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Sloane sat at his desk and waited for Christina Ricci to enter his office. The 16 year old actress was there to audition for a role in his new movie. Sloane owned a production company in L.A. and he was making a new movie.

He had put out the word that he was looking to cast the part of the younger sister in the movie and he hinted that he wanted Miss Ricci for the role. So she meeting with him to try out for the part.

Christina knew that her friend Winona Ryder had the lead role in the film and the girl wanted to work with her friend again.

Sloane was not an ordinary man. He was the owner a mystical ring called the Eye of Mephisto. The ring had special powers, it gave the wearer the abililty to control the minds and bodies of people.

It also gave them the power to alter reality.

Sloane was a telepath and the ring gave him more mental powers. Winona Ryder had met with him earlier that day and he had used the ring to enslave the actress and put her under his control.

He had fucked her in his office and made Winona his devoted slave. Now he intended to entrance Christina and make her his slave as well.


The intercom on his desk buzzed and the secretary told him that Christina had arrived. Sloane told his employee to send the star in. There was a knock at the door and the teenager entered his domain. She was a sight to behold.

Christina was a short and voluptuous girl. She had deep blue eyes that you could lose yourself in and she had a stunningly pretty face. She had short black hair that came down to just below her ears.

Her hips were wide and curvy and she had a full round ass. Christina's most prominent feature was her set of large, soft breasts. She had big tits and she was the wet dream of every man in the country.

The girl was young and innocent looking but Sloane knew she was anything but innocent. She had the reputation around Hollywood for being a wild child.

Sloane greeted the actress and directed her to the chair across from his. Christina thanked him and sat down. He couldn't help but leer at her body.

She had on a green shirt that was small for her. The top clung snuggly to her body and accentuated her massive tits. She also wore a pair of tight black spandex pants that hugged her hourglass figure.

Christina cleared her throat to get his attention.

She knew he was ogling her body. The girl was used to it and figured she could use her feminine charms to land the movie role. Sloane snapped back to reality and started the meeting.

"Thanks for coming in Christina. As you know, I am casting the parts for my new horror film and you are the one I want in the sister role. Ms. Ryder is committed to the project and she was glad to hear that you may be in the film too." Sloane said.

"Well, Mr. Sloane, I am most definately interested in the part and I would like to work with Winona again." Christina replied cheerfully. Sloane read her thoughts and knew the girl wanted the part in the movie very badly.

"Now, the tough part. The role calls for some amount of nudity and that would mean you'd have to be naked on camera. Winona has already agreed to appear nude in the film and I need to know how you feel about it."

he baited the actress.

Christina was caught by surprise, she hadn't figured on doing any nudity. While she mulled the idea over in her mind, Sloane was using his ring to influence the girl's mind.

The ring on his finger glowed red as it did it's work.

Sloane was slowly erasing any resistance Christina had about doing nudity and he was making her feel it was okay is she was naked in the film.

Christina was shocked to learn that Winona had agreed do appear without any clothes. She knew that her friend had a staunch view against nude scenes, but apparently that had changed. Well if Winona can do it, so can I, the girl decided. Besides she knew that her male fans wanted to see her naked and she also knew that she'd have to do nude scenes some day.

"Okay, I'll do it, sir. I can do any nude scenes that are in the movie." Christina said. "Excellent my dear.

I'm so glad that we were able to agree. The part is yours. Here's the script, why don't you read some of the lines for me." Sloane said as he handed her the script.

Christina took the script and started doing the lines for her character. She liked what she read, the movie would be a hit at the box office.


As she read the lines, Sloane was in her head working his mojo on her mind. He was reprogramming the girl to change her into his servant. She was losing her inhibitions and her free will.

Sloane was stimulating her body to make her aroused and horny. He was also making her attracted to him.

Christina felt flushed and warm all over as she read for Sloane.

Her loins were getting warm and her nipples were erect. She was getting excited and hot. The teen looked up at him and smiled politely. Sloane was a very handsome man she thought.

Christina was burning up and she found herself wanting Sloane to fuck her. Her tits were swollen and tender and her pussy was wet with her love juices. She fidgetted uneasily in her chair.

"Is there something wrong Christina?" Sloane asked with mock concern. He was stimulating her pussy and tits and he knew she was about to lose control. "No, I'm fine." she said in a shaky voice.

The pressure was building in her vagina and her tits felt like they were going to burst through her shirt. Her clothes felt uncomfortable and itchy on herbody. Her lust was mounting and she squirmed in her chair.

Sloane turned up the heat and she couldn't hold out any longer. Christina gripped the arms of the chair and her fingers dug into the padding. She dropped the script and closed her eyes as she moaned. Her thighs rubbed together as she worked her vaginal muscles back and forth in pleasure.

Christina's body stiffened and she suddenly arched up in her chair. Her chest thrust outward and her hips humped back and forth on the seat. Her head jerked back and she shouted out as she climaxed.

"OH God! UUUNNGGHH! YESS! AAAGGH!" Her hands shot up and cupped her heaving tits. She kneaded her tit flesh through the shirt and her hips bucked up and down lewdly.

Christina twitched and shook on the chair as a mind numbing orgasm swept over her body. She had never cum so hard in her life. She thrashed about wildly in the chair and her screams filled the office.

Sloane's cock was hard in his pants as he watched her cum. She succumbed to his influence quickly.

Christina was going nuts as she came over and over.

She had no idea why this was happening to her.

The actress bucked upward one last time and slumped in the chair. She sighed with relief as her climax ended. She suddenly remembered where she was and she gasped in fright.

My god, what just happened she wondered. She had just orgasmed in front of a total stranger and had acted like a slut. The climaxes had hit her from no where and she hadn't been able to stop herself.

Christina straightened up and apologized to Sloane.

She couldn't excuse her actions. Her head was bent in shame and she couldn't look him in the face.

Sloane told her it was alright and for some reason she was glad and felt better. He's a nice man, she thought, and handsome too. Christina felt herself getting horny again and she wanted Sloane badly.

Christina got out of the chair and went to Sloane.

He pushed back his chair and turned toward her.

She smiled at him seductively and slinked in by his side.

"I hope you don't think this is out of line, sir.

But I'm very horny and I find you incredibly attractive. I need fucked right now and I want you to do me here and now. Please? I'm burning up and only you can help me." she said with need in her voice.

"Okay." Sloane answered. "Take off your clothes."

Christina was surprised by his quick response, but she wasn't going to let him change his mind. Sloane whipped out his huge penis and her eyes widened when she saw it.

He had a huge cock. Her mouth watered as she eyed the member lustily. Christina crossed her arms and grasped the bottom of her shirt. She lifted upward and stripped the shirt off her body.

She stood before him in a tight white bra. Her tits were mashed together and spilled out of the bra.

Sloane stared at her chest as it moved up and down as she breathed.

Christina then slid her pants down her thighs and off her feet. She had on a pair of white cotton panties that exposed her bare ass cheeks. She pressed her arms into the sides of her breasts and squashed the twin globes together.

Her mountains pushed up and out as she shook her cleavage in his face. Christina reached behind her back and unclasped the bra. The bra fell away from her chest and the desires of countless men were bared to Sloane's view.

She had amazing breasts. They were full and supple.

Her tits bounced up and down as she moved about.

The humungous orbs were creamy white and firm.

Her tits were soft and pliable. She had red nipples that were both erect. Sloane almost came in his pants as he reached up to fondle her boobs.

Christina groaned wantonly as she pushed her ample tits into his hands. Sloane rubbed her tits and put his mouth on her hard nipple. He sucked the nub into his mouth and licked the stiff tip with his tongue.

Sloane lapped at each nipple and sucked her tits until she was moaning with desire. Christina loved the feel of his mouth and hands on her meaty tits.

She purred erotically as he massaged her abundant bosom. Sloane's tongue flicked at her nipples and her continued to fondle her breasts. Christina was burning up and she needed his cock inside her.

"OOOHHHH! Please fuck me! I need it bad! AAA!

I can't take it any more. I want your cock. Fuck me! OOOOHHH!" she pleaded with him. Sloane rose from his seat and bent down over the young girl. He was through playing.

His commands were already buried in her mind, she responded to him instantly. Christina was now his newest sexual plaything, she just hadn't realized it yet.


Sloane pressed his lips against Christina's lips and a hot wave of passion swept through the teenager's body. Sloane ground his lips into hers and kissed her passionately. The actress kissed him back as hard as she could.

He placed his hand on Christina's hip and brought the hand around to her stomach. His hand then slid down her belly and cupped her muff through her panties. Sloane reached down for her panties and he ripped them off her body. Christina gasped in surprise as she felt her unwear torn away.

Sloane's fingers pried her wet pussy lips apart and he shoved two of the digits into the mouth of her cunt. Christina moaned and moved her body against his so that her massive breasts were squashed into his broad chest.

Sloane drew his fingers out of her vagina over and over, he could feel the fire burning in her jerking loins. Christina's snatch became very wet and her fluids covered his hand. He continued to pump his fingers in and out of her box.

Sloane took his hand away from her pussy. He then stepped back and stripped off the rest of his clothes.

Christina glanced down and once more stared at his huge member.

Christina reached down and ran her tiny hand along the erect shaft. Her fingers ran along the underside of the large tool and she gently cupped his testicles and started to massage the sacs. The girl expertly pumped her fist up and down the throbbing organ.

"What a huge cock you've got Sloane." Christina murmured. Sloane put his hands on her shoulders and forced the actress back toward the sofa. She laid down on her back and stretched out on the sofa.

Christina spread her thighs and he scooted between her legs.

Sloane worked the head of his cock into her pussy lips shoved his hips forward. In one swift motion, he had inserted his prick into her twat and started humping her vagina.

His fingers went to the teen's large heaving tits and tweaked her hard red nipples. This caused Christina to moan wantonly. Sloane grabbed her balloon like tits and furiously lunged his manhood in and out of her well lubricated pussy.

Christina's small body shook each time he slammed into her tight channel. She reached down with her left hand and lightly squeezed his hairy balls. Sloane slid his hand onto her plump ass and massaged the twin globes.

The intense sensations were driving the star mad with lust. She let a resonant, guttural cry. "OOHH!

GAH! UNGH! OOOO!" Christina groaned as her hips gyrated lewdly in circles on his pistoning rod. Her vaginal lips swelled up until she experienced a slight painful feeling every time he slammed his dick into her cunt.

Christina's orgasm was raised to blinding levels of pure ecstasy. "GA...AAAGGGH...AAAAIIII! Fuck me!" she squealed as she climaxed madly. Sloane raised himself to his arms and the girl spasmed under his powerful onslaught.

His pulsating staff glided back and forth inside her slit. Christina ground her pelvis from side to side and up and down as she was ridden like never before.

She was helplessly impaled on his thick cock and she loved it. Christina felt his pole ram into her again and again. She was out of her mind with need.


Sloane pulled out and ordered the girl to change her postion. So Christina got up off the sofa and lowered herself to the floor, where she got down on her hands and knees. Her ass stuck up in the air and she wiggled it for his benefit.

"Fuck me, please." the celebrity begged him. Sloane was on his knees behind the girl and his cock slid into her soaked passage. Sloane thrust forward and buried his organ deep in her vaginal depths.

Christina moved her ass to and fro as she slid her cunt up and down on his stabbing cock. Sloane slammed into her pussy with a greater tempo and the young girl was grunting like an animal.

"Oh, I love it. Fuck me. It's so good. Ram me with your big cock Sloane. UUUNGGHH! RRRGGHH!" she cried in joy. Sloane pounded his rod in and out of her sweet snatch with all his strength. "Stick me harder. Harder!

Harder! AAAGGGHHH!" Christina urged him.

The actress drove her cunt back onto his piercing cock.

Her hips undulated up and down as she countered his strokes with her own motions. Her body shuddered as she came.

Sloane plunged his cock frantically into her hole as the girl climaxed. "Oh, yes! Fuck me! Harder! Faster!"

she cooed. He increased the pace of his hammering cock and she squealed with delight.

"Oh yeah! Get ready baby!" Sloane said as his cock exploded deep in her cunt and painted her vaginal walls with his hot sperm. His boiling seed shot into her cavity and Christina massaged the organ with pussy.

Christina screamed out as she orgasmed. "YES! OH!

AAAAFGGH! Fuck me! Cum in my cunt! SOOO GOOD!

UUUUUHHHH! MMMMMGH! CUMMING!" The girl thrashed wildly on the floor as she came.

Her gigantic tits flopped in circles under her as they slapped together noisily. Christina arched her back and tossed her head up and down as she convulsed on his spewing cock.

Sloane kept fucking the teen slut even after she'd drained all his cum. Christina continued to cum and ram her cunt back and forth on his deflating cock.

She had never climaxed so much in her life. Christina sobbed in joy as she came over and over.

She whimpered like a child as she begged him to fuck her. Her body tensed as she humped up and down on his soft dick. Then she heaved up once and gave a final scream. After which, the girl fell to the floor spent. Sloane pulled his cock out of her cunt and sat back on the sofa.


Sloane watched Christina's nude body squirm about on the floor and he was soon hard again. He called the girl to him and she obeyed.

"I'm still horny. Suck my cock, slave." he ordered.

Christina got down on her knees and crawled to her Master. Sloane grabbed her short dark hair and she bent downward. He guided her head to his erect cock.

She opened her luscious lips and took his large pole into her mouth. Christina closed her mouth around his cock and slid her lips all the way down the thick stalk until her gorgeous face was buried in his lap.

Sloane watched as Christina Ricci bobbed her head up and down in his lap as she sucked his cock. The man was pleased to have another Hollywood actress under his control.

"Suck!" the Master demanded. And suck she did. She drew her lips up along his shaft until only the tip was still in her mouth and then she took the organ all the way back into her mouth.

His cock jammed into her mouth and popped down into her throat. Christina rapidly slid her mouth up and down on his cock. She kept up her devoted and hungry sucking until she made him cum.

Sloane grunted and then shot his sperm into the girl's sucking mouth. Hot cum flooded her mouth and Christina eagerly swallowed his thick seed.

She soon had a belly full of cum and she was very happy.

Suddenly, Sloane pushed her back and his cock was freed from her mouth. He sprayed hot pellets of cum onto Christina's face and heaving tits. He then stood and grabbed his shooting cock.

His sperm shot her in the face and she was soon coated with cum. His spunk was all over her tits, face, and hair. Christina trembled as she climaxed again. She massaged the cum into her fat tits and licked what she could from her face.

Sloane used her hair to wipe his penis clean and he watched as the girl scooped his jism from her face and ate the clumpy cream.


Christina went into the bathroom to clean up and Sloane did the same and they both got dressed again.

He was pleased with the girl's submission to him.

She was drained of all free will and independent thinking.

Christina was now his devoted little fuck toy and he made plans to pair her with her friend Winona Ryder. When she exited the bathroom, Sloane told her she had the role in the movie.

She was glad to get the part but she wanted to serve him more than anything else. Sloane told her he would contact her soon and the teen accepted his commands reluctantly. But she would obey, for he was the Master.

Sloane walked Christina to the door and told the girl he would call her. He smacked her playfully on the ass as she left his office and Christina giggled like a love-struck schoolgirl. She couldn't wait until Sloane called her in for another audition.

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