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A Motorcycle Ride in The Country

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One summer day, you and I had gone for a motorcycle ride through the countryside. Taking in all the fresh smells of what seemed to be a beautiful day. We had no helmets on being that we were keeping to the back streets. We were traveling through a well-wooded area. You had your hands on my waist and your head resting on the back of my shoulder just taking in the freedom from all the worries and cares at home. Enjoying this lovely ride.

We were a little ways from home when a quick rain shower had come in. One that we hadn?t expected for being such a nice day. The rain drops stung our faces and bodies as we were riding. It didn?t look like it would last that long, so I had seen an empty barn up ahead. I pulled into the barn and got the bike out of the rain. I reached my hand up and lightly brushed your hair aside from your beautiful face as rain had soaked us both. You gave me a slight smile as I smiled back. I placed my hand on the back of your neck and leaned towards you. You knew my feelings for you and somehow standing there just felt right. You leaned forward to meet me as our lips touched and those feelings from long ago came flooding back. I sink my hand gently into your hair and gently start to pull back. Your head follows the movement and I place my soft lips upon your neck. Kissing you there and gently nibbling. My other hand slides up your waist and cups your soft breast. You softly moan as you are caught off guard. You place your hand upon mine as to say stop but you don?t move it. Your thoughts are tearing back and forth from feelings of long ago. You remove your hand and wrap your arms around my neck?pulling me closer. I wrap my arms around your waste and hold you tight against me. We start to kiss deep and passionately. I take my hands and reach for the bottom of your shirt?.lifting it up over your head. I then slowly remove your bra and lower my head to your breast kissing them softly with my lips?..tasting your luscious body. I run my tongue across your nipple?.as it stands out hard. You reach down and gently squeeze my hard cock??realizing that it?s you that I want. I take my hands and reach for the button on your shorts. I start undoing them?..sliding them down your long lovely legs. Your panties shortly follow. You are now standing completely nude in from of me. I step back and take in your beautiful body. It looks so lovely. I?ve waited for this moment all my life. I take my clothes off as well. We go out behind the barn being that we are pretty much secluded from the roadway at the opposite end of the barn. It?s pouring down rain and it?s running down our naked bodies as we are standing there kissing. I make a movement to lay down on the ground and you follow. As we lay there, we explore each other?s bodies with tender strokes of our fingers while we are lost in a deep kiss. I move my head back to the side of your neck?kissing you gently as I move. I place a trail of kisses down to your now rain droplet covered breast as it is heaving up and down with each breath you take. I place my soft lips upon your nipples and gently suck?.not too hard?.not too soft. I swirl my tongue around your nipple as I taste the rain gently running down your lovely breast. I trail my finger down your stomach?.back up?..teasing with each stroke as it gets closer and closer to your wetness. When my finger finally reaches your most sacred area you shiver with pleasure. I slide my finger across your clitty?back and forth?..making it want more. I move my lips down along your stomach following the trail that my soft fingertips had once taken. I give you lovely kisses on your soft belly. Then move on down further? start to spread your luscious legs as my lips move to that now hard clitty. I suck your clitty between my lips and nibble on it. You wrap your legs around my head and sink your fingers from both hands into my hair as you tilt your head back enjoying the pleasure my tongue is bringing to your clit. After licking and making you have little orgasms??I move myself up along your body?.I straddle your chest and place my hard cock between your gorgeous titties?..I start sliding my cock back and forth?you look down and watch some as it is sliding in and out of your titties. You leave out a little moan as another little orgasm comes over you. You lift your head up and kiss the tip of it as it comes towards you. You look up at me and smile?.the next time it comes close?you stick out your tongue and tease the head of my cock. You look up at me and with an evil grin?you tell me that you want it between your soft lips. I move forward as you reach your hand up and guide my stiff cock towards your lips. At first you just stick your tongue out and tease it. Then you move your lips over the head of it and suck a little. I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of your lips upon my cock. You then move your lips further down the shaft and start sucking as much as you can??you place your hand between my legs and start massaging my balls as your soft lips work back and forth on my cock. I can feel pressure building between my legs. You moan as you feel it pulse in your mouth. I give you a sly smile as I pull it out and turn our bodies over. You now straddle me as I lay on my back. You reach down between our bodies and place your hand around my cock as you guide it between your legs. You rub it against your clitty?.making it wet with your love juices?as you slide it in. You slowly start to push down. My cock goes inside of your very wet pussy. Once the full length is inside of you??you relax your body and lean forward to kiss me. I kiss you back as you begin to move your hips up and down on my cock. I reach my hands around and place them on your lovely ass and pull you closer to me. My cock going deeper inside. You keep moving up and down faster and faster? feeling an intense orgasm coming. You don?t stop? move harder?.faster?.deeper. You sit up on me as you try to get the best orgasm you ever had while making love to someone. I reach my hands up and place them on your breast. Massaging them as you bounce hard and fast. Little moans of pleasure escaping your lips as your orgasm is reaching it?s peak. You lean forward?..your breast right in front of my soft lips. I take the nipple between my lips and start sucking as my cock is growing harder inside of you. All of a sudden?.your body tightens up? moan loudly? cock is soaked with love juices as it is an intense orgasm. One that you have never felt before. You feel like your peeing because it is coming out so hard and wet. You start to move your pussy again?.up and down?..faster and faster?..harder and harder. You hear the juices between our bodies making noise as our bodies meet. I hold your body tightly against mine?.I turn you over?..I lower my head down to give you a kiss. I tell you that I love you and you tell me that you love me too. I start to slide my cock in and out of your hot pussy as we start to make love with my being on top of you and you laying there underneath me?.enjoying the pleasures running thru your body. I move my hips faster and faster between your luscious legs as you wrap them around my waist? pulling me in deeper and deeper with each stroke. You wrap your arms around my neck and pull me in close to your body as I start to nibble on your ear and giving you soft, gentle kisses across your neck. You push your hips up in the air to meet my down strokes getting the most out of a hard pounding cock. Faster and faster our hips move together?.as our moaning get louder. You let out a big moan as you yell out, ?Oh god, I?m coming and it feels so great!!!!? My cock erupts deep inside of your pussy as we hold each other tight. We lay there in each other ?s arms for a little longer?.enjoying the cool rain splashing on our hot, sweaty bodies that had just enjoyed the most sensual lovemaking in our lives. Nothing compares to making love in the rain during a storm. We give each other a loving kiss and get up to dress?

?smiling?wondering? this the last time we get to enjoy each other?s love?or will there be more. We rode out of the barn and back onto the street for the rain had finally passed and we could go about our bike ride. You laid your head against my back and lovingly wrapped your arms around my waist as we rode off.

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