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Last Suck Fest

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She loved to suck cock. In fact most of her clientele was a lot of repeat business. She was a street ?ho? and loved sucking cock. A stiff dick in her mouth fulfilled her inner needs. As sucking goes she really loved to suck on ?his? cock. His "big fuckin' dick", she called it.

Her last sexual liaison of each morning was to enter his office, lock the door, strip nude as she glided across the room and plant her cunt on his "big fuckin' dick". She would impale her already sloppy pussy on his massive pole cumming almost instantly. She was correct calling it a "big fuckin' dick". At over eleven inches and almost as thick as a bottle of coke she always found him firm and ready for her squat.

Now the squat came first before the suck fest began. She needed the squat after who knows how many clients the night before. This street ho had to relieve herself of the frustration of getting so many men off and not cumming herself. She sucked and fucked "johns" in cars, motel rooms, alleys, bathrooms, clubs, and bars or just about anywhere they would pay her to make their juices flow. Her juices however, even if she found a client who attempted to get her off, were reserved for her Master. Her "big fuckin' dick".

Tonia and Jeff had an amazingly symbiotic relationship. He loved to have his dick sucked and she loved to suck cock. It was as simple as that. She would suck unceasingly past the point of tiredness. It was if she were feasting on his penis. Getting much needed nourishment. It really was a pacifier of sorts for the young college girl. It was energizing. It allowed her to be the total fucking whore assed slut she needed to be.

Most women want to be a whore and never succeed for one reason or another. Most have social and religious morays blocking this innate desire to be totally free to be however they needed to satisfy their sexual urges and desires. Or never meet the right men. Tonia was freed from all this by Jeff and his magical "big fuckin' dick". And he fixed it so her lust and libido were always piqued. He arranged for her safety on the streets with a crew of bodyguards who kept trouble away as she whored her way around Greenwich Village and lower Manhattan fucking and sucking whoever had the hundred dollar bill to buy her mouth or body. Then with all the pent up sexual energy she had absorbed from those used and discarded dicks she would go up to his office on the hundred and first floor and get the relief she needed from the only man who could give her what she had to have and give him what he had to have.

She faced him as she squatted over him as he sat in their special fucking chair. His dick always ready was standing straight up and she pulled it off of his stomach and plugged the big head into her cunt, while kissing him deeply. Almost like a bolt of lightning she came from just the bulbous head entering her and with each cum gushing aftershock slid slowly and satisfyingly down his "big fuckin' dick". When she had all of him in her balls deep she threw her head back, mouth open in a silent howl. Tonia held that position for nearly five minutes as her body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm. It seemed each one that hit her would trigger another. Her entire body stiffened and relaxed, covered with Goosebumps. Her heart raced uncontrollably. Nipples hardened like small pebbles and all the cum she should have released from her evenings activity gushed and ran out of her pussy, over his balls, dripping onto the carpet below.

Collapsing face into his chest she said, "At last, your fucking whore assed bitch has given you her cum, Master", and she kissed him deeply.

"Now take mine, bitch", he said, breaking the kiss.

"Yes, Master. Mouth, Pussy, Ass or Tits?

"Mouth, bitch. Show me what I missed last night". She smiled; grateful he desired her blow job. It was her favorite activity for her Master. She would lazily suck on his member doing whatever she felt would please him as he told how good she was and how he enjoyed his cocksucking bitch and rubbed and massaged her head. The hours it would take for her to get him off always amazed her. The 'johns' in the streets she popped off in less than fifteen minutes. Some would cum as soon as she touched them down there. Master Jeff relished in the play aspect and Tonia loved to play. Wondering if he had trained her well or had lucked upon what he needed. The consummate cocksucking bitch.

As she began her ministrations she thought of the private club where he had strapped her to the rail and while the crowd watched, had taken her mouth, pussy and ass one after the other for hours and ended up shooting a massive load down her throat when he got back to her mouth again. The thought of the sensuous smacks on her butt he had given her made her cum again as she sat between his legs. She came again and stuffed more of his cock into her throat. She could take all of him. He had taken the time and was patient enough to teach her how to avoid her gag reflex. This stood her well in the streets too and was another reason why she had such good repeat business.

Her street name was CumCatcher and she smacked her lips on Jeff?s' precum as she rubbed the monster all over her face moaning, shuddering and cumming, for him. A pool of her juice was soaking into the carpet where she sat between his legs as she sucked and rubbed and came. Always with two hands on him she began the hard licking under the head as if he was an ice cream cone. He grunted and she knew he was close.

She thought about her first anal penetration with him. How good it was and how patient and loving he had been taking her. They had started in the classic female on top sixty-nine position. She, worshipping his "big fuckin' dick, licking and slurping and growling the way he liked it. At the other end he held her clit in his mouth, thumbs holding the hood and labia open while fingers of both hands massaged her pussy lips with two big fingers sawing in and out of her asshole. She actually begged him to take her ass cherry and after a few hours of this play did. His load up her ass set her off on an hour long orgasm she would never forget. It had made her nipples so hard she thought they would burst.

His balls tightened and she came again in anticipation of the honey sweet cum he was about to feed her. Knowing if she didn't catch it would squirt three or four feet into the air and land everywhere. She briefly thought of putting it between her tits with the head in her mouth but greedily Tonia plopped the head back into her mouth, worked both hands up and down the thick shaft like a demon possessed came again and awaited his load as she did. The load she had worked for over an hour for. The load that would be the first of many cums this morning. She came yet again and set him completely off as she did. She hollered and came but did not remove his dick from her mouth. Her vocal vibrations heavenly on his ?big fuckin? dick?.

"Take it CumCatcher", he gritted between his teeth.

She was unintelligible in her reply, catching every big spurt. He shot his loads into the greedy cave of her mouth and she kept sucking hard, not missing any and elicited another orgasm from him. Looking into each others eyes neither could understand how this could happen but, it did and set her off again gushing like a water faucet. At the zenith of their mutual release at 8:46 am the first hijacked plane hit tower one of the WTC, killing them both instantly in the midst of their mutual passion.

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