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erotic massage story

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So I've been watching a lot of videos on massage and what not and it has me so intrigued. I kind of imagine something along these lines... I come into the room and introduce myself. We talk for a fit over a drink. We set up the bed or massage table. Light a few candles around the room and dim the light. We put on soft music with the sound of the ocean waves crashing in the background. I leave the room for you to get prepared and undressed. When you call me to come back in we don't speak a word. You have undressed completely and are laying flat on your stomach with your hair pulled down to each side exposing your neck, shoulder and upper back. A small warm towel is folded and laying over your butt, keeping you just covered up enough not to be able to see. Your arms laying against the sides of your body with your palms facing straight up. The temperature is warm and the flicking light is just enough to splash rays of light over your closed eyes while you get comfortable and relaxed. The smell of the candle and sound of the waves crashing start to take pull your mind out of the bedroom and into the clouds. Imagine laying on the solid floor of a bamboo plank tiki on the beach with a white sheet waving in the breeze acting at the roof of the hut. No one will be walking by. Just the two of us away from reality. The first touch of my hands catches you in a dream. I am using a light warming oil on my hands to help slide over your soft skin. I start with your upper back and shoulders, running small circles staring with both hands at the base of your neck and moving up and out around your shoulder blades and back around. A few times around forward and reverse before turning my hands over and letting the back of my fingers and nails softly stroke down from the top of your neck down your back as far as I can reach as I lean forward over you, flip them over and let my finger tips run the same path back up your back and neck. A little more oil and I start to run my strong hands down your arms to your wrists and back up. Up and back a few times more before moving to your left side and lifting your arm away from your body just slightly so that I can deeply massage your shoulder and left arm down to your finger tips. Each time I get to your left hand I stop and massage your palm with my thumbs and then lightly pull out over each of your fingers. Moving now to your right side I repeat the process. The oil tingles slightly when I move my hands away from your skin and the warming sensation begins to feel like sunlight breaking through the hut warming your back and arms, pulling you even deeper into the fantasy. Your breather is getting slower and deeper as your body expects and anticipates my next touch. More oil and down into your lower back. Using my palms and thumbs I deeply massage your lower back and sides of your ribs and stomach. I stop just short of your butt. Not breaking the barrier of the warm towel dr*ped over your naked skin. You feel me move once more, positioning myself behind you. More oil lightly spread over your feet while I begin to massage your ankles and heels. I press hard into your sole rubbing your feet and taking the time to lightly massage each of your ten toes, one at a time. Around to your left side I slide my left hand just slightly under your left leg just above your knee and my right hand grasps you ankle. I lift your left leg just a bit up and towards me. I slowly spread warm oil up the back of your calf and thigh. I grip your left leg with both hands, thumbs facing opposite sides and run my palms firmly and steadily up your leg starting at your calf and ending with the finger tips of my right hand coming within an inch of the crease between your leg and your butt sliding up and around over the top of the back of your thigh. A few times more, each time rubbing deeper and closer to letting my finger tips graze against you. Right when you are sure that my next touch will find its way just to the edges of your soft lips I move around your body and to your left side repeating the process. It seems faster this time, each time up your right leg and the anticipation of me accidently letting my hand slip and rub against your pussy starts to become less of a question and more of desire. The warming oil and light breeze are making your skin so sensitive as you start to forget the sensation of your shoulders and back and concentrate on the need to be touched when it finally happens. Almost catching you off guard my left hand goes just a bit high and rubs over the outer edge of your pussy. You naturally react and let out a deep sigh and your hips lift a little off the mat yearning for me my hands to find you completely. Reading your body I slowly fold the towel up until its laying in you lower back and I remove it and place it to the side. Your beautiful naked body laying before me my hands find the oil again and I begin to massage your butt. Deeply rubbing my hands up and around each cheek. As I run my hands up my thumbs press deeply into the crease connecting your butt to your thighs and squeeze outward spreading you open slightly. Even though I'm not physically touching your pussy my motion is creating a sensation that is only driving your desire for me to stop what is slowly becoming less of a massage and more of a tease. I can still feel your hips pressing up into my touch each time my hands find your skin. You feel my right hand slide under your right up and begin to lift and without words or opening your eyes you know what I'm asking and respond. Now laying on your back with your arms down and your palms flat you find the feeling of soft breeze from the beach over your naked breasts and stomach. I move back up to be just above your head. More oil and my hands start to rub down the front of your shoulders and over your chest. I don't hesitate and you are anxiously expecting my touch on your bare breasts and nipples. Running long deep circles starting from the top, down around the outside of your breasts, wrapping my finger tips up and around the bottom and squeezing you as I move back up the center of your chest and my palms rub firmly over your nipples. Again and again I massage your beautiful breasts. I start to let my hands run father down your body. Up and down over your ribs and lightly over your stomach. I can feel every breath as your chest expands and you sigh deeply. Your unintentionally rubbing your thighs together lightly. Lifting and pressing your legs together anxious to have your pussy touched but fighting the urge to reach down yourself. It is understood at this point that I am headed that way and soon you feel the strong firm touch that has now caressed, rubbed and massaged every other inch of your body find its way to your stomach, down over your hips, up and down your thighs and finally there. Again you feel me move to reposition myself. I slide up between your legs, reaching my hands under your knees and lifting and separating your legs enough to allow myself to kneel between them. This motion cases your lips to split and the cool air to reach your now very sensitive and wet pussy. I cover my hands in oil once more and start at your knees. I grip your legs firmly letting my thumbs press up into the crease of your knees and then slowly start to slide down and in. Moving slow I slide closer to you and father down the insides of your thighs leaving warm tingling oil down your thighs as my grip opens slightly as I reach the thicker parts of your legs. My hands reach the soft crease where you legs meet your hips and I stop as I let my thumbs start doing all the work. Massaging and rubbing in long slow circles with both hands from the bottom of your wet pussy up each side of your lips and down over your clit and coming so close to pressing into you when I circle back down. I press the tips of my thumbs just barely into your pussy and lets them pull you apart as I rub back out again and being circling again. From circles to rubbing up and down in opposite directions spreading your soft gorgeous lips apart and massaging every bit of your pussy. So much build up to this touch has you completely unaware of the rest of your body. All you can feel now is my touch where you've to craving to have it. The feeling building inside you only increasing as I let my right hand release from your thigh and let one of my fingers slip into your tight pussy. At first I just left my finger sit inside you for just a second. Then I begin to make small circles with my finger increasing in diameter and speed each time. Now a second finger slips into your pussy to join the first, opening you up just a bit. My big strong fingers inside you now pressing into you getting as deep as I can, twisting my hands back and forth hooking my fingers around massaging every bit of the inside of your tight hot wet pussy as I can reach. My left hand moves back into position to begin rubbing your clit again while my fingers are deep inside you. Harder and faster I finger you, turning my palm up letting my fingers curl up and start to massage your gspot. Not able to help myself at this point and catching you off guard I pull away my left hand and lean down letting my pierced tongue find your swollen clit. As surprised as you felt at my mouth closing around you, you embrace it even more and lift your hips to meet my face. Your breathing heavier and heavier as you ride your hips into my firm licks and soft sucking. My right hand is fingering you hard and fast, flicking my finger tips as fast as I can over your gspot while moving in and out of you just enough to excite the sensitive opening to your beautiful pussy. I am loving every second of pleasing you and getting you closer and closer to climax, willing you to let me make your whole body shake and shiver when my mouth and fingers make you cum so hard for me. Your hands, flat on the mat start to open and close gripping the towel under you pressing down hard when you lift your hips to meet me. Every time I breath out I make a soft humming sending chills down your spin as it vibrates over your clit. I'm following your every motion riding your hips where ever you move them, never letting my mouth leave your pussy making sure to keep your clit sucked into my mouth and my tongue attacking you. Moaning now without even noticing it I can feel the pressure in your pussy increase. You begin squeezing my fingers hard and I feel how hot your skin at your gspot is getting. I can feel your body start to tense. Every second ticks away in slow motion now as you get to the edge of the cliff. My left hands reaches up your stomach to your breasts and grabs you firmly squeezing your nipples pushing you over the edge. Wave after wave wash over you. My fingers feel stronger than ever as you tense around me pulsing as your pussy explodes with pleasure. The feel of my tongue on you never breaks for an instant as your body takes over and moves as it pleases. Down and down you fall. After what could have been a second or an hour you reach up with your right hand and very lightly grip my wrist. My left hand released your breasts. Your body settles as my tongue slows. My fingers inside you immediately slow, long circles inside you becoming slower and smaller until I slide straight back out of you. My lips release from your clit and I let out a long warm breath that breaks over your lips as you feel my sliding out from between your legs. You let your legs lay back down comfortably flat on the mat as your head falls to one side and your breathing slows. I leave the room silently and shut the door. When you are ready you bring yourself back to the room and open your eyes.

Hah! That was fun :) If you actually read all that I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know! Give me the bird!

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