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her night of torturous pleasure

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So here is the scenario

I lead you into a dark abandoned type house?.you are shackled by your ankles and wrists?you have a black hood over your head, and you are naked

As we walk into the room, you feel that the temperature is quite warm. I remove the mask, and it takes some time for your eyes to adjust, but when they do, you realize that you are in an old basement that is lit by at least 50 candles throughout the room.

You instantly are aroused by the fear that is running through you. You look around the room and see many things. You see a long wooden table that is only about three feet off of the ground. You ask what that is for, and explain how your ankles and wrist are clamped down, and your head hangs off the end so anyone can have access to your mouth when you want. As I lead you around the room. You notice the toys?the nipple clamps, the butt plugs, the whips and flogs. I pick up the nipple clamps and I attach them to each nipple. There is a chain that hangs down, attached to the end of each. I start to lead you away from the toy table, when you ask what ?that? is. I look down and pick up the ?spur?. It is a metal object with a long handle and a wheel on the end. The wheel has very fine spokes on in all the way around. It looks like a spur, hence the name. I lift it towards your skin, and I place it on your left tit. You look and start to say, ?that doesn?t hurt that much?, but before you get the words out of your mouth, I roll the spur across your chest, and the painful sensation runs through you. You pull away, and I pull you back to me by the chain that is attached to your nipples. I roll the spur across again, and again you pull away, and again I pull harder on the chain. You do not know which is the lesser of two evils, until finally you beg me to stop.

As we walk around the room, you say you are intrigued by the large wheel mounted on the wall. I explain that I can lock you in on the wheel and spin it while you are constantly flogged. You smile at the thought, and I do not like that you are not taking me serious. I quickly grab you by the hair, and drag you over to the far wall, where two wooden planks are criss crossed to make an ?X?, mounted to the wall. I cuff you in, wrist first, than ankles.

I step back and look at you and smile?I say?lets have fun. I start to walk towards you, and you smirk and say ?Is this where you have your way with me and do WHATEVER YOU WANT? I quickly grab your face, and squeeze your cheeks together. I smirk and say ?Sharon?.my sweet sweet Sharon?.you have no idea what you have gotten yourself into?

I turn away, and I walk to a large throne like chair sitting roughly 30 feet from you. I sit down and just stare at you for a few minutes, until I yell ?ENTER?

With that the far door open and twelve people enter. There are 5 white males, 2 black males, and 1 Hispanic female, and 4 white females. They all have muscular, athletic bodies, the smallest penis is around 9 inches, and the smallest breast are 36-C?s. They are beautiful, every single one from the neck down is beautiful. You see, they are all wearing the same black mask that you were wearing when you walked in, but theirs have eye holes. The reason they are being kept that way is because they know you and you know them, however they are here today to either fulfill some sexual fantasy that they have with you, or to get some sort of revenge on you. Whatever the reason is, they can finally get what they want from you. And they are all under my control\

They stand before you and you just stare them up and down?aching for each one of them. See, you do not know that some of them are not their to just please you sexually. You have no idea that you have ex boyfriends, and old friends that you have pissed off standing before you.

A few minutes pass?.and I say to the group??Go ahead?use her as you wish?

And Sharon they do?.they work you over for what seems to be hours. Every hole is explored and stretched. Throughout the night and into the early dawn, you are filled with cum. It is everywhere. It is on your face, your chest, it is running down your legs. Every toy and every prop that you saw when you entered the room was used at least twice. I told them that I would stop them when you said the word ?no?, but we both know that that word will never cross your lips, because its me.

You are spent. You have lost count of the number of orgasms that not only did you receive, but you also gave. You are dropped off at your house. People in your neighborhood are just leaving for work, when they see you stumbling up your driveway. Your hair is matted with cum, your make up is running off your face, and your clothes are torn. You walk into your house and pathetically crawl up the stairs to your bedroom because your legs are so weak. You climb into bed, and you think about the previous nights events. As you replay it in your head, you smile to yourself, excited for what I may have in for you next week.

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