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A Hot Indian Night (romantic, couple, stranger)

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?Are you in a mood for breakfast?? Mike asks Neha while caressing through Neha?s hair.

?Order room service? Neha says ?I like room service?.

Neha is laying her head on Mike?s chest. She pulls herself onto Mike and kisses him. Mike also starts kissing her back. It looks they would rather have each other than breakfast.

?Mike, why don?t you order while I brush my teeth?? Neha says walking to the bathroom.

?What do you want??

?I want you!? Neha giggles. ?For breakfast, surprise me.?

?Are we going out today?? asks Neha from inside of the bathroom.

?I rather not. Hey how about Ron? Isn?t he being tied up in the lecture all day??

?Yes. Poor Ron!? says Neha. ?But he will be meeting my best friend Farah afterwards. She has a fantasy for Ron.?

Neha comes out of the bathroom. She looks so fresh in her cute little gown! It just stops halfway on her round tight butt. Mike pulls Neha into his chest. He puts two hands on her butts and starts pressing. He smells her hair. It smells so good. Neha lifts her face to Mike. Her eyes are so mystic! She smiles at him. Her smile can turn a guy from twenty feet and Mike is basically pressing her onto him. Mike gives a long passionate kiss onto Neha?s lips. Neha gives her tongue. ?Oh it feels so good. God I am lucky to have this woman? Mike thinks. Mike unbuttons Neha?s gown. Those two breasts are so tight, so inviting. Mike puts his tongue on the left nipple. Neha presses Mike?s against her body. ?This man knows how to make love. Oh god I want him, I want him now?.

Neha slips her gown off. She whispers to Mike?s ear ?take me Mike, take me now. Love me, fuck me, do whatever you want with my body. I am yours now.? Neha takes a couple of steps back and sits on the edge of the bed. She pulls her legs apart. Mike looks at her pink vagina and could not wait anymore. He starts licking her pussy. Oh she is all wet. Neha starts moaning. She never knew anyone who can suck pussy so good. ?Oh Mike I want you inside me now.?

Neha looks at Mike?s cock. It is about eight inches and thick. He slides it into Neha?s wet pussy and starts stroking slowly. Mike puts his arm around Neha and pulls her close to his chest. He knows that is how Neha wants. She wants intimacy when making love. Love? Mike thinks. Yes I am not just having sex with this goddess, I am making love. Mike starts kissing Neha on her neck and mouth. He starts stroking a bit faster. He hears Neha?s heart bit. ?Fuck me hard Mike? Neha whispers. Both of them are sweating. Each inch of their bodies are enjoying this incredible sex. It is almost fifteen minutes Mike is inside Neha. Mike feels that he is now cumming. ?Where do you want me to cum?? asks Mike. ?Cum into my face? says Neha. Mike is surprised. Last night Neha told she does not want cumming onto her face. Mike does not argue. He slides his cock out of Neha?s pussy and starts jerking over her face. ?Not here?, says Neha, ?here? pointing her open mouth. Mike unloads a huge cum into Neha?s mouth. He though Neha will spit it out, but she swallows instead. She sucks his cock and swallows the to the last drop of his cum.

?Why may I ask you changed your mind?? asks Mike. ?I thought you did not like cumming onto your face, let alone swallowing!?

?I let people I like to cum onto my face? says Neha.

?How about swallowing??

?Oh that was my breakfast!?


?No cloths today? Mike tells Neha.

?Ok. But you have to take them off me.?

?No problem my lady.? Mike unbuttons Neha?s shirt. ?You are naughty? says Mike seeing Neha did not wear any underwear. ?Can you wear those gold chain and bangles for me please? It turns me on when I see on your naked body.? Neha looks deeply into Mike?s blue eyes. ?Mike? says Neha, her voice is chocked with emotion; ?we are behaving like a couple in honeymoon.?

Mike goes to Neha, holds her into his arms and whispers softly ?yes I feel that way?.

?Mike, don?t make me fall in love with you?.

?Are you?? asks Mike.

?Come to me, you need a reward? says Neha avoiding answering Mike.

?I want to take good care of you. I am gong to give you a blowjob and then I am going to ride on you.?

?I?ll like that?.

Neha gets onto her knees and unzips Mike?s pants. His cock is hard in anticipation. ?My god?, thinks Mike, ?we had sex in just couple of hours and I am horny again?. ?Neha?, Mike says, ?we have turned into a couple of horny teenagers!?

Neha looks at Mike?s eight inch cock. She holds his cock and touches the tip onto her forehead.

?What was that?? asks Mike.

?It is an Indian ritual. It means I am now completely devoted for your pleasure. I have one and only one purpose now. That is to please you. You now own my body and mind.?

?That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard.?

Neha starts touching softly Mike?s huge cock. She starts licking the tip of the cock with her tongue. Mike moans with pleasure. Neha takes the head in her mouth. She softly scratches the head with her teeth. She pulls it out, licks the tip and gives the teeth scratching onto the head. Mike does not recall how many times Neha has done this, but his brain is about to explode. He feels the urge of cumming but he wanted to enjoy it more. He had to fight with himself to regain control and enjoy such a great blowjob. Neha had a bottle of honey. She starts pouring it over Mike?s cock. She starts licking the honey off this cock. She does it once more, but this time only puts honey up to halfway of his cock. She opens her mouth and takes Mike?s cock inside. His cock is now halfway into Neha?s mouth. She is now in the lollipop motion. It is now unbearable for Mike. He can not control anymore. ?I am cumming? he tells Neha. Neha nodes her head but keeps sucking Mike?s cock. Mike explodes into her mouth. The cum was so huge that Neha could not keep all in her mouth. But she does not allow a single drop to fall on the ground. She lets it drip onto her breast. She massages her body from neck down to thighs with Mike?s cum.

?You know why I am doing this?? Neha says, ?because I have earned every drop of your cum.?

?Yes you have? says Mike, dropping onto the bed from exhaustion of such an incredible blowjob.

?It looks like I have to ride onto you later? Neha tells Mike. ?I?ll give you two hours and then you will be mine again. I better take another shower.?

I can not wait for two hours! Mike thinks. I will have this incredible goddess in one hour. ?How you doing buddy?? Mike?s asks his dick. ?Having fun of lifetime? Get ready, we are getting more.?


Neha in the shower in the meanwhile thinking how her life been changed all in a sudden. She never in her wildest imagination thought something like this. She was thinking how it all started last night.

?Neha honey you look fabulous. It looks like you are going to steal the show at this cocktail party? Ron says.

?Thanks honey. You look very handsome too? Neha replies back. They are in their fourteenth year of marriage; still they can not get enough of each other. Neha looks at Ron and feels the same urge as she felt fifteen years ago in the college when she first saw Ron. Suddenly she comes to Ron and kisses him.

?What is that for??

?I just wanted to.?

?I love you Neha. Sometimes I think that life is too short to give all the loves I wanted to give you.?

Ron and Neha are staying in this beachfront hotel as they are attending a conference. Both of them are scientists and highly successful. They are to attend a gala reception and cocktail party tonight. Ron has a long day tomorrow as he is the keynote speaker.

When they entered the hotel ballroom, most of the invitees are already there. The crowd seemed to pause for a moment when Neha entered the room. She looks so gorgeous. She wore an Indian dress, a long skirt, a tight blouse and a side scurf. Her beautiful cleavage is fully visible. The blouse stops just below her breast line. Everyone can take a peak of her fabulous skin all way down to the bally button. Her blouse is only four strings at the back, revealing her from neck to the waist. She is wearing a pair of long pendants in her ears. Her gorgeous butts attract every eye in the room when she walks. Ron was right; she takes everyone?s breath away.

Neha looks around. She sees her best friend Farah waving.

?Hi Neha! How are you? Farah comes to Neha. You look gorgeous tonight.?

?Who is this telling the lie? Isn?t she the sexiest lady in the room?? Neha replies back.

Farah is truly a sexy woman. She may not be as pretty as Neha, but she possesses a raw sex appeal that is a rarity. She recently went through a nasty divorce.

?How is your life now?? Neha asks.

?It is getting better.?

?Are you seeing someone??

?Could not find the right one yet. All good ones are taken.?

?Come on, among all these rich and intelligent guys in this room and you can not see one??

?When did I say I do not see one? But the one I see is been taken, sighs Farah.?

?Who is the lucky guy??

?You do not want to know.?

?Off course I do. I am your best friend remember? If you are shy to ask him out I can try hook you guys up.?

?You are a true friend and I know you will do everything to see me happy. But even you can not do it.?

?Try me.?

?I want that one? Farah says pointing to Ron.

Farah looks at Neha. Neha looks pale. But she replies ?you can have him.?

Farah laughs loudly. ?You are not serious, are you??

?Yes I am. You are my best friend and I want you to see happy.?

Farah stops laughing. Suddenly she feels hot air around her ear. Am I hearing it right? Me and Ron is a possibility?

?But you guys are so in love. How can you part Ron from you??

?Yes we are in deep love. Ron never even talked another lady in the last fifteen years. But I am a woman. I can see him blushing whenever you are around.?

?I don?t know what to say. You must me an angel.?

?Just promise me you will never be involved emotionally with Ron. I can share is body, but not his mind.?

?I promise you, it will be just sex, nothing else. But will Ron agree to have sex with me?

?You don?t worry about it at all. Ron never disagrees with what I ask for. Let me talk to Ron.?

Neha walks away from Farah. ?Am I doing it right?? Neha thinks herself. ?Yes I am she tells her. We are great in bed. But honestly fifteen years with same woman? Ron needs a little change. To control a guy her lady needs to allow him a little deviation from time to time. Farah is Ron?s side; I am still the main course?.

Ron is talking to a scientist. ?Pardon me for interrupting? Neha says to the young gentleman. ?Can I borrow Ron for a minute??

?Mike, meet my wife Dr. Neha Roy. Neha, this is Dr. Michael Rossi. He is working on the image guided cancer treatment.?

?How do you do? Neha shakes hand with Mike. ?Ron will be right back.?

?Sure. It was pleasure meeting you.? Mike responds and walks to the bar.

?So why is so urgency?? Ron asks Neha.

?I need a favor from you and you can?t say no.?

?My dearest wife, have I ever said no to you??

?No, but this one is huge favor.?

?Just ask.?

?Do you remember my best friend Farah??

?The unimaginable sexy lady from Finance??

?So you have noticed. She recently got divorce and I want to see her happy again.?

?You are a good friend of her. So what can we do for her??

?She needs a company.?

?You want me to find a date for her? She has anyone particular in mind? You know with her body she can get anyone!?

?Yes, she told me which one she likes. And I must admit she has a good taste.?

?Who is he??


?Me? Neha, are you out of your mind??

?No Ron, I am asking in my right mind.?

?How do you think I will agree??

?I know because you never say no to me.?

?But Neha??

?No but Ron. I want to see her happy. And I want to see you happy.?

?But I am happy. I got the best wife a person can ever imagine. We have great life. We have great sex.?

?I am not asking you to fell in love with her. It is just sex now and then. And don?t think I am letting you loose. You are all mine, forever. I am just sharing the best thing of my life with someone I care.?

?Still it is a huge thing. But ok as I promised to agree with whatever you ask for. Do you want me to talk to her now??

?Let me talk first.?

Neha walks back to Farah. Farah looks very nervous. ?Lucky her?, Neha thinks ?she will have her best night of life. Ron is such a great lover.?

?So what?s the news?? Farah asks.

?He is yours.?

?Really?? Farah hugs Neha. ?I can not believe it!?

?It is true. But I am lending my possession to you. Return me intact.?

?I promise I?ll take good care of him. When can I have him??

?How about tonight. It is about ten; you guys can leave the party now and can have whole night for yourselves.?

?Don?t think me too greedy. Can I keep him tomorrow as well??

?He will be busy all day tomorrow. But he can spend tomorrow night as well.?

?Thanks Neha. Any tip??

?He likes to receive oral.?

?Not a problem. How big is his??

?What do you think??



?I never had more than six and a half.?

?You will love it. And he is a Scientist. He knows how to use his equipment.?

?Anything else??

?Don?t leave the bed right after sex. He would like to hold you for few minutes. And he likes French kissing.?

Neha waves to Ron. Ron walks to the two most beautiful ladies in the room.

?Hi Farah!? Mike puts his trademark lady-killer smile.

?Hi Ron!? Farah is shaking a bit. Why won?t she? Ron is handsome, intelligent and sophisticated. He carries a certain charisma that guys around him think that I want to be like him and ladies think I want to be with him.

?Ron, take Farah to her room. You will be hers for the two nights.?

?I am ready to leave the party? says Ron. ?Neha, won?t you feel lonely??

?Do not worry about me. I?ll be fine. You two enjoy.?

?I am heading back to my room? Farah says. ?Ron, do you need to take something from your room??

?Yes. I?ll meet you in your room in ten minutes.?

?Good night Neha!? Farah says as she was leaving. ?I will never forget your kindness.?

?Will you go to room now?? Ron asks Neha.

?You go ahead. I?ll stay here for a few more moments. Take good care of Farah. Treat her the way you treat me.?

?I will. Good night honey!?


As Neha sees Ron walking away, she finds a strange feeling in herself. It is not sorrow, it is not emptiness, and rather she starts feeling hot! The mere thought of imagining Ron with another woman turned her on. She feels something warm between her thighs. Her panty is wet!

I need to calm down Neha thinks. She sits on the couch and closes her eyes.

?Can I bring you a drink Dr. Roy?? Neha opens her eyes hearing a deep voice.

?No, thanks.? Neha says.

?You look tired. I bet a glass of Champaign will do the trick.?

?If you insist.?

?I will be right back?.

The gentleman looks familiar. Neha tries to remember where she saw him. Oh yes, this is the gentleman Ron was talking to. What was his name? Mark? No it was Mike.

?Here it is? Mike hands the glass to Neha.

?Thank you Dr. Rossi.?

?Please call me Mike. Mind if I sit??

?Not at all Mike. And call me Neha.?

?That is a lovely name. I saw your husband leaving early.?

?He has some urgent job to take care. He is driving out of town.?

?You are not presenting any paper in the conference? You and Ron have done some pioneering work in cancer detection.?

?Thanks. I am now taking a break. I decided not to work for the next six months.?

?I followed your work very closely as my group is in a similar research. I feel fortunate to finally meet both of you.?

?Thank you!? says Neha sipping her Champaign. But she is visibly lost thinking about what Ron and Farah is doing.

?Are you hungry??

?What?? Neha replies getting back to reality.

?Just asking if you are hungry. I am starving!?

Neha suddenly feels that she is hungry.


?I hate these cocktail parties, lots of wines, but no real food!? Mike tells. ?I know a great seafood restaurant close by. Will you join me?

Did he just ask for a date? Neha thinks herself. No that can no be. He knows Ron is my husband. And in no way he can figure out the little arrangement between Ron and Farah.

?Why not? says Neha.

?It is just five minutes walk down the beach.?

Mike looks at Neha. He can not take his eyes off the eternal beauty. He knows it looks unsophisticated to stare at a lady, but he can not help.

?I was looking at your dress. It is gorgeous!?

?Thanks you? Neha says with her sexy smile. She knows Mike was not looking at her dress; he was rather trying to gauge the wealth underneath.

?What is this dress called??

?It is called lehenga.?

?Is the ring on the bellybutton a part of the dress?? says Mike immediately realizing he has crossed the limit. ?I apologize for my last remark.?

?It is all right Mike, I did not mind. And no, the ring is not a part of the dress. Now should we go and eat??

Mike felt relaxed. What is happening with me? Why am I embarrassing myself? Didn?t I see enough beautiful women in my life? Yes, but none could even come close to the beauty of Neha. Her breasts are trying to tear out free from the enclosure of the blouse. He can just stare for hours at her hips when she walks. Those lips, they are like layers of oranges, so juicy, so inviting. And he can die for her smile.

?Well, should we go or not??

?Sure. After you please.?

They walk out of the ball room towards the restaurant. It is on the beach, so they could walk straight down the beach. But Mike thought it may not be a good idea for Neha to walk on the sands in her high heels. There is narrow walk through from the hotel and they walk down there.

?Mind if I ask where you work??

?I work and live in the same city as yours? replies Mike. ?You won?t believe my house is just few block from yours.?

?We are almost neighbors then!?

?I guess. Ron gave me your phone number. May be you and Ron can come to my house for dinner someday.?

?Thanks Mike. We can also invite you and your girlfriend or fiancée.?

?I am single; I am not seeing anyone now.?

?I am sorry Mike if I was intrusive.?

?It?s ok Neha. See being single is not bad. I am spending time with you don?t I??

?Careful? Neha gives a fake slap on Mike?s arm, ?it?s not a date. It is two hungry people eating together.?

?I take it as a date.?

?Think whatever you like. Now can we order??


?It was nice dinner. Thanks Mike. I really had good time.?

?You are very welcome.?

As they came out of the restaurant they felt that the breeze a bit cool. Neha is wearing only her lehenga, which leaves most of her upper body uncovered. She squeezes her arms close to her body to feel worm. Mike seeing this took his coat off.

?If you do not mind you can put on my coat.?

?It is ok Mike.?

?No it is not, you are cold.?

?Ok then.? Neha puts the coat. She smells the coat. It smells different. It smells a new man. And she likes it.

?Thanks Mike?. She thanks for both the warmth the coat brought and nice feeling inside her.

?Hey, let us walk back over the beach? says Neha. She takes her shoes off.

?Walk carefully. There may be some broken glasses.?

?I will be fine.?

?At least let me help you cross over those bushes.?

?Ok? Lara extends her hands. Mike helps her cross the bushes. But her long skirt caught in the bushes and she fell onto Mike. For a few moments Neha smells the fragrance of the cologne Mike is wearing. Mike had to hold her against his body and had no choice but to lift her up with his two hands around her waist. Her cleavages are on his lips. Did he felt a shock of electricity in him? Did Neha?

?Thank you for not letting me fall down Neha? says. ?But I think I have cut my foot.?

?We have to go back to hotel right away.?

?Let us walk back on the sand. It will be the quickest.?

?That is out of question. You can not walk on sands with that cut. You may get infection.?

?Then what? Call for an ambulance?? Neha giggles.

?I have a better idea.?

?What is that??

?This? says Mike as he lifts Neha into his arms. ?Put your arms around my neck. It will be easier.?

?Are you crazy? Put me down.?

?It is better not to argue now. Let?s get back to hotel.?

Mike starts walking. He can not believe that he is carrying Neha, the beautiful sexy Neha. Her arms around his neck, her breasts are few inches from his face. Oh she smells so good!


?You can put me down now Mike!? Neha says as they arrive at the hotel Lawn. ?I can wear my shoes and walk back to room.?

?Absolutely not!?

They arrive at the room. Neha is still in Mike?s arms. If someone else sees they will think that a newlywed couple going into their honeymoon suit! Neha takes the key out of her bag and opens the door. Mike takes her to the couch and gently puts her down.

?You sit on the couch. Let me get the first aid kit? as Mike walks to the bathroom.

Mike takes her shoes off and wipes the cut with alcohol wipes. Fortunately it is not serious.

?You will just fine by morning? Mike declares.

?I want to feel good in the night too? Neha whispers.


?Would you like some drinks??

?Sure. Let me bring your drink. What will you like??

?Give me some Martini.?

?Martini? It?s a party!!?


?Sorry it was line from a Martini TV ad from mid nineties.?

?Yes I remember. It was Naomi Campbell saying those words.?


?I loved that ad.?

?Me too.?

As they sip through their drinks Neha is thinking - is it the destiny? What is happening is really happening? Suddenly she realizes she is not thinking about Ron and Farah anymore. She sees the really in front of her eyes. Mike is the reality. Destiny has sent him for her. Last time when someone lifted her in his arm in a hotel room was Ron in their honeymoon. This is the second time she is brought in a man?s arms. Neha suddenly makes up her mind.

?Mike will you stay with me tonight??

?What?? Mike spills some Martini on the floor. He can not believe his ear.

?I said will you spend the night with me??

?With you? In the same bed?? Mike is still in a state of disbelief.

?Yes silly!?

?You can not imagine how great I am feeling now. Of course I will. Let me get some cloths from my room.?

?Do we need any cloth??

?Silly me! Of course not! But how about your pain??

?I have been faking? Neha puts a naughty smile on her lips. ?It was trick to draw you close? Neha tells as she walks toward Mike.

?You tricky lady!?

Mike starts kissing Neha. They can not wait taking off their cloths. Mike takes off Neha?s blouse and bra and Neha just tears open Mike?s shirt. Oh my god! Mike has never seen such a beautiful pairs of breasts. They are 36, firm and tight. The nipples are just pointing out. Mike is afraid to touch them as he may be in a dream and don?t want to wake up. He puts his right index on her left nipple. No they are real.

?Mike! Mike!!? He suddenly comes back to reality. ?Don?t you want to play with them??

Mike now realizes the reality in front of his better than his dreams. He starts sucking her right nipple and presses the left breast. They look firm, but they are not hard. They are just perfect, farm and juicy. She is wearing a gold chain around her neck that drops in the valley between the breasts. Damn! She knows how to make herself sexy. Mike takes his tongue on the other breast. He then turns her back against his chest and starts fondling her breasts from behind. It is his favorite way to enjoy breasts. As the same time he starts kissing Neha on her neck. Experience tells Mike this action drives a woman crazy. And Neha is already in the mood. She starts moaning in pleasure. ?Kiss me Mike kiss me hard. Bite on my neck.? Mike gives a gentle bit on Neha?s neck. She gyrates her body in pleasure. Mike starts licking her neck. Oh it turns Neha crazy. She is not moaning now, she is now crying loud. ?Oh Mike, My Mike, you are killing me.? She rotates her body and puts her arm around Mike. He can feel Neha?s nails biting his skin. Neha raises her lips and tells him in a wild voice ?Kiss me, kiss me hard.? Mike kisses on her lip. But she takes his tongue and starts sucking. She is draining all his saliva into her mouth. Then she put her tongue into his. After a while, god knows how long, their lips and tongues get separated. Neha points to her neck and breasts and tells Mike ?Kiss me hard Mike, bite me here.? Mike takes her nipple and gently bites it. ?Harder? cries Neha. Mike bites it hard. Neha is now completely out of control. She starts pressing his head hard on her body. Mike now moves to her neck. He bites her hard. He can see his teeth imprint on her soft skin. ?That is I want? cries Neha.

?Now show me my present.?


?Yes, I am talking about this? pointing to Mike?s cock.

Mike starts to take off his belt.

?Don?t? cries Neha. ?I want unwrap my present?

Neha takes his belt off, unzips the pants and let it slid on the ground. She takes his underwear off.

?Oh my God!? Neha exclaims. It is so huge! It is about eight inches. Eight inches is not new to Neha. What new is its thickness. It is so large and thick! Neha can not believe she will be enjoying that. That huge piece of meat will be inserted inside her. Not only that, she looks at his balls as well. ?That pieces of balls will drop enough cum for me a take a cum shower? she thinks. She is holding Mike?s cock as if she does not let it go ever. The head looks like a fist. He is clean shaven, the way Neha likes. She starts caressing it gently against her cheeks. She smells it. It smells fresh. Neha starts sucking his balls. ?Oh Neha, my sweet Neha, suck me, suck me hard? Mike cries out. Neha takes the cock in her mouth and starts stroking. Mike can not take it anymore. He does not want to cum now. He wants to go inside her. So he holds Neha with her hair and takes the cock out of her mouth.

Neha stands up and slips her skirt down. She then takes off her panty. Mike lifts her and places her on the couch. He puts her legs over his shoulders. Her nice pussy is now fully revealed. She is also clean shaven. Her vagina is pinkish red and tight. Mike starts sucking her pussy. It was already wet and has a salty taste. Mike loves that juice in his mouth. He opens up her pussy with his two thumbs. He rolls his tongue side to side, slides into her pussy and starts fucking with his tongue. Neha never experience tongue fucking. She can not see what Mike is doing, but feels her head exploding. Mike continues this tongue fucking for about five minutes to drive Neha to the climax. Mike feels a warm juice in his mouth. He swallows the juice and starts licking her pussy from top to bottom. He knows Neha is now all ready to take him inside.

Mike raises his face from Neha?s pussy and asks gently ?How do you want me to fuck you??

Neha takes her leg out from Mike?s shoulder and walks to the bed. She puts a pillow under her hip the raise her pussy and spreads her legs.

?Fuck me Mike. I want your thick cock in me? Neha says in a husky voice.

Mike comes to the bed. Finally, he thinks I am fucking her. He puts his cock on Neha?s inviting pussy and touches her pussy with the head. Neha, in anticipation of the huge cock in her stops breathing. But Mike does not push it in; he rather starts kissing her pussy with his cock. Neha can not wait any more and begs Mike ?Mike I can not wait. Put you cock in me.?

Mike slides his cock in Neha?s wet and slippery pussy. Neha just wants to feel him al way through. She pulls Mike onto her and stats kissing him.

?I want you to fuck me like this. Hold me, kiss me and fuck me. I want both our bodies together.?

Mike now realizes Neha?s sex is just not physical, it needs intimacy as well. The sex feels different now. Mike feels they are at a higher sensual stage. He has been with many women before, but no one devoted her body and mind for him. With this renewed eroticism, Mike starts fucking Neha. He starts with small strokes in a slow rhythm. Time passes by?. and Mike?s strokes become faster. Neha is delirious now.

?Thank God for sending me Mike? she cries out. ?Oh I never felt so good. Fuck me, fuck me hard. Fuck me like this and I will be your slave. I am your whore. This pussy is for you only. These breasts are yours only. Only you got the right to kiss on these lips. I am yours, I am all your. Do you hear Mike? I am all yours?

Mike is now fucking as fast as he could. Neha finds why Mike?s fucking is so good. At each stroke, he takes out almost seven inches of his cock and then pushes all way through. Each stroke is generating pleasure to every inch of her body.

Mike has been fucking her almost twenty minutes. Both of their bodies are sweating. It is time for Mike to cum.

?Will you like me to cum into you face? Mike asks as it is his favorite place to unload.

?Not on my face, cum inside me? Neha whispers.


?Don?t worry, I am on pills.?

Mike can not remember last time when he has cum inside a woman. There can not be any better ending than cumming inside. Mike unloads cum of the size of The Lake Tahoe inside Neha. Neha never felt so much cum in her before. Mike takes his cock out of Neha?s pussy and lies down by her. He is totally exhausted. But he can say for sure it was the best sex he ever had.|

Neha feels cum dripping out of her pussy. She wipes it and turns over to Mike. She goes down to Mike?s cock, holds in her hands and touches her forehead with the tip.

?What is that?? Mike asks, barely regaining enough energy to talk.

?That is my way to thank you for the best sex of my life.?

She drags her over to Mike and kisses him on the lip. Mike holds her face with his hands and says ?I want you more.?

?Me too? replies Neha. Her face is now gloating in anticipation of another great sex.


It is still last night. Neha is freshening herself up for the second round. Mike is sitting on the couch just watching Neha. As agreed upon, they are both naked. Mike finds it amusing to see this cock becoming harder just by watching Neha! Neha is at the dresser. She takes her ornaments off. She puts a little lipstick on her lips. She is humming a strange tune. It is not English, but it is very melodious. Mike is just enjoying the naked beauty of Neha. She has all the right curves.

?Can you help me put this on?? Neha asks Mike showing an ankle bracelet.


Neha puts her foot on the couch hand rest. Mike puts the bracelet on. Neha?s pussy is few inches from his face. She knows how to turn a guy. Mike pulls her and sits her on his lap.

?I want to know more about you Mike says where you from are originally??

?I am from India.?

?Umm, that?s why you are spicy!?

?Yes I am your masala.?

Neha places her head on Mike?s chest. Suddenly she says ?Mike can you hold me tight? I want to feel you for the rest of the time we have.?

?I want you more, Mike whispers.?

?Me too.?

?Tell me when did you get married??

?Oh it was fourteen years ago. We were still in college!?

?That makes you what? 35 or 36 years? But you look late twenties!?

?Don?t ask a lady of her age? Neha laughs. ?You look pretty young.?

?Not so. I may be only a couple of years behind.?

?I am fortunate that I always get great guys!?

?Did you like the sex we just had??

?Are you kidding me? That is the best sex I ever had!?

?So I am better than Ron??

?You are different. It is apples and oranges. My body did not feel so much pleasure for a long time!?

?Thank you my lady!?

They are talking and playing with their bodies. Mike is fondling her butt, kissing and biting her breasts. Neha is slowly moving her fingers over Mike?s chest and kissing on Mike?s lips. They are truly connected. They do not appear to be two people for a one night stand. They rather look like a couple crazy for each other.

?How about you? Were you married ever??

?No, did not find the right one, until today? Mike says jokingly.

?Hay, I am taken!?

?Sex with you was the best sex ever!?

?You were fucking me for over twenty minutes!?

?That is my personal best. It is because you. You put your body and soul during the sex. And for the first time I did that too.?

?Yes, sex is even better when you connect not only physically but also emotionally.?

?I feel something which I have not felt for a long time.?

?What is that??

?I do not want to let you go.?

Neha looked at Mike in full eyes, gives a passionate kiss and whispers ?I wish that too.?

She gets down from Mike?s lap and says ?Now come and fuck me.?

?Gladly!? Mike says Neha looks at the fully erected cock of Mike.

?That is the sexiest thing I ever seen.?

?This is all yours. Have you tried fucking doggy style??

?Not for a while. You wan to fuck me doggy style??

?I like fucking doggy style.?

?Then so be it. I am your bitch now.?

Neha puts her hand on the table and bends over. Mike can not take his eyes off her gorgeous butts. He kisses her on the butt, kisses on her back and neck. Mike slowly slides his cock inside Neha?s tight pussy. Neha moves her hips so that Mike can go all way through. Now Mike starts his action. He knows Neha loves his way of fucking, put all eight inches in her, pull seven inches out and then go bank all way in. Neha is screaming with each stroke. There is a thatching sound in each stroke as Mike balls pounds against Neha?s butt. Mike reaches for Neha?s breasts and starts squeezing them hard. They are fucking each other like animals. Neha usually does not scream during sex. Nut she can not control her. She is screaming near the top of her voice. And Mike too. It sounds like ?uuuuhhh!??pause ??uuuuhhh!??pause ??uuuuhhh!??pause ?

After fifteen minutes Mike takes his cock out and takes Neha on the bed. He is now for the killer shot. He asks Neha to raise her feet to the ceiling. Standing at the edge of the bed, Mike inserts his cock back into Neha?s pussy. This is his lightning round. He starts fucking Neha so fast that Neha never experienced. Neha lost counts how many times she had orgasm so far. This man knows how to fuck. This man knows how to please a lady.

?I am cumming Mike screams.?

?Cum on my abb.?

Mike ejects a huge load onto Neha. It came out in the speed of bullet.

?Thank you, the greatest fucker of the world!? Neha says with a sign of total satisfaction written all over her.

In reply Mike just gives a gentle kiss on her lips. What he wanted to say that it was her who turned him into the greatest fucking machine. But he did not have enough energy now to talk.


That was last night. They talked, they kissed, and they fucked. They fucked like never before. They kissed with a passion of the first kiss. They hold them so tight all night as if they will loose each other if they didn?t. It started as sex, but as time passed they both found some strange feeling inside. It is more than sex.

?Someone left some strawberry and whip cream? Neha says as they came back to their room from lunch.

?I asked the room service.?

?Good thinking. Will be a nice dessert?. Neha picks a strawberry and puts a bite. ?Are we still on ?no cloth while in room? policy??

?Definitely. I want to look at the naked sexy goddess as much as I can.?

?Sure.? Neha starts taking off her dress.

?Mind if I do it. It feels like unwrapping a Christmas present.?

?I should be old by now! How many times did you fuck me so far??

?You will never be old to me!? Mike says while undressing Neha.

He takes off her dress. All Neha is wearing is a gold chain in the neck, ruby earrings, a gold waistband and ankle bracelets. Mike does not understand why other women he was with did not wear these. These simple ornaments make a lady ten times sexier. Mike can not take his eyes off. Particularly the belly button area looks so sexy with the gold chain around the waist. He drops down to his knees and starts kissing Neha on the bellybutton. He wraps around her hip and keeps licking the belly area. ?You are mine Neha, you are mine forever? he whispers forgetting totally that he will be only couple of hours more with her before he has to leave.

?Get the strawberries and whip cream onto the bed. And take your pants off, will you?? Neha says to Mike.

She walks slowly to the bed. When she walks her hips gyrates like a gentle wave in a lake. May be it is the Indian thing she got, may be it is in their blood. They possess the most attractive breasts and butts. They also possess the mystery. She places a couple of pillows on the headboard for her and Mike. Mike brings the berries and whip cream and sits beside her.

?Can I have a bite?? Mike asks Neha showing the berry halfway into her mouth.

?Come and get it.?

They place their lips together and both starts biting the berry. But Mike is not interested in berries per se, rather he starts sucking juice from Neha?s mouth. Neha chews the berry for Mike and put inside Mike mouth using her tongue. Mike sucks everything from Neha?s mouth. God! Even her saliva tasted good!

?Can you put some whip cream in my mouth?? Neha asks.


?But you can not use your hands though!?

Mike thinks for a second. ?Not a problem? he says as he drops down from the bed. He takes the bowl of whip cream and sticks his cock in it and says ?here is your whip cream!?

?That?s way I like!? Neha gyrates her body to place her mouth in front of Mike?s cock. She opens her mouth and Mike sticks his cock inside. She sucks out all the whip cream.

?Need more? she says.

They do it again, and again, and again. Neha then pulls him on the bed and asks him to lie down.

?I want to ride on you? she says.

Mike?s cock is hard like iron. Neha positions herself and slides Mike?s huge cock into her pussy. She starts fucking. Her eyes are closed and she is moaning. She is totally into it. Every time she moves up and down, Mike watches her breasts jumping. Mike can not resist but to enjoy those boobs while Neha fucks. He raises his upper body and starts sucking those boobs like crazy. He is sucking and biting. He lost the concept of time. Only he realizes the heavenly pleasure he is having. Only sound he hears is Neha?s passionate cry. Finally the climax arrives.

?I am cumming!? he tells Neha.

?I will help you cum? Neha says. She gets up from Mike and they both stand on the floor. Neha starts sucking Mike?s cock.

?I am cumming now.?

Neha opens her mouth big. Mike unloads his cum in her mouth. But it is too much for her mouth to hold. Neha saves the rest of the cum in her palms. She swallows the cum in her mouth.

?What are you going to do with that?? Mike asks pointing to Neha?s palm full of his cum.

Neha does not say anything. She brings those cum to the bowl of strawberries and drops in the bowl. The berries are all coated with Mike?s cum. Neha takes one berry and take a bite out of it.

?They taste better this way? she says enjoying Mike?s cum coated strawberries.


?I need to get ready for my flight? Mike says. He sounds sad. ?I better take a shower before I leave. Can I ask you for a favor Neha??


?Can you see me off at the airport? I want your company as long as I can.?

?Oh Mike I would love to? replies Neha. ?I treasure every moment I spend with you.?

?One more thing, Can you wear the dress you wore at the party last night??

?Am I in love?? Mike thinks himself as he takes shower. ?No we just met last night.? But Mike knows that it does not need months to be together to fall in love. Love can be at the first sight. He feels that he is connected to Neha. He knows what she wants, when she wants and how she wants. She made him happy like none else. ?Neha, beautiful Neha, I am in love with you? Mike whispers to himself.

On the other side of wall Neha is getting ready for the farewell. She is putting on the Lehenga. Mike said he likes her to wear necklace, bangles and pendants in ears. So she starts wearing them. Suddenly she realizes she is presenting herself for Mike. She is doing what Mike likes. She wants to make Mike happy. She will do anything to make Mike happy. She wants Mike to stay with her. ?My God?, Neha thinks ?I am treating Mike as my lover. It is not one night stand. I want him more; I want him to make love to me all the time. I want to put my ears on his chest and hear his heart bit. I want him to press me with his body. I want to hear ?I love you from him?. I want to say to him ?I love you?. But how can it be? I am still in love with Ron and I will always love him.? But deep down Neha knows love is endless. A person can love more than one. She can love both Ron and Mike at the same time and make both of them happy.

Mike comes out of shower. He sees a strange look in Neha?s eyes. Neha sees a strange look in Mike?s. They both reach for each other and hug passionately. They both want to say something, but are afraid to speak out.

They get down to the lobby. Neha is driving Mike to the airport. The airport is fifteen minutes drive. Neither Neha, nor Mike could talk in these fifteen minutes. The airport is small, not crowded at all. Mike goes to collect the boarding pass. Neha sits on a chair. She is engulfed with sadness. She does not want to loose Mike. She wants to make more love with Mike. She loves Mike. She does not realize tears are falling from her eyes. She did not notice when Mike came back. Mike reaches Neha and holds her face between his two palms. He kisses on her cheeks and sucks the tears in.

?My flight is thirty minutes delayed? Mike says.

Neha stands up. She is thanking God for allowing her extra half an hour with Mike.

?Come with me? Neha pulls Mike out of the building to her car.

?Get inside the car? says Neha. She drives to the remote parking. Sun is setting on the horizon. There are no people around. Neha stops the engine and comes out of the car.

?Come over here Mike? she asks.

?What are we doing here??

?I just remembered last night you told you loved cumming inside me.?

?Yes that was incredible.?

?This is my farewell gift to you. Fuck me here and cum inside me.?

Mike cannot believe his fortune. He was so sad to realize that he had Neha last time in the Hotel room. Now his flight is delayed and he can fuck her again? And cum inside her? He does not have much time. He unbuckles his belt; unzip his pants and drops down his underwear. They do not have time to undress or foreplay. But Neha can not resist sucking Mike?s cock for a few minutes. She then drops her skirt and positions herself for a doggy style fuck putting her hands over the trunk. Mike does not wait anymore and starts fucking. Neha is thankful for the last fuck. Mike is thankful for such a great farewell gift. He wants to return the favor to Neha. He is fucking the best he can ever do. Neha is crying is ecstasy. Mike feels he is cumming. He feels a tremor as he unloads his cum inside Neha. Neha, in the meanwhile came to countless orgasm. She feels the hot cum inside her pussy and hears Mike?s cry of satisfaction.

They drive back to the airport. They are just in time. Neha walks up to the security holding Mike?s hand. Mike has to go, but Neha does want to let go. Mike gives a kiss on Neha?s lips and goes into the line.

?Ticket and ID please!? The lady at the security asks. There is no one after him. The lady checks ID.

?Have a safe journey Mr. Rossi? the lady says. ?By the way, you are a very lucky guy. I can tell your girlfriend loves you like crazy.?

?Yes I am. Can you excuse me; I need to talk to her.?

Mike sees Neha walking to the door. He can tell that Neha is crying. He screams ?Neha? and runs to her. Neha turns back. She sees Mike is running to her. She now realizes it is not only her who fell in love; Mike is in love with her as well.

?Neha stop.? Mikes pulls her into his arms. ?I do not want this stop today; I want to see you even after today.?

?But how? I still love Ron.?

?I am not asking you to leave Ron or stop loving him. We can still meet once or twice a week in a hotel or in my house.?

?Oh Mike, I would love to.?

?I want you to have this? Mike takes a key out of his pocket.

?What is this??

?Key to my home.?


?Yes Neha. I was not just having sex with you. It is something more. I am in love with this beautiful woman.?

?Oh Mike! You just said what I have been thinking all the time.?

?I love you Neha? Mike whispers.

?I was so much waiting to hear this? Neha says. ?I love you too Mike!?

?I got to go now honey! When are you flying back??

?In the morning.?

?I thought you will be here for couple more days.?

?I just changed my plan.? Neha says with a smile.

?I will take tomorrow off.?

?I will call you from the airport.?

?I?ll pick you up and drive to my home, our home?

?Yes, our home.?

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