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another private dance

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I got home from work and my wife was just getting out of the shower all freshly shaved and wet.She asked me if I was up for taking her to do a show with the guy that I watched her with in the RV.Sure was my only answer thinking I could watch thru the windows again.

After I got ready we took off.We got to the car lot and I pulled up to the RV and she got out and said she would call in a bit.I left thinking I would give them half an hour or so before I went back.

Well I was five min away and my phone rang.I was surprised when I saw it was my wife calling.I answered it and she asked me if I could come back right away.I asked her if there was a problem and she just said that she would explain when I got there.

When I pulled back in she was standing at the door of the RV and waved for me to come over to her.I got out of the car and as I walked over to her I could see that she only had her thong on and I asked her whats wrong.

She said we just thought that you would like to watch and not have to stand outside looking thru the windows.I was hard thinking I was going to be right there watching the show.

We went inside and she introduced me to johnnie and we shook hands and he told me just how hot ,sexy and fun my wife was to be with.I just told him that I agree.

She told me to take a seat and enjoy the show.She turned toward johnnie and pulled off the blanket he had on and got on the the floor and took his cock in her hand and started to stroke him to get him fully hard.Then i watched as she wrapped her lips over his cock and took him all in.She turned her head and was looking at me while she was sucking him.

Johnnie asked her if the could 69 and the wife just spun around never taking his cock out of her mouth and put her pussy right on his mouth.It was a huge turn on watching her suck him while he was eating her.I watched as he was rubbing her ass and licking her pussy.

Johnnie wet one of his fingers and was rubbing it on her back hole and she was sucking him harder and when he slowly pushed his finger in her ass she had one hand on his cock and the other on his balls and his cock deep in her mouth.When she stared rubbing his ass with a finger he couldn't take it and I watched as she was swallowing the load he was shooting into her mouth.

I had my cock out rubbing just a lil not wanting to blow my own load to soon.Lynn got up and came over to me and got on her knees and when she went to take my cock in her mouth she opened up to show me the she still had some of his cum in her mouth and then started sucking me.God it was a great feeling.

She turned and asked johnnie if he was ready for more and of course he was and she said good,get behing me and fuck me.It was wild watching him put his cock in her while she was sucking my cock.Johnnie was fucking her pretty good when he really started going harder and faster and lynn had a hard time keeping my cock in her mouth.

Lynn asked me if I wanted a better view and I said yes and she had johnnie stop and then had me lay down and then got on top of me in a 69 and as she took my cock back in her mouth I got a good close up view of johnnie sliding his cock (that was about 7in long) back into her pussy.Lynn was moaning around my cock as he was fucking her.It was about then when lynn turn and told him to really fuck her.

Johnnie was really fucking her hard and fast again and she was sucking me the best that she could.I was watching his cock going fast and hard into my wifes pussy just inches away from my face.I seen his balls slapping her pussy and I couldn't help myself and I reached up and took them in my hand and when I did that johnnie let out a big moan and I could feel him tense up and as I was holding his balls I could feel him shooting his cum deep inside of lynn's pussy.I could not hold back any longer and started shooting my cum into lynn's mouth.They both colapsed ontop of me and we all rolled onto the floor.

We layed there talking and lynn looked at johnnie and asked him if he liked it.When he said that he enjoyed it very much she said that she figured cause he has never cum that hard before .Johnnie then told her that was only cause of me holding his balls.Lynn looked at me and said oh really.I didn't know you that you were doing that.I told her I didn't know what came over me but it just seemed like the right thing to do.

After a break lynn had me and johnnie sitting side by side on the couch and she got on the floor between us and started taking turns sucking our cocks.I then felt a hand on my cock stroking me and then I felt lynn taking my hand and placing it on johnnie's cock and had me start stroking it. I looked down to johnnie stroking me while I stroked hime and lynn was still taking turns sucking both our cocks.After a bit lynn said that she neede fucked again and asked johnnie to lay on the floor and got into a 69 with him and as she took his cock into her mouth she told me to fuck her.

As I was slidind my cock into that sweet pussy I fell johnnie putting his tounge on my balls.God that is the greatest feeling in the world even though it was another guy doing it.I could hear lynn sucking his cock and I started fucking her harder and johnnie was rubbing my balls and when he started rubbing my ass I lost it and shot my load of cum lynn's pussy.

It was wild watching as I pulled out and I watched lynn cover johnnie's mouth with her pussy and he took to eating her and sucking my cum out of her pussy.Lynn was going totally nuts ,screamming and moaning when I slid a finger into her ass.After everyone recovered we were talking and lynn said to me surprise.And I asked what? She told me that johnnie wanted a cream pie but wasn't sure how I would react.I told her that it was wild and that someday I wouldn't mind trying it myself.

Lynn said what better time that now and with that we were at it again with us in a 69 and johnnie fucking her till he came again and lynn lowered that beautiful pussy onto my mouth.It was a different taste but being that it was his third time I was glad that there wasn't that much for me to clean up.Lynn said that she had enough for the night but that it was the best night of her life and she said she hope that we both enjoyed it cause there would be more nights just like this one.And there has been.

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