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a true love

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True Love

When I got home, there was a note on the fridge saying you’d already headed over to our favorite club. The one around the corner where you and I like to spend an evening or two each week, listening to music, hanging with friends, sometimes enjoying a glass of ice-laden wine, simply spending time together out of the house. When I got there and walked through the door, my eyes swept the room like the magnetic needle in a compass, spotting you almost immediately, my angel. You were having an animated conversation with someone, arms gesturing, body language telling the story as much as your words. I thought I could faintly hear your laughter all the way from here. My heart fluttered in my chest to see you. It always does that. You are in the very core of my being and seeing you connects all the points at once leaving me, often, breathless for a moment. It’s a feeling I like very much.

I worked my way across the room, saying hello to this person and that friend along the way, but always moving toward you, watching you. I noticed as soon as I came in that you are wearing a very cute butt high cut off denim micro-mini skirt, short skirt, with a skimpy little black tank top with a Playboy logo on the front that’s cut short exposing your firm flat belly, with just a little lace at the neck. It’s too cold to be barefoot this time of year, so your long shapely dancers legs end in a very sexy pair of black high-heeled shoes. I know most women wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a slutty outfit like that in public and probably a lot of partners wouldn’t feel comfortable escorting her around dressed like that either, but I absolutely love and am proud she loves dressing slutty all the time.

I come up behind you just as the person you were talking with turns to leave. I gently take hold of your shoulders and lay a soft warm kiss on the back of your neck, moaning softly as I do. You, without looking, lean back into me with a soft sexy groan of your own. I love that about you, you always know it’s me. “Hey baby,” I whisper into your ear, almost able to hear your face light up in a broad smile. My arms snake around you in a your-back-to-my-front-hug and I can feel your hands reach back to slide into my pockets, fingers clawing gently against the fabric, against my thighs, sending a shiver of pleasure up my spine.

I’ve been working a lot recently and we haven’t been able to spend the kind of time together we usually do, so it was really, really nice to be here like this, knowing that we had the whole weekend without interruption. In an unspoken gesture we clasp hands. I love holding your hand and you know it. Then we walk around the room as a couple, saying little hellos to those we encounter, dancing a little, smiling with the knowledge that there is no rush only the natural urgency we both always feel around one another, moving inexorably toward our favorite spot, that sofa just around the corner, in the shadows, just beyond the dr*peries, apart from everyone else.

We sit, my arm along the back just behind you, and I lean in to kiss your sweet lips, my other hand gently stroking your cheek. Our kiss evolves into another, and still another, your arms pulling me closer to you. Our lips pressing together, ever harder, my tongue tip sliding over your lips, moving between them to find the tip of your tongue waiting for me. Our lips opening slightly wider as our kiss deepens, becoming a searching venture, plunging me into that warm place I love to be, sinking into the moment, hearts pounding, feeling as though I am falling into you.

Without knowing exactly how it happens, we do a slow motion fall and end up lying on the sofa, me on my back, you lying on top of me, our mouths continue searching, probing, and loving each other. Our kiss turning us both on, our passions rising, thank god for the shadows, the dr*pes, and our understanding friends leaving us alone tonight. Our mouths briefly separate, our eyes smiling into each other’s, our hands wrapped around each other’s bodies with the desperation of lovers wanting more. Rolling over so you’re on your back, I softly kiss your face, my fingertip stroking your hairline, looking at you, absorbing the fine details of your features, your skin, your hair burning them deeper into my mind the loving image of who you are, then kissing you again. I tenderly kiss your eyelids, tongue tracing the line of your brow and down over your beautiful lashes, kissing your nose, your lips, chin, and down to your neck. Lavishing attention over the soft parts at the base of your neck, the sides and up under your ear. Lips and tongue swirling in small circles. Taking your earlobe into my warm, wet mouth, tongue flicking over and around it. Sucking gently.

One hand slides down with splayed fingers over your belly, holding you there, wanting to reach inside your body and touch you. Hand slides up under your blouse, fingertips as sensitive as a butterfly, feeling your soft warm skin, the down-like hair, the slight goose bumps developing, finally reaching your breast, your stiffening nipple, very softly running my fingers back and forth over it before cupping your breast gently, slightly squeezing, feeling the faint throb of your heartbeat. Then moving to your other breast, knowing that you love being touched like this, knowing that I wouldn’t want to be doing any other thing in this life at this moment. Stopping to unbutton your blouse, I open it and look with love upon your body, breasts so round and sweet and perfect. Nipples that seeming call out for attention, darkening with a passion of their own. My head drops and I take your nipple into my mouth, warm, wet, suckling slightly. Holding your stiff nipple between my lips, I move my head in small circles tugging it gently. I hear you moan and feel your hand at the back of my head encouragingly. Releasing my captive nipple I lick my way across your chest, inhaling your sweet musky scent along the way, to find another willing captive. Drawing your other nipple into my mouth, tongue swirling round and round, flicking over it back and forth, then opening my mouth wider to draw more of your breast inside.

With your blouse wide open my mouth begins to explore, tasting your soft skin, moving over your chest, your breasts, your tummy … finally moving down to your belly ring, flicking it with my tongue, exploring your sweet belly button, dipping my tongue inside, gently biting the flesh there, leaving a slightly damp trail over the front of you, raising a crop of goose bumps along the way. Finally I reach that favorite place of mine, that wonderful area below the belly button and above the pubic line, that expanse of lower belly, of exquisite softness, of vast sexuality, of maximum visual tease, that place that no one possesses without express consent of its owner, and when that consent is given, my heart leaps from it’s confinement like a prisoner vigorously pounding against the bars of his cell. I love licking and tasting and touching this part of you. And from the sounds you’re making and the movement of your body I know that you like it, too.

We’re so involved with each other that we barely even hear the music, only the white noise of the goings-on in the main room as a background. And not a soul pays any attention to what we’re doing. So there are no witnesses as one hand steals under your skirt, warm palm moving over your smooth velvety thigh, caressing the flesh, fingers digging gently into the muscles, crawling higher to that place that is softer, warmer, and more intensely sensitive than any other. While my lips and tongue play your lower belly like a violin, finding beautiful notes that compliment those already in the air, my fingers come in contact with your thong, silky, smooth, warm, and slightly damp right in the front. I press my face against the fabric of your skirt right where my fingertips are, drawing in a deep draught of air, drawing your aroma into my nostrils, into my heart, directly into the core of my being. I plant my mouth over your skirt pressing against the warmest place you have, wanting nothing more than to have nothing between me and your essence.

Not being able to help myself now, I push your skirt up higher, until it’s wrapped around your waist and you are entirely exposed, hips, thighs, thong, and all that that means, your legs are slightly open as I gaze lovingly up, expectantly, passionately into your smoky eyes from the vantage point of your lower body. The warm palm of my entire hand is covering the front of your thong, my fingertips resting lightly on your pubic bone, the heel of my hand putting pressure on that very center of life, feeling your warmth. With a small movement, my hand shifts slightly and resumes exactly the same position, this time under your thong, nothing now between you and me. Again I marvel at how smooth, how soft and warm, and now how wet you are. You heave a contented sigh as the heel of my hand makes a small circular movement while pressed against you. I love that sound from you, so I do it again. I draw my hand back, trailing my fingers over the sensitive lips of your beautiful pussy, then trail them back up again, this time my middle finger dividing your puff lips, dipping into the real heat, the source of life, where dampness is derived, where I want to be. My heart leaps when you arch slightly against my fingers.

Gently pulling your thong to one side, I watch as your eyes close and your head drops slowly back. I lean down and my tongue slides between your sweet pussy lips, the tip moving from your tight hole all the way to your clit, circles once and then gently slides all the way back down again. This time I can feel your warm cunt pulsing slightly, opening then closing then opening again. My tongue circles around and around your opening, stroking your sweet cunt, dipping inside slightly, then circling the outside again. With a giggle, your legs open wider, you moan softly and I feel your hips flex. I love the way you taste, I love the way you move, and I love the way you sound. I’m in heaven knowing that I can provide you with such an intimate pleasure. Pressing harder, my lips are now gently sucking your pussy lips into my mouth, my tongue finding the sweet folds of your pussy, licking your pussy like sherbet off a spoon one moment, flicking the tip of my tongue back and forth over your clit and your pussy lips the next. Sliding my hand under your ass, fondling and squeezing your firm cheeks, while the fingers of the other assist my tongue. One finger, glistening with your slick moisture, finds the small, hot opening of your pussy and twists gently inside, sliding in and out, over and over, with each gentle thrust going a little deeper, taking the time to explore the slick walls of your delicate flower, the center of everything at this moment. All the while, my tongue and lips ever so gently nibble and tug at your pussy lips, flick your clit, feeling it swell and grow, knowing that it’s becoming more reactive, receptive, responsive to my light, persistent touches.

Your legs have opened even wider for me now, as I lie between your thighs, my face buried at the apex of your beautiful body, my mouth, lips, tongue, fingers all busily pleasuring you while you hold my head in place with both your hands, your head rocking back and forth in a ‘no’ gesture and small, passionate sounds emanate from your chest between those deep sexy breaths. I pause in my ministrations for a moment to take one of your hands from the back of my head and firmly kiss your open palm. I hear you gasp softly when I run my tongue around your palm in small circles, kissing and licking you there before releasing you and returning to your other succulent delights. It seems that your sweet pussy is wetter now than it was and I revel in your taste, your texture, and your heady aroma, your very being. I kiss and lick you rhythmically all over your pussy, and deep into the essence of your womanhood, flicking back and forth over your tiny clit, wanting nothing in the world more than to please you. But it’s when my finger tip roams down further to circle your sensitive anus that I finally know what it is to truly excite you. As my fingertip gently probes the very edges of your asshole, your whole body reacts, jumping, twisting, your breath catching in your chest over and over. Then moments later I feel your asshole begin to pulse rhythmically as you begin making those wonderful sounds and movements that tell me you are reaching orgasm. I gently lap your pussy and your clit while lightly fingering your ass keeping your orgasm at its peak until finally you reach the other side, releasing a huge breath of air captured in your lungs.

But I don’t stop; I only ease up a bit, touching you lightly on your pussy lips, along the insides of your thighs, over your sweet belly. Kissing you over and over, as I slid my fingers wherever they’ll reach. And then, after a few moments, I tentatively flick my tongue over your clit. You jump a little but not in that way that tells me you’re still too sensitive. I begin to lavish attention over your pussy again, deep into your moist warm folds. Then back between your ass cheeks with my fingers, then hooking your legs at the knees and pushing them higher until you take your legs and pull your knees close to your shoulders opening yourself to me completely without reservation. Without pause, my fingers continue to run lightly up and down between the lips of your very wet and very warm pussy, circling around and over your clit. Sensuously, I move my mouth lower and begin tonguing the rim of your puckered little asshole, running round and round, then pressing the tip into your ass. I look up while engaged in loving you to see that your watching me, mesmerized. I smile as well as I can with my tongue dancing over your ass, knowing exactly how good it feels to you. It’s at that moment that suddenly you begin to cum, my fingers taking you to the brink, but my tongue dancing in your ass pushing you over the edge. The sounds you make this time are made with abandon, with wild passion, without a care if anyone else hears you or not. It was pure animal instinct in full operation, my angel cumming with a sudden power and in such a way that your very soul is touched by your orgasm. I continue to lick you all over while you thrash about reaching a plateau hitherto unfound between the two of us. And when it’s peaked, you float softly back down, and like a feather in the breeze it’s not a straight path.

And after a few moments, when I begin once again to lick gently over your thighs and along your drenched pussy, we both know it won’t be long until you’re experiencing another full orgasm under the pressures and touches of my tongue and fingers … and then I heard you whisper those wonderful words that I so love to hear, “Oh, Cassandra, I love you.”

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