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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "My Fun Single Lifepart 2".


my fun single lifepart 2

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I told you I did not much want to think about the "swin date" Kathy and I had BUT I have reconsidered.

As I have told you, as soon as that cock been pulled out of Kathy's pussy, it was forced into my mouth. It tasted of Kathy and some foreign fluid but was not unpleasant. Kathy was sucking my dick like never before and started to raise up off my arms but a new set of legs began to settle down on my upper arms. All of a suddent I had another mouth on my cock AND another pussy in my face. Kathy was gone and another wet pussy was being slid over my chin and up to my mouth. The dick pulled out of my mouth and the wet pussy slid over my face then the dick went plunging into it right above my nose. Whoever it was started stroking very hard and let his bag slap me in my face again and again with some force. I felt soft titties restng on my stomach and could tell from the bulk of them that they were not Kathys or Carols , so they must be the "other" woman who had come in so I thought "what the heck" and started lapping as she bucked up and down while he was stroking into her, boy was she jucey and enjoying every minute of it. She sucked me with great gusto and i RESPONDED licking and lapping her clit as the cum began to run down onto my face and mouth .. by this time I was completely carried away and greedily licked her pussy and his cock to get every drop I could.

After a rather long lenght of time, I felt her body shudder and felt her teeth tighten on my dick and there began a flood of fluids cascading down into my mouth, almost more than I could swallow, As I licked her I noticed the dick began to pull back a little and more cum began to flow and his bag pulled back a bit uncover my eyes, but I could not yet see who it was that was fucking her.

All of a sudden that cock was being forced into my mouth, this time I did not resist, it pushed it's way down my throat and statred stroking. He stroked in my mouth from quite a wile before he came a small amount and began to draw down and said "he would like to return the favor sometime but I did not do as well as Kathy did" But well enough. The woman who had been so dilligently sucking me, raised her pussy up and I could see a hand start probing her twat and clit very roughly but she raised up even more to accept the play.

About this time the mouth was replaced by another one and I thought it might be Kathy again but it did not fel like her as the woman lifted off I could see it was Carol on my dick now and the guy above my face was the other gals husband, they had doubled teamed me. I got to know later they were Pat and Tom, Carols husband was Larry. As I looked around to find Kathy, I briefly saw her setting on the chaise with Larry standing in front of her with his dick down her throat and her hands cradeling his balls while his hands were carressing her small but really beautiful titties. All of a sudden Carol swung her legs over my head and said "not to bother getting up cause you have not had any of my pussy yet" so I just started lapping her like I had never had one before. She sucked me for awhile and became very wet and started pouring down my face and then sat up on my face "so every drop would be cleaned up" . My dick was just about exhausted then and I had not cummed for her but she said she was very satisfied with my performance. I lay there wondering what could happen now when Kathy appeared over me sat down on my chest with her swollen and dripping pussy right in my face and said "you have not cleaned me up yet and I really need it" and slid her pusy up to my mouth and I started sucking her and tasting several different flavors flowing out of her. I looked at her little pink tipped titties and her flushed face and knew I was tasting 2 guys cum.

About that time Tom walked by and I saw Kathy reach out and fondle his cock for a brief time and he dissappeared. OR so I thought, I then felt a set of hands touch my dick and balls and a mouth desend over it, it startled me, it must be Tom cause no one else went by and the girls went the other way. That thought was kind of disturbing but very sexy too, and I responded vigerously thrusting into his mouth as best as I could , when I had gotten good and hard, a pusy quickly settled over my dick and began to ride up and down. O boy, did thath feel good, Kathy on my face and Pat, I learned later, on my dick. I saw these hands come from back of Kathy and cup her titties twisting he nipples and that made her that much hotter and she bucked hard on my mouth and I tried to get my tongue as far into her as I cound in response. O my, what a time I was having. I finally came for Pat and she schooched down to get all on my cum and sat there untill I had really just shrunk out of her.

Kathy finnally got enough of me cleaning her and slipped up and said we should have a swin so we jumped in and relaxed for awhile watching the other two couplkes fuck and play with each other. I have no idea how many other residents watched us, but I did not care and neither did anyone else.

Later when we had all like of "recover" , it started all over with Tom fucking Carol and Larry diong Pat and we just watched for awhile, everybody naked and touching , playing and groping each other"s gals and guys. It was getting late when we decided to break up but Kathy said to me that she had something special for me. I was totally shocked when she got up and went to the chaise and got on her knees and said for me to come over and lay under her in 69 position, I thought what am I going to get . She then said to Tom and Larry to come over and get behind her and Tom to get in front of her. As we did what she said she said " that you have gotten your fantacy getting to lick my clit while someone fucks me, so I want my fantacy where you eat me while I suck a guys cock while I'm fucked, OK?". How could I say "No" ? So she sucked, got fucked by both of them and I got to taste both their cum as they plunged in and out of her.

After they all left and we had walked back to her apartment, she told me that she had set it all up and that it was Carol that came to her with the idea cause she and Larry had seen us fucking in the pool before and wondered how far we might go. She said we had done so many other exhibionist things before that she thought that it might be really erotic to see us get our fanticies fulfilled, so she/they decided to do it AND they knew another couple who would participate.

Boy, did that ever set me off, WOW. We had many more naked midnight swins there in the complex pool and other times on our boat like I first decribed.

Kathy was the cutest redhead you have ever seen, copper hair and brown eyes, bright brown eyes almost red, a copper covered pussy which she almost always kept shaved, and a slim 5ft 11 in tall. She weihged about 140 and had the most delectable small titties with stand up nipples, oh boy. Many a time we went out to dinner or dancing and I played with them, no bra and no panties always She was the most sexy, enthustiac and unhibited woman you would ever hope to see. She moved for a job and we drifted apart, AND I lost a fantastic woman.

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