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The Flying Sex Toy

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The Flying Sex Toy

You are traveling alone in a remote spot in rugged mountain terrain far from any real civilization. The cabin that you have rented is at the edge of a vast wilderness of mountains and forests. You are here because you decided you need a break from civilization and have come here to get away from everything and spend your days hiking in the wilderness away from the cabin, away from Men, away from everything.

Despite your wilderness surroundings you choose a dress to wear on your hike today.

A loose fitting sun dress that ends above the knees, slit up both sides with a wrap around top that loosely covers your full breasts.

You start your hike this morning without bra or panties, preferring to feel the breeze chasing between your legs, feeling it brush across your sex giving you small shivers of pleasure as the cool air brushes across your warm moist opening.

There is no one to see you but you can't help but remember HIS comments about your idea to come here, to hike in the mountain wilderness, to get back to a more real, more natural environment…

Him wanting to know why you would want to do that knowing that he wouldn't go.

Asking if you were going to dress all butch in Man clothes as you trudge around in the weeds. Asking how long you thought you would last without him to hold you.

Men… so annoying at times and yet so satisfying at other times.

You like their strong arms, feeling protected and of course the sex…

Some days, like today as you hike further out you wish there was a decent alternative. This last boyfriend was not so bad you think. a bit self centered and selfish and really a bit of a jerk when it came right down to it but good looking, strong and good in bed… there was definitely that, the sex was good. And the truth is you REALLY like sex. He called you a nympho once for wanting more sex than he could deliver, and it annoyed you that he should criticize your appetite for pleasure just because he could not keep up. Men and their fragile little egos.

So annoying.

And yet, you find yourself thinking of his strong arms and of the sex you have not had for nearly a week now and you find yourself getting more excited and wet as your mind wanders to thoughts of lust and longing. You are certainly not going to be getting any sexual relief from the elderly couple running the small lodge and you ARE very horny.

Your thoughts are distracted by a large shadow that passes over you and you look up to see the strangest and most terrifying of things as a large flying monkey lands directly in front of you. Frightened you turn and run back the way you came but the Monkey just flies past and is again standing in front of you, looking at you closely, as if it is trying to decide. Obviously unable to escape by running away you stand, trembling, frightened by something so strange and unexpected.

It is then that you notice the colorful little vest like jacket it wears. Clearly tailored to fit around it's wings and fit comfortably. Very odd that a wild creature should be wearing custom tailored clothes. You also notice that he has a look of intelligence on his face and wonder what he might be thinking. Clearly not intending to attack you but rather trying to decide something.

The Monkey is also clearly a male. Easily determined because it wears no pants.

Standing at nearly 6 feet tall and well groomed and as the breeze blows past him you can tell that he actually has a pleasant smell… as if he washed regularly with soap and shampoo. You are also surprised to realize that this is no ugly baboon but an oddly attractive, masculine animal looking very much like a large strong hairy man with wings and a tail. Strange that you should think of a monkey like creature as attractive… clearly you have been away without sex for far too long.

As you are processing all of this you are once again shocked when the flying monkey man speaks.

"Your pheromone levels indicate that you are sexually excited. You look strong and healthy and are obviously very sexual. Do you like to fly?" the monkey man asks you.

Yes… you answer cautiously. doesn't everyone?

"Hmmm… attractive, unafraid, horny and likes to fly…

Yes, I think you might do nicely." He tells you

I might do nicely for what…

For our new sex toy. We have been without a sex toy for some time and we have been missing it. I can smell your sexual excitement, you have been thinking of sex am I correct?

Timidly you admit that yes, you were thinking of the last time you had sex with your man.

Leave your pack you are suddenly instructed. You won't need it.

You are coming with me and before long you won't be thinking of your man anymore.

It frightens you to understand… It wasn't asking you, it was TELLING you.

With that the monkey man removes your pack and gently but firmly picks you up and wraps his tail around you pulling you close to him and takes off into the sky.

At first you don't know what to think but as you fly on held close to him, firmly but not too tight, you realize how exhilarating this is. The air whips and tears at your dress and it feels so much stronger than the breeze did as it rushes past your now fully wet pussy. You feel so naked, open and vulnerable in with nothing but your thin dress between you and this strong and interesting creature. As he continues to fly on you are both frightened and excited, both cold and strangely, almost uncomfortably warm. It is unlike anything you have ever done and as you fly higher and swoop down picking up speed and you find yourself nuzzling into the soft warm fur. You decide you will call your new companion and gentle captor "Hairy" and chuckle at your little joke as you think back to what he said… "We have been without a sex toy for a very long time"… You wonder what he meant by "we" and what it would be like to be a sex toy to a creature like this.

You don't need to wonder long

Hairy flies up over the mountain in front of you and then dives down the other side… And as you tear down the torrent of air you feel something warm sliding up between your thighs until Hairy's large red penis slides into your already wet opening and fills you with his manly warmness. At first you try to move, to stop him, to squirm out of the way but you cannot resist. He is holding you too close, too tight, there is nothing to push on but him and he is already inside you, filling you and soon you surrender yourself to the amazing sensations that are overwhelming you.

Never before had you even imagined such sensations.

Flying, falling, wind rushing past, the cold tingle between your legs yet at the same time, heat, passion, arousal and an amazing sense of being full and satisfied.

As you are held close wrapped in that magnificent tail with hairy's large penis inside you, each beating of his wings thrusts his penis deeply into you again and again, climbing higher and higher and then diving faster and faster. Your first orgasm comes quickly and is long and strong as you climb and fall and are filled with his thrusting rod. Over and over you cum wondering how long this can last, how long can this man continue to bear both your weight and his and fuck you so deep and strong while flying across the sky.

It is simply the most incredible thing you have ever felt or imagined and you do not want it to end.

The thought enters your mind that perhaps you are a nympho after all.

Finally the flight levels off and hairy's Penis retreats back into it's furry sheath and you regain your senses enough to look around. You notice that in the distance is the stone wall of a castle like structure and you are flying straight at it.

Your pussy throbs, leaking the mixture of your juices as you fly toward their castle to be their horny little sex toy, unable to fully understand what awaits you... yet.

You see the castle approach as your monkey man returns to his home and you notice that the castle has no gate, no openings of any kind on the externals walls of the castle set high in the rugged terrain. You realize there is no exit from the castle walls except straight up as the winged monkeys have no use for gates and doors.

Almost as if Hairy could read your thoughts he explains…

The Walls protect us from our enemies during the night, mostly just wolves.

We prefer to fly during the daylight hours and we prefer to have sex when we fly.

At night we eat, rest, read, write and continue to expand our knowledge and understanding. The castle is safe, flying is the only way in or out.

I believe you will enjoy your time there. At night you will bed with me.

During the day, you will be our new sex toy.

You approach the remote and inescapable castle weak from the flight, still trembling from the powerful orgasms forced out of you by the combination of sex and flying with this incredible creature.

Finally you are set down in front of the hundreds of other large winged monkeys in the courtyard of the castle and start looking around only to be grabbed by another Monkey to be taken up for another flight... for another long red penis deep inside you as you fly across the sky.

And as you are passed from one to the next you begin to understand that this is your new life. You are to eat and sleep at night when the Monkeys do not fly. But during the day when it is light... All day EVERY day during the light your days are to be spent as a sex toy in flight allowing the winged monkey men to use you as their sex toy to satisfy their voracious and animal sexual urges while giving you hour after hour, day after day of amazing orgasms in the air in return.

Being taken into the sky to fly... constantly flying, being lifted into the air by their strong arms, Held close by their tails, helpless as their long monkey penis's enter and fill you with the thrusting of their wings pounding their cock into you over and over again, forcing orgasm after orgasm from your body one after another after another.

You are flying again, all day, every day you are flying... And you thought you loved flying before... but this was beyond your imagination. Flying and strong arms and strong thrusting penis's inside you thrusting strong and hard to the rhythm of the beating wings giving you orgasm after orgasm and the free and exhilarating feeling of flying as you are carried up high and swooping low across the landscape in a series of perpetual orgasms in flight.

You smile as you remember how you were afraid that first time... being captured and carried off in your dress by that large and hairy monkey... feeling his penis between your thighs as you struggled unable to grab or push away or resist... helpless to prevent the strong and horny animal from entering you as it carried you away to your new life... a life beyond your wildest fantasies.

Not even realizing that Hairy was right. This new life of flying and the love of lust had captured your mind and imagination completely… and you no longer even have thoughts of the man you left behind… You ate slept rested and read during the dark hours as the flying monkeys did… And you loved your safe and comfortable new home… But you lived for and longed for the dawn of each day where your life as a sex toy for these amazing creatures would begin again… it is almost dawn now… and you are already beginning to get wet thinking about it.

Aren't you love?

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