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Free Members This Could Be You Beautiful Sexy Lady???

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Naive little girls like you entering this site usually find everything else, but what you really want to experience on this site due too???

Read my profile and get safety tips and information and a heads up about this site. To only inform you and keep you out of harms way and be able to find the real action you are really wanting to experience without the pain... You can believe what I have written to be 100% true hard cold facts or Google this to see what I have accomplished if you don't...

The climb-Joe McElderry+lyrics SHASAec

Since joining this site, I thought it would be fun and exciting; but after learning what some of the female members profiles say on this site, I have become aware of the dangers that can happen at certain parties. I have taken on the mission of passing along their experiences and knowledge to inform you through my readings of the eminent dangers out there. I feel that I would be no better than the persons promoting the environment of danger if I did not write this. Now you can be better informed of the potential danger and make your own decisions rationally and be prudent about your encounters. I've read so many bad experiences from females members who attended group activities or were participating in a group party. Since I have seen that there is nothing more than pain on this site, my goal is to pass the lesson of "Use Your Common Sense" and to always ask yourself, ?What dangers am I potentially walking into?? I have had my eyes opened to the real dangers present on this site by reading what they personally have experienced at parties; how the fantasies they were looking to fulfill would be lived out and experienced. Many of these nice ladies? profiles are no longer available which leaves me to believe they have left this swing site. Aside from reading these profiles, I have come to learn much more from having conversations regarding their personal experiences. Some instances of what I have learned from these individuals are outlined below. Some women and young ladies on this site have explained to me that when an invitation was extended to attend these parties they were given explicit guidelines that must be adhered to in order to be accepted and gain entry to the event. 1. you are directed to meet an individual at a public venue who would then escort you to the party location, this is the hosts?connection and your only way to attend is with them. 2. All exits or doors are locked when the event starts. 3. All exits or doors are unlocked at the hosts? discretion?could be the next day. 4. Several members have mentioned feeling dazed and drugged after drinking and eating food offered to them at the event. 5. Several members mentioned feeling out of control; others could do to them whatever they wanted and they had no choice in participating. 6. Some say they were video filmed as well as photographed. 7. Several new members stated, ?You are made to feel as if you are the most desired woman there and that allows them to control and manipulate your true desires. Instead, you become their fantasy and your reality becomes a living nightmare.? 8. Many claimed after being used and abused by so many multiple size cocks they suffered trauma to their vagina's and rectum. They were unaware that they could suffer tears and abrasions or even prolapses whereby the vagina and rectum can actually be pulled outward. Of course when this happens who is there to help you?.no one at the event. In addition, the consequences of this trauma are costly on all levels, emotionally, physically and financially. Moreover, the men then move onto to ?fresh? new members and the cycle just continues to repeat itself. There is a medical practice in the valley that is dedicated to rehabilitating this type of trauma. Check out their website for info (Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Scottsdale). 9. Many ladies that were videoed and/or photographed at these events experienced the ultimate betrayal; these items were used to coerce them into engaging into more ?activities?. 10. So all in all, what these women have essentially experienced by attending a "Party Event" is pain, humiliation, and torture: not to mention the threat of one?s reputation being destroyed. Imagine, all this is just an attempt to get you to continue participating in their twisted parties. So explain to me, where is the fulfilling fantasy that you wanted to experience in the first place?? If you still choose to participate in these "Parties" be in control, make sure you outline safety measures i.e. attending with a body guard. If the so called host of said party refuses your safety measures then that should say it all, don't you think? Always stay in full control; never compromise your safety ladies. Keep your sweet fantasies and don?t let others use methods to lure you and put yourself in harm?s way for their own sexual pleasures.

After all the sex addicts on this site with huge cocks get to you first, what is left over to have fun with on this site? Why do women join this site, fantasize about double penetration and huge cocks only to later whine about the trauma (both physically and emotionally) that they suffered? How many times does this type of woman need to "take a break" before she learns to respect her self? This only confirms that stupidity and the utter lack of common sense is rampant on this site. The one's who claim to be "free" to sexual expression, who seek sexual thrills and group encounters suddenly disappear only to return months later bitter, hard, cold and out for "blood". These individuals seek revenge and entice new members into encounters where the abuse continues.

Maybe these hard core women are wanting to experience "Beastiality" on this site to fill that open void in between their legs, god knows there is a void between their ears.

I want to meet "Smart & Intelligent" women who can think with their "Brain" vs. their horny pussy.

Smart women don't get talked into thinking bigger cock is better, because they know after fucking huge cocks, they piss off hundreds of thousands of great fucking experiences they could of had straight into the wind and now they sit and wait, and wait, and wait, for that one huge cock to come along so they may cop a feel again.

Dear lady, are you smart and have not stretched out your sweet vagina on huge monster cocks yet?

I want to experience women that haven't fucked monster cocks yet on this site.

Where is the fun? Where have all the smart, intelligent women gone??

Are you still great in bed or like all the others???

That is the real question???

I am not wanting to experience anymore of this.

Google my message.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Big Vagina - clarinerd86

What I am hoping to find a women like this.

Google my message.

CHEAP TRICK - She's Tight - kootallica

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