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Watchin and Playing

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Thank goodness I had finished my period. We had finished our volley all game and I, along with the rest of the girls, headed for the showers. I had reached my 16th birthday and the party had been fun. We wound up talking about the boys and what they looked like when their peter was on a hard stance.

Finally I told them how I watched my mom and dad while they were fucking but that I had to be real careful to not let them see me while I had my finger in my young hairy pussy.

That really got their attention and they all wanted to stay with me and watch what I was looking at and I told them that they could draw lots to see who could stay with me overnight.

But I told everyone that they should sneak in and watch their own dad fuck their mother and we all agreed that we would meet and talk about it. And I was pleased that my friend Dian, who was six months older, would be the first one to spend the night with me. I had seen her naked when we showered at school and her pussy was covered with hair like mine was and I asked her if she knew how to make herself cum

She just grinned and nodded her head and said how good it felt.

Well maybe we can do each other when you spend the night and after you see my dad's peter.

I hadn't thought of that but it might be fun, she said.

Our tits were about the same size and I wondered what it would feel like when sucking on her. I would just have to wait and see what happened when she got here and that happened on the following Friday.

I told her that we would have to help in the kitchen after supper and that was fine with her.

What do you think about my mother? I asked her.

She's very pretty, said Dian.

Just wait until she gets naked and you will be surprised at the amount of hair she has on her pussy. I pulled my blouse over my head revealing my tits and unbuttoned my shorts and dropped them to the floor and I stood there naked in front of Dian.

I guess I'll get naked too, said Dian.

Well, mama will take a shower so she will be nice and fresh for daddy when they fuck. That means that we can play with each other for about fifteen minutes and then we'll be ready to sneak down the hall and watch them fuck.

I'm really anxious to see your dad's peter, she told me.

Just wait until he puts in mama and then you will understand what it means to fuck, I said as I walked to her and placed my tits on hers.

Dian jerked upright as our nipples touched and she pushed against me. Oh, that feels so good; let me feel your pussy.

Lets lay on the bed and I'll play with your pussy while you play with mine, I said and I want to know if you've seen you own daddy's peter and what happened when you saw it.

One morning I had to pee and when I went to the bathroom my dad was in the shower. So I took my pjs off of my 14 year old body and slid the door open and asked him if I could shower with him and he said to come on in.

There is a light on the ceiling of the shower and when I got inside his peter was sticking straight out and throbbing up and down and I said my goodness and reached out to take it into my hand. That's when he reached down and felt my young pussy and I was thrilled to no end when he did that.

Well, what did you do then? I asked.

He told me that if I wanted to play that I would have to learn how to suck on his peter so I took it into my open mouth and sucked him to a generous climax but I couldn't swallow all of the cum that came out of it. Then we finished up and he took me to my bedroom and he put his mouth on my pussy and I squirted my stuff into his mouth.

Well, you've done more than I have and I guess I'll try what you did and see if he will let me suck on his peter.

I bet he would be delighted for you to do that. Now you suck on my pussy and I'll do the same for you while we wait for them to fuck. We both had a good climax and we then lay there with our tits pressing together.

Finally we got up and eased down the hall to the doorway of my mom and dad. When we got there we peeked in and my dad was standing naked and his peter was hard, jumping up and down and my mom was standing there naked too with a grin on her face; she knew we were at the door and that we wanted to see them fuck. That's when she laid down on the bed with her legs spread apart and dad moved to slide his cock into her pussy. Then she slid her legs around his back and pressed with her feet drawing him all the way inside of her.

Now, I want you to go slow and give me a good fuck, she said loud enough for us to hear as we snuggled together in the hall.

I'm going to see if I can suck his peter and maybe he'll let me do it, I said.

One thing is sure because I know my daddy would let you do it, said Dian.

But I want to do it with my dad first and he can teach me how it should be done. Maybe he would then put his lips on my pussy and make me cum, at least that's what he said he would do.

You're going to have to ask your mom to get you on the pills to keep you from getting pregnant and that saves a lot of delay in what you can do with your pussy. Finally we got back to bed and dropped off to sleep.

The next morning while Dian was still asleep I went to daddy's room and watched him get out of bed and go to the bathroom. I waited a little while for him to get naked and brush his teeth. Then I heard the shower running and I stripped naked and walked into the bath. When I got there I pulled the door to the shower open and said, I want to take a shower with you.

Okay, come on in and you are almost fifteen and your body looks wonderful. His peter was now sticking straight out and I said can I touch it.

You can if you will let me touch your pussy, he said.

When I was five you bathed me and touched it then so I guess its okay to do it now if you want to. But right now I want to suck on your peter.

Go ahead, that will feel good to me.

So I leaned down and guided his peter into my young mouth and moved my tongue all around the tip of it while I moved my head back and forth. Then I felt him as he moved his peter back and forth in my mouth. When I felt it stiffen up and then cum spurted into my mouth and I swallowed as fast as I could while running my tongue around the head of his peter. Then I felt it loose its hardness and he said, lets go to your bedroom and I will make you feel as good as I did when you sucked on me.

Dian is there but I will tell you that she fucks her daddy so she will probably suck your peter while you make me cum. She is on the pill so you might want to fuck her if she will do it and she is about six months older than I am.

This will be rather interesting and I will ask mama to put you on the pill and then we can fuck when you want to and I'm anxious to see Dian, is she naked?

Yes, and she may be awake. She told me that if I got in the shower with you that you would probably let me suck your peter and she was right.

If she is already fucking her own daddy then this will be exciting for me. I really enjoy fucking your mama but it's not often that someone my age gets to play with someone your age. Now let's go to your bedroom and we will see if she is naked like we are and if she will fuck me I'll try to get my peter hard again for her.

When we got there she was standing by the highboy with a grin on her face and she was naked like we were.

Well, did he let you suck his peter? She wanted to know.

Yes, and it was really fun and I was able to swallow most of his cum. He said he was going to make me cum and feel good like he did when I sucked him off and while he does that you might suck on him and he said he wants to fuck you since you are already fucking your daddy. We also need to know the name of the doctor you went to for the birth control pills.

It looks like he has a peter that is about the same size as my dads peter and yes I'll let him fuck me and when you get the pills you can come over and fuck my daddy while I watch. He will like doing it with you.

I'll have to get the pills and then I'll get daddy to fuck me first because I want to see what it feels like to have his peter in my pussy and he can teach me how to do it.

That's the way I felt when I first fucked my daddy, she said, and the first time it hurt a little but after that it really felt good when he slides it in and out of my pussy and he and mama let me watch when they fuck and I finger my pussy just thinking about how it would feel.

Do you think they would be okay if I stood by the bed and watched them fuck?

At least I don't have to sneak in and peek like we did with your mama and daddy while they fucked.

I have to admit that it's a lot better to do it like you do so when can I spend the night with you?

I'll talk to both of them and if you will suck my daddy's peter when he pulls out of mama they might both let you do it but you really need to get on the birth pill as quick as you can because when daddy fucks you he won't use a rubber so he can feel his peter when it is in your pussy.

Okay, I'll talk to mama and get her to take me to the doctor and then I'll get daddy to fuck me a couple of times to get me started. I can hardly wait to feel his peter inside of me and if it feels a good as you say it did for you then I'll be overjoyed.

The next morning I told mama I wanted to go see the doctor for birth control and that I was thinking about fucking.

She dropped her fork on the plate and stared at me and said, honey you're only 14, almost 15, and it's not time to be thinking about fucking anybody yet.

Well how old were you when your pussy started twitching and you started playing with it with you finger?

To be truthful with you I was 12 years old when I found that magic spot and I screamed when I cam that first time using my finger.

How long did it take for you to start thinking about a boys peter and what it would feel like to play with it?

It was only a year later that I started thinking about the boys and what it would be like to play with their peter so I guess it's not so unusual for you to be thinking about it since you are almost 15 so I'll call the doctor and get you on the birth control pills if that's what you want.

That is what I want and I also want to know whose peter it was that you first saw and what you thought about it.

I guess I was pretty normal in that it was my daddy's peter that got me excited the first time. All the boys want to see their mother's pussy and the girls want to see their daddy's peter when it is hard. I guess you've already seen you dad's peter haven't you?

Yes and when he slid it into your pussy my pussy started dripping and I fingered myself to get that good feeling.

I bet that really felt good to you.

It sure did and I'll admit to you that I've already played with him.

Well, that's not unusual and I'm not upset that you have done that be- cause I did the same thing with my dad and he loved it when I did that and I'm sure that your dad liked what you did with him. It's exciting for all of us who are older to have sex with someone who is young like you are. If you had a brother I think that I would let him play with my pussy and that I would play with his peter. So it's nice that you have been able to play with daddy's peter and I bet it felt good to both of you.

It really did feel good and I want to fuck him if he will let me. He can teach me how to do it and I want to know how his peter feels inside of me. You already know how it feels and it's time for me to find out. My friend Dian fucks her daddy and she said if I spend the night with her that he will let me fuck him but I want to know how to do it before that happens. This is so much better than doing it with any of the boys at school who don't really know much about this sex stuff, and that is why I want the pills from the doctor.

Okay, I'll call and make an appointment and maybe we can get this done today.

When we got there the doctor told me to take a pill there at his office and then I would be safe to have sex the next morning if I wanted to do that.

When we got home she told me that she would talk to daddy and that maybe he would teach me what I wanted to know about. Tomorrow would be Saturday and he will be home all day. Tonight I will fuck him till he drops off to sleep. Then when he gets up in the morning I'll send him to your room and class can start, especially since the doc said you will be safe for fucking when you wake up. And don't be surprised if you look up and see me watching what you'll are doing. Tonight you can stand by our bed and I will instruct you to take his peter and guide it into my pussy. Then you can put your head down close and watch his peter go in and out of me until I scream with pleasure and you might as well finger yourself while you do that so you will feel good too. Another thing you should pay attention to is the size of his peter and give some thought about how you will get it inside of you. I will instruct him about that since you are not quite 15 years old. The first time will be sort of uncomfortable but believe me when I tell you that your pussy will stretch so that his peter will go in and out easily and you will like how it feels to you when that happens.

All of what she told me was making me so excited that I reached down to feel of my pussy. It was moist and I knew that I was excited by all that had been said to me.

So after supper I went upstairs and took a bath to get ready for what would happen in a little while. When I finished I dried off and stayed naked so I could go to their bedroom. This was going to be so much fun I could hardly stand it and I reached down to gently touching my pussy as I walked toward the master bedroom.

When I walked into the bedroom daddy was standing there naked and when he saw me he grinned and held his arms out for me and when he circled my body with his arms I felt his peter pressing against me and he told me that mama had talked to him and that tonight I was to take his peter and guide it into mama's pussy and then watch while they fucked and that he would come to my bedroom in the morning and teach me how to fuck and that mama would be there too just to make sure I do everything right.

Okay mama tell her what I'm going to have to do first to get things started.

Alright little girl you won't like what he will do first.

What do you mean I won't like it? Just tell me what will happen and I'll deal with it.

Well you have a membrane in your pussy that has to be broken and when he does that you will be a little uncomfortable and you will probab-ly bleed just a little. After that happens you will have to heal and then he can do what you want him to do and that won't be until tomorrow.

All I can say is if that doesn't beat all. Here I thought I would get to fuck and now I won't even be able to do that until tomorrow. Isn't that what you're telling me?

Well sort of, and you'll thank me for telling you after all is said and done. You will feel his peter inside of you today and he will go real slowly so that you will be able to feel his peter the first time he's in your pussy and you can play until he breaks what I told you about and then you'll have to stop and let your pussy rest until tomorrow.

When he came in the next morning naked, I too was on the bed naked and he smiled at me as he walked in.

Now the first thing I will do is place my lips on your pussy and then maybe you'll cum big time when I suck on your clitoris.

So I spread my legs apart and he lowered his mouth to do its duty just as he had said. I laid my hand on the top of his head and wiggled my fingers as he moved his lips through the hair and spread the lips of my pussy and when his tongue entered I let out a big sigh since it felt so good but that was nothing as he sucked my clit with his lips and started sucking like he was sucking on a lolly pop. I literally thought I had reached the Land of Oz when he did that and I started moving my hips softly against his face as the feeling moved through my 14 year old body and then I had to scream because of the pleasure that I experienced and I could feel him still sucking as my cum drained out of my pussy.

Then he rose up and said, I'm going to put my peter into you now so try to relax as much as you can and tell me what you think about it.

Wow, the head of his peter was much bigger than my finger and I felt it as he slid it up and down the lips of my pussy and then he pushed a little and I then knew that the head was inside of me.

I concentrated real hard to relax as he raised my legs and placed them on his shoulder as I felt his peter move further in. Then he stopped and started sucking on my little tits and that felt good too. In fact everything felt good, and then he pulled his peter almost all the way out and then pushed it back in and it really did feel good to me and I felt it when he reached a stopping point in my pussy and moved back out and then pushed in again. His peter felt so good in my pussy that I was shaking my head back and forth with joy and then I felt him pushing all the way in, past the membrane that I knew was a stopping point and I felt like my whole stomach was filled with his peter. He didn't move further, just moved over on his back with me on top of him and said, we should rest for a while I'm in you and then we'll stop for the day so your pussy can sort of rest.

{If you like this I can continue the story, just let me know.}

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