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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "New Neighbor Part 2".


new neighbor part 2

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Well I hope you read new neighbor first, You would know what im talking about lol. Im Judy married to a trucker and spend a lot of time alone. Then a yng black guy move in other half of our duplex. I heard him many of time doing girls at his place. loud and very noise.It got to much and I made a pass at him and he took me up and fuck me pretty good, He has a 10 thick cock. He had told me that black guys fuck when and where they want and that he love the ideal of having his little white slut next door lol Well a couple days had gone by and we didn't see each other. But then when I came home from work he was in drive getting package out of his car.He had a few and ask me to grab some. So I grab some and followed him. He threw his on the table so I went over and put my down. That when he step up behind me and wrap his arm around me, cupping my titt. and ask me how his little white slutt doing. I told him I was getting by.That when he press against my ass grinding his cock again my ass. Still playing with my titties , He told me his cock was thinking about my white pussy all day lol . Still hold me against him he pull me a ways away from the table.. He slowly slide one hand down to the end of my skirt and then slide his hand up under my skirt. When he hit my panties he laugh and said my pussy most be think about his cock. they where soak. Then he slide hand into them, rubbing my pussy. He laugh again and told me that I was a good little slutty because I trim the hair around my pussy like he told me too. So with his grinding and play with titties and pussy I was getting really hot and wet. That when he stop and step back away from me. I turn around to see him undo his pants and slide them down. He smile at me and told me to take my clothes off. I kinda stood there checking him out. that when he said in his bossy voice, TAKE YOU CLOTHES OFF NOW so I got out of them as fast as I could. With his pants down he sat on the couch. His cock was rock hard and he just smile telling me to come over. so I did. he told me to knee down and suck on his cock. Know he meant it I kneeled down and started to suck his cock. All the time I was sucking he was telling me that I was getting to be a really good slut. He was holding my head as he started to fuck my face. then he let go and told me to stand up. so i did. That when he grab his cock and lean back into the couch. Tell me to climb on top and ride his cock. I was more then read to do that. So i climb on and he guide his cock to my wet pussy. I started to slowly push down , when the head of his cock pop inside me. that's when he grab my hip's and started to slam up to me and trying to push me down on it. It hurt be i found myself pushing down too.When I took all I could I started to ride it up and down. feeling him meeting me. wasn't long and we both where cumming and his juice pumping into me. we both collapse breathing heavy. After a bit I slowly climb off him with his cock pop out of me and juice flow all over. he took his short and wipe some of our mess up. I started to pick my clothes up when he said to leave them and I could get them later. That we need to hit the shower now. I told him I had to go because a friend was coming over. He said he wanted to fuck me some more. I told him I had to go, He got a bit piss and grab his cock waving it at me. Don't you want more of this cock. I told him yes but I had to go. So he smiled and told me to go but the next time he wanted to fuck I better come run and be ready to show him a good time. I told him I would. Then I duck out the back door and clean up before my girl friend came. She was there for a few hours then left.She no longer then left and my phone rang. it was my neighbor , telling me that he saw her leave and ask me what I was doing. I told him I was picking up and getting ready for bed. He said I was wrong and that it was time to pay. I kinda laugh at it and said okay , what do I owe/. So he told me that I was to strip down to my birthday suit and to come over to his place now. I laugh because it wasn't dark out yet. he told me he was serious. So I told him I would but to have his back door open so I could get in fast. he laugh and said no, that I had to pay for not fucking him when he told me too. That I would use his front door. I told him someone mite see me. He laugh and said it was my owned fault and to hurry up.So I look out and didn't see anyone but it was still light out. His door was a little ways a way. Then I notice it open up and was wide open .I figure I could run fast , no one would see me. lol So I strip down and look again, Didn't see anyone one. So I open the door and started to run for it.That when his door shut. I was more then halve way so I keep running, I hit the door and it was lock. Dam him, I could hear a car coming down the road as I pounded on his door.Seem like for ever before he opened it. There he stood in the door naked and rock hard. Laugh ting he grab me and pulled me in. Aught telling me pay back is all was bad. and that I better be a better slut or next time could be worst. That he like teaching slut a lesson lol. Then he told me to go to his room and get ready to do what I was told. When I got there he had to room all light up. he told me to get on the bed and lay back , so I did. then he sat down beside me playing with me. tell me that I was his slut and that I was going to do what every he wanted. he was playing with my pussy and it was getting wet and hot. he told me to tell him I was his slut. so I was telling him I was his slut. he make me tell him louder and louder. That when he stop and grab some lotion he had and started to pour it all over my pussy and running all over me. He then smile and pick up a shave and said his slut is going bald and to spread me legs wide. I slow spread them and he went about shave my pussy. When he finish he took more of the lotion and pour it on my pussy and running all over. rubbing it all over telling me it would feel good after be shaved. It was really slippery stuff as he rub and pour it over me. I was getting pretty hot with him doing this.then he stood up and slowly stroke his cock with the lotion on his hands. Telling me to get on hands and knee on the bed so he could fuck me doggie style.So I got up and move to edge of bed in front of him. he move up and rub his cock on my well oil legs . Moving up to my pussy. with all the lotion on me and his cock , his cock slide easy into my pussy. One had was pulling me into him as his other. hand was rubbing the lotion that was all over me. he was having me beg him to fuck me. Asking me to get louder and louder.he started to pull cock way out then slam back in. Each time further and further. But with so much lotion on my pussy, cock and every where else, it was slide really easy. So then he took hold of his cock as he pulled all way out , then slam back into my pussy. this was getting me really hot and wet. he did this a few time. guide and slam back into my pussy. his other had pulling me back to him. I was pushing back to meet him.Then with out warning he pull it out but when he went to slam back in , he raise it up some and slam it against my ass hole. With all the oil and his slamming and I was coming back, his cock head pop into my ass. I yelled as it pop in, telling him he miss my pussy. He was laugh and said he knows. By know he had both hands holding my hips and slamming harder into my ass. I told him it hurt but he keep slam into me deeper and deeper.. telling me I was his slut and he would fuck all my holes. After a bit he had a lot of it in me. he stop and pull back some, and poured some more oil down my ass crack and on his cock. making it a bit easier to take. then he told me to fuck his cock with my ass, to ride it.so I started to work it back and forth, slowly working some back in. He was laugh telling me what a good slut I was. Then he grab my hip again and started to slam deep again, tell me to push back. Wasn't long and he had all 10 slam into my ass fucking me. He was shooting his load into me as he slam rest in. we feel on bed wore out. after we caught our breathe he slide off. telling me now I was his slut and that when I don't do what told, I would pay for it. he pull me up and said let go wash up some. so we went and was take a quick shower with him play with me getting me hot and wet again. now my pussy really want some cock. when we got out of shower he push me against the wall picking me up some. he work his cock to my pussy and started to push it home. I wrap my legs around him, hold on to make it easier for him.once he had it slam into me , he pull me off the wall and started to fuck and carry be back to the bedroom.. as we got back into the room he stop near his desk, where his computer sets. he told me to look at his desk. when I look down I seen it was on with with a pic of his bed in mid screen, and about 5 cam view log on watching his cam. his cam that was focus on his bed, the bed he just fuck me on. they seen it all. he started to laugh and say pay back. then took me over to the bed and fucking me. yes cam was still on and they where watch but at that time I didn't care. I was moaning and yelling fuck me

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