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dream sex, or was it?

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He wasn?t sure what woke him up. It was still dark, and there was only a sliver of moonlight cutting across his bed to light his room. Quietly and without moving from his prone position, he peered into the silvery shadows. There. Was that something moving? What was that faint rustling sound by the doorway? He started to sit up, and was alarmed to discover that he could not move his arms or legs more than a few inches. He was restrained, tied naked to his bed by a midnight intruder who now stepped out of the shadows.

He could tell his visitor was a woman. As she walked closer, he could make out the curve of her hip and the wave of her long hair. She wore a tiny dress and heels. He gulped audible when he realized that the dress was actually a nightgown made out of lace. His eyes traced upwards, from the point at which the short skirt just danced below her visible g-strong, up past her round curved hips, and he strained to make out her hard nipples peeking through the lace.

She laughed, a soft low sound that pulled his eyes up to her face. She was lovely, with big dark eyes and full red lips. ?Who are you?? he tried to ask, but it came out as a hoarse whisper. She didn?t reply. Instead, she stepped onto his bed and positioned herself above him. She stood with her long legs spread to either side of him, so he could see directly up her skirt. He felt himself growing hard despite his fear.

She glanced pointedly at his rising erection and smiled knowingly. Slowly and gracefully, she began to dance above him, her heels making soft dents in his bed as she ran her hands slowly over her breasts and through her hair. It was the craziest thing he had ever experienced, and also one of the hottest. ?I?m dreaming,? he thought, and decided to enjoy the show.

The mystery woman stopped turning. She was facing away from him, poised directly above his belly button. Slowly, she bent down and ran her hands down her legs to her ankles. This made her rounded ass slide out from beneath her skirt. He caught his breath. She looked at him from between her legs and smiled. He felt himself straining upwards. He wanted to touch her, to feel her soft skin. She ran her hands back up her legs, sliding them underneath her skirt to hook her thumbs in the strings of her underwear. Without saying a word, she slipped her panties off while still standing above him, to give him the best possible show.

She was completely smooth. ?Let me touch you,? he moaned. She said nothing. Instead, she turned and slowly peeled off her dress. He caught his breath as the lacy cloth was peeled away from her beautiful breasts. Completely naked, she kneeled on top of him. He could feel her warmth and her weight against him. She was not a dream, she was real, and now she was sucking on one of her own fingers. She took that one warm, wet finger and began playing with her clit. She leaned back to give him a better view. He could see her soft, smooth skin and her hard nipples. He arched his back so his erection just brushed against her. She began moving up and down as she played with herself, rubbing against him.

?Please?? untie me, ? he begged. But she just shook her head and leaned towards him. She kissed him, long and deep. His penis rubbed against her clit. She began kissing him softly on his neck and shoulders. That trail of kisses led all the way down his chest and stomach, coming close to but not touching his penis. She let her long hair trail across his skin and tease him. He was straining to touch her. At last she slipped her warm wet lips over his cock and began sucking in an up and down movement. He felt the pressure building inside of him. He moaned as she took him even deeper into her mouth. He arched into her as she quickened her pace. He couldn?t help it. He exploded into her mouth.

As he lay quivering, his mystery lady quietly slipped out of his room and out of his life. In the morning, his roommate found him naked, tied to the bed. Although the roommate never believed his fantastic tale about a midnight visitor, there was really no other explanation for how he got into the predicament. So was it a dream?

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