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What a Game

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Katie is a housewife and loves her job. When she's not cooking or cleaning she is taking care of her husbands sexual needs and also her own. One day after work her husband came home from work and put his keys on the table. Katie called from the computer room, "Chris, you home?". "Damn, that woman has some great hearing", he joked to himself. He walked down the hall to the computer room and stood in the doorway. "You rand?", he asked in a joking tone. Katie seemed to be to preoccupied to answer. He entered the dimly lit room and saw why. Katie had all her clothes off and a vibrator in hand. From the looks of things Katie had made quite a mess of the computer room chair. Chris asked her what was up as if he wasn't totally turned on by what he was seeing. She said she had put a profile on one of those swinger clubs online and had met a hot couple named Amanda and Josh. Amanda and my wife had been exchanging e-mails for a couple hours and then turned it into a hot chatting session. Chris thought nothing of it but was turned on by the idea of his wife getting off with another woman. He new she'd never do more than cyber though. Well, that's what he thought. Katie grabbed her man by the bulge that was growing in his pants and asked him to kiss her, HARD. He leaned in and drove his tongue into her mouth. When the kiss broke, Katie whispered into Chris' ear, "would you like it if you tasted another woman's pussy when you kissed me like that?" He was throttled by the question wanting more to fuck his wife than answer her question. Chris stuttered a yes much to Katie's approval. Katie showed him the couple's profile and both Amanda and Josh looked hot. Their pictures were amazing and very revealing. The profile said an amazing Bi couple for amazing Bi times. Chris was taken back by this asking Katie if both were bi. Katie asked if that was a problem and Chris couldn't say yes, just the thought of his wife tasting another woman's juices practically drove him to orgasm. He told his wife that they would see what happens. Katie sent an e-mail which was responded to quickly for a Saturday meeting. With that taken care of Katie turned to Chris, "Now what to do about this hard on you have here?" Katie said in a mocking matter. Chris said, "I'm sure you can think of something" and she did. Katie took Chris' cock from his pants and slid it in her mouth whipping her tongue around Chris' cock head. Chris was so overwhelmed by the idea of his wife being with another woman that he has exploding thick loads of cum down his wife's throat pulling out to spray the rest all over her face. Katie smiled and used his cock to gather the remaining cum and put it in her mouth to swallow the rest of the load.

The week seemed to carry on forever but finally Saturday had made it here. We dressed nice for the occasion and headed to the address they provided. When we arrived Amanda answered the door in shorts and a T-shirt, and Josh was dressed much the same. Chris and Katie entered with a little confusion on their faces. Amanda, having noticed the confusion said, "We were thinking that we could start things by dropping the clothes, that makes breaking the ice easier." Chris was hesitant but Katie had her top off before Chris could protest. Both couples were naked within seconds and Amanda said it was time for drinks. Both couples had about 3 or 4 beers each while getting to know each other. Chris and Josh were getting along well, both joking and laughing at stories they were sharing. Amanda said she had some hard liquor if anyone wanted some shots. Everyone agreed and after 3 shots everyone was feeling nice and loose. Amanda turned on some music and started dancing for everyone. After a few minutes she grabbed Katie by the hand and started dancing with her. They started slow with some distance between them. That changed quickly as Amanda drew Katie in and started kissing her. The girls were in a full make out session and started letting their hands roam. Katie grabbed Amanda's tits while Amanda went straight to Katie's clit. Both women moaned with pleasure and Chris couldn't believe what he was seeing. He wanted to pull his cock out and start stroking it right there but thought that might not be...before he could finish his thought he looked over to Josh who had his tool in hand and was stroking it feverishly. Chris pulled his piece out and Katie took notice with a big smile. Amanda saw the guys playing alone and stopped Katie from further action, for the moment.

"OK boys", Amanda said, "Let's play ourselves a game. The rules are simple, whatever us girls, do, you boys must do." Chris was drunk but was still alittle hesitant but when he saw Katie's face he knew it would be worth it. Amanda asked if everyone and agreed to the rules which was met by approval. Katie and Amanda started by rubbing each others clit. Katie looked at the guys and Amanda demanded to the guys, "you too!" So Josh took Chris' cock in his hand and began stroking it and Chris did the same. Both the ladies were getting into it and moaning loudly. Chris had to admit that Josh's hand was amazing and was intrigued by this. Amanda said that the game would be easier played in the bedroom and lead the group there. Both ladies jumped on the bed and Amanda mounted Katie's face,"Now I want you to lick my pussy, long and hard!" Katie dove in without further instructions. At that point Chris was so hot that he grabbed Josh's thick rod and began taking it in his mouth. He could taste the pre-cum and was further turned on as he worked Josh's nob. Josh and Amanda moaned together making Chris and Katie work even harder. Chris' mouth was filled with the taste of cum and he was loving every second of it. Amanda screamed," Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" and sure enough she sprayed her juices all over Katie's wanting lips. Katie pulled Chris from Josh's cock and kissed him hard. Chris could taste Amanda's pussy and knew that Katie could taste Josh. Amanda grabbed Chris and got a taste of her own and said she wanted more. Amanda grabbed Chris' cock and shoved it deep into her wet hole. Josh started fucking Chris' mouth while Amanda was licking Katie's pussy. Soon Katie was Screaming that she was going to cum and she did, right in Amanda's wanting mouth. Josh, seeing this blew his load in Chris' mouth and Chris savored his first taste of cum. Amanda was ready to cum and blew her juices all over Josh's mouth and face. This sent Chris to the edge and he pulled Katie to his cock and blew his load in Katie's mouth.Both couples with mouths full of cum began sharing their rewards with each other in one sloppy kiss. After everyone had shared, They pulled away with cum smeared all over their faces. Katie and Amanda began playing with each others pussies as Josh began blowing Chris again. When they finally finished up the couples went their separate ways promising to meet every Saturday. As Chris and Katie walked to their car, Chris looked at Katie and said,"What a game!"

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