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incumming managment

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already 'the super' was sick of hearing his crew talking about the new food/beverage woman. "oh hell man, she's hot".."i'd like to show her around"..."her ass goes on for days" ... "i'm gonna hit that b4 summer is over"...

"you boys better stay the hell away from her, i don't want any sexual harassment paperwork" barked the super. he had to admit tho, she was sexy as hell, dark hair, nice round ass, muscular legs, and that mouth...maybe if he wasn't married.

As the weeks went by, the days got longer & hotter and the girls wore less to get better tips from the 1/2 drunk golfers..it was nearly dark when the super caught a glimpse of a friggin cart girl from the turnshack, "piss on her" he mumbled to himself, "i will not turn off my sprinklers for her late ass..." "eeeeeeeeek" he heard her squeal..he chuckled to himself "right on target" she had ran straight thru the water. oh great! now she's gonna come over here to cry 'cause i got her wet. as she hopped off the cart, he realized it wasn't a cart girl, but the f/b manager..Kimmy...miss everyone around want to fuck her. he also noticed her white tank top...wet, and oh so hard nipples in the evening breeze. "what the fuck dude, you SAW me coming!" she yelled. "yeah i did, and i have a job to keep this place wet, so you have golfers to serve too!" after a few more heated exchanges, the super tuned out to her words and tuned into her heaving chest and full upturned lips inches from his face, she had on those klunky heeled shoes that made her almost as tall as him, AND made her shapely tanned legs look sooo good...he then noticed she wasn't talking anymore, she had an odd look on her face too. shit, did she just ask him something? she was looking straight at his mouth...she fuckin wanted him to kiss her! so he did ...he mumbled something like 'shut your fuckin mouth' and grabbed the back of her neck and slammed his mouth down on hers. to his surprise she grabbed his hair and pulled herself right up to him, she could feel his hardening dick. she had noticed him right away after being hired. tall, dark hair, sexy mouth and great legs. she had always had a thing for 'the boss' he was married, but she always got what she wanted. after he had a rep for being a hard ass, that's just more of a challenge! he seemed oblivious to the tighter and tighter outfits she wore, and the little gestures she threw at him. his crew would have took her up on it in a minute, but she was all about the challenge, well tonight she was gonna find out just what this guy had. as they punished each other with their mouths, she reached down and grabbed his dick..."wow, i was hoping for that!" she purred under his mouth. before he knew it, she was on her knees undoin his belt. her lips closed around his dick and started to suck on him like she was starving and he was the main course. she licked up the side, slid her tongue around the head, pumped a little with her hands. licked, nibbled, and sucked his balls. bobbed on the shaft for a good 15 minutes before raising up to almost demand " you have got to fuck me" the way his dick was throbbing...yeah he did. he grabbed her and made short work of her bottoms, pulled up her tee and sucked on her nipples, while stroking her wet, juicy pussy, she really wanted him! he turned her around and bent her over, she propped up on the cart seat on her elbows, wiggling her big ass just right to tease him, like a horny bitch...he slid his big spool head up and down her wet hole, teasing til precum slid from the tip, he got it on his finger and offered it to her, she quickly began sucking his finger like a small dick..wow, she had him so turned on! he slid the head in as she moaned, loving the thick hard cock she knew was coming, and it did. after a few teasing head strokes he let her have the whole thing all 9 inches...straight to the balls, he buried it in one hard slam..."ooooh owwwww" she almost screamed...good thing the place is deserted, that would have brought someone. "you don't tease a man too long, and not get what u want" he growled when he bent over her to bite her ear and neck while he was completely inside her, pushing the last few inches until she thought he would go thru her. he pulled back but she was quick to shove her tight ass back against him, he slapped her cheek a couple times and he thought she was gonna lose it, she was thrashing around, arching her back, tossing her hair, and ramming back to get every bit he had, his hand were tight on her hips, slamming, grinding and just when he knew she was close, he stopped and got a long. torturing slow stroke. he didn't stop her, he felt her muscles quivering around his shaft as he stroked her, he reached around and rubbed her clit to push her over the edge, she was lost in another world, head back moaning, almost another language, "mmmmm, oh yeah, daaaamn, take it, just like that, ooooh" hahhahaa he loved making a woman his! ...to be continued

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