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Virgin Couple First Swap

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MIke and Jen are laying in bed after having some hot sex. They had started talking about their night with David and things got steamy. Mike told Jen that David's wife, Mary and him were both bisexual and wondered if they were curious about. Jen admits wonder ing what it would be like to be with a woman and Mike is curious about being with a man. They decide that if their new friends and mentors want to introduse them to new experiences, they were up for it. Mike gives David a call the next to tell him that they were up for whatever they wanted to teach them. They decide to get together next weekend at David's house this time.

The night came and they were getting ready. They started getting dressed early so they would not be late. Good thing to, Mike kept going down for somw licks of Jen's pussy. She was wearing a very short black skirt, garter belt, stockings and high heels. A white button down that showed a lot of her ample cleavage. No panties but a very sexy, white lace bra. Mike was wearing tight black wranglers and a form fitting red shirt. They looked good. They finally managed to get to David and Mary's house after a 20 minute drive and 2 orgasms from Jen. David opened the door as they walked up. They dressed up too. He was wearing nice black slacks, with a green silk button down. He led Mike and Jen into the house and introduced Mary. She was stunning to say the least. 5' 10 " with wonderful 36 C tits slender waist and ass that was molded from clay. All wrapped in a form fitting one piece, black and green spandex miniskit. Add to that with black stockings, high heels and the blonde hair makes her look like a sexy Barbie doll. We all got drinks to help relax and start talking. David and mary explain to mike and Jen that if they were not comfortable with anything to speak up and all would stop.

They explain that they are bi all the way. Which they explain they enjoy full sexual encounters with the same sex as well as opposite sex. David saiys enjoys receiving and giving both oral and anal to men. Mary says she has many toys to use on women and men which includes strap ons. That she has used on David a number of times. Mary suggest that they all relax for a while in the hot tub and not to worry bathing suits not required. Everyone agrees, strips down and goes out to the tub. Mike is fascinated with the shape of Mary's body, nice and tight. While in the tub Mary sits by Mike and David by Jen. Everyone starts to touch each other under the water, exploring each others body.

Mary gets things heated up when she plants a very hot wet kiss on Mike adding more steam. They continue kissing and feeling each others body, Mike squeezing Mary's tits and pinching nipples as she strokes his get which is rock hard. The same thing is going on the other side of the tub, getting just as hot and heavy. After a while everyone stops to catch their breath and move inside to the large bed that is made up and ready for the night. Mary immediately tells Mike to lay down as she takes his cock into her mouth. Mike is in heaven as Jen has been the only one to ever suck him before tonight. David is busy eating Jen for all she is worth bringing moans of pleasure. Mike manages to twist around under Mary so they are now in a hot and loud 69. Jen can now see Mary's shaved pussy as her husband licks it like a lollipop. She inserts a finger into Mary's pussy and starts to pump itbringing Mary to her first orgasm of the night. David decides to try some toys on Jen inserting a 8 inch vibrator into her while licking her clit just as Mary cums. Mary turns over and starts to suck Jens tits and tells Mike to fucke her from behind. He gets behind her and his cock slids in easily as she is very wet. He fucks her for a while when he feels a hand on his ass. He looks back and David is helping him to fuck Mary harder while eatin Jen bringing her to a shuttering orgasm.

Mary decides she must taste that pussy being so wet and pushes David out of the way. Mike pops out and sits by Jen watching her get eaten by a woman for the first time. He is stroking his cock wich is still rock hard, when all the sudden he feels another hand helping him with his cock. David looks up at him and Mike lets him take over as it feels good. David then sucks in his cock for all it is worth and Mike can not believe a man could suck that good. Mike and Jen are finally having their first bi experience and finding it very enjoyable. David is playing with Mike's balls when all the sudden he feels a finger near his ass. It feels smooth and wet. David has already lubed it up, so it can slid in very easily. he inserts it into Mike's virgin ass and moves it in slowly. It hurts at first then it becomes intense pleasure. Over on the other side of the bed, Mary is now fucking Jen with this large strap on bringing jen to intense orgasms. Mike fianlly succumbs to the sensations he is feeling and unloads in David's mouth. He is the best orgasm he has had in years. Mike and jen have to stop and catch their breaths for a bit, being new to all this.

Jen ask what it is like to use a stapon and Mary lets her put it on. When Mary takes it off it is astually double ended. and 12 inches long. jen just gasp and says you were fucking your self and me at he same time. Jen puts it on taking in half in her pussy and pushes Mary on to her back. She starts to fuck Mary hard bring their moans and screams louder. Mike decides it is time to suck his first cock and bends down over David's cock and takes it in. Jen brings Mary to an orgasm as she has one her self. She pulls out and notices Mike sucking David with his ass in the air. With the dildo still wet with Marys cum she gets behing Mike and shoves the head into his ass. He gasp not ready for the pain and the pleasure. She works it all the way in and starts to pump it slowly. David leans over and starts to eat Mary while she is sucking Jen 's tits. They are now in a four way fuck for what seems like hours of pleasure. Mary and David find Mike's cock and balls starting to play with them. David is stroking his cock and Mary massaging the balls. After what seems like an eternity, Mike finally cums in David's hand as David cums in his mouth. Mary cums in David's mouth and Jen cums from fucking her husband. They all collapse on the bed, wore out. Everyone agrees that they will be friends for a long time. Jen and Mike's mouths drop open when Mary says that they should cum to their next swinging party. it would be fun. We always gang up on the new couple to welcome to the club.

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