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While Kat was away

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My wife and I had talked to Craig and Vicki online for a good five weeks after meeting them on a swinger website. We were roughly the same age (My wife Kat and I were both 33, Craig was 31 and Vicki was 27) and we had similar interests (tennis, movies, baseball, etc). Craig and Vicki were both Bi-sexual but also played with straight couples. Both Kat and I were straight, having never tried anything bi-sexual.

The main reason we hadn't met yet was really just timing. One weekend they were free and we were not, the following we were free and they were not, etc, etc. We chatted on the phone a few times but plans kept falling through. We knew it would happen eventually so there was no real rush.

One Tuesday night, Vicki called to ask if we were free for that weekend, but Kat and the kids were flying to Houston for two weeks to visit her parents the following morning. I wasn't going because I had an important meeting on the following Monday morning, plus I wasn't overly keen on the idea of spending my vacation with her parents. Vicki asked if I had plans for Friday or sat or was I spending it alone? Kat told her she would tell me to let them know.

When I got home from work that night, Kat told me about the phone call and said she wouldn't have a problem with me meeting them alone that weekend as long as I was for drinks and dinner only.

I joked that after being alone most of the week it was unfair of her to think I'd go and meet a swinger couple and not get at least a blow job. She smiled at me and said then I shouldn't go at all. I agreed and said I should wait for her to be there anyway.

Later that night once the kids were asleep and I had helped her finish the packing, Kat told me that she was very tired and needed to go to bed, but wanted to still have a quickie before she left in the morning. She went into the bathroom as I stripped down to a pair of boxer shorts in our bedroom. Kat came out of the bathroom wearing only a bra and a smile. She closed our bedroom door and pushed me onto the bed. She pulled down my shorts and starting stroking my cock to get me hard... something that was already halfway done. Once I was fully erect, she sat on it and started to ride me in a rhythmic, back and forth motion.

After a few minutes of just moaning and heavy breathing, Kat locked her eyes on mine.

"I'll make you a deal." She said, never slowing down on me. "Go and met Craig and Vicki this weekend. Promise me you will NOT fuck her. No penetration at all. I'd actually rather you not do anything, but you have to promise me at least you will not fuck anyone while I'm not with you."

We had been swinging for roughly two years and had been with a number of single guys for MFM threesomes and about five couples for both soft and full swap. Neither one of us had ever played in a separate room, much less without the other present. I was taken aback.

"I won't do anything at all." I told her.

"If you do, you don't even have to tell me." She breathed heavier as she was closing in on her orgasm. "But promise me, no fucking."

"I promise." I managed to gasp as I felt my own orgasm starting to build.

Kat threw her head back and bit off a scream as her orgasm ran through her body. She stopped moving and I felt the lower half of her body quiver and shudder. A few seconds later she got off and got on all fours. I got on my knees and entered her from behind. It only took me about five minutes and I pulled out and came all over her ass and back. She turned around and kissed me and went to clean up.

Just before I went to bed, I emailed Craig and Vicki and told them I was free for Dinner or drinks on Friday if they still wanted to.

The next few days was a bit of a blur. There was a mini crisis at work and the next three days were insane. I talked to Kat and the kids each night, but had totally forgotten about checking my email.

Friday I didn't get out of work until almost 8 PM. I was just getting ready to turn off my computer in my office when my cell rang. As soon as I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Craig I realized I had never checked to see if he and Vicki had responded to my email.

"Hey man." Craig's voice came out of the phone. "Are you still at work?"

"Yeah, what a fucking week." I said. "I'm so sorry Craig, I never checked to see if you guys were free for tonight."

"We saw that you hadn't been on the site since Tuesday. No biggie." He replied. "What time you getting out?"

"In a few minutes."

"Did you eat dinner?"

"Yeah, we ordered something in. You guys?"

"Yeah, we figured dinner was out when we didn't hear back by yesterday. Want to coe over for a drink then?"

I looked at my watch and saw the time. I was tired, but not too tired. I told Craig I'd come over and he gave me directions to their place. I left work and stopped at a 7-11 to get some beer, then headed to their place. It was only about 15 minutes from where we lived.

I knocked on the front door and was greeted by Craig, who looked exactly like his picture. He was about 6'0" with short black hair. He was thin but in very good shape. He clapped me on the back and we went into the living room. Vicki was just walking in from the kitchen. She wore a pair of sweat pants and a black tank top and flip flops. She was about 5' 7" with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. She had a little chunkiness to her, but was not large to any extent. Her breasts stretched out the tank top nicely. I could see the shape of her nipples and guessed she was not wearing anything underneath the tank top.

She came over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss. I presented the beer and we sat in chairs around a table and drank and talked. Everyone already felt comfortable since we had talked so much online and on the phone. We traded a few swinger stories and other conversation. I was there almost an hour and a half before I remarked on how it was weird being in a business suit while they were nice and relaxed in shorts and sweats.

"So, take it off." Craig said grinning.

I laughed and sat back. "I'm tempted." I said.

"Go right ahead." He replied. "In fact, if it'll make you more comfortable, we'll go first."

With that, he reached over and took hold of Vickie's tank top and lifted it up over her head. Her breasts popped out. I was right. Nothing was on underneath.

Craig stood up in front of her and dropped his shorts. His cock stood at attention. Vickie reached out and started to stroke it.

"Are you allowed to play without Kat?" Vickie asked.

"We... um... we kind of discussed it. I'm not allowed to have any penetration sex without her." I stammered. I was surprised on how suddenly they had started.

"So you can kind of soft play." Craig remarked. "Let's go into the bedroom." He kicked his shorts from around his ankle and went up the stairs. Vickie smiled at me and stood up, dropped her sweat pants, and then totally nude, took my hand and led me up the stairs to their bedroom.

We got into the bedroom and Vicki crawled onto the bed on all fours. Craig got behind her and slid his cock into her and started fucking her. She squealed with delight and lowered her head as he slammed into her hard and fast.

I watched for a few minutes and realized I was still fully dressed. I quickly kicked off my shoes and shed my clothes until I was fully naked. Both Vicki and Craig were watching me. My cock was at full attention and rock hard.

"Very nice." Craig and Vicki said together and then laughed. I'm in about average shape with a bit of a gut and could use to lose about 10 to 15 lbs, but I always seem to get compliments on my dick. It's not overly huge being about 7 1/2" so I'm never quite sure why woman seem to really like the look of it. Craig, however, was the first guy to actually openly look at it and comment on it.

After another minute, Craig pulled back and Vickie flipped over. He got onto his knees on the bed and she got on her back. He entered her and waved me over.

"Come closer." Craig said.

I was still unsure on how far I wanted to go without Kat there. Even though I had permission to do oral and stuff, I wasn't totally comfortable with the idea of doing it without her, but I got on to the bed. Vicki looked up and me and smiled.

"Can I touch you?" she asked. She looked so good on her back with her breasts bouncing back and forth as her husband fucked her. I smiled back at her and nodded.

She reached out and took my cock in her hand and starting to stroke it gently. She was moaning and gasping as Craig fucked her harder. Her legs were spread wide and I had an aerial view on his cock going in and out of her pussy. It looked wonderful. As Craig fucked her harder, the tempo of her hand jerking me off increased.

Suddenly Vicki let out a shrill scream and bucked upwards. Her hand squeezed my cock and he eyes closed. It was obvious she was having a hard orgasm. She bucked a few times and Craig pulled out from her.

"You are our guest... why don't you lie down?" Craig asked me. Vickie rolled over and made room and guided me onto my back. She then got next to me and kissed me, returning her hand to my cock. She started to stroke me again while kissing me. Craig sat next to me on the other side and watched.

"You haven't ever tried anything with a guy have you?" he asked.

"No." I answered. Vicki's hand was twisting as well as jerking me. After a second she stopped and opened the drawer of her nightstand and pulled out a bottle of some sort of lube. She squeezed some onto me and started to rub it all over my dick.

"Cherry flavored." she said.

Her hand twisted and stroked my cock as she leaned over and kissed Craig. They made out with her hand jerking me off. It felt amazing. They stopped the kiss and both looked down.

"Can I?" Craig asked. I already knew he was Bi, and wasn't totally surprised by the request. I had never been bi-curious before, but also had never had anything against it.

Vicki kissed me and smiled. "Pretty please?" she asked.

"Ok." I replied. "What the hell."

Craig put his hand over Vicki's and for about 30 seconds they both jerked me. Then Vicki took her hand away and Craig's remained. He stroked me expertly. It was obvious he enjoyed doing it. I didn't feel weird at all. In fact it felt pretty good.

Vicki kissed me and then dragged her tongue down my chest and stomach. She moved down and started to caress my balls. Her tongue sneaked out and licked them a few times. Craig increased the speed of his stroking. Vicki reached up and started to stroke me with him. I was getting close to cumming.

Vicki raised her head to the tip of my cock and opened her mouth. Her lips barely touched the tip. Craig lowered his head and put his mouth right next to hers. They started to kiss with the tip of my cock between their mouths with both of them still jerking me off. I felt their tongues dancing on my cock-head and entwine with each other. That was it for me, I felt my orgasm build to the breaking point. "I'm cumming!" was all I was able to gasp.

Cum burst out of me like a rifle shot. Neither one of them lifted their heads and I came into both their mouths. They continued to kiss and suck the tip and jerk me off all at the same time. It was unreal. I pumped cum out for what felt like three full minutes.

When I started to go soft, they came up for air. Vickie was sucking any remainders of my cum from Craig's mouth.

"Wow." I breathed. "That was intense."

"I love Cherry mixed with cum." Vicki said laughing. She looked at Craig. "Your turn."

I got up and Craig replaced me, lying on his back. Vicki started to blow him and worked his cock hard. After a minute she stopped and looked at me.

"Do you want to try jerking him off?" she asked.

After what had just happened, I was willing to try. I reached down and took Craig's cock in my hand. Vicki squeezed some cherry lube onto it as I started to jerk him up and down. I felt a little strange, but it was nice. I didn't fell too weird about it.

I increased my speed as Vicki lowered her head and started to tongue Craig's balls. He lifted his legs and she darted her tongue to his ass and started to rim him. Craig was moaning louder and louder. Vicki came up from her rim job and took the tip of Craig's cock in her mouth. I considered joining her for a moment but I wasn't ready to try that myself quite yet. Vicki then stopped and look at Craig with a knowing smile.

"Do you want it?" she asked him.

"Fuck yeah!" he gasped.

She looked at me. "Don't stop jerking him, ok?"

I nodded, wondering what was going on. Vicki reached over Craig and into her nightstand again. She came out with a strap on.

"Wow!" I exclaimed.

"We haven't done this too much." She explained to me as she put it on. "In fact we've only tried it once alone. Are you ok with us trying it with you here?"

"Yeah." I replied. I was quite curious to see what it looked like.

Vicki finished putting it on and slid a pillow under Craig's ass. She then applied a generous amount of lube to his ass and slid a finger in. She worked it in and out while I continued to jerk Craig off. I was actually kind of impressed he hadn't cum yet.

After a few minutes, she added another finger. She finger fucked his ass for a few more minutes, then applied some lube to the dildo trapped to her and put the tip on his ass.

"Here we go baby." She stage whispered. She slid it in slowly. Craig's breath hitched and he left out a gasp. Vicki starting fucking him carefully. My hand was starting to cramp up a little so I switched. I kept jerking him off, staring at Vicki fucking him with the strap on.

After a minute or two she started fucking him harder. She leaned forward and started to kiss me. I kept the steady stroking rhythm on his cock.

Craig finally moaned loudly and cum started to squirt high into the air out of his cock. He actually managed to shoot all over Vicki's fabulous tits. She kept pounding the strap on dildo into his ass as I squeezed every drop of cum out of him.

When he was finished, Vicki pulled out and got on top of him. She kissed him deeply. The two of them beamed up at me smiling broadly.

I had done a few things I had never expected to do before. The question now was... how much of this should I tell Kat about?

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