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Journey of Pleasure

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When I was young, handsome, and stupid my life was circling around the globe. Our dance group was touring in Europe and in other parts of the world. In every place we visited, my friends and I used to hang out in nightclubs, and partied all night. It was always easy to be the center of everyone's attention after a couple of dance tricks. The loudest cheers were from the hottest girls. They were so ready; ready to be picked up - like pumpkins in front of a Halloween store. We were charming, funny, and cool. They were beautiful, skinny and hot. Life was a joy. Until it wasn?t...

It was an accident. When it happened it was like in a blink of an eye ? and nothing was the same. My knee was hurt very badly. I couldn?t dance anymore. My dance career was in ruins right at the time it was at its peak. In retrospect, it was probably one of the best things that could happen to me. If I didn?t fall then, I wouldn?t rise to where I am now.

But at the time, of course I knew nothing of this. I was pissed at my knee, at my friends, and just with life in general. The injury happened while we were on our tour in Japan. I stayed on with our group on the tour and continued hanging out with my friends in clubs. I hated doing it, but staying alone in a hotel was even worse. My friends still got all the attention on the dance floor as I sat alone in the periphery this time, doing those step dances with my fists, and getting drunk. Until one day I saw HER...


She was surrounded by her colleagues. Later I learned they?d come from a corporate party ? men were in expensive three-piece suits and ladies dressed stylishly in their elegant skirts and jackets. She looked to be in her thirties or forties - it?s hard to know for sure with Asian women. She was petite and curvy - quite opposite from those swimsuit models whom I dated before.

But something about her caught my attention. It wasn?t about her looks, which was somewhat attractive and yet so different from the superficial prettiness of the typical Barbie girl. It wasn?t about her manners, which were confident and yet demure. Something else drew me like a magnet to her.

It was almost as if she stayed somewhat remote from the crowd ? showing only enough interest in the conversation to be acknowledged as part of her group while still managing to remain just on the fringes of everyone?s attention? Well, like me.

Her gaze started to wander around and it took moments for our eyes to meet. In that instant, I realized what attracted me so much to her. It was there, beneath the surface; just a hint of it shimmered in the brightness of her gaze. She struck me as a woman who seemed to long to find herself, and unleash that secret part of her that sought a deeper appreciation of her inherent submissiveness. A woman primed for sensual mastery by the right man who knew how to bring out her most intimate beauty. Suddenly, I felt that I was that right man?

I approached her and introduced myself. I told her in my broken English how attractive I found her. I was assertive without being forceful or cocky. I could tell she warmed to my determined advances ? my way of letting her know that given the chance I?d want her all to myself. Her English wasn?t very good either, but I knew that we both felt the vibe. I took her hand and we left the nightclub without her giving a word of protest. She followed me like a lamb. We went to my hotel room and what followed was one of the most mind-blowing nights of my life.

I thought I knew a lot about making love. That night I realized? I still had a lot to discover. All those Barbie-type girl encounters seemed empty and lame in comparison to the true passion she sparked in me. Maybe it was all that alcohol I?d drunk. Maybe it was her damn lamb eyes, but something changed inside me.

She woke up my primal, dominant beast, which I?d never known existed. That beast was hungry for power, for bending the self-will of my lover to my needs, and to her pleasure. I used to be a ?good boy? in bed. That night, I?ve discovered my ?bad boy? inside. And I definitely enjoyed reaching in and unleashing my inner animal I never guessed was hiding in me.

To my amazement, she also enjoyed the company of my beast immensely. The more aggressive and assertive I behaved, the more aroused she became ? with very explosive evidence ? multiple times in a row. That surprising experience made me curious about human psychology and especially about the unusual feeling of the primordial pleasure that I knew we both felt that night?


It may seem hard to believe, but there is actually a well-established science of pleasure in the field of Psychology. After I abandoned my dance career, I got to learn about it in my senior years at college. The more I studied it, the more fascinated I became. I began my own research, spending countless days and nights in our labs. I was even able to make my own small discoveries, which impressed my professor. So much so that he saw enough potential in me to send me to do a Ph.D. research in one of the oldest Universities in Europe.

One of the areas of my research focused on neurophysiological mechanisms underlying multiple female orgasms - an area I became very interested in since my Japan adventure. We were running experiments with women who find it easy to experience multiple orgasms and ones who couldn?t achieve them. For one of our experiments we invited multi-orgasmic women and their partners. Everything went fairly smoothly on each occasion until one day, I saw that COUPLE...


They were sitting with other couples in our waiting room. While I was looking at them, observing the way they sat, the way they talked, how they smiled ? I had a strange sense of deja vu? as if I was in Japan again and just saw HER at that nightclub. I could tell that this couple had the same familiar submissiveness that caught my attention in HER: their secret desire to succumb to the stronger will of the right dominant man ? but now multiplied by two.

After the study, I got to have time alone with them and we had a brief chat. At first our conversation was quite innocent. But then I began to read their body language and found myself throwing in a couple of cheeky jokes about her multi-orgasmic talents, watching how they would take it. I saw that the jokes made her blush and him go silent. I was almost sure what would come next?

I was invited to visit their house for a late dinner.

During the dinner, I put my hand sliding beneath the table to skim over her thighs, then with more boldness, in between to paw over her panties. At first, she squirmed slightly as if in protest. But I hadn?t read the earlier looks in her eyes wrong. Soon, she yielded to my hidden caresses and allowed my fingers to dance magically between her legs, bringing her closer and closer to the edge?

She started to breathe faster, her eyes growing hooded and dilated as her lips parted in soft pants there at the dining table. Her husband, just across from us probably suspected what was going in. In fact I?m sure he knew, but he went on telling with slight stammering a story about his recent fishing trip. I nodded politely, smiled and just kept up with my daring finger dancing in between her legs?

Until suddenly she stood up and said she needed to clear the plates and do the dishes. I put it upon myself to offer to help with such mundane but potentially exciting task.

While she was washing the dishes I advanced from behind, pressed her into the sink and continued my audacious explorations of her small, curvy body. Down her hips I traced my fingers before slipping one hand beneath the hem and diving into her soaked underwear. It took mere minutes of my rapid fingers moving over her center before she strained against me with a small cry and came very hard, squirting on my hand?While her husband was still watching the Discovery Channel.

We returned to the living room for after-dinner drinks and some more conversation. Her husband seemed to get drunk very quickly and the next thing he?d fallen asleep on the sofa.

This was like a golden opportunity for me. She was totally mine and she knew it. Right there on their family dinner table, I took her. Slowly at first? just enough teasing to drive her to the point of begging me to take her. And beg she did, almost loud enough to wake up her sleeping husband. When I finally entered her, she dug her nails in my back and came very hard, right there in front of her husband, who appeared to be asleep and yet? the bulge of arousal evident on the front of his trousers, clearly outlined, demonstrated the opposite. This unforgettable experience gave me a taste of how screwing two minds could be as much fun as drilling one hole?


After successfully completing my dissertation, I realized I had a stronger passion for practice than for theory. I left the academia, moved to the US and stepped into the corporate world to lead research on consumer behavior. But a part of my hobby, I continue to master my expertise on the Journey of Pleasure.

This Journey taught me a couple of lessons. First, I?ve learned that crazy party girls are typically wrong companions for the Journey. They are great for parties, but usually suck in bed. Getting them into bed could be easy and even fun, but real fun and real pleasure don?t mix well together. So, unless I want to fool around or play a pillow fight, I look for true companions for the Journey of Pleasure among other types of women.

Barbie girls and swimsuit models typically get a lot of male attention, but not from me anymore. Even if you wash away their arrogance with a cold shower of sarcasm, their delusion about exaggerated self-importance is so persistent, that they can?t simply relax ? they are always afraid of being shortchanged and they usually demand more than they have.

For tall or skinny woman physiology works not in their favor. They are typically less orgasmic. Also, their inborn or acquired fixation on self-image, which is prevalent among tall and skinny women, is bad for their arousal. It?s a paradox, but any self-related obsessions like extreme diet or fanatical exercises decrease the likelihood of being satisfied - both in metaphorical and literal sense of this word. Focusing too much on self-image kills self-enjoyment.

Women younger than thirty are too immature. They don?t know what they really want out of life. They have not discovered their feminine essence yet. In a way they really are just girls still. They are looking for wrong guys and for wrong reasons. Young women are typically lost. They have yet to figure out where to make the right turn to the Journey.

But enough talking about them ? all those wrong companions in the Journey of Pleasure. Let?s talk about YOU.


You are not a crazy party girl who?d rather spend all-night dancing in a crowd instead of devoting quality time with the right man. You are not a Barbie or a swimsuit model who treats male attention as a fuel for boosting inflated self-esteem. You are an intelligent and mature woman who knows what you want out of life and how to find a healthy emotional balance.

You have a petite and well-rounded body, with just the right amount of curves. You are multi-orgasmic and know that the best way to get is to give. You eat what you want and you do what you want, and you meet whom you want. You don?t hold too much stock to self-denial or deprivation. You don?t hold back your needs or desires, you are ready for the Journey of US.


Before we meet for the first time we?ll have some doubts. Will it be ME whom you are looking for? Will it be YOU whom I am looking for? But as soon as we see each other, we will feel the answer immediately. When we sense the connection, when we experience the ?vibe? - we will feel the ultimate freedom. Freedom to be who we truly are, freedom to enter the darkness of our intimate fantasies, and freedom to indulge ourselves in every inch of our passionate dance.

In that dance, I?ll lead and you?ll follow. You will not be in control of our next steps. But you will always have a choice whether you want to follow my moves. I?ll be in charge of your pleasures, which will be amplified through your surrender. Your fulfillment will come from being not just physically overpowered, but also from bending your emotional will to my orders. Your femininity will blossom in my strong hands. I have skill and sensitivity to push you just that little bit more, and more to the ultimate Pleasure.

With this Pleasure, every sensation, each body surge, will be intensified and extended. Your endorphins will multiply and implode, sending you into a separate space of awareness. You?ll be a good, obedient girl? and do whatever I will tell you to do. When I whisper in your ear: ?Don?t move an inch? ? you won?t move. When I tell you: ?You can?t cum until I give you my permission? ? you won?t cum, even though you?ll feel a strong urge. Your biggest burning desire will be to fulfill my every order. I will not be in hurry - I?ll take my time. No matter the heights of sensation I?ll take you to, you will do only what I say and nothing else. Your body will not belong to you, but will be mine and only mine.

I?ll drive you crazy. I will be punishing you by keeping on the edge and not allowing you to seek release. And I will be rewarding you by forcing you to cum repeatedly. I will keep you constantly off-balance and scrambling to envision what I may do next. You?ll find yourself begging to be allowed to cum while being kept on the very rim of ecstasy ? then you?ll plead for mercy as I force you to keep cumming, and cumming? and cumming?

I want to take us through a wild, boundless emotional and physical Journey that will explode our Pleasures and will give us the most intense ecstasy we?ve ever experienced.

All that?s needed from you is to answer my very simple question. Are you ready for the ride?

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