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Close Encounters of a Foreskin Kind

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I was born in the USA so my parents had me circumcised when I was an infant. Even though my parents told me I screamed at the top of my lungs during the operation, I don't recall the surgery or remember the pain I went through. I grew up like every other kid in the neighborhood running the streets without a care in the world. After everything that I had gone through, I can recall and write down the events that led up to my encounter.

At age 12 and then at age 18, I had two similar events occurred while I was sleeping alone in my room. While lying on my back, I felt my body relax as I start to fall into a deep sleep. Both events I remember I would start out with hearing a slight ringing in my ears. The ringing was so taunting that it was beyond my control to not want to listen closer. As the ringing got louder I began to feel my body become paralyzed. The weight got heavier on my chest almost as if someone was sitting on it. As frightened as I became, I soon realized I could no longer move or even talk yet alone scream for help.

Shortly after the second event I had injured my arm playing football and had to visit the doctor for an x-ray. My arm was not broken but when reviewing the x-rays they had found a foreign object embedded on the inner part of the arm. It was located close to the surface so a second visit was set up to have it removed. It was set up for another date and it would be a simple walk in, walk out visit.

I got married at 25 to a beautiful 5'9" long legged blond with a set of fake but proportionate 38DD breasts. We had the perfect sexual chemistry together but I strongly recall her affection she had to my 8" thick circumcised cock. She had many lovers before me and all were circumcised except for one who was uncircumcised. She knew it would be her worst sexual nightmare when she saw it for the first time. She can remember the conversations playing through her head about the gross detailed talks she had with her girlfriends about their experiences. She politely asked the guy to leave as she was not interested in his uncircumcised cock. None of them could understand the function or purpose the foreskin serves so they all had strong beliefs that all men should be circumcised.

The night of my abduction, we had settled down in bed after we both took a nice long hot shower. While in the shower I made sure I ran the razor across my entire body as I know she likes it when I'm all smooth and completely clean and freshly shaved for her. My wife is not afraid to make the first advances. She always starts off by running her hands over my muscular smooth chest and then working her way down my hardened abs. By this time my flaccid cock is at its full 8" and straining under the covers. She then traces the deep v down to my man area stopping just above the base of my cock. Her fingers roam searching to make sure I did a good job shaving that area. She snuggles up closer pressing her huge boobs against my side and sighs in my ear with approval of its smoothness.

I'm breathing harder and my cock is throbbing just waiting for its turn for her fingers to finally find its way there. The moment arrives as she wraps her petite hands around my thickened shaft. Her hands so small it could hardly wrap around it. Slowly she lightly strokes the length of my cock stopping at the base of my engorged knob. With her fingers she runs it around my glans feeling its massive head. She becomes verbal when she inspects my cock and tells me how much she likes how tight and smooth my circumcision is and how much bigger my cock and head is compared to her other lovers.

The covers come off the bed and she immediately gets to her knees. Places her mouth over my cock head and sucks the pre cum from it. Both of her hands now grasping the shaft and stroking to meets up with were her mouth is sucking the head and then back down again hitting my balls. I lay there watching her suck me as if I was watching porn. She loves my circumcised cock as it was perfect in every way. It was long, thick and had no curve to it. I thank my mother and father for my endowment and the staff for giving me the best circumcision ever. I could have not been any happier.

She finally pulls off my cock and throws one leg over and straddles my legs facing me. Placing her hands onto my chest to help lift her self up above my cock she takes her other hand and applies lube to my massive cock before guiding it into her tight but wet pussy. With one swift movement she lowers herself taking my full 8 into her tight pussy. I can feel her silky insides as my knob enters and stretches her before hitting the entrance of her cervix. On top she is in control moving up and down my shaft. Every now and then she would slam down hard in a rhythm with my thrusts. I reach up to play with both of her breasts and then taking turns placing each of them into my mouth. Biting, licking and sucking each nipple as hard as she likes them to be sucked.

I felt my cock head swell to its maximum, my buttock began to squeeze and my legs stiffen. Her pussy was working my cock well and I could feel all the pipes working to prepare for semen extraction. Then the faint ringing in my ears started again. Only this time I was not falling asleep. Time slowed to a crawl before my body became paralyzed. I can see my wife enjoying herself but I couldn't move or get a word out.

Behind my wife appeared two 4'5" short grey beings both with huge dark eyes. Their hands were petite with very long fingers. I tried to scream but then I heard a female voice speak inside my head. The voice was calming and I watched as they got closer to me. My eyes fixed on theirs and I watched as they turned from black to a deep cobalt blue. The next thing I knew my body was being lifted and we floated through the bedroom wall and I felt the coolness of being outside.

Staring up into a bright light it got closer and closer. I could look down my body with my eyes only and still see I was naked and my cock still in its full erection. It got dark and then I felt my body come to rest on a cold hard table. The lights slowly came on and I saw four of them looking down upon me all around me. I was awake, but I couldn't move. Communication was all done through reading each others minds. There was no talking and they said they had been tracking me since I was a kid. They had been preparing me for a human hybrid integration program.

It was clear to me it was now my time. They had been preparing me through out my life. The two abductions while I was a sleep and the tracking devices they planted on me. I had one removed but they had several others still in place. The final step was to modify me back to natural state in order to cross breed. Natural?... what is natural I wondered.

The table raised me up to a sitting position. I could see their bodies and the rest of the cool white room. I look down and I could see my cock was still in its erect state. One alien lowered a clear box from the ceiling and maneuvered it over my erect cock. Then it lowered it down onto my lap. It was a clear box with no physical form or wires coming from it. The other three aliens turned around and tended to what looked like control panels. Pushing buttons the box began to come alive. What the hell is it going to do to me! What's it going to do to my beautiful cock?

I could hear mechanical movements in the room but I strained to look around and couldn't see anything moving. Then it appeared to me. Inside the box where my cock stood at attention something was manifesting onto the tip of my cock. It started from where my circumcision scar was and soon the dark scar had disappeared. The mechanical sounds grinding to a different tune now as it formed the adhesion to the underside. The adhesion started from the bottom side and formed its way up to connect where the opening to my urethra is. The construction was somewhat forming like a 3D printer laying down layers at a time. The adhesion looked similar to the attachments we all have under our tongues.

The mechanical sounds stopped and the alien holding the box removed it from my lap. He placed the box above the craft and it disappeared into the ceiling. The other three aliens backed off from their work stations and all four floated away into an open door. I lay there in silence before I looked down to inspect my cock. It didn't look normal to me anymore. The scar is gone but replaced with what looks like bunched up skin held back behind the swollen head.

The door opens and it takes my attention away from my cock. I wait in suspense to see who will enter. She is a beautiful tall 6'3" voluptuous being with silky white smooth skin. Her eyes are human but much larger and a deep turquoise green. Her hair is long and silver in appearance reaching to her bulbous buttocks where it lay. I can't help but notice her breasts how they stood out far from her body suspended with no sag as if in zero gravity. To complete her face I saw a very small pointed nose with slits and small ruby red lips. As she floated across the room towards me, I begin to get a better look at her female parts. It was smooth like white paper with no hair. The features appeared to be a cervix but on the outside funneling down to a tapered dolphin beak.

It wasn't long until she stood next to me and looking down at me. It was the first time I began to get my smell back. She smelled like fresh linen woven from Egyptian cotton with 2000 thread count. Her long frail arms reached up above the table and I saw her long flowing fingers for the first time. They were beautiful and moved with such grace and fluent movement. They touched and wrapped around the base of my erect 8 inches and with a single stroke upward it pulled the abundant wrinkled skin up over the head of my cock making it disappear inside the skin now surrounding the entire head.

I have seen some of my friends who are uncircumcised before and I had always wondered what they do with all of that skin. I have grown to live without it so it was no big deal. I felt a sensation when she moved the skin to cover the head. A sensation I have never felt before. It was so sensitive. I could feel every movement as the skin covered the head but the most came from the underside where the attachment was.

She lowered her head and took my foreskin into her small mouth. What a sensation, I could feel her tongue push inside my skin and swirl around the head flicking the frenulum from time to time. With one hand she pulled back my foreskin while in her mouth and I could feel my bare glans came to life inside her electrifying sucking mouth. Her fingers pulled down hard stretching my foreskin and frenulum tight triggering all the additional nerves at once. It shocked me into nerve overload as I had never experienced this before. Then as I thought I felt everything she jerked and bunched all that skin back up and into her wonderful mouth. The mixing of her saliva dissolved the callous from my glans making it extremely sensitive to the touch. Every movement of the foreskin and frenulum shot adrenaline through my nerves. I passed out.

I came awake and caught my breath. I could not believe that the doctors cut off the most sensitive parts of my cock when they circumcised me. How desensitized my glans got from being exposed and rubbed raw. I still wondered why they had to reattach my foreskin in order to have sex with her. She stroked my head and I heard her say it was time to dock. Dock?.. Are we coming up to a space station?

Her body floated up above me and she began to lower herself down onto me. Her long legs dr*ped around the table as I watched her external cervix position it self over my cock. The long beak and opening aligned to the tip of my exposed head. With her hands she pulls up on my retracted abundant foreskin and slides it up over my flared head and soon it covers the tip of her cervix. With her petite fingers holding the tip of my foreskin open she pulls the overhang up to engulf her cervix like putting on a pair of socks. My foreskin grips it and snaps into place like cock docking with her cervix buried deep inside my long foreskin.

The stretching sensation sends adrenaline once again through my nerve endings in my foreskin. She takes control only her body doesn't move but I can see my foreskin pulsate as it moves up and down massaging her cervix. It looks and feels like a milking movement. I don't enter her, she enters my foreskin. It was now clear to me. This event could not happen or dock properly if I didn't have a foreskin. I reach up and take her breasts into my hands and feel them for the first time. There are so perfect in every way suspended there.

There is that same feeling again in the pipes. I could feel the fluids making their way. I felt my cock head swell to its maximum, my buttock began to squeeze and my legs stiffen. I close my eyes and feel the rush power through my body. Jets of semen squirt like explosions and it feels so good. I can still feel the pulsations given to my foreskin making me work up to several more explosions dumping my seed deep into her alien vagina.

I open my eyes and the blurriness focuses to see my wife on top of me moaning to her own ecstasy while riding my cock buried deep inside her. My hands were still holding on and caressing her huge breasts as I had left them. Oh my god was all this a dream?

She collapsed on top of me and we lay there until our heavy breathing and racing hearts calmed down. My cock slowly goes limp inside her. She didn't know what went over her as she said it was the best sex she had ever had and that she climaxed three times. She said my cock felt different but the sex was better. Flashbacks of the abduction went back through my mind. I pulled her off of me to inspect my cock and to my pleasure and her horror we both saw I had a fully functioning foreskin.

This is the first time we had come forward with this abduction. My wife and I now understand why we are naturally born with a foreskin and its function and purpose. We continue to use it for our pleasure and have spared our sons so that they may experience this with their partners or distant alien visitors. We know these abductions will get passed down through generations to come and this time they will be ready.

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