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The Storm

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The winds from the passing line of thunderstorms rattle the windows as flashes of lightning illuminate the room. The sound of thunder, far off in the distance, send low vibration through the house. You’ve always loved storms. Even as a little girl you would go out and play in them, feeling the rain on your face and the wind blowing your hair. You never understood why some of your friends feared the storms. They were fun, loud and exciting, not scary. When you got older the storms affected you differently. It wasn’t just the excitement. It stirred something deep inside you and ignited your passion. Over the years, you and your partners have often run outside to make love in the middle of a howling storm. It was wonderful, fun and exhilarating, but they just didn’t seem to understand the effect the storms had on you.

But that was years ago, now it was just you and the storm.

Closing your eyes, you concentrate on the approaching band of thunderstorms. You listen to the rain hitting the windows and the trees bending and creaking in the wind. Through your eyelids, you can still see the flashes of lightning, and then counting the seconds until you hear the thunder roll across you. Electricity seems to charge the very air about you. Reaching down, barely touching your mound, you start to tease your lips with just a touch. Moisture seeps outward, lubricating you. Sliding a finger between your outer lips, you stroke yourself, touching your clit. Reaching up you squeeze your breast with your other hand and pinch the nipple. Slowly, you slide your finger as deep as you can, lightning flashes outside. Smiling at the storms seeming approval, you start to masturbate more aggressively, adding a finger and focusing on your nipple. Outside, the wind seems to pick up, matching the speed of your hand. You squeeze your nipple hard, feeling the sharp bite of pain with the overwhelming sense of pleasure. Thunder once again rolls across you. You can feel the orgasm building with the storm, wind howling with your moans and thunder matching your strokes. As your orgasm hits, a bolt of lightning seems to strikes outside your window and thunder rattles the whole house.

There is just you and the storm.

You lay there, bare to the world, enjoying the sounds. Then you sense something. Looking around you don’t see anyone or anything out of place, but it’s still there. A presence, like someone else moving in the room. You sit up and turn on a light. There isn’t anyone there. And yet there is. You feel a draft upon your ear and a whisper “Please, don’t be afraid.” You turn but again there isn’t anyone there. A puff of air and the whisper right next to your ear. “I have come with the storm and like the storm, I will have to move on so I don’t have much time. You reached out to me and felt my power. Now that I see you, I wish to feel you. But only if you allow me. Will you allow me to join with you?” Trembling, you whisper back, "I can't see you.” A zephyr touches your ear and lightning flashes overhead. “You have been seeing me all evening.” “Then may I feel you first?" A touch on your cheek, like a hot, summer breeze. Pressure on your shoulder, warm and soothing. “Oh” you whisper, “That feels nice.” Sharp pinpricks of static dance on your earlobes, biting the flesh. Speaking clearly now you say, “Yes, yes you may have me.” “I thank you. Please step outside as I do not wish to flood this house.” You stand and slowly make your way to the back yard. The rain has stopped for the time being, all the ground is soaked and the smell of grass and earth permeate the air. Looking up you see forks of lightning streak across the heavens and clouds swirl in the storm. The wind seems to spin about you as a warm, light rain starts to fall. Lifting your face and stretching your arms above you, you spend a moment enjoying the feel of the rain washing across your body. Then, small arcs of static start picking at you, seeming at random across your skin. The hairs on your body stand up as they dance and jump, tiny little jolts of excitement. Your heart races as you feel the energy course through you. They start concentrating and focusing on your nipples, feeling like teeth nipping at the stiffening points. Breathing sharply, you gasp “That’s different, but nice.” The arcing subsides while a ring of tightness seems to rhythmically squeeze and release the flesh of your breasts, adding more pleasure. Swaying lightly, you reach out behind you to find something to steady yourself, but you feel the air itself softly solidify to support you, making you feel like you’re floating in a pool of warm water. “Oh, you are versatile.” You moan and relax into the support. More sparks and jolts tingle and jump on your neck and shoulders. Like small sharp teeth, exciting and thrilling your skin. Groaning, you stretch and twist slightly under the onslaught. The rain picks up a bit, but it seems to miss your face. A warm zephyr touches your lips and lingers, just for a second, before it’s gone. You feel a solid touch, warm and firm, travel across your belly. Looking down, you see a small depression in your skin where there should have been something. You watch as the depression slowly moves down to your waist and then to your mound. Opening your legs, you feel a shaft slide gently between your lips and deep into your pussy.

Throwing your head back, you gasp “Oh YES!”

As it slowly moves in and out, the phallus seems to swell, filling you. The sparks dance from nipple to nipple and the rings around your breasts squeeze and relax.

“Oh god! You feel incredible” You exclaim breathlessly.

The zephyr at your ear whispers again "You are so beautiful and I am so hungry. I want all of you."

“Yes, do with me as you will. I am yours” you whisper back.

A new depression and point of pressure forms on your chest and travels upward. Between your breasts, under your throat and to your cheek, where it pauses. Slowly it moves to your lips caressing them with warm firmness. You reach out with your hand to grasp and find it warm, soft and firm to the touch. You open your mouth to guide it in, caressing it with your tongue. As the phallus pulses slowly, you take it deep into your mouth, stroking it with your hand and enveloping it with your lips.

The one in your pussy continues to stroke slowly in and out, but seems to narrow in size, as a new point of pressure forms, this one touching your ass. You immediately pull your legs up, opening yourself wider.

Throwing your head back, you moan “Oh yes, please fill me. I want to feel you everywhere.”

Sliding thin and smooth into your rectum, it was like nothing at all, but then you can feel it expanding. The phallus in your pussy slows as you tighten up, but then starts to rumble like distant thunder, sending waves and waves of vibration through you.

Soon both the one in your ass and the one in your pussy are moving in rhythm, swollen to fill you, rumbles changing to vibrations. The one in your mouth pulses and thrusts lightly in your hand. The rain continues to fall with large, fat drops striking your clit with pinpoint accuracy. Arcs of static dance around your nipples exciting the flesh and rings of force pulse and squeeze your breasts.

Just you and the Storm

You reach down to open your pussy wide as more fat, heavy drops of rain hit your clit. All three shafts rumble and vibrate with the rhythm of the storm. Faster and faster they move, swelling to fill you, you feel you next orgasm building. Far off a siren starts to wail, or is that you? The wind has started blowing with incredible power, fiercely whipping the rain about you. Yet the rain is still warm and light on you other than the almost continuous drops assaulting your clit. And faster still they move. Then low and strong you feel something building. Another rumble, this one coming from deep inside the phalli. You start to cum, screaming around the one in your mouth, but not wanting to stop sucking and stroking it. Rocking back and forth adding your own motion to the action. The shafts pulsing more rapidly.

Just You and The Storm

With a flash of lightning and crash of thunder they swell and burst, ejecting sweet water into your mouth, ass and pussy. At the same time, the curtain of wind lets the heavy rain cascade down on you, covering you in a heavy cleansing rain. The shafts slow their motion, subside, and finally, withdraw. Quivering, you smile and reach out, only feeling the wind and the rain.

“Will… will you be coming back?” you ask.

The zephyr touches your face, warm and caring. “No, my love, for when the storm dies, so will I. You have brought me great joy and happiness in my short life, and for that I thank you. But I promise to tell the Winds of you, and they will tell the storms that follow and maybe, someday, another of us will visit you.”

The air lifts you back to your feet and sets you down gently. Your legs are too shaky to hold you and you slowly sink to the wet ground. With a playful flick of your hair and a warm touch to the lips, you feel him leave.

just you and the storm.

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