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Your in my dreams

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I've known your parents for some time now but tonight was our first time meeting. We made small talk but you left before I could give you my number. I had told your dad that I thought you were handsome, and he just laughed. That night when I was getting ready to crawl into bed, I thought of you. Your sweet smile and how tall you were. Oh your lips too. I remember thinking I wanted to taste those lips just hours before. I also wondered what your body and cock were like. I knew you were muscular and how I wanted to feel your skin against mine. I fall asleep with this thought lingering in my mind. You bring me to your room, where you've laid out a belt and some ties. You take one of your ties and and put it over my eyes and then you push me onto the bed. You take my hands and tie them together and then onto the headboard, just so that you're still able to make me turn over. You prop my hips up so you have an amazing view of my pussy and ass. You lay over me, biting and sucking on my neck and ears, while running your fingers up and down my legs, then getting a little more rough and scratching down my back. You start to bring your hand closer to the inside of my thighs where you can feel me getting warmer by the second. You make sure to rub your fingers over my clit and slide a finger in, where you can feel how hot you've made me and you start to get hard. You move up towards my head and grab my hair and pull my head back for a deep kiss, before shoving my face onto your now hard cock. Slow at first so i can run my tongue around your head then going faster and pushing my head further down your rock hard cock, all while your fingers play with my soaking wet pussy. After making your cock all nice and wet you move behind me and grab me by the throat as you push your cock in from behind, not so gently. With your other hand, you smack my ass and I moan with pleasure and you pump your cock in my dripping wet pussy. You pull yourself out of my very wet pussy and give my ass a nice firm smack. You move down to taste my sweet juices, but only for a kiss. You then slide your legs between mine and lower my hips down on your cock. You've got an outstanding view of my ass riding your cock, but you grab the belt and loop it around my neck while holding the opposite end. You pull on it some so it tightens a bit, my hips start to move faster. You smack my ass again while thrusting your hips forward, you get in deep and I let out a moan. After you've fucked me from behind, you turn me over so im laying on my back. You take my ankles and you tie each one to opposite bedposts, spreading my legs wide and all you can see is my dripping wet pussy and perky hard nipples. You run your hands over the length of my body, stopping to caress my tits and nibble and suck on my nipples. You kiss your way down my stomach but stop just above my clit, making me moan with anticipation.  You grab my tits and give them a quick slap just to watch them jiggle. With your other hand you are massaging my inner thighs and around my pussy. Making me breath heavy. You lower your face to my crease of my leg and bite hard and then release into a kiss. You then raise up to kiss me but at the same time, you shove 2 fingers into my pussy, making me moan into your mouth. You work my pussy good with your hand, getting my juices all over your hand as I teeter on an orgasm. You move down to my pussy because you want to taste and feel how wet you've gotten me. You place your mouth over my clit and run your tongue between my lips, feeling my sweet taste on your tongue. You suck and lick my clit, giving little nibbles in between as my breathing starts getting more rapid. You slide a finger in as your licking my clit and start to massage my g spot. You place your other hand above my pussy and press down,  you can feel your finger inside me pressing against your hand. My hips start to move with your motions, as I get closer to climax. You stop, knowing I'm going to cum soon and grab me by my throat and give me a deep hard kiss. You lower yourself on top of me and slide your cock in my very wet, hot pussy. You start to pick up the pace as your dick gets harder and your motions quicker. I can feel you throbbing inside me, getting ready to cum. You squeeze a little harder on my throat, making me gasp but you know I like it and start pounding your dick into me, harder and faster. My moans get louder and my hips move in motion with yours.  You can feel me trying to clench my legs together as my climax is getting closer. You bite my nipples and tighten your grip on my throat as you also are about to cum. I scream out that im cumming which in turn makes you explode. You feel a surge of hot wet pussy juice dripping down your cock and mix with your cum. You pull yourself out of me and bring your cock to my mouth, so I can lick you clean. You kiss me and take the blindfold off, then untie my arms and legs. We're both  still panting and you pull me in under your arm and we lay there feeling each others breath slow as we relish in the past events. Im woken by the light of day shining in through the cracks of my blinds. I smile thinking of my dream. I start to get out of bed and notice the area of my sheets where I lay were wet. I run my hand between my legs and realize you made me have a wet dream, my first! I giggle and hop out of bed, grabbing a towel and my new waterproof toy and head to the shower. What an amazing dream, maybe I should message him on social media and see if it could turn into reality. ...*bbbbzzzz* as the soft hum of my vibrator switches on.

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