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When the wife is away I want to play. Bi-male, anal, oral and male domination

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When the wife is away I want to play.

She was in Boston for a 3-day conference and I was home alone. I ordered a pizza for dinner, took a shower put on my robe and waited for the pizza guy to show up.

He drove up and I opened the door as he strolled up. He was about 20 years old kind of skinny but not bad looking for a kid. I took my pepperoni and mushroom and paid him plus gave a $5 tip.

My robe was slightly open, down to my stomach. I was bare foot and still had wet hair. He said I guess you were hoping Ginger was delivering today cause I see you are showered and ready for some action. What? Who is Ginger? She is this chick we have that I heard gives great EXTRA service if the tip is right. How right? He said he heard she would give a BJ for $25 and for $50 anything. Wow. No actually I haven?t used you guys in the past so I don?t know about extra services.

I am horny though and the wife is out of town.

He looked me over. Like he was trying to figure me out. He then said so you are horny. Maybe I can figure something out for you. I will check back with you later. He looked me up and down again, put the tip of his tongue to his lips licking back and forth and said yea okay see ya later.

I closed the door and turned on the tube and popped in a porno flick and settled in to eat my pizza. Both the pizza and the DVD made me feel good. My belly full and my dick growing I was feeling good. I started to stroke my growing cock as I watched the movie. 3 guys giving some young cunt a real fucking was the plot. They filled her ass, cunt and mouth with a bucket of cum. My dick was at full mast when the doorbell rang. FUCK!

I pulled my robe around me and answered the door. It was Mr. pizza boy and 4 of his male friends. They pushed their way in. Hey what the fuck? I rose up my hand for a fight and my robe opened showing my rapidly shrinking cock. Tommy, the pizza guy, said you said you were horny well so are we. One guy had a small baseball bat behind him that he now showed to me. Listen pops do what we want and you will be fine. My heart was racing. I didn?t know if they were here to rob me, kill me or fuck me. I was hopping for the later.

I am what my wife calls a sometimes bi-guy. I like to have a 3-way MMF where I get to watch her get fucked. But I also like to help her get the guy ready. And I like to eat her out and bring her to several more orgasms after the guy dumps his hot load in her cunt. But I have never had just MM sex without her present. The thought of these guys making me do things to them was having an effect on me. My cock started to grow again.

Hey guys looks like the old man is getting all excited. I looked down and saw my cock sticking straight out. My robe was totally open. I said meekly, I was watching some porn. They laughed.

They walled past me into the living room and I dumbly followed behind. Cock swinging in the breeze. The biggest guy, Ted, pushed me back into my chair. Then he and the others stripped off their clothes. The oldest was Tommy but the others looked about 18, except one small kid who was maybe 14. He stood in the background and was last to strip. Ted looked at him and said well little brother Mom made me bring you alone with me tonight so you better do what we do and never tell.

Ted then turned to me. I looked at him in the eyes and said so what do you do? He looked down. I followed his eyes and saw for the first time his cock. It was very big. It was already hard. It was also thick and 8? long. It looked like mine but was a little thicker and 2? longer. He said suck it. Everyone laughed. Some was nervous laughter.

Not like I never did it before. And I surely didn?t want to get beat up if I didn?t do what he said.

I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip. I then held the shaft in my right hand and cupped his very large hanging balls in my left. I opened my mouth and slide his handsome cock down my throat. All the guys cheered. Yea, look at that cock-sucked deep throat his cock. I bobbed my head back and forth and jerked my hand up and down his shaft. After only maybe one minute he grunted then tensed all up then his cock-head swelled up. He grabbed the back of my head and shot the biggest blast of cum I ever felt. His cock-head was just barely past my lips when he exploded. His cum flu out and hit the back of my throat so hard I had no option but to swallow it down. Then he shot again and again I swallowed. He shot a total of 9 times and I swallowed 9 times. I continued to suck his wonderful cock for all I was worth. He was screaming with joy then screaming that his cock was too sensitive and for me to stop.

Then I had another cock shoved in my mouth. Bill lasted 5 seconds and dumped his creamy load in my mouth. I keep it in my mouth and when he pulled out I let it fall out and onto my chest.

I then saw the next guy move forward. Kevin?s cock was like the last guy?s, 6? and thin. But his balls were really large. He didn?t have much hair. Just a little around the base of his hard cock. I lifted his balls to my mouth and sucked each one in turn. I rolled them around in their sac as I fingered his balls. I then opened my mouth and he stuck his penis in. He moved in and out fucking my mouth as if it were a pussy. He held my head and pushed back and forth very fast. I held on for dear life sucking and being fucked by this young man. He lasted about 3 minutes, a record for the group so far. Then he slowed and his cock expanded. He made some strange animal sounds and I knew it was show time. He emptied his huge balls and full prostate down my throat. He came as hard as Ted shooting blast after blast of boy cum into my mouth. I swallowed to keep up. He must have not cum in a long time because he dumped about a pint of the sweetest cum I have ever tasted into my willing mouth. I kept sucking him and licking his cock head and slit trying to get even more.

Now it was Tommy?s turn. His cock was 6 ½? and average in girth. He moved into position and I noticed his balls were pulled all the way up. His cock was at an upward 45-degree angle and dripping pre-cum. I licked the tip of his nectar but before I could suck him in he shot a blast of cum. It splashed onto my lips. I jerked back in surprise then the second blast hit me followed by 5 more powerful cum shots. I was dripping with cum. It was in my nose, eyes and hair. It was on my cheeks, lips and chin. I regained my senses and grabbed his cock and shoved it in my mouth and sucked his remaining cum and happily swallowed. I scooped up some cum with my fingers and licked them clean

Now it was little brother?s turn. Ted pulled him to me. He was shaking with fright and anticipation. His cock was only about 4 1/2 ? and quite thin. I told him he has a fine cock and I would be happy to give him his first blowjob. I licked him all around. I licked his balls and cock. I cupped his ass, which was quite nice, and I opened my mouth and took his little cock all the way in my mouth. I knew I better do a good job because I was still afraid of getting an ass whipping from these powerful looking young men.

I put all my attention to giving him the best I could give. I sucked him for about 10 minutes. I would stop and start. I licked his balls. I turned him around and kissed his ass cheeks. I turned him around again and finished him off with powerful strokes of my right hand and sucking motion of my mouth. His little cock did swell but not too much. He said I think I am going to pee. Then he came. He shot his cum. He jerked back and forth. He pumped his cock in my mouth and shook all over. His load wasn?t big but it was tasty. I sucked him till he started to go soft then I released him. I opened my mouth to show him the cum he deposited in my mouth. A puddle was on my tongue. Then I swallowed. He grimed for ear to ear. Everyone clapped and I knew I was going to survive this night.

But they were not finished. Ted said he wanted to fuck my ass. I got down on the floor on my knees and had my chest on the carpet. I spread my ass cheeks and he put the tip to my asshole. His cock was slippery with pre cum. He pushed in and it just popped in. He then proceed to fuck me very hard. His cock-head kept hitting my prostate. He said here it comes old man and he shot. When he did so did I. I grabbed my cock and stroked very fast and shot the biggest load of cum in my life onto the carpet. Ted finished and each guy did me in turn. Finishing with Randy the little brother who made his brother proud.

For me, I had a great time despite the fear for getting beat up. Hey I got to suck 5 young guys and had each fuck me in the ass. I also came once. And two more time after they left.

They said as they departed, when is your wife gone again?

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