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When I was a kid I attended Y camp during my summer vacation from school. We lived in cabins with 6 guys to a cabin. Meals were served at a central mess hall and showers were in a bath house that served each group of 8 cabins.

This was all new to me, as before this I had just lived at home. With no brothers or sisters, everything here at camp was new to me. Getting used to showering in a common shower room with 8 or more boys my age was hard to get used to. It always seemed like the other boys were looking at me and watching my cock as I washed it and the rest of my body. Guess this must have been normal, because I watched the other boys wash themselves too.

Often as we were showering one or more of us would get erections as we washed ourselves and watched others washing themselves. One day as I was finishing up there was only one other boy in the shower room with me at the time and he was probably a year or two older than I was. As he washed himself, I was watching him and the motion of his hands while he was washing his cock. He noticed that I was watching, but kept on rubbing his cock which was getting an erection as he rubbed it.

As I watched, I was rubbing my cock too and Bill watched as it stood straight out. Bills stiffy was about 5" long and very slender in width. I felt embarrassed because mine was only about 3" long and about as slender as Bill's was. It never dawned on me then that we were only boys and that as we got older our cocks would get bigger, and now that I am in college I have a good 7" to play with. But back to that day in the camp showers.

As I was watching Bill play with his cock, he walked over to me and asked if I would like to him to wash his cock. Here, let me show you and placed his hand on my cock and started rubbing it with soap. I didn't know exactly what to do, but I did know that the rubbing felt good. Now you try, bill said as he took my hand and placed it on his cock. So I took the soap and rubbed Bills cock and the two of us just stood there rubbing each others hard soapy cocks.

Since I had jacked off several times at home by myself, I knew that what Bill was doing was going to make me cum and before long I tensed up and filled bill's hand with cum. He smiled and watched as 4 or 5 spurts of cum shot into his hand. As I did this, I kept rubbing Bills hard cock and soon he too started cumming in my hand . As we washed the cum off and got out of the shower we just looked at each other but didn't really say anything other than see you.

Back at the cabin, things went on as normal as Bill, myself and the other 4 boys in our cabin got our camping equipment ready for the weekend camp out that all of us were going on. As our cabin counselor supervised the packing, he occasionally had to help, so that all of us had what we needed for the weekend ahead out in the woods north of the lake where our camp was located. Once all of us were packed up, the counselor told us to pick a buddy get one of the 2 man tents and toss it on the trailer that was hauling all the gear out to the camp site. Bill picked me to be his buddy, and we gave each other a small smile as we got our tent and placed it on the trailer.

In the back of the van that took us out to the camp site, Bill occasionally would place his hand on my leg and let it slide all the way up to my waist. I was getting a hard-on and he could feel it through my jeans. Bill would just smile, pat my bulge in my jeans and quietly said--later.

Once at the camp site everybody set up their tents, and got started on cooking dinner. After dinner we all sat around the camp fire telling story's and such until our counselor told us all to turn in for the night. So like the others, Bill and I headed to our tent, stripped down to our tighty whities and crawled into our sleeping bags.

Once in my sleeping bag, I got settled and lay there chatting with Bill about the camp out. It was cold that night and in those days our cheap sleeping bags didn't provide a lot of warmth to them. Bill noticed that the type of sleeping bags we had could be zipped together to make one large bag. He said that we could join them together and that way we would both stay warmer during the night and that no one would notice as long as we separated them again before we got out of the tent in the morning.

So we zipped the bags together and crawled in. Bill was right, it definitely was warmer with the two of us together in the expanded bag. As we lay there chatting, I felt Bill's hand come to rest on my groin area. He started rubbing and within seconds I started getting hard. Bill then placed my hand on his bulge and suggested that we should get rid of the shorts. So we stripped off each others under shorts and started rubbing each others cocks.

I thought it was going to be like in the shower, but after getting my cock really hard, Bill disappeared into the sleeping bag. Next thing I knew, he was sucking on my hard cock. His head bobbed up and down and his chin banged into my little sack of balls. I had heard of blow jobs, but here I was getting one in a tent out in the woods. Well I didn't last long and started cumming. Bill just sucked it all down and never spilled a drop. He then placed my hand back on his cock and said--your turn. I told him that I didn't think I could do that, and he said that I should at least put it in my mouth, or he would tell the other boys in our cabin that I was a chicken. I had to admit that what he had just done to me felt great and so I crawled down into the sleeping bag.

Bills cock was standing straight up and started licking the head of his cock. As I did I got a taste of his pre cum and it tasted good. Bill said--all the way in now as he placed a hand on the back of my head and pressed it down onto his stiff cock. It felt warm in my mouth and it throbbed as I started to suck on it. I found that I was enjoying having his cock in my mouth and proceeded To suck harder and was rubbing his balls at the same time. I felt Bill tense up but before I could pull off, Bill shot his load of cum into my mouth. It sprayed so hard I started choking and he let up on the pressure his hand had on the back of my head and let me get my breath. I found that his cum tasted similar to my own (something I had tasted while jacking off in the shower at home) and proceeded to lick his cock clean.

Afterwords, we kind of cuddled next to each other and fell asleep. About 2 hours later, I woke up as I lay on my belly. As I did, I could feel Bill rubbing something slippery on my ass. Then I felt one of his fingers poking in and out of my ass. I tried to move but then Bill had climbed on top of me and I could feel the head of his cock pressing against the opening in my ass. Next thing I knew, the head of his cock popped into my ass and I moaned as it hurt and he paused for a while and then slowly he continued to slide his cock into my ass. Once he was in , he started fucking my ass and soon it started feeling really good. When he came he shot tons of hot cum way up inside me. The feeling was great and to this day, I look back on that camping trip with fond memories.

To this day, Bill and I go camping together several times each year and we still have lots of fun in our double wide sleeping bags.

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