbow, she cleaned the cum off his cock thoroughly. Amazingly enough I could tell my husband was going to end up having a back to back orgasm (this is a rare thing in a man, but this girl knew how to work her mouth and this was an experience he had always wanted and here it was, the part he had always wanted to see most of all, I was about to clean all his cum from this lovely young thing?s cunt with my own mouth)?but I?I had the best job imaginable. I kneeled between her spread legs and nuzzled her hard clit with my lips. She pressed into me then. It is not a rare thing for a woman to have multiple orgasms and I intended to make this little pussy have more than one. I sucked at her clit and slid my fingers, not just one but three, into her tight pussy and pulled just a little of their combined cum to the surface to where I could taste it. As my tongue lapped at her pulsating hole, and I tasted what had to be the greatest thing since chocolate, her orgasm running into my mouth in combination with my husband?s now very liquid cum? I came right there on the floor in one huge burst of gushing juice. I fucked her pussy with my tongue, licking her insides clean of the cum he had put inside her. I could tell she was ripe for more so I slid my fingers inside her again and raising up my head, I saw my husband with his hand on the back of her head pushing her hard onto his cock and she was such a good, sweet thing she took every inch, every thrust, greedily. After seeing that, I dove into her pussy, lapping at her clit like my husband had learned to lap into mine with my tongue flat and fat, she was moaning so loud with his cock in her mouth. I fucked her rhythmically, deeply, quickly with my fingers. I could feel the walls of her pussy gripping my fingers. So I fucked her a little faster and faster, curving my fingers up to touch that spot in her that would make her orgasm very hard, very intense and very, I prayed, wet! I could hear my husband and the guttural sounds in the back of his throat were a signal to me that it would not be long before he blew his wad in the back of her sweet mouth. That urged me on and I took her hard little clit into my mouth sucking it with the same rhythm of my fingers driving into her. As he cried out and choked her with the huge load she had been building, she exploded and gushed into my mouth?I had only dreamed what it would be like to feel and taste a gush like that. Oh my God, I cried, pulling away from her pussy, with all that hot juice dripping from my chin and once again, the floor received my own juices, a tremendous gush of wetness. Rising from knees, I collapsed on the bed beside them. Within moments we had all snuggled together and drifted off to sleep. Needless to say our ?date night? out became a wonderful night ?in? with our beautiful and voracious new friend. I will never forget it?of course, we do it regularly now and have made several new ?friends? but she is and will always be our favorite and that one night will never be forgotten.

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