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I am always LOST............if there is "car trouble" it means something is wrong with my right rear tire.

I drive nude. I live nude. I don't have a problem with it. But does America? Hell yes. I prefer to pee in men's rooms....they seem to be cleaner at least the stalls anyway which have no doors.....giggles. My favorite memory is stopping at a place outside of El Paso, TX. The rest area was empty to my disappointment. I got out of my car. Went to the back to make sure my plate was still there. At rest areas there are so many trucks parked with the truckers sound asleep in their rigs. It waa December and I was nude however this was an AWESOME rest area with lots of lights. But NO cars. I checked my plate and entered the mens rest room. I could hear a man in the stall. I peed in the urinal..........and wiped my leg. I was FREEZING!!! I washed my hands and squatted under the hot air hand dryer with my back against the wall. I really wanted to be screwed. The man came out of the stall, to my surprise he had a Parka, wool knit hat....scarf...gloves......etc. I could not see any part of him except his eyes. He saw me squatting under the air dryer...........with my wet pussy glistening. How can you squat without your legs apart. We made eye contact and I said "heya".........he did not respond. He washed his hands and he left. I felt about 2 feet tall which I was squatting (giggles. By this time I was warmed up and walked out to my car where Bia was waiting. Bia is a chow/sheppard mix that goes on my slut adventures to protect me...JUST in case.

As I drove out of the rest area.........lights flashed in my face from a rig. I pulled over. I young man opened the passenger door and sat in the passenger seat as I smiled. He viewed me.......grabbed my nipple and tweaked. Then he said, "You are a cop aren't you?" I said if I was a cop would I let you do that. He could not stop looking at my wet pussy lips available for view since I get waxed weekly. He said "no" but he kept looking back at the rig as he kept fondling me. Sorry to say his rig was a nation wide company that ends in "Express". He did pull out his cock and let me sample it before he became more agitated and left.

Although Bia is female......she is often thirsty or wants to comfort me I don't know. She took care of the glistening between my thighs. But, I needed fulfillment. Even though I am a professional and work close by I really wanted a man. I drove on.

I could feel "car trouble" about 10 miles from the rest area 2 or 3 miles from the next. I put on my sheer white tank and a black mini that doesn't even cover the lower part of my ass cheeks. I do this in case its a cop that stops to help.

A BIG RIG stopped to my surprise. I smiled as I bent over to view that problematic right rear tire!!! Three men got off the rig! They did not speak ENGLISH. I failed to mention that I had let out the air to that tire at the rest area. As I worked to help them change the it was summer I began to sweat. Bia was at the roadside watching.......occasionally glancing off as maybe a night creature caught her attention. I took off my shirt, wiped off the sweat from my face and handed my silly top to the man working on the tire. He smiled at his friends. They helped when they could, the friends, I smiled at them as I squatted next to the man changing the tire. My squat totally bare ass almost touching the road.....with my knees being hugged by my hands. MY teesy tiny black skirt....really a swatch of black fabric around my waist.

I do not speak with an accent although I understand Spanish perfectly. The friends kept stroking the front of their pants as they told the man that was changing the tire that my nipples were hard. I could see that the man working had a hard on....but when his friends stepped just slightly precious puppy would growl!

At last the chore was done. As they stood back........I bent over as I placed the crowbar and jack back in place before the man placed the flat in my trunk. I heard them suck in breath as they watched my cunty. I offered them money but they would not accept.......the tire changer just kept saying he was tired, I understood not only because I understand Spanish but because he kept bringing his hands together close to the side of his head and closing his eyes. I signaled that I agreed. They smiled...and the next think I knew...I was driven to the next exit and my car parked. The rig VERY close behind. They led me like a Daddy's girl to the rig and showed me where they slept. They signaled to me that I should rest before I drove on. It would be for the best. Bia came along and was unusually quiet.

Surprisingly the rig sleeper was so clean. The rig stayed on and it was cool.....although I had removed my silly skirt with such nice helpers along. I looked at Bia....she snuggled up against my right side as my left was to the sleeper wall. By goodness, I fell asleep to "Marachi" music.

I awoke with sunlight peering......I yawned and my mouth was filled with a cock. I thought I was dreaming. My legs were spread and I felt a LOT of fingers playing with me down there. I KNOW I moaned and squirted as I do to make lubrication no problem. I worried about STD's but as I looked down cocks were sheathed. Were they AFRAID of ME? NEEDLESS to say I was used and abused by 3 strangers that thought I couldn't understand what they were saying. They did think I was a whore not only because of my dress but because of my squirting. NO DECENT WOMAN i.e. wife could get so horny. Because Bia did not seem concerned.......didn't growl, didn't cum near, didn't raise her hackles.... I felt safe. FOR ALL I KNOW they drugged her..giggles.

I did walk to my car nude like I like to be. The "tire changer handed me my skirt and top. He smiled and told me to be safe as he tugged my left nipple. I just smiled.

And drove home.

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