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the move part 1

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?Another tedious job!? I have been moving people?s things for the past 8yrs. In my line of work you meet many interesting characters daily. Sometimes you meet pure assholes. I have traveled all across this country and back again. But recently I did a job that even shocked me, but I cannot even call this a job. At 29yrs old 6?2 and 200lbs. I would say I am in pretty decent shape. Never had any complaints from women or had a hard time getting them for that matter. And being a non smoker and having a physically demanding job I must say my stamina is pretty impressive. Enough about me this Job, this amazing job!

As I hopped out of my truck in the middle of nowhere, VA. Me and my two man crew where gearing up. They set up the truck and supplies and I pre-screened the client and surveyed the work-load. And what a load it is. The salesman mentioned how sweet and sexy the single mother was but I was not prepared for the thick in all the right places 30yrold sex kitten who walked to the door. ?Cum right here? she greeted as she smirked and lead the way into the home. 1 GARAGE, 1 CRAFTS ROOM, TWO LIVING ROOMS, BIG KITCHEN WITH A BAR IN THE MIDDLE, DINING ROOM, AND A MOTHER-INLAW SUITE. Damn watching that ass lead me around the house, so happy there is an upstairs. Up the stairs, is when I first noticed her flirtatious ways. Seems like she was putting on a show as she swayed up to the top floor. Those sweet sweet ass cheeks what I wouldn?t give to bend her over these steps right now. ?You must remain professional? oooppppss maybe I said that a little too loud, judging by her look back and sensual smirk. I reply with a grin myself. 2 BEDROOMS FULLY FURNISHED 1 BATHROOM, MASTER SUITE, AND AN ATTIC. As we return from the attic down the steps ?thank you so much, I would have died trying to move and transport this house by myself?. She stops on the bottom step unzips my pants grabs my dick, never losing eye contact. ?I like professionals? she says with that same sensual smirk from the steps and then engulfs my dick down her throat. Her lips reach the base of my cock and she just holds me tight. Feeling me harden in her warm wet mouth she slowly pulls away dragging her tongue at the underside of my cock. Damn her mouth is great as she withdraws she sucks on the tip of my cock, as if it was a nipple in my mouth. As I place my hands on the back of her head, she grabs my wrist pulls them away. This is just a show of my initial gratitude. If you keep this to yourself and do a great job, this will be a move you never forget. ?Damn I have hit the jackpot with you miss?. ?Just call me bubbles, now time for some hard work? she laughs and continues back to the living room. Literally I think as I shove my rock hard cock back into my pants. And again watch bubbles ass glide down the steps.

As I walk outside my two man moving crew is all most completely set up, and the packers are pulling into the drive way. So how can we move if the packers are late? They smile as I jokingly hassle Monica and Nicole. Me a little more chipper now than the day started and since I been working with them on many jobs for the last 5yrs assumed why the were so late. See Nicole shouldn?t be a packer. She has a body that screams Playboy at the very least lingerie model. If I had to guess I would say 34-28-38+. She has an ass and hips on her that doesn't look like they belong to her but fit so well on her tight frame. Monica on the other hand looks like she never wore make-up or a skirt in her life, not ugly by any means, or femine for that matter either. She has a great body and no matter how she tries to hide it under sports ?bras and sweatpants seeing her naked would get a rise out of any man. These two had worked as a team for the almost five years and seem to have a great work chemistry and based on the way the looked at each other sometimes I assume a sexual chemistry that has been confirmed through much innuendo over the years. Again ?it seems like ya?ll had great nights, to be dragging behind so much this morning?. Monica smirked at me ?I was so hungry need to pull over and eat something? I had a very good idea by how crimson red Nicole?s cocoa skin-tone turned. Time for work Nicole said as they went to greet bubbles with hugs, the crew noticed the female pleasantries, and chalked it up to a vagina thing. But after my experience I wondered after watching how they greeted each other and my experience all of 15minutes ago what they experienced there first two days here.

The next two hours seems like any other job. The packers were finishing up the small items of the house ready to begin protecting bigger items. My crew was bringing out boxes and some heavy furniture items so we could have more room to maneuver the rest. I noticed Jake the older of the two seemed to be missing for a while. I just assumed he was tackling one of the beds or other dismantling jobs we had to attack. Little did I know?.

?Hey Bubbles? Jake said ?would you mind if I use one of your rest rooms? her reply was very pleasant Jake thought ?yes, sweetie of course let me lead the way to the most comfortable spot? Jake followed up the steps to the master suite, really he was following her ass he did not even know where he was till she turned around and said here we are. Still looking towards her ass he must have been in a daze or day dreaming. When they made eye contact he was busted and new it, she smiled ?were you dreaming just now? ?something like that ma?am?. ?Well then maybe since you are so out of it maybe I can help you the way you are helping me?. He had no idea what she meant, until she walked up very close to him, so close her breast was brushing against his chest and he could see straight through her cleavage. He froze up and was very silent as if he was holding his breathe as she reached in his pants and pulled out his growing dick. She led him to the toilet and said I can hold and aim but you still have to shoot. He felt so much more relaxed at her sexy humor he laughed and did just that. And shot a stream that he hoped with never end, just to continue to have her hands wrapped around his dick. As Jake finished bubbles gave him a few shakes, and then some extras. Gently stoking his dick from the base to the tip, her thumb and index finger tightly encircling his width. Jake enjoying the hand job, head in the air eyes closed did not even notice Tyrone enter the bathroom until he heard a second fly unzip.

Tyrone the youngest in the crew at 24yrs old seemed to be the energy man. As the older members paced themselves and worked smart, Tyrone had one speed -all out. Tyrone didn?t need a word or invitation he quickly crawled underneath bubbles skirt. ?You are a very forward young man huh? his only reply was sliding his tongue deep in bubbles wet hole. No panties to get in the way, he went to town on her twat. Tyrone would extend his tongue deep inside her till she grabbed his right ear with her free hand. And then slowly swivels his tongue in a circular motion as he withdrew. All he could hear was her moans and the grunts from his co-worker as he must have been getting one he?ll of a hand-job. As Tyrone would retreat his tongue from her hole he would lick his way up to her clit. As bubbles legs started to shake he felt she was close, so he focused all of his attention on her clit. He sucked her in and held her tight as his tongue played with the contents of his mouth. She was in heaven. Clawing Tyrone?s neck and stroking Jake with a vigor he couldn?t compare to anyone else. As Tyrone sucked and sucked she grabbed and grabbed until all her sound stopped but her whimpers as she flooded Tyrone?s mouth with her sweet juices. Jake stood there in amazement and as Tyrone re-emerged bubbles dropped to her knees and swallowed Jake into her mouth with a hunger. Tyrone pulled out his cock and brought it to her face as well, but bubbles just took his hand and placed it on his own dick as she continued to suck Jake deeper and deeper. Sucking Jake off and watching Tyrone stroke his own dick seemed to stimulate and excite bubbles so much. She began to pull on her nipples as she would take all of Jake down her throat. With-out warning Jake exploded down her throat. Bubbles was not pre-pared for the flood that was drowning her, so as she gagged and withdrew Jake from her wet mouth, his cum would run from her lips down to her exposed breast. She seemed to love being a cum-slut because her reaction was just to rub into her skin as he continued his last squirts ?Thank you boy?s again for all your help? if you keep this to yourself then maybe just maybe later on could be even better. My two man crew seemed to be slacking off I joked with the packers, Monica smiled and said some customers are needier than others. ?You are right about that? is all I could say with-out possibly saying too much and messing up any hopes of finishing my day how it started. What have you guys been up too, ?you know our motto customer first? Tyrone replied. ?

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