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somewhere in france

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He left the conference room about 8pm that night, after spending the better part of the day trying to work out the details of the new proposal. Begging off the dinner invitation from the others he just wanted to get back to the hotel and grab dinner by himself in the corner cafe.

The sun was setting as he let himself out the front door. The evening was slightly cool and the shopkeepers were closing up. The cafes were just starting to get busy with dinner business. He passed a few people in a hurry to get home with arms filled with flowers and groceries for dinner. Turning the corner he found himself on a deserted street. His footsteps echoed along the cobblestones. At the end of the street there was small cafe with two empty tables out front. The door was open and he saw the lone bartender polishing glasses.

Hesitating for only a second he walked through the door. The bartender looked at him and indicated he could sit wherever he wanted. The cafe was small and had room for eight tables inside and four seats at the bar. An older couple was in the corner having dinner and twon young women shared a bottle of wine and cheese. He chose a small table near the door. The table was set for two. A small printed menu was on the table next to a bright red gerbera daisy.

Settling back in the chair he allowed himself to relax. Looking at the menu he saw the cafe featured a handful of items and several wines. The bartender came over with a bottle of sparkling water and a baguette. He quickly decided on the coq au vin and a glass of burgundy. The waiter returned with the wine and after the first sip felt the day leave him.

The food was simple but expertly prepared and the second glass of wine mellowed him out. He watched as a handful of people trickled into the cafe for a late dinner. He was enjoying watching the other guests in the cafe and creating stories about each table in his mind.

He first noticed her as he was waiting for an espresso. She walked into the cafe and took a seat at the bar. She was tall with dark hair pulled into a loose chignon. She wore a black trench coat with boots and had a bright scarf around her neck.

The bartender dropped off the espresso and returned to the bar. She lit a cigarette and asked for a glass of wine. He watched her drink her wine and blow smoke rings. She was completely unaware of anyone else in the cafe. She was an attractive woman and so clearly French.

He studied her profile as he drank his espresso. He idly wondered about her. What was her story? Did she have someone in her life? Where was he? What did she do? What was underneath the trenchcoat?

The espresso was gone and he couldn't really make an excuse to linger any longer. He motioned to the bartender for his check. The bartender returned with another espresso and said in heavily accented English "From the woman at the you can stare longer". His cheeks warm, he mumbled a thank you to the bartender. She turned around and met his eyes. She smiled and then turned back to her wine.

She finished the glass and left a few coins on the bar. She gathered her things and met his gaze. He noticed she had green eyes and a strong nose. Her skin was clear but her mouth was a little lopsided. He lifted his espresso cup and nodded in her direction. As she passed by his table on her way out he could smell her perfume.

Curious about her but not wanting to appear as if he was following her he waited a few minutes before he walked outside. He paused and looked around but didn't see her. He turned the corner to walk back to the hotel and saw her standing under the streetlamp smoking a cigarette.

He walked over to her. Neither of them said anything. She tossed her cigarette and grabbed his hand and le him down the street. She pulled him into an alley and pushed him against the wall. Curiosity quickly turned into desire for him. She traced his lower lip with her finger. He opened his mouth and she slipped her finger inside. He sucked the tip of her finger and gently bit down. She pulled her finger out and slipped it into her mouth. He watched her slowly pull her finger out of her mouth.

He walked over to her. Neither of them said anything. She tossed her cigarette and grabbed his hand and le him down the street. She pulled him into an alley and pushed him against the wall. Curiosity quickly turned into desire for him. She traced his lower lip with her finger. He opened his mouth and she slipped her finger inside. He sucked the tip of her finger and gently bit down. She pulled her finger out and slipped it into her mouth. He watched her slowly pull her finger out of her mouth.

Neither of them were saying anything. He held his breath as he waited for her next move. She smiled and pushed him back up against the wall. She grabbed his hands and held them over his head. Using one hand she slipped it into his trenchcoat and felt his chest. She ran her hand up and down the sides of his chest. Stepping a foot closer she wedged her leg between his legs.

She quickly pulled his shirt out of his pants and slipped her hands under his shirt. Her hands were cold but his skin was warm to the touch. She moved her hands to his ass and held it in her hands, squeezing. She moved closer to him and used her tongue to trace his earlobe. His breathing grew shallow as she poked her tongue in his ear. His cock was solid and straining at his pants. She seemed not to notice. She kissed his neck and nipped the skin between her teeth. Her perfume was in his nose.

Her hands were unbuttoning his shirt. She licked and sucked his nipples and continued sqeezing his as. He tried to push himself closer to her but she pulled away. Her teasing was both maddening and erotic.

As she stepped back she loosened the belt on her coat. She was in a black sweater and a short black skirt with boots. She ran her hands over her chest and touched her breasts. She slowly lifted her skirt a few inches. He could see the tops of her stockings and a garter belt. She teased him by raising and lowering the skirt.

She then moved his hands behind his ass. Kissing him she grabbed his belt buckle. She undid the buckle and felt his cock through his pants. She traced the sides of it with her fingers and reached back to squeeze his balls.

She straddled his leg and rubbed herself up against him. She wriggled out of her coat and took off her sweater. She was wearing a lacy black bra. Her nipples were hard and poking through the flimsy fabric.

He reached for her and nuzzled her chest. He bit her nipples through the bra and lifted up her skirt to grab her ass. He licked her neck and buried his face between her breasts as she rode his leg.

She pushed him off of her and stood back. She lowered his zipper and tugged his pants down. His cock sprang free and his pants pooled around his ankles. He was against the wall with his coat and shirt open and his pants were around his ankles. She looked into his eyes then gazed down at his body. He felt exposed in the alley and a bit at her mercy but he made no move to cover himself or to reach for her.

She pulled him closer to her and kissed him while reaching for his ass. She grabbed his cock and started stroking it with both hands. She started in the middle and moved one hand to the tip and the other to the base of his shaft. He bucked his hips and started moaning quietly. She dropped to her knees and ran her hands up and down his thighs. She moved closer to his cock and kissed the tip of it. Precome oozed out of the tip. She licked it away and licked the underside of the head.

She took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the ridge. He spread his legs. She reached up and tugged at his balls. She took him deeper into her mouth and began sucking him. He pushed into her and she swallowed him deep. She pressed against the sweet spot between the balls and the cock and felt him shudder. She knew she had him right where she wanted him.

Her mouth was like velvet - warm and soft and wet. She greedily sucked his cock, grazing her teeth along the sides. He knew he wasn't going to last very long. She sensed he was about to come and her pace quickened. Unable to hold back any longer he groaned and exploded into her mouth. She swallowed everything and licked her lips as she disengaged herself.

As his breathing returned to normal she stood up and moved against the wall. She started playing with her breasts, twisting her nipples and squeezing. She lifted up her skirt and ran a finger along her clit. He turned to her and dropped to his knees. He pushed her hands away from her skirt and lifted it himself.

She was a black lace garter but no panties. He could smell her musk and her pussy was dripping. Her thighs were shiny with her juices. She was expertly waxed and her clit was hard. He slid a finger along her wetness and she responded with a moan. He traced the sides of her clit with two fingers. She pushed against his hand. He slipped a finger deep inside her, then two. She bucked against his hand and pushed his head into her pussy.

He inhaled her scent and his face became covered with her juices. He licked her velvety folds and tasted her. He flicked her clit with his tongue then sucked on it. He kept his fingers inside her as he sucked on her clit. She spread her legs as far as she could so he wouldn't miss anything. She was grabbing and squeezing her breasts as he buried his face in her pussy. He stuck his tongue deep inside and squeezed her ass. He moved a finger to her rosebud. Slick with her wetness he inserted his middle finger into her ass. She gasped and tensed up but then relaxed and he was able to move his finger. He put his index finger back inside her cunt and worked the two together. HIs mouth was on her clit and she had two fingers deep inside. She cried out and bucked against his hand. She shuddered and exploded in an orgasm as she came hard on his face. He licked her clean.

They were both ready for something more. His cock was hard and he rubbed himself a few times. He pulled her to him and kissed her, their tongues exploring each other. They both tasted their sex on each other.

He turned her around to face the wall. He lifted her skirt and stared at her ass. It was round and firm and so inviting. He rubbed himself against her and she pushed back. But that was so cute. He reached around and roughly grabbed a breast, kneading it between his fingers. He knew what she wanted. He pulled his hand back and spanked her hard. She stopped moving for a second then pushed her ass back against him. He spanked her again. He reached between her legs and felt her wetness. He slid his fingers into her pussy again. He spanked her again. Her ass was hot to the touch so he bent down to kiss it.

Not able to control himself any longer he spread her ass cheeks and sunk himself deep into her cunt. She moaned and moved back. He was big and he filled her up inside. He held onto her hips as he moved in and out. She moved back to meet every thrust. Her hand was on her pussy stroking her clit. He increased the tempo and his balls were slapping her ass. He quicly pulled out and spanked her again before fucking her deep. He reached around and pushed her hand away as he rubbed her clit. She was swearing in French.

She was so warm and wet and tight. His cock was sliding in and out. He pulled his hand away from her clit and leaned back a little so he could finger her ass again. She cried out and pushed back hard.

He felt her come. Her pussy tightened and clenched against his cock. It was more than he could take. He let himself go and exploded deep within her. They were both on fire as they felt each other's sex.

She pulled her skirt down and pulled her sweater over her head. Grabbing her coat she kissed him on the mouth and walked down the alley toward the streetlamp.

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