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My Sex Adventures With Women On SLS

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Wow, what a dysfunctional site.

Since joining this site, I thought it would be fun and exciting; but after learning what I now know about the women's side of this site:( how others are looking to abuse one another sexually for fun or pain). I've heard so many bad experiences from women and young ladies about groups, couples and parties. Since there is more pain on this site instead of pleasurable sex, I'm no longer wanting to experience or learn anymore of the worthless shit that happens to others for other peoples fun.

I have always believed women were smart and intelligent, through college, in business, and in living life but instead I find a total loss of intelligence.

After joining this site it seems many women (not all of them); think with their pussies verses that thing between their ears called a brain! These women, when joining this site, are wet behind the ears and naive about sex. These ladies now forget to use their own smarts that they have learned through life. They let others talk them into the worst scenarios of their life and then put their trust into the wrong individuals believing their words. Now if that's not bad enough, they even let others make decisions for them too. When their experience turns into scary nightmares for these women, I have noticed (when reading their profiles) later on that after their experience as they whine like loose fan belts on worn out engine pulleys; complaining about what happened to them at some party when many men gang banged or r*ped them. If women who join this site were really smart and highly intelligent about sex, why did they put themselves in harms way to get hurt and have such horrible things happen to them in the first place?

I swear there must be some kind of contest on this site for the men at parties to see how fast they can stretch out, tear or rip out a woman's vagina and also how easy it is to lure women into these parties. Sorry to say I'd rather experience a women who is smart and intelligent, with a tight vagina verses having sex with a woman in bed that has a sloppy loose, worn out, damaged vagina. What I have been experiencing with many different women on this site? Huge Vagina - saultrain

I have also learned there are many cliques on this site that combine several individuals into many interlinking groups on this site. This group of people you join for sex has rules you need to follow. One rule is you are not allowed to fuck anyone you would like to experience, but just the opposite ladies. Only the circle of people you're in with; they are the ones that tell you who you can and can not fuck. That means ladies they connect you up with all the sex addicts that are on the site. If your vagina is a firm one, don't worry it won't stay looking or feeling that way ever again after fucking many of the largest cocks you have ever seen. I'm sure since the circle/group of individuals won't be caring much about you and I'm really sure that they might even hold you down as well so others can open you up further, you too will be just like them, dead in bed to the normal size man and only searching like many members on this site are still looking for, but another huge freakish size cock to fuck to catch a feel again.

Remember ladies it's never been about the size of a man's cock, but what should matter most is on how well that individual can use what he has to please you, in those ways you want to feel. Ladies, there are millions of average size cocks in this world you could be fucking/enjoying everyday for the rest of your life, but many thousands less on the number of big hug monster freak of nature size cocks. Come on ladies is it really impressive watching a man with a hug cock with a limp muscle that doesn't get hard; then watching him force it into you by using both his hands? The only thing that man's cock is going to accomplish for you ladies is in stretching out your tight vagina to be much looser in only seven minutes or less. It seems after the few big cocks on this site lose interest in you, knowing well since they have stretched you way out, they will now move on to ruin another tight woman's vagina. Now, you have a grand canyon to fill verses a nice firm vagina. Of course you may experience the after effects of incontinence and need to have your genitals surgically repaired from all that unnecessary trauma.

I'm not wanting to experience any more women on this site, due to the "Fact" women on this site ( in my opinion) act stupidly and are foolish; easily lured, talked into anything and then they end up crying about everything afterwards.

Ladies I don't find this impressive in a woman, it shows me weakness in you, women that let men fuck them in such a manner that wears out their body and their vagina in one month or less then can't please a normal sized mans cock ever again, I don't see you as intelligent women. Many women on this site that I have had encounters with and experienced when being a Host; using my home for our sex encounter- these women would poke holes in my water bed or urinate in my spa. Even later on I noticed items were missing in my home, so I learned that these women were thieves, liars, and fakers- not worth the time to find out their pussy was gone, warn out and dead. I guess women are proud on this site for being worn out dead in bed worthless sluts to men. After corresponding with many ladies, I swear women's IQ's on this site must be the same as their shoe size? I was looking to experience smart, intelligent women; not someone as dumb as a door knob.

I have met only one, a real nice, smart and highly intelligent Pisces woman who takes care of herself and has self-respect, not allowing any man to persuade her to do stupid sexual acts so she maintains self control and by being selective in choosing encounters she keeps a very tight vagina.

This smart woman only wants to experience men with the size of cock she likes to experience and doesn't let others talk her into getting fucked with huge cocks. This woman likes the sensitivity she feels when getting fucked by a man and doesn't want it to feel less sensitive by having her vagina stretched out or her clitoris traumatized by fucking to large of a cock or multiple cocks at one time.

I am now in a sexual relationship with this real woman and I have no need to ever experience anymore disappointing crap with another on S.L.S. Ladies please keep being the most unintelligent species on the planet, you have all proven to me you are beyond a shadow of a doubt with all your childish attitudes and actions. All you can do now ladies is complain about your experiences and blame others for your own bad discussions made on this sex site of pain.


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