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You Want me to swallow What

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Well,, every since I was in high school guys always wanted to cum in my mouth. I always thought is was gross and did not let them. I was a good girl,, and good girls did not do that kind of thing. I was one thing to let them put it in your mouth and play with it,, but another to have it shoot in there. I had my first sexual experience with a guy when I was 14. My neighbors had a son who was in High School and very hot. I had often looked at him and fantasized about kissing him. Of course I was in junior high and not well developed. I figured he thought I was just a kid. One day after school I went out back to lay out and get some sun. I put on my swim suit and grabbed the lotion. Once out back I picked a spot with lots of sun and layed down with headphones on. I took a short nap then rolled over onto my stomach. I looked over to my neighbors house and though I saw someone watching me. I sat up and undid my top to get some sun. I looked over and I could swear I could see him jacking off watching me. I layed back down and when I awoke he was gone. The next day when I got home from school he was waiting for me in his driveway. As I got off the bus, he called me over to him. He told me that he saw me yesterday and that I looked really sexy. I just giggled, he smiled and told me that I made him hard and he had to do something about it. I asked him what he did, and he said he jacked off all over the fence. I said wow,, I did that to you, he said yep. He then asked me if I wanted to come over and listen to some music. So I followed him into his house and to his room. Once inside his room,, which was a mess,, he turned on some music and offered to get me some lemonade. I said sure and sat on the end of his bed. When he returned he gave the lemonade to me and we talked for awhile. He asked me if I had ever made a boy hard before. I told him that I didnt know. He asked if I would make him hard again. Kinda stunned I said what do you mean. He told me that if I would show him my panties I would make him hard and he would show it to me. I thought, took a drink of lemonade and said okay. I was wearing a sundress and quickly pulled it up and put it back down. His eyes went wide. He said please again and turn around. So I lifted it and turned around so he could see my behind. He asked me if he could touch my butt. I said okay, so he gently rubbed it a couple of times. I then heard his zipper go down.... I though ohh my god,,, he is taking it out. I turned around and saw him with his cock in his hand and he was jacking it off slowly. It looked so big and pretty. It had a bright red top and looked very thick. I was mesmorized as he pulled on that monster. He was breathing heavier and asked if I would show him my ass again. I told him that I wanted to watch him jack off,, he smilled and asked me if he could see my tits. I felt embarressed as my tits were barely there., I wore a 32a bra,, and felt as if though that were to big at times. He said please.. I said okay and pulled the top of my dress down and his face showed that he liked what he saw. He told me to sit at the end of the bed and he would jack off for me. I did as he asked and sat there watching him pull on that big dick. He started to pull faster and breath harder. He moved close to me and told me to touch it. I reached up and just as I touched it, it exploded all over the place. Shot after shot seemed to pour out of it. The first shot landed on my cheek, the next hit me breast and my shoulder, he grunted and shot more of it all over my chest. I looked up at him surprised and excited. He went to the bathroom and brought a towel for me to clean up with. Two weeks later, I gave him my virginity and he pumped till I was sore. The next time we were togethor he asked if I would put his dick in my mouth. He said all the girls did it. So I did,, and he slid it in and out,, faster and faster,, I felt it seem to suddenly grow and then it exploded sending hot cum to the back of my throat. I choked and coughed, as the cum kept cumming. He pulled it out and emptied the rest on my neck. I gagged and felt sick to my stomach. It was so gross,, that cum went down my throat. I never let another guy do that until I met Tim. I met Tim my freshman semester in college. I went to a party and we hooked up and started messing around. One thing led to another and he was between my legs licking me into submission. He made me have an orgasm with his mouth, that had never happened before. I then pulled his hard cock out, which was bursting from his pants and licked and sucked it for all I was worth. He pulled it out of my mouth and said he was about to cum,, I took it back in my mouth and sucked away. I felt that same feeling of his cock swelling and his breathing increase. He bean shooting his hot cum into my waiting mouth. His cum was much sweeter than I remember and did not choke me. Needles to say,,, He was very happy,, and we dated each other for 3 months. After Tim I was no longer afraid to let a guy cum in my mouth. I actually liked it. That is until I met Bryon. Bryon was on the football team and was very big. We went out a couple of times and I let him feel me up a little,,, and I rubbed his cock through his pants. On our third date,, we wound up in his dorm room with my pants off and his huge cock staring me in the face. I began to suck and lick it. His pre-cum was already there and tasted wonderfull. He said that he wanted to be inside of me and I told him no,, not now, that I wanted him to cum for me. He smilled and allowed me to keep working on that big dick. A few minutes later he started breathing heavy and I again felt that swelling of his cock. He grunted and began firing cum into my mouth,,, OMG it was terrible,, shot after shot of thick cum,, again choking me and running down my chin,,, onto my shirt,,, its as if though he would not guit cumming. When it was said and done,, I had cum all over my chin and shirt, in thick lumps and my throat ached. It was so gross,,, I didnt go out with him again,,, and was again no fan of cum

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