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our first bi swinging experiences plus added surprises

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After 5 years of marriage we had enjoyed all aspects of sex a man and woman could enjoy together. The love we had for each other had blossomed and flourished ever since we met. Yet there is a yearning to tame some of the fantasies we have had most of our lives that we can not fulfill with just each other. I had decided that I will try to fulfill some of my wife?s fantasies. I knew our love was true and our bond was tight so I had no fears of what may come from this. After chatting with countless men, women, and other couples, in a swingers web site. We had found that we had formed a friendship with a couple who we seem to have an uncommon bond with. Numerous times we expressed our desires and how to best make them come to life. With our still untamed hunger for a taste in this lifestyle. We welcomed suggestions from our more experienced new friends.

Then the time came, we planned an enjoyable dinner at their choice of restaurant.

A lovely little Italian restaurant with loud music, dim lighting, and roaring fireplace set an atmosphere for a private setting among a crowded room. Secrecy seemed to be the top special of the evening among all the patrons. Even working the tables taking orders were young handsome men expressing a secret desire to be aloud to join one of the groups they were attending too. At our small fabric covered table I had my lovely wife Breanne to my right and across from me was Robert and to my left was Sherry. Both women were lovely brunettes, shoulder length hair, full rounded breasts, and legs that would not quit. Our conversation was erotic every topic being enhanced with sexual gestures and the never ending thought of what will follow. Our waiter has come to our table multiple times to check on us. Not hiding the fact that he is obviously excited himself. An aroused member in his folded slacks waiting at eye level for a glare or a gesture. As our server stands between Breanne and Robert asking multiple questions so to get multiple responses from all of us. Sherry speaks up to inform us that the waiter is offering her a dessert. The waiter leans over toward the center of the table with 2 slow turns of his head and states. He has enough dessert for all four of us. Roberts eyes meets mine, as to confirm what we both had expected that our waiter was bi. Robert licked his lips with anticipation of inviting this dark tanned young man to join us after his shift. I had not expected to get involved in a bi experience myself, but the idea of an all out bi experience had gotten my own hefty organ to swell. Quickly a note was written on a napkin with directions by Sherry and given to the waiter. After a deep breath the waiter, smiled and spoke out ?I will bring your desserts right out to you. Confirming our invitation to join us tonight for a night of pleasures.

Now the topic has quickly changed to the fact that Robert was bi. I was a little surprised that the topic hasn?t been brought up before. I now find that not only Breanne Will have her fantasy fulfilled tonight but I myself will fulfill my secret fantasy that no one knew of, but my own deep thoughts. My mind is now occupied of having not one but two men servicing me. Quickly my mind is running through ideas of how I can service these 2 men as well. Thoughts of how I love to have my own cock sucked, licked, stroked and caressed fill my mind. A technique is forming in my mind and is awaiting the opportunity to try it out.

As dinner is now well under way Robert excuses himself from the table to retire to the restroom. As he leaves his seat he gestures that I to join him, Noticing a huge bulge that has formed in the front of his trousers. I quickly speak out ? that sounds like a good idea?. Breanne quickly turns her head to stare at me as to inform that she knew why I was going to the restroom and smiles. I get up and start following Robert to my surprise I over hear Breanne tell Sherry that she has always wanted to see Bob with another man. A topic I never knew she ever had. My wife watching me have sex with another man? My cock is now swelling with the thought, pressing to escape its prison of cloth, throbbing in anticipation.

As I walk into the restroom I couldn?t help but notice all the larger than normal private stalls. I see Robert by the sinks standing in front of a large mirror that expanded Across the entire wall from the sinks to the urinals. I walk over and quickly notice that I can see in the mirror another man standing in front of the urinal stroking his own cock with his eyes closed. I don?t think he even knows anyone else is in the room. Robert smiles at me and puts his finger to his mouth as to gesture quiet. We quietly stand there and watch this guy who seems like an employee stroke his nice hard cock. When we notice that it is our waiter who we had just invited to join us later in the evening. We quickly get focused on his spit lubricated cock as we hear him moan. Faster his pace quickens and we both know that our show is about to climax. Slapping sounds now fill the air as our waiter force ably pounds his swollen red tipped member. Watching him twist and dip as his knees are weakening by the built up pressure deep in his large balls.

Suddenly a groan escapes as we watch streams of his hot man juice explode and hit the Back of the urinal. His stroking now slows as to enhance the orgasmic feeling and tantalizing his cum covered cock head as he spreads the cum up and down his shaft multiple times. Bringing his cum covered hand to his own mouth and sucking his cum off each finger. As he reaches the last finger he opens his eyes and turns toward us and smiles. As to Ask ?Did you enjoy the show?. Without missing a step Robert leans over and engulfs The waiters cum covered cock taking every inch In. sucking the entire shaft clean. Removing his mouth from the waiters cock he gently slips it back in his trousers and zips him up. Stands up and smiles back and wispers ?Thanxs for the appetizer?? The waiter walks toward the door and says his break is over now, and leaves the room.

?Wow, I cant believe you just did that. I stated to Robert. ? He was asking for it, so I had too test the waters,? replied Robert. ?So what did you think? Did you enjoy the show? I noticed you didn?t interrupt him or speak out,? Robert was fishing for a particular answer, a topic I thought I would never mention out loud was about to leave my mouth. Robert staring at the hard on that I was sporting, awaiting my answer. ? Yea I thought it was interesting, You shocked the hell out of me when you cleaned his cock off.? Robert quickly replied , ? Shocked or excited ? Glancing down at my bulging cock.

A deep nervous feeling came over me, not knowing what to say, but not wanting to miss the opportunity to explore my deepest secret. I just came out and said it.?I had been curious to know what it would be like to share another man with my wife? A big smile gleaming from Roberts face. ?Do you want to find out tonight? You can experience the best of both worlds right now.? Replied my friend. Robert explaining why they chosen this restaurant tonight. We have been coming to the place for over a year now and have found that it is filled with all types of swingers straight, bi, and gay people comes here to meet new people. This is a secret that all the patrons keep to themselves. Did you notice the unusual table spacing and this restroom and the waiters unusual demeanor? ? Yea, I was curious about why this mirror and the stalls were larger than normal. I replied. Let me show you some of what can happen in here.

Walking to the first stall door Robert opens it and tells me to look inside. ?Do you see anything unusual? Robert asked. ?Yea what are the sliding covers? All the handles are probably for handicap patrons, Why is there handle bars behind the toilet? I asked curiously. A laugh reins from the next stall followed by a husky voice. ? I like to show you why? Robert grinned and quickly asked me, ?Well can he?? watching my face for Any expression I like to give him. ?Sure, Why not. I invited . Quickly I hear a sliding sound and an invitation to slide open the small cover in my stall. I nervously slide it open revealing a hole. I slowly bend over to peak inside the hole to uncover its secret. Quickly I jump back trying to dodge something coming through it. I was face to face with the head of a hard cock. I had heard stories about glory holes in dirty book stores but thought they were just stories. Now here I am facing an opportunity to play with another cock besides my own. Robert waiting for a gesture from me, nudges me in my hip and asks. ?What are you waiting for?? ?Take It? Feeling uneasy and very nervous I slowly move closer to this protruding object and open my mouth to take in the first inch or two. Testing the contours with my tongue as I take more and even more into my dry mouth.

Suddenly I hear a soft moan filter through the air and I realize that my partner next door was enjoying what I was doing. This excites me and urges me to do even more. My tongue exploring every bump, every vein, every crevice, The moans get louder as I probe the crevice at the tip of my new found toy. With my tongue lapping up and down the shaft of this nice wet cock I feel the muscles tighten and it seemed to increase in size suddenly. My hand is slowly massaging his heavy bag of marbles, when suddenly I realized what I love to have done to me. My index finger probing the tight skin behind his Sack pressing and rubbing the inner shaft of his cock. Engulfing his cock in my mouth once again tightly bobbing my head up and down sliding my wet lips over the veins on his thick shaft. I feel his sack tighten and drawl in my hand. This strangers moans getting Louder and louder and the pumping of his organ in my mouth is being urged by him slamming his cock in my mouth reaching to the back of my throat tickling my gag reflex.

I suddenly feel a swelling in this cock I have in my mouth and quickly realize that im about to get my first load of another mans cum. My mind swirling with the decision to take it in my mouth or pull out and let it explode onto my face. Do I give out in front of Robert and never live it down or take it like a pro? I remove my mouth from his organ to inform Robert that he is going to blow and quickly engulf it again. Robert rapidly tells me to swallow it or he will. The offer is very tempting to watch my friend savor another load of cum in front of me. But Suddenly a warm blast hits the back of my throat and forces me to swallow. I realize that I don?t have a choice any longer and concentrate in welcoming More of his cum to erupt and to truly experience my first taste of another mans cum. Another load lands on my tongue as I continue to bob my head covering his cock with a mixture of his cum and my saliva tasting his salty treat each time I slide my tongue along the underside. Suddenly my new cock toy is pulled back through the hole That it came from and out of my mouth. Dribbles of cum is pulled from my mouth and Drips down my chin. Robert quickly takes his finger and scoops the lingering cum from my chin and tastes it. ? That?s a good year? Robert laughs and quickly offers me a hand to get up. Smiling from ear to ear he Burst out ?Well how did you like it??. I looked at hin cant help but to laugh at his big grin and reply ? I liked it, only it didn?t last long enough. Laughing I begin to walk out of the stall and am hit with a piece of folded up paper coming from the neighboring stall. ?Well what the hell? I quickly blurted out.

Robert picked up the paper and opened it. ?well looks like you can get another chance For more? He laughs and hands me a phone number and a name as we walk out and back to the ladies.

To Be Continued:

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