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Lee Adams was waiting in the receptionist's area of the personnel department of Drasberg's, a multi-national company that had recently opened up an office building in his city. Lee wasn't very hopeful. Over the last year, he had gone after many jobs, but he was turned down time after time.

It was always the same reason, "No experience". At least that was the official reason. Whenever he talked to the people who did the hiring he saw the real reason in their eyes. Lee made the mistake of taking a year off to "find himself" (okay, he took a year off to waste a year) before college. In and of itself, that might not have been a bad thing, but he had come across some financial problems and had wound up taking extra time to complete his B.A. He was now 25 years old, had minimal business experience, and just a basic college education, and every time he went through the interview process, he saw the unspoken question in the interviewer's eyes, "What is a man as old as you doing with credentials this lousy?"

But then The Drasberg Corporation opened up a new office in the city, and he thought he had a pretty good chance. Unfortunately, a lot of other people seemed to have the same idea. Lee had already seen far too many people walk out of here with that "Sorry, can't use you" look on their face.

Then it was his turn. He was called into the office and went through the basic interview questions, "Why did you choose Drasberg's?"; "What do you hope to gain from your time here?"; and so on. And just when he reached the point where he thought he'd be dismissed, the interviewer, a gorgeous male, looked up at him and said, "Looks good. You can start once you get finished with the physical."


"Drasberg's offers a comprehensive insurance package for all of its employees, regardless of the level of his position. We can get a good deal because of the number of employees we have and the bargaining power we have as one of the world's largest multinational corporations. And in order for us to get you onto the policy, we need to get a comprehensive physical done. You seem stunned. I assure you this is standard policy."

"Well, I'm stunned you want to hire me. You've turned down so many people, some I know have better credentials than I do."

The interviewer sat back in his seat. "To be honest, most of those people I turned down were only interested in middle or upper management. And since Drasberg has a strict policy to promote from within whenever possible, we just weren't able to use them. As to the issue of your credentials, to be blunt, you're not going to have a good position in the firm. In fact... you're going to be starting in the secretarial pool. Is that going to be a problem?"

"Oh, no. I can start low."

"Fine. Do you have a doctor you can consult for the physical?"

"No, I don't."

The interviewer reached into his desk and pulled out a card. "Go to this doctor. He's the one we've been using in this town. He knows what we want and can make all the arrangements. And, if you're willing to sign an agreement stating that you will work for the company for a period of not less than two years, the company will cover all the costs involved in the physical."

Lee was so excited that he would've signed almost anything. He quickly agreed and signed the form without even reading it. He left feeling on top of the world.

He wasn't feeling quite so on top of the world during the physical. Not that it was a bad physical, just far more thorough than he expected. Blood work, a dental check-up, physical stress tests, and even urine, fecal, and semen samples. The only time he got a chance to relax was during the M.R.I. at the end of the day. And between the rhythmic humming of the machine and all the energy he had expended during the day he actually fell asleep in the tube.

When he was waken up he was surprised to find out that it was 6 PM, and he quickly got dressed. He then asked the doc, "So what's the verdict?"

"You appear to be a perfectly healthy male. Unless something anomalous appears on one of the samples you gave us, you should be getting a call sometime Friday afternoon."

"Day after tomorrow? That's pretty soon."

"Mr. Adams, Drasberg started as a medical research firm. They have more than a few labs that do nothing more than process these samples."

"Thanks, doc."

Lee went home and spent the next day and a half scared stiff that something was going to appear on the blood work. He was finally relieved when, on Friday afternoon, he got a call welcoming him to the firm.

It was that night that the weird dreams started. He dreamt that he was on the phone with the man telling him he had been hired. He hung up the receiver and went straight to the door. Upon opening it, a delivery man was waiting for him. In a very effeminate voice, Lee told him, "In there,"

and pointed back to his bedroom.

The man took a large box (about 2' cube) and brought it back into his bedroom. He then went outside, got another box, and brought it into the bedroom. He repeated the process three more times, bringing in a total of five boxes. After he deposited the last box on the floor, he stepped back and waited.

Lee stepped up and removed the packing tape on the last box brought in.

Without looking inside, he stripped his clothes off without hesitation, despite the delivery man being right there watching. He then opened the box, which was filled with women's lingerie, and got out garters, an "egg" with stockings, and a bra. He quickly put them on, doing so with practiced ease.

He then walked over, wrapped his arms around the delivery man's neck and kissed him. The delivery man pulled Lee to him and savaged his mouth.

After they separated, Lee slowly went to his knees before the man and undid his pants, letting them drop to the floor. He then pulled the man's boxers down, freeing his hardening dick to the air. Lee then leaned over and licked and sucked at the man's dick. The man grabbed Lee's head and shoved his dick into Lee's mouth. Lee devoted his entire being to getting the man to cum, and was soon rewarded with a copious load of his seed.

The man picked Lee up and carried him over to the bed, Lee giggling like a girl. He set Lee on the bed, and Lee's legs separated automatically. The man got up on the bed between Lee's legs and said, "Play with yourself a bit, Lisa."

Lee (or Lisa as he seemed to be renamed in the dream) reached up and rubbed his nipples through the bra (which hung loosely on his chest). Lee felt his nipples stiffen and his dick grow hard. "That's so sexy," the man said as he lifted Lee's hips up and placed a pillow under his ass. The man put his dickhead to Lee's ass and shoved in. Lee wrapped his arms and legs around the man and pulled him deeper into his ass. The two moved together, Lee bucking and moaning like a whore underneath the delivery man until he came, spurting deeply into Lee's ass.

After he came, the man got off the bed and, without a word, went over and got his pants. While he was getting dressed, Lee went over and unpacked the rest of the boxes (all of which were filled with women's clothes, lingerie, and paraphernalia), putting the clothes away alongside his own male clothes.

After Lee was finished putting away the female clothes, the man came over and kissed him, saying, "You're gonna make one hot babe, Lisa." Lee escorted him to the door, where the dream ended.

Lee had one other strange dream that night. It wasn't as sexual as the other but still weird. He was on the couch in the bra, garters and stockings of the previous dream. He got up went to the bathroom, undressed, took a shower, dried off, went back to the bedroom, got out a pair of panties and a babydoll nightie, put them on and crawled into bed and went to sleep.

When Lee woke up he almost expected to be wearing the nightie and panties from his dream, but when he looked down, he was as naked as he normally was when sleeping.

He hadn't been particularly disturbed by the dreams. Lee considered himself a non-practicing bi-sexual. Fully willing to admit to an attraction to men, but never having actually done anything with one. But he wondered where the cross-dressing bit had come from. Never in his life had he had an interest in dressing as or pretending to be a woman.

He went about his normal Saturday routine, mostly just lounging around all day watching T.V., before going to bed and having some more weird dreams.

There were two again. The first was just him waking up in the babydoll and panties of the night before, getting undressed, putting on a new, fresh pair of panties and a bra.

His second dream was like the second one of the night before. He got undressed, and took a shower, but this time, while in the shower, he reached up and played with his nipples until he came while standing in the shower, all without touching his dick. When he finished with the shower he got out, dried off, got into a new pair of panties and nightie. He then took the lingerie from the days before, hand washed them, put them out to dry, and went to bed.

The dream was so realistic, when he woke up and went into the bathroom, he almost expected to see lingerie laid out to dry, but instead saw just his bathroom, normal as it always was.

Except for Sunday football, the day went much as it did the day before.

And when he went to sleep the dreams came back. Two dreams again, the first like the day before, him getting up, getting out of the clothes he slept in, and into a bra and panties. The second dream was much like the previous two second dreams, except this time, after his shower and titty masturbation, he got out a bottle of some store brand douche solution and douched his ass.

When he woke up, he got dressed for his first day of work. At first, he chose a simple pair of black slacks and a white shirt, but, for some reason, at the last minute, he decided to change into a black shirt. He took the bus to work and went straight in the front door. "Hi," he said to the receptionist, "my name is Lee Adams. I'm supposed to start today."

The woman gave him a broad smile. "All new hires go to orientation on the third floor. And welcome to Drasberg's." She then gave him a flirtatious wink.

Lee smiled, thanked her, and ran to the elevator. Stepping out on the third floor, he walked into an open area where a large group of people were waiting already. He introduced himself and milled around a bit before someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to see a cute, freckle-faced redhead. Looking closely, he could tell she was in her early twenties, but the freckles and innocent doe-eyed look gave the impression that the girl was still in her teens.

"Hi," she said with a young girlish voice that only reinforced the image of youth, "you look as lost as I feel."

Lee smiled. "Not really. I'm just wondering when they're going to get started."

Almost as if by cue, the electric screech of speakers being turned on brought the room to a quick silence. Over the heads of people in the room, Lee could barely see a person standing in front of a podium and microphone.

He heard, loud and clear, a voice, "Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to The Drasberg Corporation. I know many of you expected to come into work today and be shunted into a cubicle or stuffed in front of a computer and be put to work. Well, we don't do things like that here at Drasberg's. First off, we want you to get to know each other. We don't want you to consider the person right next to you to be a stranger. That way, if you need help, you won't be afraid to ask before your supervisor has to get involved.

"Secondly, we want you to know the building. If for some reason, we send you to accounting or personnel, or to the senior executive vice-president, we don't want you to waste time having to ask 'Where is it?' and 'How do I get there?'

"So, to fix both problems, we will be giving you an orientation today. You will be separated into groups based upon where you will be working and introduced to your supervisor. Your supervisor will escort you around the building, showing you the important points that you will need to know in order to do your job. He or she will then bring you to your primary work area where she will get you oriented in your job proper. Then, at the end of the day, you'll have a get to know each other introduction party.

You'll drink some fruit juice, and just get a chance to socialize a bit so that not only will this be a workplace, but a place where you'll actually enjoy coming to work."

After that, the groups quickly broke up into smaller sub-groups. Lee was pleased to find out that April, the cute little red head, was in his group.

But his group was also one of the largest, so he didn't know how much the odds were for or against that.

It was the introduction to his supervisor that really floored him. The woman was gorgeous! Drop-dead, super model gorgeous! She was 5'10" tall, with dreamy eyes, and honey blonde hair that alone would've turned the heads of any man without any help from the rest of her body. And the rest of her body was as phenomenal as her head. Her breasts were just large enough to be considered ample without being so large that they distracted from the rest of her. Her hips were wide and sensual and swayed with every step she took. Her legs and arms were long and beautiful, and seemed perfectly designed to fit with her body. Lee briefly wondered what a beautiful woman like this was doing working as the head of the secretarial pool when she could easily be a model or a movie star without even trying real hard.

But, when he actually got a chance to talk to her, the greatest thing about her was the fact that she just seemed to be one of the girls (the girls in the secretarial pool outnumbered the men almost three to one). Despite her beauty, she chatted and talked and was just friendly like any other secretary.

The group then went on their tour of the entire building. The supervisor (whose name was Lois) explained that most of the other groups were only getting a cursory tour of the building, but since the secretaries could be working anywhere in the building, they were being given a much more thorough tour. It was shortly after one when they finished and returned to the secretarial pool on the fifth floor. Lois quickly assigned them all desks. Lee quickly looked over his station and found that his main piece of equipment was a computer. While Lois worked with someone less computer literate than he, he quickly checked out the software and found that he had a word processor, fax capability, print capability (although the printers were across the room), inter office communication, as well as a host of other office related programs.

Lois was impressed that he had already figured out most of the programs when she checked on him. She told him, "If you're this quick on everything it won't be too long before you're my boss."

After another couple hours, Lois called a halt. "That's enough for today.

Time to get together and get to know one another. Please wait," she said as some started to rise. "The women rolling the carts between the rows will bring each of you a glass and fill it with fruit juice. We want to make sure everybody gets one for the toast, and it's much easier to do that if you all remain where you are while they pass the glasses out."

Lee waited at his desk as the women rolling the cart stopped in front of him. "Lee Adams?" she asked as she fumbled a bit with the plastic glass.

"Yes. How did you know?"

She smiled. "Braille strip on the bottom of the glass." Lee noticed it, the way she handled the glasses, the way her eyes never quite focused on anything; the girl was blind. "I used to keep a clipboard to make sure I got everybody I was supposed to, but this is more convenient."

She gave him a bright smile as she poured the juice and set it in front of him. She was a pretty, young thing, almost in Lois's league, and Lee realized that, as he had gone through the building, there had been no really ugly people working here. A few plain ones (mostly in the new hires), but no ugly ones.

After all the carts were finished, Lois stood in front of the group and raised a glass of juice. Everyone stood and raised their glasses with her.

"May your lives be long and happy ones, and may your time with The Drasberg Corporation be fruitful and profitable."

Everybody drank deeply. Lee noticed a slightly metallic tang to the juice, but just assumed it came from canned fruit juice. At that point Lois said, "Feel free to socialize and get to know each other now."

At that point it became a real party, everyone getting to know each other, and eventually forming little groups and talking. Lee spent a lot of time with April before heading home. He went to sleep happy about his new job.

He had a couple more of those strange dreams that night. This time the first one was different. He got dressed in a bra and panties then got dressed in the same clothes he had first decided on that morning with the white shirt. But when he walked by a mirror, he noticed that his bra was visible under his shirt, so he changed into the darker shirt he eventually decided on.

The second dream was like his very first second dream, in that he just took a shower and played with himself, then he changed into a nightie and panties and went to sleep.

He went to work the next day, in a dark top again, barely giving his now familiar dreams a second thought. He had a productive, but normal day, and went home. That night he had two more of the same dreams he had the night before.

For the next two weeks, until the second Friday of work, his days were all the same. He went to work, came home, and had two more of those dreams.

The only difference was that, in his dreams, he started growing breasts.

On his first Wednesday dream, they were nothing more than slight swellings, barely noticeable, but they grew quickly, and, by that second Friday, had grown to a sizable B cup.

His Saturday and Sunday dreams were like the week before. On Saturday, he hand washed his lingerie, and on Sunday, he douched himself.

But it was on that second Friday where his dreams started getting really strange. That day, at work, he had received his first work performance review. It had gone exceedingly well. Lois had given him a stellar review. But all he had done at work was go in, discuss some stuff with Lois, and went back to work. But, in his second dream, wildly different from the second dreams he had experienced before, after the review, he got up and opened his shirt to Lois, exposing his bra and tits. Lois didn't seem fazed in the slightest as she came around to him and started fondling his breasts. He moaned (at least to him) girlishly and leaned forward into her hands.

She continued to fondle him a bit before saying, "Time for you to put that mouth of yours to work, Lisa."

Lee went to his knees before her, reached under her skirt, and removed her panties, freeing a massive dick to the air. As soon as the panties were down around her ankles, Lois stepped out of them and sat on her desk. She leaned back as Lee lifted her skirt up and set it on her belly. He took her dick in hand and gently stroked it until she was hard. And hard she was a monster! 10 inches long and so big around that Lee couldn't get his hand around it, there being almost an inch separating his fingers and thumb in encircling it.

But despite its prodigious size, that didn't stop him from leaning forward and sucking it into his mouth. He started bobbing up and down on her, each time going a little further down on her. Surprisingly, he didn't gag in the slightest as her dick entered his throat, and eventually he was deep throating her with the best of them.

He slid his finger underneath her and into her bum as he continued to suck her dick. It only took a little bit before she grasped the back of his head, jammed her dick deep inside him and let loose with a torrent of sperm.

After she finished cumming, she let him go and he sat beside her on the desk. She reached up and fondled his breast, saying, "Get me hard again."

He reached down and stroked her back to hardness, whereupon she said, "Get up and bend over the desk."

Lee stood up, turned to face the desk and leaned forward. Lois unsnapped his pants, letting them drop to the floor. She got up behind him, and pulled his panties from around his crotch. She put her dick to his ass and slowly shoved in. When her hips were touching his, she reached around and grabbed his breasts and started fondling them. He started moving in her hands, giving himself a nice fucking on her dick while getting himself fondled.

Lee's dick grew hard as a rock under her onslaught, but he didn't come.

She sprayed deeply into his ass after a little while longer, and almost immediately thereafter let him go and pulled out of him. He stood there as she went to her knees behind him and proceeded to lick her cum out of his ass. Despite the erotic feelings this inspired in him, he still didn't cum. After she was finished, she went around to her side of the desk, got what looked like one of those old fashioned mail tubes for a pneumatic delivery system, put it around his dick, and said, "Fondle yourself to orgasm, Lisa."

Lee took his breasts in hand and proceeded to fondle himself until he emptied his balls into the tube. Lois quickly took the tube, closed it, opened a panel in the wall behind her desk, and put the tube inside it.

Lee heard the air pressure of a pneumatic tube sucking the tube away.

Lois told him, "Get dressed," and he quickly pulled his panties and pants up and buttoned his shirt. When he was finished, she told him, "You've developed enough. From now on I want Lisa coming to work." She then got her panties and returned to her seat and the dream ended.

He then had a third dream which was like the second dreams of the night before.

His weekend was like the last two. On Saturday "Lisa" washed his lingerie, and on Sunday he douched.

On Monday, his workday was slightly different. The first thing that happened was that he got paid. A couple of his co-workers asked if he wanted to join them at a bar after work, but he politely refused. He had been surviving on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cans of soup for the past month and he wanted to deposit the check and then go out and get some "real" food.

The second thing that happened was that he was posted out of the secretarial pool that day. The personal secretary to the V.P. in charge of Public Relations had called in sick, and she needed a replacement, and Lee had been chosen. Other than that, he served out the day normally.

It was after work that things got strange. He went and deposited his check and then went straight to the local supermarket. While he was pushing his cart around, a man walked up to him and said, "Hey, cutie."

Lee did a double-take. At first, he thought the guy was just talking to someone near him, but there was no one else around. "Are you talking to me?"

"Who else? I just wanted you to know you're one of the prettiest things I've ever seen."

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