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A Co-Woker Encounter (Round II)

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Co-Worker Round II

If you read our story A Co-Worker Encounter You’ll understand how our second encounter began.

Jill and I (Tom) were on our way back from a day of boating when we happened upon one of her co-workers earlier that day. Things got really crazy and has us re-evaluating our interests.

As I said before, Jill and I enjoyed riding our Harley with friends and playing around with some adult fun with the girls doing some quick harmless titty flashing to keep us guys on our toes. That’s all it was for several years and we all knew our place in our circle of friends and never crossed the line with each others wive’s.

Jill felt comfortable around a few of our close friends and knew it all was harmless adult play to tease us guys occasionally. Until our recent boating trip with just Jill and I.

I’ll brief you, Jill ran into a co-worker unexpectedly while we were at a nude recreation area for our first time and things got crazy and we didn’t know how to react. Jill and I ended up letting a co-worker of hers jack off in front of us and cum on her feet!

This all happened kind of out of the blue, no planning, no approval, no discussion and no warning! Just a spontaneous encounter that shouldn’t have happened.

Jill and I were still in disbelief with what we did and confused as to why we let it happen? We’ve never talked about this kind of stuff, nor considered it as we love each other dearly and cherish our trust and happiness with other.

On the way home from that boating experience Jill just sat there in the passenger seat starring ahead. I could see she was trying to gather her emotions. I asked her if she was ok? She said Tom… What the hell were we doing? I don’t know if I feel violated, mad or why we let something like that happen? She really had a worried look on her face and I knew I had to calm her down.

I said Babe, we just had a lot to drink around a lot of nude people and shit just happened. She said I know but why did I let Thomas do that to me? I said Honey I thought I saw you slightly provoking the incident. She said I know, but why did he want to massage my feet to begin with? I said Honey things just happen involuntarily and it shocked me to how it started. I don’t understand why I didn’t stop what was going on, but for some reason the sight of that innocent brushing of another mans dick brush against your foot intrigued me and for some reason I wanted to watch more than I wanted to stop it.

I said, Jill please don’t be hard on yourself, it was my doings as much as you. I basically encouraged what happened by not telling Thomas massaging your feet wasn’t appropriate to begin with. Jill teared up a bit and asked if I was mad at her. I said, god no Honey, I could never be mad at you for letting your emotions get away from you. She said why did we tell Thomas we would invite him to our house the next time we go boating?

I had to think for a minute…. Obviously we were not thinking clearly at the moment when it happened? I think our deep forbidden desires were controlling our emotions when we invited him over? Jill said I can’t believe I acted like that. I said well you sure shocked me and had my attention watching as I tried to make her feel like it was my curiosity too.

We arrived home, washed down the boat, had dinner, a shower and sat down with a glass of wine to discuss what happened. I had to ask, Honey did you enjoy what we did at the time? Jill thought for a long moment and look me in the eye and said I don’t know, I think I did? I said what were you thinking when he grabbed your feet? She said at first I wanted to jerk away but thought it was just a harmless action on Thomas’s part and you didn’t say anything so I let him continue. It did feel good and I decided to let him massage my other foot. It’s when my foot rubbed against his dick is when a streak of electric shock went through my body and my pussy tingled. I didn’t mean for that to happen, but it did.

Jill said, when he kept changing back and forth between my feet I felt his dick touch my feet and it gave me a deep tingling feeling in my pussy and it felt so taboo and risky at the same time . I said, Honey I was there too and to be honest I couldn’t understand why I continued watching you touch his dick with your feet. I couldn’t believe you were doing something like that! Maybe I was just liking the bad girl image I was seeing? Jill said you mean you liked watching me rub my feet on his dick? I said I had weird crazy thoughts too, but yes I thought it was erotic watching you do that.

After our second glass of wine I said Hun, let’s just lay it out on the table. We did what we did and we can’t take it back. Are we going to be able to move forward knowing we let another man cum on your feet while you and I masturbated watching him do it? I know I’m going to put that incident behind us as a mistake and we’ll be ok. I just want you to know wether that happened or not, I’ll always love you no matter what happens in our marriage.

Jill said it was was the craziest erotic thing that ever happened to her and the feeling at the time was so overwhelming and controlled my sensual thoughts and actions. I guess at the time I liked it if you did? That’s what bothers me most. You watching me do something like that and not knowing how you were feeling. I was only going by your smiles when I looked at you for some kind of reaction from my misbehavior.

I said Sweetheart… if you ever want to misbehave, I want to be there to spank my bad little girl, as I smiled at her. We both laughed at each other with our hearts at ease now. I said so what shall we do about that invitation having Thomas back over? Jill said ….God I don’t know? I’m worried about seeing him at work now. I said well let’s just play it by ear and the both of us think about for a while. Jill said ok and we went to bed.

A few days later Jill arrived home from work with dead serious eyes staring me down. I said WHAT?…. Something wrong? Jill said Thomas had to come to her department for a meeting today and he sat down beside me. Jill said, I was so damn uncomfortable I couldn’t stand it. I said what happened? She said that’s it nothing happened, but with the pleasant smell of his cologne and him sitting right next to me all I could think about was what happened on the boat the other day.

Jill had a worried look on her face and I couldn’t help but chuckle…. I know that wasn’t right but nothing happened. She still had a worried look on her face and said you don’t understand Tom. She said the whole time he was sitting there beside me, my panties were getting soaked thinking about what we did! I said damn Honey, you were having horny thoughts at work? She held her head in her hands and said god yes…. I’m so sorry Tom. Why is this happening!!!

I said… So how do we fix this? She said, I don’t know and said I don’t need this at work! She said to be honest, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since we did that a few weeks ago. I said, well it sounds a lot like you’re having feelings of unfinished business to me. She looked at me puzzled and asked what did I mean? I said maybe you can’t stop thinking about it because you didn’t fully satisfy your natural feminine emotional desires with the tingling sensations you’ve been having? I was trying to tell her in a nice way she’s been fantasizing about his large black cock, and I’m afraid she won’t be happy until she satisfies her tingling feelings.

So I said…. Honey, what if we invite Thomas back to our house and see how things go? Maybe it’s something we have to do to see how we truly feel about all this? Jill was looking at me biting her hand and said I don’t know Tom. How could we possibly do this? I said trust me if the desire is there, it will happen. If not then you’ll know and can put all this behind us.

She said oh god Tom I can’t believe we’re even discussing this! You mean you could actually let something happen between the three of us and still be ok with it? I said I’ve thought a lot about it lately too and every time it gives me a weird exciting feeling in my gut thinking about watching you with him. Jill said TOM… Are you saying you would want to watch Thomas doing things to me? I scooted up close to Jill and reached between her legs and felt her soaking wet panties and said, this kind of feels like you want me to watch? She said damn it Tom that’s not fair as she looked at me with a nervous grin. I could tell her mind was flooded with thoughts of erotic sexual situations with Thomas and I.

I decided if this was going to be, I was going to be ok with it and make sure Jill had a wonderful experience too. I said let’s go to bed, I have some questions for you. She drank the last of her wine and went to get ready for bed. I came in about 20 minutes later and cuddle up with her and said, all will be fine my love. She held my arm up close to her chest and she felt so soft and smelled so good.

I said ok I think we should invite Thomas over one day and if you still have those warm feeling between your legs, lets talk about what we can and cannot let happen. I will accept whatever your desire may be OK? Ok tom….. I said, What do you think about him giving you another foot massage? She said maybe? What do you think about him massaging your legs? She said maybe? Well what do you think about him touching your pussy? (Silence) and (More Silence) I said would you let him touch your pussy like this, as I gently rubbed my fingers over her clit. She just mumbled mmmm. I said I can’t hear you? She said oh god Tom, I don’t know? I said would you let him stick his finger in your wet pussy like this? As I push my finger between the folds of her pussy and I could feel so much wetness. She said, damn it Tom don’t ask me that while you're doing that. I started fingering my wife and and said think about all the things Thomas might do to you. Jill started humping my fingers moans of desire were getting louder. I said, I think it would be exciting to watch you cum on his long black fingers and Jill started cumming instantly and hard all over my hand saying Oh God Tom! I said, I’m sure Thomas would like that. Jill kept convulsing with wave after wave of her moaning orgasm.

I let her relax a bit too regain her thoughts. So…. What do you think? Shall we invite him over and see where this goes? She rolled over and held my face in her hands and said I’m scared Tom. I said scared or horny? She grinned and said I’m horny you damn tease and you know it. I said great, I’m excited too and want to see you have a wonderful erotic experience like never before.

Jill said if this is what I want then go ahead and make the arrangements.

Several days later it was set for Thomas to come to our house on a Saturday afternoon for drinks and another foot massage for Jill and maybe the favor will be returned? Jill went to pick up some new things to wear that afternoon and spent hours in the bathroom / bedroom getting ready for our company. I checked in on her and she was nervous as hell and kept complaining about which panties to put on. I said these on the bed are great. She said not those because they’er wet. She said she put on two different pair of panties and they’er getting wet thinking about this. I giggled and said well that’s a good thing I think? Why don’t you just go pantyless? She shewed me away as I wasn’t helping this matter……

I left Jill to her primping and I went out to make made sure the bar was set up and checked the hot tube should that be an option? I was just crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s making sure we had things in order. Not really knowing how the order was supposed to be because we’ve never done or considered doing anything like this before.

I heard the doorbell and went to welcome Thomas. He looked much different than he did a few weeks ago. He was well dressed (Casually) and had a well groomed confident look about him. He said hi Mr Tom, thank you for the invitation. I walked him back through our kitchen to or back porch bar area. I had a variety of drinks and he chose a rum and coke. Of course it was rum being and island guy drink I thought.

Thomas…. I think you know why you’re here. When I invited you the other day I mentioned we enjoyed your company out on the water a few weeks ago but Jill and I, especially Jill enjoyed our little fun on the boat. Thomas smiled and said wonderful and he enjoyed it too. He said I was a such a gracious gentleman and Jill was such a beautiful, lovely lady with a wonderful personality. You are a lucky man Mr Tom. I said thank you but Jill is very nervous and we were to let her choose her comfort level this evening. Thomas said yes Mr Tom I understand. Jill and I have never considered or experienced anything like this Thomas but Jill and I feel like we might be missing something special and exciting after what happened on the boat. Thomas said he would be happy to just give Jill another foot massage if that’s all she wanted. I said I think she might have more erotic thoughts in mind that may need to be addressed if your game? He gave me a thumbs up, a smile as we toasted our drinks.

Now that I knew Thomas was on board and understood it was all about Jill this evening, I went to let her know Thomas had arrived. She was in the bedroom just standing there in front of the mirror. She turned to me and looked absolutely gorgeous and made you want to visualize her naked beauty. Jill had on this new wrap around tropical sundress that showed a lot of her well defined legs and a cute pair of sandals, her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her nails painted in a complimenting color to her sundress and sandals.

She was almost crying saying she didn’t think she could go through with this. I’ve been married to her long enough to know not to push anything on her when she’s so emotionally confused. I said Honey, don’t worry, I can tell Thomas I’m sorry but we have to make this another time. I’m sure he will understand.

Jill stood there tapping her freshly painted nails on the dresser just staring at me for the longest time contemplating her emotions. I said if you want to come out and see how it goes and if you’re still too nervous, we can make an excuse you’re not feeling well? I put my hand on her chest and her heart was beating so hard and I said I’m sure you’ll be fine after a couple drinks Honey. She said ok and grabbed my hand so I can lead her out of the bedroom. I think this gesture gave her a sense that I was still ok with this and what might happen? I did notice Jill had placed a few scented candles in the bedroom and had our nice bed linens on the bed. Looks like she was a little planning herself?

We came out to the bar and Jill put on her best hi how are you smile Thomas and and gave him a hug. It was a tense hug but it was a start. I already had Jills drink ready and she went straight for it and her hand was shaking so bad the ice was chattering in the glass. (I kid you not)!

Thomas said WOW Miss Jill, you look like an island princess! I wish we could dress like this at the office. You look so good! Jill thanked him and said I see you are looking mighty fine yourself Thomas. I knew I had to get a conversation going and I said, Thomas tell us a little about your island life in Nassau. Jill spoke up and said yes please Thomas, tell us about the island lifestyle. He said it was a wonderful place to grow up and wished the women there were as beautiful as you Miss Jill.

I thought wow… This guy truly has a silver tongue, good with his words and had Jill melting rom compliments within minutes. I can see why Jill might enjoy thinking about him. He’s a very good looking black man from the islands, well spoken and very, very polite. Not to mention he has a very big dick!

Jill became pretty relaxed listing to Thomas’s stories and you can just picture the island life when he describes it with his island accent. Thomas made the first move / gesture by placing his hand on the edge of Jills dress fabric on her leg and complimenting how nice the material was and how well it fit her shape. That caused Jills reaction to return a touch to Thomas’s slacks, slightly rubbing his leg saying she liked the material of his slacks too. Jill held her hand there and I could see they were giving each other the signal it was ok to touch each other. We all knew this is the start of planning what to do next?

We were on our third drink and I asked if anyone was up for my famous hot tub cocktail? We all laughed and Jill laughed and said what famous hot tube cocktail? Thomas said I’ll have one and I told Jill it was only famous while in the hot tub! She said you wise guy Tom.

We all agreed the hot tub would be a good place to relax have a cocktail and continue our conversation. Jill went back in to get ready and I told Thomas he could borrow one of my swimming trunks or just go nude and free like I planned to. He said nude works for me Mr Tom if Miss Jill don’t mind. I’m sure she’ll ok with that Thomas. I made us all a nice double sized drink and pulled off the hot tub cover, grabbed a few towels and laid them close by. The weather had cooled off considerably and the hot tub was at a very comfortable temp as Thomas and I got in waiting for Jill

Jill came back out and being her shy nature had her new bikini on. As she got in the tub. She scooted over close to me facing Thomas pretty much like we were on the boat a few weeks ago. I spoke up and said what do you know, weren’t we sitting just like this while we were on the boat? Jill was the first to actually say something to get things started. Jill said yes I thinks so and as I recall I was actually getting the best foot massage ever, as she seductively lifted her foot out of the water flexing it in front of Thomas wiggling beautify painted her toes.

Thomas said Mr Tom may I? I said if this lovely lady wants a foot massage you can give it to her and anything else she may desire. Now that we’re all getting comfortable, I said Jill it’s only fair for you to get naked like Thomas and I. Jill was much more relaxed and adventurous now and turned around to Thomas and said Thomas, will you do the honors? Thomas had her top off in less than 3 seconds. I asked may I have the honor of removing your bottoms? Jill stood up in front of me with her tits glistening and I was thinking this will be the first time another man is going to see my wife’s pussy. I slipped my fingers under the side strings and slowly pull her bikini bottom down exposing her beautifully shaven pussy. I asked Thomas to pull down the back of her bikini to help me. Jill looked me in the eyes as I was doing this and she knew I was about to give her to Thomas to please her as she felt him carries the her butt crease removing her bottoms. God she looked so sexy standing there.

Jill turn around facing Thomas presenting her lovely naked body and said will this work with an excited smile on her face. Thomas said you look perfect Miss Jill. Jill said now boys I need you to stand up and prove to me your naked too! Thomas and I stood up and our dicks were sticking straight out!. Jill knew she had us turned on and grabbed my cock and stroked it a couple time and while looking me in the eye she reached out and grabbed Thomas’s cock and said I think these guys are having fun! We sat back down and Thomas position himself where he could massage both of Jills feet and immediately started rubbing his growing cock on between them letting her feel his cock grow hard.

Jill was commenting…. Now that’s a foot rub! At this point I suspected much more was going to happen and how was I going to cope with it? I wanted Jill have a good time but did I really want to watch her being please by another man, a black man with a big cock? My stomach was churning but I didn’t want Jill to know I was nervous too.

I decided to slide up behind Jill and let her sit on my lap so I can lift her to let Thomas see her naked beauty above the water. I can’t believe we’re doing this! I’m serving up my wife to a black man and wondering just how far this was going to go? Jill was definitely getting aroused and she was playing with Thomas’s cock with her feet and I know he has to be hard as hell. I raised Jill out of the water offering Thomas a better view Jills pussy. He quickly spreads her soft legs apart and move further up between her legs massaging them as he gets closer to the prize. Jill lays her head back on my shoulder speeding her legs clearly giving him access to her beautiful shaved pussy while saying I love you Tom. She knows she’s about to have a good looking black man touch her pussy very soon as Thomas reach the soft mound of skin around her pussy and teases it slowly. This is driving Jill crazy as she flinches from his first touch of her pussy as she rolls her hips up to him aching for his touch.

Thomas used his thumb to rub the opening of Jills pussy and press on her clit. Jill lets out a load moan and started to shake with an overpowering desire to have his fingers in her pussy. She kept pushing her pussy up to Thomas wanting more. Thomas moved his head close to Jills pussy and looks at her and says……

(Miss Jill)… Jill looks down as Thomas takes is long pink tongue and runs it up the folds of her pussy lips and flickered his tongue on her clit! Jill went crazy and grabbed the back of Thomas’s head and began fucking his face and screaming Oh God, Oh God!! She was having overwhelming orgasm and her whole body was shaking. She was pulling Thomas’s head in tight to her pussy wanting his mouth there so bad. I knew she was giving him a flood of female juice that has bee building up so much the past few weeks thinking of this happening. Jill calmed down from the initial shock and awe and started enjoying the tongue lashing Thomas was giving her. She was like melted butter in my hands and I whispered in her ear, How does that feel Honey? Jill said Oh My God Tom I Love, Love, Love It!

Her sexual awakening has arrived as she pulled her legs up and apart so Thomas can service her pussy well. I knew then Jill was going to do anything she or Thomas wanted to do. I was enjoying her emotional high also watching her being pleased so well. Thomas worked his magic for a few more minutes and knew when to stop to let Jill regain composure. He sat back and held her feet as Jill calmed down. After a few seconds of silence I broke the ice and said Wow guys, I enjoyed that! Jill roll over facing me and said not as much as I did and straddle me and kissed me so passionately. She said she wanted to suck my cock in front of Thomas. I said I’d like that. I stood up and she scooted back in Thomas’s lap and pulled me closer. Jill stroked my cock a few time and I was so fucking horny I couldn’t stand it. My wife was being a bad little girl and she was being good at it too.

Jill was sucking my cock while sitting on Thomas’s lap and I notice his cock was actually sticking out in front of Jill’s pussy between her legs and Jill was stroking his cock and rubbing his hard black shaft against her pussy while sucking mine. Thomas has his hands around my wife’s tits fondling them and playing with her nipples. Damn Jill was giving me the best blowjob ever! I told her she should stop or I would I was going to cum. I pulled back and she said aww I’m not done with you yet. I said I don’t want to cum just yet and may have to tag out for a minute if you don’t mind. Jill knew what I meant about tagging out for a minute as Thomas and I exchanged hand taps. She knew I gave her the go ahead to suck Thomas’s cock and she said Oh Tom, you’re such a loving, caring and sharing husband. I stepped out of the hot tub to mix us up another tall drink as it looked like we were going to need another full drink.

I wanted to give Jill a moment to think about what she was about to do. She was crossing lines we never dreamed would happen and I was letting it happen. I was only at the bar just out of site few minutes and Thomas was sitting on the edge of the hot tub when I returned and I could see Jill in the water in front of him. My heart started pounding with the thought of his black cock in my wife’s mouth. I stepped up and she was just sitting in the tub a couple feet away. I thought….was she done already and I missed it? I handed them their drinks and Jill said we wanted to wait for you Honey. I don’t want you to miss anything exciting as she smiled back at me.

My heart started pounding as Jill got up on her knees in the middle of the hot tub in front of Thomas and reached for and grabbed his cock. What a site and strange feeling watching my wife with another mans cock in her hand for the second time now. She still had her wedding ring on and it glistened in the light as she done a few twisting strokes up and down his cock. Thomas stood up and his huge cock was right in front of my wife’s face. I was shaking so badly and then it happened. Jill took another mans hard cock and put it in her lips on the head of it!!!!……… I never ever dreamed I would ever see something like this!

Jill rolled her tongue around the large head of Thomas’s cock and began sucking it in a way to let him know she wanted his cock in her mouth. Damn she was doing a good job and I know he had to be enjoying the fantastic blowjob Jill was giving. Thomas was moaning and saying Oh Miss Jill that feels SO GOOD! Jill knew he was liking it and that made her want his cock even more. His cock was too big for Jill to take too deep in into her throat. She kept stroking his shaft into her mouth. Jill had one had cupped on his balls managing them and working his sperm up.

Jill and I didn’t discuss what would happen if it got to this point. We didn’t think it was going past Thomas playing with her pussy. Where was he going to cum this time? I’m sure Jill would find it erotic him cumming on her tits and rubbing it in again.

Thomas was hard as he could be now fucking my wife’s mouth and she was letting him gag her as he pushed his black cock down her throat. Just watching my wife with another mans hard cock in er mouth was so damn erotic. The taboo of my white wife sucking off her black bull was all most too much for me to take?

I new he was getting close and Jill just kept sucking him. I was thinking stop Jill, he’s ready to cum! She didn’t stop at all. She squeezed his balls and pulled on his cock as I watched his black cock pulsate and shoot his hot cum in my wife’s mouth!….. Of fuck!!!… she was gulping his cum as he jerked shooting streams of sperm. Jill swallowed at least three times before he was empty. I’m standing there with my legs shaking as my wife’ cleans her black cock with some of his cum running down her chin. She licked it from the base all the way to the head.

Jill looked at me while she gave him a few last long licks of his cock. I know she was doing this wondering I was surprised how well she can make another man cum. I could see Thomas’s legs were weak also and needed to sit down.

Jill pulled me close and started sucking my rock hard cock again. It only took a few seconds and I pulled Jills head and mouth down on my cock and gave her more cum than ever before! I never came so much! Jill performed the same appreciative cock cleaning that she gave Thomas as my legs were about to give out also. She had this seductive sultry look on her face as she pulled me down to sit beside her with Thomas on her other side. She said how was that boys as she fondled our cocks!

We sat in the hot tub a few more minutes drinking our famous hot tub cocktails. Jill had no inhibitions at this point and asked Thomas if he’s ever played with other couples like this? He said he had a few times when he lived back on the Island. He said, I worked part time at a beach resort bar and was approached by some couples looking for some erotic excitement while on vacation. But none were as fun or as exciting as being with us. Jill looked at me and was smiling proudly and said, Really!. She was asking Thomas some pretty personal questions trying to get a mental picture of Thomas’s experiences and things he’s tried.

I knew what Jill was up to something when she asked Thomas how many times he’s ever cummed in one night? Thomas laughed and said it depends on the situation and how sexual his partner was. But he said several times he had cummed twice in one night and only one time three times in one night but it was with different women. Jill said WOW that sounds exciting. Jill jumped up and said well boys, I’m ready to get out of the tub for a while. We gathered our belongings and moved over to the bar again. Jill went inside to freshen up while Thomas and I talked.

I said Thomas, I never dreamed Jill and I would ever do something like this. After our little boating experience a few weeks ago Jill has been beside herself. She felt guilty but deep down thought she was missing something important in our relationship. She really didn’t know what she wanted and that’s why we invited you to experiment with her and my new curiosities.

By no means have we ever gone out looking for guys to play with Jill, it just happened in a crazy unusual spontaneous way and I really don’t know how she’ll feel tomorrow after her erotic play this evening. I just know she’s having the time of her life tonight and thank you for making her feel so good about all this. He said my pleasure Mr Tom and thank you for choosing him for our first experience. I said it was Jill’s choice to start with and it excited me see her so turned on by this.

Jill stepped out the slider door and said boys can you come here for a minute? Not sure what she wanted we got up and she was walking back towards our bedroom. She looked back and said come on boys. She had her robe on and we were standing just inside our bedroom. I looked around the room and she had the candles lite and the bed turned down. She dropped her robe and knelt down between Thomas and I. Both of our cocks were at eye level as she grabbed each of our cocks. She said I want to see if you can cum again Thomas and Honey I want you to cum again too.

Jill was stroking our cocks and I felt a little weird as Thomas’s bull cock was a good bit larger than mine. Standing beside him. Jill took turns kissing, licking and sucking our cocks. I instantly got hard as well as Thomas watching her take turns sucking our cocks while looking up at me. She stopped for a second and mouthed the words (thank you) winked at me as she took his cock deep in mouth getting it ready for round two. We were both dripping pre cum and Jill made sure she caught it all on her tongue for us to see.

I was thinking how in the hell has my wife turned into such a bad little sexual hot wife so quickly? It was only a few days ago she was just a prim and proper wife that would never consider doing stuff like this, but I was enjoying the hell out of it!

Jill stood up and crawled onto our bed and said boys come here so we can be more comfortable. We were not going to miss the opportunity to lay back and get our cocks sucked and done as she wished!

She crawled between us switching back and forth on our cocks. Jill was making a point to look me in the eyes when licking and sucking a his hard black cock. She knew it was making me hard watching her skills sucking another mans dick. I knew in my heart Jill has never cheated on me but my gut was telling me she wanted to know what Thomas’s cock would feel like in her pussy. I was thinking this is the last straw, the ultimate erotic pleasure she was craving now. How could I deny her desires?

So without her having to ask or just doing it without asking me I decided to tell her I would love to see how much of Thomas’s cock she could take in her pussy. She looked at me with the biggest bright eyed smile knowing she was going to be able to please me having me watch her in such an act!

The sweet aroma of sex was noticeable in the air even though candles were burning. Jill said, OK Honey… I can do that for you if Thomas is up to it. Thomas said look at this Miss Jill as he was holding his hard cock straight up and said is this up to it enough for you? Now that I made her feel like it was my idea, she crawled between Thomas’s legs and straddle his thick cock. She had to stand up then squat down as it was bit too long just being on her knees. Thomas was hold his cock so Jill could slide down on it gently. The head of his dick was touching the entrance of Jill's soaking wet pussy. She had her hands on his chest and easing herself up und down letting the his large cock head push at her opening. Jills beautiful tit’s were bouncing in front of Thomas and he reached up and grabbed both tits and helped balance he as she tried lowering herself.

I wanted a better view and I turned around so I could watch her take another mans hard cock in a place that up until now has always been reserved for me only. I seen a tube of lube laying on the bed beside me and I put a good dab on my hand and rubbed some on her asshole and she lifted up so I could lube her pussy too even though it was dripping wet. She kept trying and trying to get it in. She couldn’t balance herself with one hand and guide it in and she was so fucking horny and was wanting it in her so bad.

I done the unbelievable……… the one thing no husband should ever do!….. I reached between their legs and I grabbed Thomas’s cock and guided it into my wife’s pussy! I rubbed his cock head back and forth on her clit and in it went! Jill screamed out OH MY GOD!!!! OH FUCK!! Jill could only move up and down about an inch or so at first. I could see his cock had my wife pussy stretched more than I eve could do and Thomas continued to hold her up with his hands on her tits as Jill made small movements to ease the biggest cock she’s ever had.

She had to be some pain from his larger size but kept taking more of his cock with her rocking motion. I said are you ok Honey? She said it’s so big! I notice just a bit more going in her after two or three rocking motions and the movements became smoother and more consistent in a rhythmic speed. She was actually fucking this huge cock right in front of me and I was only several inches away watching her take more of his dick each time she lowered herself on it.

I kept hearing Thomas say That’s it Miss Jill, take it nice and slow. He was coaching her into a comfortable rhythm. Jill stopped rocking and slowly slid much further down on his cock taking it deeper and resting on her knees. She kept yelling GOD IT’S SO BIG!!! Now she was making longer up and down strokes and picking up the pace. Thomas just laid there and held her so she could do all the fucking herself. He lifted his hips and pushed his cock in a deep as it would go and held it there and Jill Screamed OH GOD!, OH GOD! My wife was having her first orgasm and cumming on another mans cock for the first time in our many years of marriage. Thomas pulled her waist back and forth on his cock letting it hit all the sensitive areas of her pussy walls. Jill was crying out loud as she covered his cock with her cum! She’s been fucking him about five minutes now and was what she said later painful pleasure each time Thomas push his cock in deep. They were fucking each other heavily now and Jill was delirious with pleasure.

Jill was now fucking his cock with full on pleasure and about to have another orgasm. I said my god Jill are you going to cum on his cock again? That’s when it hit her and she let out a screeching OH FUUUUCK! The white foamy mess was all over his black cock and it looked amazing with his back cock pumping in and out of Jill’s pussy. Jill lowered herself down as far as she could and I could see she had all of his hard cock deep inside her. She was still having spasms from her climax.

After holding his cock deep inside her, Jill started rocking on his cock again. Thomas was helping her move back and forth. They were getting back into a steady fucking motion and Jill screamed out again…. Oh My FUCKING GOD!!! I’m CUMMING AGAIN! Thomas’s cock was covered in their fuck mixture and Jill was taking her bull cock as deep as her body would allow. She held his throbbing cock in deep releasing her last spams of her orgasm again.

I couldn’t dare touch my cock for fear of exploding cum everywhere. I was so confused thinking only a few weeks ago our lives were completely different from our crazy raw sexual desires now! I was ready, I was ready to watch my wife let Thomas shoot his hot load of cum in her and drive her absolutely crazy with pleasure.

I was so horny and actually said (Make Him Cum Honey) I want to watch you make him cum. Jill couldn’t even speak at this point, all she knew was she was getting the fucking of a lifetime and wanted as much of her lovers hard black cock as he could give her. They picked their rhythm again and Jill was now taking his huge cock deep in her pussy about every sixth or seventh stroke. She didn’t even know I was there at this point. Thomas was picking up his pace and was thrusting all of his cock deep in my wife and she was screaming Yes, Yes Yes… OH FUUUCK!! As she started cumming on his cock again. Thomas grabbed both of Jills ass cheeks and rammed his cock until it go no further and moaned out… Oh FUCK! I knew he was filling her full of cum. They fucked each other like wild animals cumming hard with each other. It was like an electrical shock reaction as their cum met in her womb. Cum began oozing out of Jills pussy, flooded with Thomas’s cum and she was quivering with pleasure. I could see her whole body shake with uncontrollable spasms.

They slowed their speed too long slow deep strokes. Jill was cooing with satisfaction and her legs were still shaking as she held his cock deep for the longest time. She held it there until the last of his cock stopped pulsating. They lay there in each others arms catching their breath, calming down from their wild fuck session. At that time I had a feeling my wife didn’t care if I was there or not? I wondered if she had just created a permanent desire for his cock? For some crazy reason it didn’t seem to bother me too much? I’ve never seen her so satisfied!

Jill rolled over on her back and could barely lift her head she was so spent. Thomas set up and brushed Jill’s hair back out of her face and gently massaged her breast. Jill looked over at Thomas and scooted over next to his soft cock and laid her cheek on it and sighed. Using his cock as a headrest, Jill looked at me and said I love you so much Honey and thank you for a wonderful evening. She said Thomas, I never want to hear a word of this at work, OK? He said his lips are forever sealed unless she needs them to pleasure her. I thought, Damn.. He’s still making her feel at ease.

I crawled up on the the side of Jill and gently caressed her body as she laid there between us. Jill fell asleep while we both were caressing her.

Thomas and I got up and I said I’m sure we’ll be getting together again soon as he gathered his things, dressed and I showed him out. He said thanks so much and tell Miss Jill I had a wonderful time. I said ok but she will likely want you to show you appreciation again for the wonderful time you gave her tonight. We both smiled and agreed we’ll get together again.

I tucked Jill in and cleaned up the drinks and towels. Turning out the lights I noticed our security cameras were on at the hot tub and bar area. I checked the time stamps and rewound. Sure enough it recorded everything we had done in the hot tub. I watched the part where Jill was sucking Thomas’s cock and him cumming in her mouth….. I was jacking off watching it and shot cum all over the floor when she took his cum in her mouth!

I knew Jill and I will be watching this grainy video again to proof this really happened and not some erotic dream. I’m sure Jill and I will be experimenting much, much more of our new found desires. I will make sure I have better recording equipment set up next time so we can both watch and enjoy high quality HD video of our crazy fun many times.

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