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". . . not to mention Buck; your next campaign starts the day after you get re-elected. Now sign the contract and stop quibbling about a few dollars. You've got more than enough in your campaign fund for the next three campaigns as it is," Ken said holding out his pen to him.

Kevin "Buck" Eldridge Was Sheriff of Dominion County and he wanted to stay Sheriff. Reluctantly he took the pro offered pen and signed the contracts in the indicated places. Buck hated to admit Kendrick Mallard was right about anything but in this case he couldn't refute anything he had said. Ken had ran his last two campaigns but this was the first one he had serious opposition and it had him worried a little.

My name is Kendrick Pires,. I'm a political consultant. Some say the best in Dominion County. I have an unbelievable record when it comes to running political campaigns. I've only lost three elections. One of those was my own for City Council. That one taught me that I wanted to be the king maker and not the king. It also cost me my wife and High School sweetheart.

"You know Ken, This one worries me a little."

Ken replied as he put the signed contracts into his briefcase, "Buck have I ever let you down? Ever since Little League I've been your go to guy. It won't be a breeze but I'll get you elected."

The waitress served then their Breakfasts. Eggs over easy for Buck and Western Omelet for Ken. Both had pints of Guinness. My eyes lingered on her form as she went back to the kitchen with the serving tray. She looked familiar to me somehow. No matter. She certainly was nice on the eyes. Her name tag read Siobhan. That red hair, cat-like eyes and athletic figure were working their magic on his imagination.

Buck and Ken finished the rest of breakfast talking about old High School and College buddies and how the Braves were going to do this year. Ken got into his Mercedes SLR as Buck pulled up behind him and stuck his head out the window.

"I ought to give you a ticket just for driving that thing. I know you're going to break some traffic law sooner or later."

"It's a dirty job but someone has to do it!"

"All I ask is to keep this dirty job for another 4 years."

"You will Buck. You've been the best Sheriff we've had here in a long while and you making yourself more of a regular lawman instead of an administrator hasn't hurt any either."

"Speaking of that I've got to do some of that PR work you day is so valuable and get my but out to the fairgrounds."

"I'll get the printer to deliver the fliers to the campaign tent there. Don't your there from 4 - 8 tonight."

"OK, I was going to be there for lunch after the Noon Demo of our new toy here."

"Good Idea. Have a good day Buck. See you tonight."

Buck drove off toward the fairgrounds and Ken to his office.

"Come on!", I shouted at the windshield.

The traffic was horrendous. The shifting traffic pattern was not helped by the minor fender bender that caused the traffic meant for 4 lanes already using only 2 lanes now had only 1 lane to crawl by.

I hit the cell button. "Dial office."

"Dominion Market Research this is Linnea. How may I help you?", I felt my cock stir at the sound of the Swedish accent coming from the speaker. Even after 5 years she still had that effect on me.

"You could helicopter out here and wrap your wonderful lips around my cock. That would certainly make the traffic easier to handle this morning."

"Just because we spend one night apart is no reason to get raunchy this morning. Well, it is but not when I can't do anything about it. Not yet anyway."

"Speaking of apart how is Marta doing?"

"They admitted her last night. She was really having a hard time breathing."

"I heard on the news this morning that the pollen count was really high and my car was almost yellow this morning."

The sheriff's car sounded it's siren and blocked off traffic and a helicopter was making an approach to the widening gap in the traffic.

"Looks like they are landing a chopper for med-evac."

"It sounds like you're going to be late for your 9 o'clock with Glaser."

"Unless he is coming from the airport he is in this mess somewhere along with me. If he manages to get there before me feed him some coffee and danish and I'll get there as soon as I can.

"I'll take care of him."

"I said coffee and danish, not coffee and Swedish."

"OK, just take your time. A dead lover can't satisfy me and neither can Jim Glaser," and before I could reply she hung up.

The helicopter lifted off and the traffic got moving again. By the time I got to my off ramp it was just 2 minutes after 9. I entered the back door to the building about 10 and entered my office through the back door. I turned my computer on and did a quick check of my email. Seeing that there was nothing important I went to my door to tell Linnea I was here and as I raised my head from the appointment schedule I picked up off my desk to speak was greeted by a scene straight out of a porn movie.

Linnea was standing on one leg with the other leg propped up on her desk and her skirt flipped up on her back and her thong pulled to one side. Her blouse was dr*ped carelessly over the back of her chair. Her lightly, salon maintained, tanned chest surrounding the creamy white triangles of her 42DD natural breasts. Jutting from of the middle of those stark white triangles were large light pink puffy nipples which were standing out at full hardness. Her breasts were being pushed up and out by the pushed down cups of her light blue bra.

Her long blond trusses cascading to a puddle on the desk which reformed itself with every toss of her head. Completing the scene was the figure of a heavily muscled and well endowed Nubian warrior that was Jim Glaser. He had both hands firmly gripping Linnea's hips and was pumping away like there was no tomorrow. His pants and underwear were in a forgotten heap at his ankles and his eyes rolled back in his head in bliss his coffee and danish long forgotten on a table beside the chairs in the waiting area.

The pair didn't take notice of my entrance and I was enthralled by not only the stark contrast of skin color but the shock waves that flowed up Linnea's body from the force of Jim's thrusts. These waves were accented even more as Jim reached up and released her bra. Then he grabbed a handful of that blond waterfall and pulled Linnea's head and upper torso off the desk. This caused Linnea's ample tits to start swaying like pendulums keeping lustful time to the ever increasing force of Jim's pistoning hips.

The sounds of pubic flesh bouncing off ass flesh combined with the primal sounds of two human animals rutting in heat filled the room becoming an irresistible force, causing me to take a seat and withdraw my own cock from my pants and start stroking it as the oblivious pair kept up a steady rhythm. They noticed me when they stopped to change positions. Linnea climbed up on her desk. I removed my pants and made my way to the other side where her head was and started feeding her my cock.

Jim re-entered her now soaking wet pussy and renewed his abuse of the Scandinavian cunt with his engorged nightstick of a cock. There were now 5 slight different sexual rhythms at work building to an orgasmic climax. I could feel the rhythm of Linnea's tongue and bobbing head counter to the rhythm of my thrusts. Which were sometimes added to and sometimes subtracted from that of Jim thrusting in and out of her cunt. Finally there was the rhythmic contracting of Linnea's cunt muscles as they entered another orgasm as all of the slightly out of phase rhythms coalesced onto one.

The pussy engulfing Jim's rod spammed to clutching life milking the spurting cum from the cock now buried deep within. Linnea responded by yelling into my cock which was filling her warm, wet sucking mouth. As my cock erupted sperm like molten lava I grabbed two hand fulls Linnea's hair and drove my cock past her vibrating vocal chords and into her throat emptying my balls into her swallowing throat. My voice of primal passion joined Jim's as we filled both ends the spamming woman between us with man juice.

The rest of the day was the usual goofing off playing games and the occasional phone call to try to get business into the office or solve a crisis with a printing job. Traffic was much better on the way home.

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