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What is hypnosis? How does it work? Can I get you under my control? Recently I got asked those and other questions quite often.

On the surface, hypnosis is fairly simple, just a technique which is based on leading you into a trance and, believe it or not, you trance daily anyway. You trance, when you are daydreaming. You trance, when you are dowsing. And you trance when you are focusing on reading a good book or story. As you focus on reading you sink deeper into the words while getting unaware of your surroundings. Only focused on the reading without stopping.

After all a trance is just your mind getting calmer and calmer while your thoughts slow down. The more your mind calms and your thoughts slow down, the deeper you get into trance.

Your mind might still wander around, might think about how deep you go or simply follow my words. It doesn't matter anyway, since you just need to let it flow and let go of control. Control is an illusion anyway. You can't even control every aspect of your body. So all you need to do is letting go of it during a trance.

You want to let go anyway. You remember those times you were letting go and how good it felt and it came so naturally.

Just like when you are drowsing. It comes so naturally. Everyone trances daily and your mind is aware of what a trance is, because it is so very common as breathing or blinking. It is so common, that most of the time we can't even tell when we are slipping and going down. Your consciousness isn't even realizing, when you are slipping into this pleasant state of mind. That would just mean you were fighting a pleasant feeling. Why would you do that? Of course you wouldnt. There is no reason to fight it.

Your consciousness isn't realizing when you are slipping simply because your perception is limited. Your mind is filtering all those unnecessary informations of yours, because else you would have an overload of thoughts. There is no one who want to be overwhelmed by that. Instead it is so much more pleasant to enjoy letting go and to let your perception getting more and more limited during a trance.

Imagine a time you were very relaxed listening to someones sweet voice, getting massaged and relaxing moments like this. Imagine how that made you feel and how easy it was to enjoy that feeling. And you can enjoy that feeling of letting go at any time.

All you need to do is to believe in the power of your mind. Your mind is so incredible powerful that it can let you feel an emotion easily. Your mind can make you feel pleasant, warm and relaxing with ease. You just need to let your mind help you to relax.

There is no need for you to think about, if you are in a trance now or not. You are already in a trance anyway. You are just slipping deeper and deeper with each of my words.

After all it is what you want and what you desire. You want to feel relaxed and pleasant, you want to let go and you want to enjoy those warm feelings, because it makes you feel good. And feeling good is something everyone desires.

As you give in to this pleasant feeling, you feel my words sinking into your mind more and more easily. You feel sinking into each of my words while your mind is calming and slowing down so far, that you start getting a few black spots in your memory. A few unnecessary words missing here and there. Yet still somehow focusing on the key words while your consciousness will still think it is in control and can remember superficial content. But how would you know, if you can remember something, if you actually can't? Your consciousness just talks itself into it for the sake of staying in control, while it isn't in control anymore. Being in control is an illusion and you want to let go of this illusion, because it makes you feel so very good.

All you need to do is to accept that you aren't in control most of the time. Just believe in surrendering and letting go while the black spots in your mind are growing and growing. You are forgetting more and more about the trance aside from some keywords. And the more you surrender, the more relaxed you feel.

Your mind is slowly calming down so far, that your thoughts are going blank. My words are becoming your thoughts and your mind will just standing still while waiting for my words as you enjoy the relaxing and pleasant feeling of letting go. You enjoy giving away control so much, that it makes you feel so very good and relaxed.

It is just am matter of time until you are blanking out completely. Just a matter of time until you will let go of the last little bit of control you believe you have. But thats the interesting part about beliefs. Its only a belief, if you believe in it. As soon as you stop believing into having control, you will get free of that restriction. As soon as you give up on the illusion of control and believe that I can easily make you fall into trance, you will just fall deeper and deeper.

With each time you go into trance, it will become easier and easier for you to go deeper into a trance. Each breath you take and each thought you are still taking is getting you deeper until you are free of thoughts during this trance as it makes you feel so very good and relaxed while it is slowly making you aroused to surrender.

And as soon as I am waking you up, you will have an harder time to remember the content of the trance. With each time you go into trance and the deeper you go it gets harder to remember. Getting so very deep into trance and giving up control to my words until my words are becoming your thoughts. Surrendering like this and giving in to me is making you aroused. Letting go is making you more and more aroused the longer you are in a trance. You will feel the arousal spreading into your entire body. In each and every inch of your body and it would keep growing and growing. The arousal will constantly increase.

You will feel how you are becoming more aroused. How your blood will be rushing through your body from arousal. How your breathing gets heavier and heavier. How your body is getting more sensitive and how you desire to get so very aroused for me.

And I would just tell you that your arousal will keep on growing. It might get to the edge of orgasm. If you were already at the edge, it would even bring you beyond the edge of orgasm.

Then I would just announce a small count to 3 to wake you up. When I will do this count you will be aware that you were in a trance and how good and arousing it felt while you will still be unable to remember the content. Your arousal would still keep growing as you are awake and you would also have some feeling of achievement that you have been in an hypnotic trance. And with each time you were in trance it will become easier to go even deeper the next time.

As you feel your arousal still growing I would start counting up to awake you. With each count you would get more awake while your arousal would keep growing and an increasing desire to comment on this story about how aroused you are. I would then start to count 1 and 2 and 3 and you were awake again

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