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Wife Takes Care of Glen

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My wife and I had joined a swing club a couple of years ago here in the Midwest and went almost every Saturday night. We eventually became staff members which was great because we got a small stipend to work the night we were there and didn't have to pay to get in!

Kaye really enjoys oral sex. Says she likes the feeling of a hard penis as she licks and sucks it deep into her mouth. She likes my cock but I knew from the way she looked at other guys she would also enjoy a little variety. For the first couple of months, we did our fair share of watching but didn't swap sexually.

I had always had this fantasy of watching Kaye just walk up to a complete stranger at the club and ask him if he's like a blow job. Who would say no to that? The more we went to the club, the more open we became. Originally, after we'd get hot and bothered by watching other couples suck and fuck, we'd get a room at the club and then enjoy ourselves behind closed doors and curtains. A couple of times I would inch the curtains open while doing her doggy style so others in the hallway could watch. Kaye would get very excited getting it that way, and occasionally would be very vocal about how she wanted it and how hard.

One night at the club when we weren't working, one of the owned asked Kaye to go talk with a single man who seemed very shy and almost seemed embarrassed to approach any of the ladies there. I told her it was fine with me so I kept my distance while she went over and sat at his table. Originally, he had trouble even looking at Kaye because he kept looking around to see if anyone was watching. After a few moments, Kaye reached over and touched his hand and soon was holding his hand. She found out the man's name was Glen, he was about our age (early 50s), he had never been married, and yes, he was shy around the ladies.

This seemed to encourage Kaye. She wound stroke Glen's hands and lower arms while looking him straight in the eye and smiling at him. Glen was almost shaking, he wasn't sure what to do; I don't think this had ever happened to him before at the club--probably he just came, had a little something to eat and drink, watched others have sex and then went home and jacked off.

This time, a woman, a hot little MILF named Kaye was paying attention to him. I could almost see him shake a little. Kaye finally stood up and walked around the table to sit next to Glen. He was very uncomfortable in this new situation but made no attempt to stop Kaye. Kaye kept up with her direct eye contact with Glen and would giggle occasionally and softly whisper to him. He would look downward and nod his head yes.

I later found out that Kaye had directed asked Glen if he had ever had a blow job. He said no but had watched many BJs given at the club. Kaye then slowly stood up, straightened her clothes, took Glen by the hand again and told him "I'd really like to suck your cock Glen. Would you like to feel what it's like to have your hard cock in my mouth? You are hard right now aren't you?"

And with that, Kaye reached down and felt Glen up. She smiled at him and said "I think you do want your cock sucked. It's nice and hard right now. Is that for me?"

Again Glen nodded yes.

Kaye leaned over and gave Glen a kiss. Not just an ordinary peck on the cheek but a full action deep tongue French kiss for about 10 seconds. I thought Glen was going to pass out--this may have even been his first kiss for all I know.

Coming up for air, Kaye told Glen, "just one thing. See that guy other there (pointing to me)?

Uh-huh, he said.

"Well, that's my husband. He wants to watch me suck another man's cock and I'd really love to take your dick between my lips and deep throat it. Is that okay that he sits in the room and watches? He won't touch you."

Glen was obviously not happy about having me in the room but he had never been this close to having fellatio performed on him.

He looked down and said "okay."

Kaye stood as did Glen and then she patted his ass.

"I think you're going to like this Glen. I know I will enjoy it. Just so you know, I have a condom for you. I like to suck but won't swallow. If you have the condom on, you can cum in my mouth. You would like to cum in my mouth wouldn't you Glen? Most men seem to like that don't they Glen?"


I let Kaye and Glen walk ahead of me and pick out a room. I then walked in behind them, closed the door and curtain and sat in the corner of the room.

I was as hard as Superman when Kaye embraced Glen and kissed him for what seemed to be an eternity. She let her hands roam over Glen's body and chuckled because Glen hadn't touched her yet.

Now Kaye is a looker, about 5'6, 145, 42D breasts.

She told Glen "it's okay if you touch me Glen. Wouldn't you like to feel my breasts? They're all me. Wouldn't you like to touch my pussy and see how wet I am thinking about sucking your cock Glen?"

Kaye reached out and lifted Glen's shirt over his head and then helped him unbuckle his pants. He had just a medium-sized cock, about six inches, but it was standing straight out and proud. She then had Glen lay down on the bed and told him she was going to strip for him.

"Have you ever had a woman strip just for you Glen?"


"Enjoy sweetie." And Kaye proceeded to slowly remove her clothes, one item at a time. Glen's eyes virtually bugged out when she took off her last item of clothing, a black lace bra, and her 42Ds spilled out for inspection.

"Play with them Glen, feel how hard my nipples are, kiss them, suck them, bite them."

Glen nervously glanced at me to make sure I wasn't going to attack him for fondling my wife. I nodded to him it was okay.

Glen and Kaye got together on the bed and Glen thought he had died and gone to heaven. I will never forget the look on his face the first time Kaye lovingly put his penis into her mouth. Slowly, gently, it went. Glen was moaning how good it felt. Kaye babbled around the cock in her mouth, an indication she was enjoying it too.

I suddenly realized Kaye had not put a condom on Glen and given the fact Glen was probably getting oral sex for the first time in his life, it probably wouldn't take long for him to cum. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a spearmint flavored condom--Kaye's favorite--and threw it to her.

Kaye thanked me and I could see copious amounts of pre-cum leaking from Glen's cock. But instead of putting the condom on Glen, Kaye hunched forward like she was going to fuck him. Glen didn't know what to make of this and didn't say anything. From where I was in the room, and the size of Glen's cock, I couldn't really tell if he had penetrated Kaye's pussy or not.

Kaye then sat up on Glen and started talking dirty to him.

"Are you ready to cum Glen? Do you want to cum in me or in my mouth? You want to eat me after I'm done with you? "

She then scooted back down, took the condom, skinned his cock back, and rolled it on him. Glen couldn't look at Kaye and despite her best oral skills, his penis started to soften a little without cumming. I knew Glen wasn't going to be able to shoot as long as I was there, so I got up, went up to Kaye and said "I'm going to go out in the hall to give the two of you some privacy. Have fun."

It was about 10 minutes later that I heard Glen murmur like a baby that he was ready to cum. He was in heaven. He had had a class A-One blow job, had felt up a MILF with huge breasts, and had cum in her mouth (albeit inside a condom).

I was grinning like a Cheshire cat as the two of them walked out of the room. Glen was looking straight down at the floor when he saw me. I went up to him and simply "pretty damn good isn't she." He couldn't answer and kept walking. He left the club within minutes and I've never seen him back since.

Kaye told me the firmness of Glen's erection had waned somewhat so she had jacked him off to the point of orgasm. He quietly told her he was ready and she put her mouth back down on his cock so she could feel him spurt inside his condom. As a special gift, she took the condom off of him, kissed the head of his cock and them kissed him on the lips.

I then told her I had left the curtain open just a little bit so people could see from the hall as she sucked him. I thought that might upset her a little, but all my previously private wife did was to take me into the large viewing room where there is an orgy bed, get out another condom, and deep throat my cock in plain view of about 20 others.

What a night. Just a great effort by a staff member to make sure a customer left happy and with a smile on his face.

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