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PenisStarFuck Episode One

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Cummander we're just entering another Vagina sir!

All stop Captain!!

Yes sir.

Cummander look how sweet looking this clitoris is sir!

Its so smooth sleek and shinny and moist sir.

Its a beautiful clitoris the only one we been able to find so far Captain.

Wow I'd enjoy dancing with my tongue on that one sir.

Full ahead Captain!

Yes sir Cummander.

Cummander were having problems entering this Vagina sir!

Cummander we slowing down and have to much fiction rubbing up against our surfaces sir!

Holly shit cummander were going to get stuck sir!

This is the cummander, stamina room more driving thrust please!

Cummander its working were passing through into the Vagina sir!

"Oh my God" it's really pink in here and not like the rest we've been in sir!!!

Cummander I can even see walls in this one sir there all around us sir on the radarscope!!!!

Captain how many meters have passed through since the entrance of this Vagina???

Not meters sir, only a few inches.

Captain lets see how small and tight this Vagina really is, please sound one ping and one ping only.

Yes sir Cummander!!


Holly shit Cummander were in the tightest and smallest Vagina I've ever seen sir and our ping comes back just as fast sir!

Captain penetrate mode, drive drive drive, we need to push forward and see how far we can go!

Cummander we have only gone seven inches sir and can't go any further sir we're now at a dead stop sir Dam Cummander, I sure would like the pleasure meeting this woman and fucking her sweet tight Vagina!

just think of the satisfaction we both could achieve!

Yes Captain this is what we have been searching for out of so many huge Vagina's we've been through.

Captain full reverse.

Yes sir!

Cummander were not moving there must be a suction in here and all the fiction on all sides are keeping us from moving sir!

Captain we need to get this tight Vagina to climax to help us break free.

Captain driving stamina speed full ahead and then full reverse!!

Yes sir!!

Lets keep doing this put our balls to the wall Captain!!

Yes sir!!

Holly shit Captain is it an earthquake everything is shaking around us!!

Cummander were starting to release our cum juices sir were going to blow!!!

Captain "Fire" our complete load!!

Yes sir!

Captain did we blow our load?

Yes sir every ounce sir!

Cummander there's something big heading our way on the radarscope sir!

Captain raise our shield's fast this Vagina is climaxing too and that must be her cream flowing toward us.

Yes sir!

How is the fiction meter reading now Captain?

Its much less then before sir were pretty well lubricated now sir!

Yes sir were breaking free!!!

Cummander were almost out sir!

All stop Captain!!!

"Aright" Captain lets really fuck this Vagina hard and really make it cum like never before to satisfy this Vagina completely!!

Captain ramming speeds full ahead!!!

Engage stamina drive, full core open, red line it Captain for maxim power thrust!!

Jam our balls to the wall Captain see if we can get our left nut in there too!!

Yes sir!

Captain ram it in and out as fast as possible so we can blow another wonderful load!

Yes sir!

Wow Cummander, this Vagina is really quivering and vibrating now sir what a feeling sir!!

How far now have we penetrated inside this Vagina Captain.

Eight full inches sir!

Alright Captain "Fire Our Load" NOW!!!


Holly shit Cummander I think this Vagina cumming sir it looks like a title wave heading towards us on the radarscope sir!!!

Wow I have never seen that much cum Cummander ever!!

Cummander we did it!!!

We really satisfied this Vagina 100% sir!

Okay Captain back us out of here and let this beautiful sweet tight Vagina enjoy its ecstasy!!

Wow this Vagina was really fun and enjoyable to experience again and again sir!

What a difference from all the other deep sea fishing expeditions we've gone on experiencing huge Vagina's sir.


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