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Captain James R. Smirk adjusted himself and gave the order to ease the big Starship out of the holding port. The "Enterseptor" was a medium sized spacecraft; 20,000 tons with an improved warp drive capable of WARP Speeds up to 100. She carried a crew of 100 men,6 robots and two women officers: Sean and Sia Barbie. They had graduated from StarTrackers SpaceUniversity and were eager to be flying in space,going where no woman had ever gone before!

Captain Smirk was a bit surprised when he first met the blond twins. They both were mirror images of each other; Long blond hair, green eyes, perfect bodies with long, shapely legs and BREASTS that might cause any normal man to be totally distracted! The twin officers were dressed in the typical uniform for female officers: Gold and blue bikini bra and thong panties, thigh-high sheer black hose and spike heel booties. Sean and Sia Barbie had magnificent bodies with 38D cup breasts: full and firm with perfect pink nipples cresting each mound,allways erect,they seemed to be the cherries on top of a mound of vanilla ice cream, waiting to be sucked into a warm mouth and enjoyed!

Standing before Captain Smirk at full attention, both officers thrust out their chests,now inches from the Captain's chest as he welcomed them to the "Enterseptor"."Lieutenants Barbie, Sean and Sia Barbie. . . I want to welcome you both to the Starship and hope your 5 year stay will prove that Men and Women can live and work in outer space!" Captain Smirk was staring at the women and his cock was slowly coming alive. His Gold and blue stretch spandex uniform was tight at the crotch already,but now standing so close to the almost nude women,their breasts so close,their nipples pressing against the bras so each outline was visible, was causing the sex-

starved Captain to have a most visible raging hard-on! Sean and Sia were looking straight ahead,but both noticed the growing mound at his crotch area,his unit erecting,and their eyes glanced down at the stretching mass of spandex. With sweating palms and forehead, the Captain dismissed the women and turned away,looking for his second-

in-command ; Mister Cocksure, the Vulcanian Science Officer.

Sean and Sia both noticed that the women oficers were dressed in a much skimpy,brief uniform...than those worn by the male officers and crewmen. As they walked down the walkway,their high heels clicking against the aluninum floor, their breasts bounced gently. Both women actually wore size 38DD cup bras ,so the smaller cups were a bit overflowing,stressed more, straps digging into their backs and their shoulders. Sean remarked to Sia: "Wow, did you see Smirk's face when he started to have that hardon attack?" Sia laughed: "Yes ! I wondered if his pants were going to rip!!!Ha-haaaaaaaaaaa !"

They entered their assigned rooms and began to inspect the items laid out on their bunks in the small room. First was the communicator: a starlike pin, and the phaser/stungun. It was shaped like a man's penis.

Constructed to fit the hand with a switch where you could adjust the power:" Kill, stun and vibrator". The SpaceAcademy had trained them in all items. . . but the "Vibrator setting" on the raygun was new to them. The phaser came with a leather and fur holster that was to be strapped around the hips of each officer. The penis-like phaser slipped into a fur-covered tube-like sleeve,keeping it secure. A long leather thong allowed the sleeve to be tied against the thigh,keeping it from flopping around. Both women tried to keep from laughing ,but as they both held the rayguns ,fondled the twin sack-like handles and stroked the 8 inch units.....they burst out laughing,rolling on the carpeted floor.

Captain Smirk had finished checking the speed of the Starship: Warp speed 45, all proceeding normally, mission on schedule. He finished his dinner in his cabin. He could not get the thought of the women out of his mind. The two new officers. . .what where their names? Sean and Sia ! Identical twins!. . .yes! What a set of TITS ! Wow! Looks and . .

Brains! He tried to stop thinking about them. . .their perfume, those legs! Those breasts! Finally, the Captain turned on the monitor and set the switch for cabin 12 ! The color screen sprang to life and showed the interior of the women's cabin. Another pushbutton was touched and the bathroom was shown. Sean was just stepping into the tub,about to take a shower. Her beautiful breasts ,now unfettered by bra, swung slightly, her body slick with soap and water. Captain Smirk scanned the bedroom;

Sia was nude,except for her hose which she was rolling down one firm thigh.

After observing the pair for several minutes he switched the monitor off.

His cock: blue-steel hard. . .he fought to keep his hands from rubbing it but in the end he stroked himself to climax, thinking about the two blond women,nude in their cabin as they all raced toward EPSLON 5 at almost 100,000 kilometers per second, their bodies so firm and lush, so warm and soft, so very stimulating. . .trained to follow the Commanding Officers ever order!

Tomorrow he would meet with them and assign them their duties.

Captain Smirk had a hard time sleeping. He dreamed that he was sucking on a pair of huge pink nippled breasts, drinking thick cream till he could not hold any more.


Chapter two %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Captain Smirk fought against the desire to switch on the monitor in the Barbie Twins cabin. Finally,he switched the button for cabin 12 and he caught one of the blonde officers just as she slipped on her blue and gold bikini bra into place; adjusting it to help support her magnum size breasts. The other Barbie Twin was sitting on the bed,having just thrown back the sheet and was stretching; raising her arms above her head and thrusting out her magnificent mounds,each with a pink erect nipple that seemed to point directly at the TV camera. Captain Smirk imagined how it might be to kiss the carmine lips of the women, to caress her soft/firm body,smell her musky perfume before he plunged his eager tongue into her tunnel of love, taste her nippled mounds, bite the tips and hear her as she squealed and laughed in his arms. "Damn ! those new Officers and my hormones" he said outloud,just as Cocksure entered the room,catching the Captain with his hand massaging his unit and viewing the half-dressed women on his monitor. "Captain ! I can imagine your condition due to not having any sexual relations for . . .several Earth years,but this is .

. .

rather unusual for you to spy on the female Offices, it it not?"

"Oh yes ! Cocksure! . . .I was just checking to see that they were...err alright!" ,said the embarrassed Captain. Mr. Cocksure thought to himself:

"Yes and checking to see the nude women's sexual equipment no doubt!".

"Captain...if you desire sexual release. . .why not use the Holodecker?", uttered the Science Officer. "Oohhhhhh ! It's just not the same as real flesh and blood women! The holodecker is just so much crap ! Just a bunch of computer magic tricking your mind and dick!", shouted Smirk as he tore of his robe and entered his hot shower,programed to start at 0700 startime.

Lieutenants Sean and Sia Barbie entered the Offices Mess and sat with the other officers in the large ward room. Captain Smirk had allowed a place for them: on either side of his chair; at the head of the white clothed, long table. All of the officers were dressed in the blue spandex outfits with gold stripes . The two women were attired in their blue and gold spandex bra and thong bikinis with black thigh high hose and spike heeled boots. Robots moved silently about the table,bringing pre-packaged food to the group. Into each plate,a robot spooned a large dipper of scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes and several long sausages; each shaped like a erect male penis,complete with ball sacks. Sia noticed that the rest of the men were served with normal looking sausages and they were all watching the women's faces to see their reactions. Both women smiled and secured a sausage and together brought them up and slowly pushed them into their red lipped mouths! The table roared with the approving laughter and shouts of the men as Sia and Sean gobbled up the penis-shaped links.

Captain Smirk spoke to the group,after all had finished breakfast;

he told them that the women Officers were to be treated with respect and no more tricks were in store for them. Sia and Sean stood before all and Captain Smirk pined on their Communicators. He had his fingers inserted in side the bra straps of one of the young women, and fumbled with the pin, rubbing her full bosom and secretly thinking how much he would like to be holding her bare breasts with both hands, bending her over and kissing and sucking each perfumed nipple, thrusting his hard cock deep into her snug "Love Purse". Just as he finished pinning the other officer and was slowly withdrawing his fingers from inside her bra strap, the alarm bell sounded! "Foreign ship has been sighted by long range sensors", announced the speaker/com. Then the room was full of a blue/white light, a loud buzzing sound and Sia and Sean Barbie were teleported out of sight in a flash of purple light! When the officers looked again; in the chairs and on the deck,where each woman had stood was a pile of bikini bras and thong panties, black thigh high hose ,black spike heel booties,two communicator star pins and a pair of the penis shaped phaser rayguns inside the leather and fur holsters.


Chapter Three %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

When the Barbie Twins materialized seconds later, they had been teleported to a far distant planet that was many light years from the "Enterseptor" Starship. The planet was inhabited by a race of humanoids that called themselves " Domins". They were not warlike but kept to themselves and engaged in technology, exploring the Universe and investigating sexual habits of the life forms through out the Universe. Sean and Sia found themselves standing in a large theater-like room with several females,also nude on a stage affair and the male Domins clad in long grey robes were conducting what looked like a talent or beauty contest. The Twins were helped down from the stage by a tall,thin human looking male with tan skin and rather pointed ears. All the Domin males were thin,tall gaunt looking beings with almost no sexual drive or for that matter almost No sex equipment. Sean and Sia were escorted to a bath area and allowed to clean up. They had their hair done by silent female beings that were also dressed in grey robes. Then the Twins were dressed in a pair of sheer red silk-like short dresses that barely came to their hips.

Each woman had a pair of thigh high red hose and 6 inch high heel shoes on when they were escorted back on stage,minutes later. There were several other "Females" standing with the Barbies. Most were human looking but a few of the "Females" had three breasts and green-

ish looking skin and almost white hair. They had the group of women walk around on the stage as strange "Music" started up. Domins sat around the stage and appeared to be judging the females.

"I think these guys have seen too many of Earth TV" ,Sia whispered to Sean, as they formed a large circle and moved around on the stage.

Then the "Music" stopped and several of the females were taken away.

Among the group left were several of the three breasted females,one long legged blonde with really large blue eyes and Sia and Sean Barbie. They were all led into a laboratory like room where there was several Domins clad in white robes. No one was speaking,but words were forming in their minds. "Greetings Earth Women! We welcome you to Testeroria! Please remove all of your clothing! There is food and drink for all of you. Please relax and try to enjoy yourselves. We regret the unfriendly way we procured your presence but it was very necessary. If you desire, you may dress your bodies in the items before you". Sean and Sia looked and saw a large table filled with all kinds of hot, lushious looking food. Next to the table was a rack holding sheer,lacy items of lingerie and swimsuits. "Wonder what these dudes want from us?" giggled Sia. Sean looked worried but quickly tried on a sheer blue teddy. Her nipples could still be seen quite plainly through the cloth and the short hemline barely came to her nether lips. "I just wish we could get out of Here!

These sex fiends ! Do you feel like I do? Scared as Hell ? And they did kidnapp US ! The bastards ! They KIDNAPPED all of these women !"

grumbled Sean,as they ate and drank and tried to talk to one of the tripple breasted females with snow white hair,but all they got out of her was: "Lomai heriwqer nickowe? Domins bedjuertw-hidesjb?"

So the Twins moved away from her as she jabbered on while trying on a red bra; one with three cups.

Sean was starting to feel strange. . .so sleepy. . .so very, very sleepy. Sia and they others had already sat or fallen down on the floor. Sean's eye lids felt like lead. Just as she sank to the cold floor, she saw several of the white coated Domins enter the room with what looked like a armload of leather straps and handcuffs.

Lt. Sean Barbie woke up to find herself strapped into some sort of sling chair/rack affair. She was completly nude now and secured to a chrome steel-like rig that supported her body . Her arms were strapped to a padded support along side her body. Her ankles were strapped to another bar that kept her legs spread apart. She could see Sia was in the same condition,but it seemed her sister was equipped with a ball-gag and what appeared to be a plastic vibrator inserted into her pussy . Wires were attached to the items. Several wires ran from her head ,arms,legs, belly and all over her body.

They were all connected to a junction box on the chair. A black cable connected the box to a rack of electronic equipment behind them on the wall. Grey robed and white coated male Domins hovered over Sean's Chair. With growing dred and horror,she saw them take a long purple/pinkish, rounded end tube of plastic and shiny aluminum and bring it over to her mouth. They forced it into her mouth,past her full,red lips and into her throat. Sean tried to scream,but only her gagging and gasping was evident as she struggled against several Domins hands and fought against the straps as they secured the plug in her mouth and fitted her with another in her anus and then held her hips as they drove another one into her pussy.Each of her erect nipples were capped with a silver clamp,connected with a wire running to the junction box.

Sean and Sia hung limp and spent,along with several other females in the lab. They all could hear words in their minds telling them :

"We have desired to understand how all cultures think and live. It seems that since our bodies are so different from most of the higher forms of life in the cosmos, we have elected to know your sexual feelings through our "NesTack" or as you Earthpersons call them. . . .

"Computers". Our scientists will experience SEX with each of you thru our electronics.....they will call-in to the equipment in the wall behind you and soon you too will feel their sex and enjoy it . .we hope thru the computers !" Now prepare to be entertained!"

Sean caught the look of terror in Sia's eyes as the sisters glanced over at each other. They had the luxury of resting in the sling chairs that hung from the ceiling and were about 2 feet off the floor of the lab. They could see a line of female beings,each trusted up like them-

selves, each hanging from the ceiling by two thin metal cables. In all, there were 12 females waiting for a call.

Sean could not see the small red dot of light show up on the rack behind her,but she did feel a humming in her rear and then a tingling in her vagina;a growing,swelling feeling as the penis-like object came alive. It was moving in and out,filling her up completly! It seemed to pulsate, throbbing and rotating inside her engorging pussy. Now the one in her mouth was doing the same,causing her to gag and choke and all the time a voice in her brain was saying : "Ohh YES Babe! Yes....yes...can you feel my sex? I can feel alllllll of you! YEssssssss Oh Yessssssssss!"

The room's lighting had dimmed and the sounds of an ancient Earth singing group filled the room. Sia thought it was one called "The Beach Boys" and the song was . . ."Good Vibrations". The smell of Champagne and roses filled the air and Sean thought it so weird: the DOMINS were trying to make it all so "Romantic!". . . so WEIRD!. . . .so Horrible !

Now all the female subjects were writhing in the sling chairs. Their muffled screams amd pleadings were mingled with the sounds of the Beach boys band and good vibrations. Sia Barbie's nipples were tingling and it felt like lips were sucking on each one while her "love nest" was probed and thrust into by the electronic penis. As soon as one sensation would die down,another would start up in a different part of her body. Her nude body was drenched in sweat as she arched her back,gasped and struggled against the growing onslaught of sexual signals fed to her via the rack of computers that blinked and buzzed behind her. Then as all the sensations struck her at once,she experienced a massive,soul shattering orgasm!

The effect was so powerfull that Sia blacked out. Several seconds later she regained conscience and all was calm with her body. Her heartbeat ,along with all her body responses were being monitored by several Domins,in another room. One room that looked down on the room full of women having computerSEX. Through a special one-way plastic screen, they watched each female. They could see her heartbeat, breathing rate and note when she reached her sexual peak; her climax. Special video recording devices caught each of the captive's reactions: Sia and Sean's eyes as they rolled up;

showing only the whites, caught the arched backs. the intake of breaths, the erecting nipples and engorged muscular tention at her sex and then the shudder and release : the explosion of sensations as the orgasm overwhelmed her being; flooding her mind with a mixture of hate,love and joy. Then the relaxed state and that of being spent, tired out...wanting to sleep, to rest.

But as soon as one male Domin scientist was through having "SEX" with one woman,another scientist would make connection and another round of sexual mind probing would begin! Was it day or night? Sia and Sean wondered if Captain James Smirk was looking for them. Would they ever get free of this madness? How long would this continue? After several hours, the minds of all the subjects heard: "Good News Ladies! We have enjoyed each of you and have recorded many EVons of data. Because the sensations of "SEX" is so very pleasurable with you,unlike our normal relations with our Domin mates, we have decided to allow all of you to continue with the project! AND the WHOLE planet of TESTERORIA will be allowed to connect with our computers and sample your delightful body sensations. Having "SEX" will surly catch on and we feel become our most enjoyable pastime!"

Sean and Sia hung in their sling chairs; bound and gagged ,completely worn out. Their hair matted with sweat,clung to their damp shoulders and breasts. They had all experienced non-stop orgasms for 6 1/2 Earth hours.

Now it seemed they would get some rest and sleep for a time. Tomorrow they would be strapped again into the chairs; ready to start a 20 hour day of non-stop "SEX" with a planet of sex-starved Domins. A race of beings who desired to know something about each of the life forms that had the intelligence to master space travel and had evolved far enough that their female spacecraft officers uniforms consisted of : tiny spandex bras and panties, sheer thigh-high silk hose and skyscraper,"fuck-me" high heel leather sling back boots.

***The End***

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