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Rob, well,to say he was interested in Julie would be an understatement. His best friend, also his wife's best friend, Joe, told him, "dude, look at this tape she(Julie) gave me. She is hot!"

Rob,39, could hardly wait to get home and watch the tape. His wife, Tammi, wouldn't be home for three hours.

Tammi is a big breasted (36d) and about 5-7, long red hair, no freckles, and a smile to warm up the warmest of rooms.

Julie is a couple years older, and works with Tammi, in fact a good friend. She has long brown hair,shoulder length, big breasts, a nice smile, tan, and is about 5-3 or 5-4.

He hurried into his "den" and turned on the television and vcr and inserted the tape and hit "play."

There was Julie and his wife Tammi. For the first several minutes they just drank Dr. Pepper and chatted, small talk, about others at work, about work, about how hot it is in Oklahoma, and how they needed to go for a swim later.

Rob was confused, didn't know why he was watching this or why Joe gave the tape to him. Suddenly, Julie picked up a sack and handed it to Tammi and said, "try this on, see what you think."

Tammi got up off the couch, kicked off her sandals, to head to the bathroom. Julie stopped her saying, "it's just us, just change here honey, no one is going to see us. We're adults," she laughed.

Well, just the way Julie said to stay in there to change was strange enough, Julie being so straight faced and everything around everyone.

But Tammi, if it suprised her, it didn't show on her face and she removed her tank top and shorts. There was no bra on, as Tammi seldom wore one, and she had on a pink pair of panties, one of Rob's favorites.

Tammi picked up the sack, removed the nightie inside,laughing, saying,"wow, this is silk, and small, I will never get into it," she laughed, trying to get it over her body.

It was pink, low cut, and short, and had no matching panties. It fit to the young house wife very tightly, almost looking as if it were wet. One could tell it was really "turning on" Julie very, very, much.

Tammi laughed, but commented, "to be so dammed tight, it feels good. Soft, very soft, and cool. I need this in this dammed Oklahoma heat."

Julie walked to her and said, "this isn't the one I paid for. But, I like it." Having said that she felt of the material, then,catching Tammi by suprise, ran her hands across the young housewive's tits, causing her always "sensitve" nipples to erect even further.

Smiling, Julie said, "you are right, it feels good." Then, kissed the aroused housewife on the lips, catching her totally by suprise.

Tammi's mind said "No." She was straight as they come. Unfortunately, her body was saying no, and she found herself returning the kiss.

"I think my friend and I should go into the bedroom," Julie smiled, kissing Tammi softly onthe chin and taking her hand and leading her to the bedroom, removing her clothes as she walked.

"My friend has never been with a female, has she?, " Julie asked her friend, helping her out of her new nightie.

"No, no, I haven't," is all Tammi could say before Julie again covered her lips with hers.

"Just lay there for me honey," Julie said softly,tenderly.

Rob had to pull his pants down, he was so hard, his nine inch cock becoming harder with each second of video.

Julie started at the young housewife's head, and slowly, seductively, softly, kissed all the way down Tammi's body, sucking for several seconds on each erect nipple, then rubbing the young wife's stomach softly with her hand, causing Tammi to gasp for air.

"MMMMMMm, sensitive spot, uh?," Julie asked, looking seductively into Tammi's eyes.

For the next half hour of the video, Julie ate Rob's wife, forcing her into hard orgasm after orgasm, with Tammi screaming, "oh my God, oh my God!"

The tape ended and Rob never saw Tammi eating Julie's pussy. But what he saw and heard, made for great sex that night with his wife.

Part of what Rob heard was the two women saying who they'd like to fuck, and wow, was Rob pleased to hear, Julie wanted to fuck him. Now he just had to find a way to make it happen.

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