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An Exhibitionist's Fantasy........Part II

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Author's note: After posting our last story, we received quite a few messages. Sometimes reality is better than fiction. These messages are a story in themselves.

We are Scott and Lisa. We like your profile. We gave you access to our private pics. Would like to see yours. Hope you are interested. Love, Scott and Lisa

Hello Scott & Lisa: Your profile is long so we'll read it later. We just met a couple a few weeks ago and don't plan another intimate meeting until next year. We've been in the lifestyle for a while and found it's best if we space out our intimate encounters. A little bit about ourselves, we are more exhibitionists than swappers. We just posted a story in the sex stories section. You can find it in the new stories. It's entitled "An Exhibitionists’ Fantasy". The story is fantasy, but there is one scene with Bernie and Ellen in the bed that really happened. Let us know what you think. We are logged on so that we can check the responses to our story. If you're still interested, perhaps we can meet next year. Bernie & Ellen

Bernie and Ellen-- Pretty cool stories. You should read ours in our profile. We would be a good fit. What would you charge for a sex show?

Scott & Lisa: What do you think a show is worth? Of course you would be able to direct our show, posing us any way you want. You would be in control telling us what to do. One couple even had Ellen masturbate with her vibrator sitting nude on their couch with her legs wide open for better viewing, We also allow touching and feeling with no limits as to where you place your hands. Would it be just you and Lisa, or would you invite another couple? We are older, are you OK with our age? Our experience tells us that younger couples prefer couples their own age, even if they're only watching. This is Bernie writing, the money may induce Ellen to do another show sooner than we had planned. The part of the story about Ellen's fantasy to be paid is true. We will be tied up for the next few weekends. Bernie

Scott & Lisa: We got our start at the Edgewater Hotel in Oakland. The hotel catered to the swinging crowd. All the rooms had patio doors that faced an enclosed courtyard. Couples would leave their dr*pes open as an invitation to watch. This of course attracted a lot of couples curious but uninitiated into the lifestyle. Since most couples at the hotel danced and socialized in the lounge, the bedroom action didn’t start until 11:00 or 12:00 in the evening. But a procession of the “curious looky loos” would start much earlier. We would watch couples from the Jacuzzi in the middle of the courtyard as they paraded by empty rooms. On a lark, we walked up to a couple and asked if they wanted to “watch.” They agreed and followed us into our room. We left the dr*pes open thinking this would make our “guests” more comfortable. They sat in 2 chairs placed by the side of the bed. I stood behind Ellen, and removed her robe as we faced this strange couple. The looks in their faces as they took in Ellen’s nakedness for the first time was priceless. We would always start with a passionate kiss as we both stood naked in front of our audience. Then we would move to the bed and make love. Needless to say this was the start of our special shows. Each couple’s reaction was so very different. Some would sit and not move. Some would walk around the bed to observe us from different angles. But the one that stood out we’ll call the “close up couple.” They got their faces right into the action. As Ellen sucked on my cock, our guests had their faces within inches of hers. We were in a “69” position, and before I knew it the wife had her face right up to mine and started talking to me, as my tongue licked away at the pussy before me. Being the gracious host I took “time out” to answer her questions. But the Grand Finale was even more memorable. The husband asked if he could watch the cum ooze out of Ellen. She obliged by opening her legs wide as she lay on her back. He put his face inches from her pussy for a extra close up view. ……….. We later learned that some couples preferred the privacy of closed dr*pes, and others like the dr*pes opened. The opened dr*pes always drew a huge crowd pressing up against the glass doors. The Edgewater has since closed and we plied our trade at the Red Rooster in Las Vegas. Again that venue attracted many newbies. They were always easy to spot in the crowd. After striking up a conversation we would eventually get around to asking what they expected for the evening. The answers were all pretty much the same, in that they just wanted to see what the place was about. Of course we offered to put on a private show in one of the bedrooms. They would follow us in, and close the door. Like before I would stand behind Ellen, and one by one remove her clothes as we stood in front of our new “friends.” The reactions were all the same when the last piece of clothing came off. Of course sometimes the other husband would help with the last items, especially the bra and undies. We must have performed in front of at least 30 couples over the years. All kept their clothes on except for 3. And the most erotic experiences were with the ones who kept their clothes on. It's been 2 years since we've done our last show. Getting paid would be new for us and takes our shows to a whole new level. Bernie

Bernie and Ellen-- We would love to help you out and pay to watch. The price is debatable though. First off, it is up to the seller to set the price. Secondly, we wouldn't want to pay too much as it is much too easy to go to a club and watch a couple there. I would be willing to help her out with her hooker fantasy if you desire. We get together with older couples as much as possible. We think the sex is so much better. Love, Scott and Lisa

Scott & Lisa: We need to make it something that will get her attention. I will try to see if she'll go for $300.00. Do you intend to keep you clothes on or off? Since you're paying it will be your option. But the last time we did a show, the couple although dressed very sexy, kept their clothes on and Ellen was fine with that. For her its your presence that adds to our own libido. Can you be imaginative in your direction of our love making? I'm assuming that both you and your wife will be watching. Are you planning to do this at your house or at a hotel. If the money doesn't motivate her now, she already committed to do a show next July. When it comes to swinging, she's the boss and she sets the schedule. Perhaps the money will entice her to squeeze in another date. Also as a paying customer, you have greater degree on control and greater chance of realizing your expectations. Sometimes that doesn't happen in a chance encounter. At least you understand that we don't expect any type of reciprocity. This is rare with swingers, most usually will want something in return. You're right you can always watch someone in a club. But we'll give you the flexibility to pose us, position us, and place us in any type of position that you can imagine. Ellen will even throw in a masturbation scene with her bullet shaped vibrator if you would like. Or you can hold it against her clit yourself, as she cums. (She's done that in the past) And yes we'll let you have close up looks, if thats what you like. We also allow touching, where and when you want without you or Lisa worrying that we will need to touch you back. If Ellen agrees to do this, you will be able to call the shots as long as it is within our boundaries. All the scenes described in our story are "doable" for us. Any other questions. Love back to you....Bernie & Ellen

Bernie-- We will get back to you. We'll give it some thought.

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