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Very Real Dreams (mind intensive, older woman, interracial, loving husband, HOT WIFE!)

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Very Real Dreams by nycplaytime

Trisha began stroking herself as sex hormones pumped throughout her veins. Her body was on fire, and lust had not so completely encompassed her thoughts like this in years. It was his persistence that was working on her. That, and his rugged good looks, and his smile, and his body, and his hands, and his chest, and the bulge of his pants?.

She imagined kissing and caressing him, licking him, smelling him. His desire for her growing beyond control, his weight moving on top of her, and his thick shaft filling her wanton pussy deeply and fully. Trisha?s thoughts about Tony had come to dominate her fantasies. At every sequestered moment, she?d take the opportunity to daydream and imagine the muscled stud as her lover and secret admirer.

Even sex with her husband had become an opportunity to imagine her lover fucking her completely and passionately. Sam, her husband, imagined himself as the focus of her spirited libido, but Sam frequently left Trisha on the edge though she never told him so. Sam imagined himself a great lover, and Trisha never let on ? other than the one time she was in the midst of an orgasm and thought she had called out Tony?s name instead of her husband?s.

Apparently she hadn?t slipped, even though her mind was certain she had screamed, ?Oh yes Tony, yes baby, fuck me, fuck me, oh God, I?m cumming?.? But Sam had never mentioned that potentially disastrous slip of her tongue, and so it apparently hadn?t slipped during that monumental explosion when she had imagined Tony fucking her so deeply. Thus was his impact on her concentration. Reality and fantasy were blurred in a potent mixture of lust and desire.

Had Trish actually blurted out Tony?s name while fucking her husband, the repercussions would have been devastating. You see, Sam is an egotistical racist bigot with an enormous chip on his shoulder, and Tony is a well-defined black Adonis with an enormous bulge in his pants, and a suaveness that has lured countless married white women into his bed.

It was obvious from the constant stream of beautiful, middle-aged white women entering and exiting the building by his side. Practically all of them were gorgeous, sophisticated, and at an age where unsuspecting husbands must surely be somewhere in the background. Yes, Tony was a Tiger, and Sam would blow a gasket if he knew the source of her lustful sex drive.

Sam hadn?t been a racist forever. At least not when he and Trisha had married, but something had happened over time at work that caused Sam to despise an entire race without exception. Tony was included in that group even though he was a distinct gentleman, always dressed professionally in a suit, and always, without fail, politely saying ?Hello? to both of them whenever they passed in the hallway. Little did Sam know how much more than ?Hello? his sexy wife was getting when she happened to pass Tony in the hall alone. The flirting between the two had become hot with innuendo, and sexual tensions were obviously building on both sides of the aisle.

Trish had even taken to looking for Tony. And dressing for him. He always made particularly charged comments when Trish wore stockings and heels, and she knew that he was fantasizing about her. He obviously had a taste for sexy legs and pretty feet, and she played up to his weakness on every possible occasion. Even her daily attire had become more charged toward the sexual in her attempts to infiltrate the mind of her fantasy stud on those brief hallway and elevator encounters together.

Trisha had taken to dressing in silky stockings and heels for even the most brief treks outdoors on the hope that her admirer would catch a glimpse of her, and be caught in the grasp of the lust she herself was experiencing. Something about taunting him appealed to Trisha on a raw, base level, and the more she did it, the more she was drawn to it.

Trisha had taken note of Tony?s preferences in women. There was the ?Upper East side Millionaire? who seemed to be over every few weeks, and there was the ?Mid 40?s Housewife,? who made an appearance about once a month. Then there was the ?Wall Street Sophisticate,? and of course the ?Petite French Maid? who spoke with a distinct accent. Yes, Tony had is share of sophisticated women. All white, married, brunettes with gorgeous bodies and plenty of style, and as Trisha observed them come and go, and as she fantasized more and more about Tony becoming her own captured beast, her style changed, her libido changed, and her thoughts about what she wanted and perhaps even needed began to change.

Those women had nothing on her, and she knew her man was already hooked. She could have him whenever and wherever she chose. It was obvious from the way he looked at her and communicated with her. This was becoming more than just another sex fantasy. This was becoming a conquest to tame a beast. No a tiger. Tony the Tiger, and Trisha was taking the leap from reserved wife to Mistress of the Beast. It was her destiny and she sensed it. Trisha quaked through an orgasm as she imagined bowing to every sexual desire of her beast, fucking her with a lust so overwhelming, that she could do nothing to control him or stop him. Exactly what she needed from the powerful black stud lurking only floors above in her own apartment building. His thrusts filling her completely. Stretching her body and her mind, all while enveloping him in her soft, feminine womanhood. Pulling him into her as if she NEEDED to be fucked by him. ?Oh yes Tony. Fuck me with that hard cock baby?.? Trisha?s mind slipped from one scenario to the next, each providing her with unbounded arousal and desire. Never in her life could Trisha remember being so sexually hungry, and no amount of orgasms seemed to satisfy her mind?s hunger.


The doorbell rang, jarring Trisha?s senses, leaving her tottering on the brink of another orgasm. Trisha lay motionless as her mind shifted from fantasy to reality.

?Was that the doorbell, or just my imagination?? Trish thought to herself, still floating in a sexual haze.

?Ding-dong-ding,? chimed the doorbell again.

Startled, but still floating in a cloud of lust, Trisha climbed out of the recliner where she had been immersed in a private pool of sexual daydreaming.

?Just a minute!? exclaimed Trisha.

?It?s me, Kenny, from the 10th floor. I?ll come back later if you are busy Dr. Dunn.?

?Oh shit!? Trish thought to herself.

Kenny was a kid from downstairs who did errands for Trisha on occasion, and earlier in the week she had asked Kenny to come by during the day to help her with a computer problem.

?Give me just a second Kenny. I?ll be right there.? Trish scrambled into her bedroom, to dress and compose herself for this temporary intrusion into her lustful fantasy world.

Kenny?s heart raced. This was it. This might be the moment he had fantasized about for the past two years. Dr. Dunn had been taunting Kenny with her sexy legs and high heels for so long he had memorized every curve of her body. She was his secret version of Mrs. Robinson, and he had masturbated to thoughts of her almost nightly ever since he had first laid eyes on her. It was something about the way she dressed, and the lust in her eyes whenever he spotted her in the elevator. Surely she had been dressing that way to lure him into her apartment. Surely she had been fantasizing about him just as he had been fantasizing about her.

She was probably slipping into something sexy even now ? as he stood outside her door, and his mind filled with emotion as he pictured her in his favorite top and high heels. She knew he was coming over today. Perhaps she had spent the morning playing with herself and taunting her pussy with thoughts of seducing him this very day. Perhaps today was the day her pent-up desire for him would unleash itself into an afternoon sexual frenzy. Just the two of them. Locked away in her apartment. Beyond the prying eyes of his nosey roommates ? and her gruff husband.

He pictured her waiting for him, impatiently teasing herself in the hours leading up to his arrival. She had probably taken herself to the edge only to deny herself the ultimate pleasure. Waiting instead to unleash her pent-up desire on his erect, young manhood that so powerfully wanted to explore her depths. Yes, today was the day Dr. Dunn had decided to give herself to her young admirer. Her lust had finally gotten the better of her. Kenny was sure of it, and his throbbing 22 year old cock swelled in his pants as he stood facing the door to the promised land.

How many times he had masturbated imagining this very moment. How many times Dr. Dunn had opened the door in some wildly erotic lingerie and pulled Kenny into her apartment. Kenny had imagined thousands of different versions of this very moment ? each with Dr. Dunn succumbing to his young, hard body, and engulfing him with a passion no young girl could ever provide. This was finally the start of the intense sexual romance Kenny had imagined for over two years, and his hormones raced like never before. The visions raced so quickly through his mind, he had no awareness of the growing bulge ripping at the seams of his pants. He had no idea that his youthful imagination had betrayed him with a display so pronounced there was no mistaking what was going through his mind.

In the days building up to this moment, Kenny had imagined the sequence over and over again. She?d invite him in and lead him toward the computer where she?d innocently taunt him and secretly hope for his advance.

?I think the problem is in here, Dr. Dunn.?

?Come closer Kenny. I don?t see what you mean.?

?Oh, I?m sorry. I didn?t mean to touch you Dr. Dunn. I?m so sorry.?

?That?s perfectly all right Kenny. In fact, it sent a hot shiver down my body.?

?Would you like for me to do it again Dr. Dunn??

?That depends. Would you like to do it again Kenny??

?Yes Ma?am. I?d like to do much more than that Dr. Dunn!?

?Maybe you should touch me here as well.?

?Oh, this is bad Kenny. We shouldn?t be doing this.?

?I?ve wanted you for so long Dr. Dunn. I?ve got to have you. This can be out secret.?

?Oh yeah baby. That feel so good. Keep licking my hot, married pussy.?

Kenny?s mind raced as his fantasy continued into a torrid frenzy of passion and wanton sexual hunger for the older, sophisticated, off-limits Dr. Dunn. Yes, today would be the day he gave her the fantasy she too must be dreaming of. She probably even knew how to suck cock, he hoped, unlike the young twats who always chased him at school.

As Trish rushed to dress before opening the door, her mind reflected on young Kenny, and the innocent, yet hungry, looks he had always given her. She occasionally gave lectures on Primitive History at the local college, and was well aware of the sexual hormone levels of 20-something year old males. There was no doubt about what those young men were thinking. The only difference between them and grown men was their inexperience and inability to span the gap between thought and action. She remembered the way they looked at her as she?d go over homework assignments. Their eyes entranced on her silky stockings and high heels. She knew what they imagined, and how they dreamed of exploring her every hidden region, and she took secret delight in pushing the envelope ever so slightly.

?I should have a little fun with this,? she purred as she opted for some of her rather enticing clothing.

?He?s such a good kid, and he certainly is good looking. I?ll bet I?m his fantasy Mrs. Robinson,? she thought as she buttoned her blouse, leaving several top buttons undone for effect.

?And I know he likes these shoes. I?ve seen the look on his face every time I wear them,? she purred as an ever-so-subtle twitch of lust coursed through her pussy.

Thoughts of seducing the young college boy filled her mind as she walked toward the door, imagining how hot it would be to have the young lover available at her every beckon and call. Her nipples stiffened at thoughts of his hard young cock penetrating her slippery pussy, and how overwhelming she could be to his naive, but hormonally charged senses. She could teach him to be a dream lover, and he would worship the ground she walked on. As she made her way toward the door, her mind pictured young Kenny fucking her in the leather recliner where only minutes ago she had been fondling herself.

?Cla-click, cla-click, cla-click.? The sound of high heels clicking across a hardwood floor snapped Kenny to attention, and his breath shortened as he listened intently to the soft, feminine steps of his fantasy lover approaching the door from inside. He looked down just in time to realize the tremendous bulge protruding from his pants, and embarrassment filled his mind as the doorknob turned.

For a brief second their eyes crossed paths as the hormones both were experiencing caused them to scan each other almost imperceptibly among the small talk. Kenny?s eyes rapidly took in Trisha?s stiffened nipples peering invitingly through her thin blouse as his nostrils filled with her seductive perfume, and his glance made its way all the way down to her painted toenails before returning quickly enough to catch her eyeing the significant bulge protruding from his pants. Her eyes seemed momentarily locked on his manhood, and he sensed her breathing in a shortened, alert and hormonal fashion. His instincts and perception were beyond his years.

His embarrassment turned to subtle courage as he realized the effect his throbbing manhood had had on Dr. Dunn, and at that instant he felt man enough to bridge the gap between thought and action. His thoughts had been correct. Dr. Dunn had been fantasizing about him, and she had planned this day to perfection. He would take the lead and give her the fantasy she obviously had dreamt of ? just as he had dreamed it too.

As Kenny entered the room Trisha closed the door and locked the deadbolt behind her, feeling a quiet flood of seduction coursing through her veins, knowing that when she turned around this young man was about to experience his ultimate fantasy. Locking the deadbolt seemed to give her an extra second to take it all in, and at the same time, it seemed to lock in the reality of what was transpiring at lightning speed. So forbidden. So naughty. So incredibly hot!

In that instant her thoughts turned to submission, and an overwhelming sense of longing and desire took her completely. As she turned away from the door toward the room, Kenny?s face was unexpectedly close to hers. The lust in his eyes was unmistakable, and for a second which seemed to be an eternity, the chemistry in the air between them expanded as if it were the big bang happening all over again. Trisha?s body flooded with hormones as her eyes closed and her arms enveloped Kenny?s neck. As she felt his arms wrap around her petite waist, his lips met hers. That instant sent every hormone in her body into complete chaos with hands and arms engulfing her, lips and tongue exploring her, and an incredibly warm bulge, desperate to be unleashed, pressing against her navel.


?Hi Honey. How was your day?? Trisha asked as Sam stormed in.

?Same crap. Different day. I really hate those goddamn morons.?

Sam stormed past Trisha without so much as a hello kiss, and with complete disdain for the outfit she had donned specifically for him.

?Here baby, I made you a drink. Come sit with me on the sofa.?

After her whirlwind afternoon, Trisha had felt guilty and taken her anxiety out by cleaning the entire apartment. She desperately wanted to forget what had happened that afternoon, and now, she longed for the attention of her husband. She had dressed in his favorite outfit, and wanted nothing more than to be whisked out for an early dinner and a short waltz through the nearby mall and museum. Or anywhere for that matter. Anywhere but cramped up here in the apartment where she had been consumed in every way by a young stud who had almost unending stamina and drive. Anywhere but here where her need for sexual satisfaction had show itself in the most brazen display she had ever experienced. Anywhere but here where her desires and lust had been satisfied beyond her most vivid imagination, pussy still aching, and anywhere but here where the familiar aroma of sex still seemed to permeate every breath she took. Anywhere at all, but here.

?I?ll take that drink, but I don?t feel much like sitting. Where are you going all dressed like that??

?No where. I just wanted to look good for you.? Trisha offered, with a look of dejection creeping onto her face.

Sam took the drink from Trisha and disappeared into the library without so much as a look into her eyes. The door shut behind him. Trisha took off her high heels and returned them to the bedroom closet. Her thoughts ran back to that afternoon, and how alive she had felt only hours before. She looked at herself in the mirror, and fighting back tears, she reached back into the closet and fetched the heels which had not done their trick on her distant husband.

?Sam, would you like to take a walk with me over to the Mall??

?No, I?m going out to meet Harry uptown. Don?t wait up for me. We?re watching the game tonight at Donnovan?s, and it won?t be over before midnight.

Bent with dejection, and with a heart in turmoil, Trisha said goodnight, checked her makeup, and proceeded out the door.


?Trish! Hey, wait up!?

As Trisha walked solemnly through the urban museum complex known as ?The Mall? located only a block away from her apartment, she instantly recognized the deep voice calling her. With trepidation she turned to see Tony running over to catch up with her.

?Hi gorgeous! I just saw you walking out of the flower shop and thought I?d come say Hi!?

?Hi Tony. I haven?t seen you lately. How have you been??

?I?ve been working a lot. Just got back into town last night.?

Tony?s warm smile did little to wipe the pity off her face, and dejection continued to plague Trisha as she tried to make small talk.

?What?s wrong? You look fantastic, but something?s going on behind those pretty eyes.?

?Nothing really. It was just a long day.?

?Why don?t you join me for a drink? I?m only going right there.? Tony motioned toward the hotel bar which opened on one end into the Mall and connected to the hotel tower directly adjacent to it.

Tony?s powerful frame, sexy smile, and complete attention to her worked its magic.

"What the hell," Trisha thought to herself.

?Sure. That sounds like a wonderful idea!? she admitted as a smile finally blossomed forth.

Trisha admired Tony?s solid body, and watched as onlookers glanced toward them. She could sense the envy in women?s eyes, and the swift look of disdain from a few cowardly-looking white men as they attempted to act indifferent. ?What is that beautiful white woman doing with that fucking nigger?? she sensed them thinking, her mind jaded by the recent and growingly incessant ranting of her husband.

Tony didn?t seem to mind or even notice the onlookers. He was busily describing his most recent week, and his good fortune of running into Trisha on this beautiful night in Manhattan. His youthful energy and positive outlook flowed into Trisha?s being as they walked. At the bar, after their drinks arrived, Trisha?s mind snapped to attention as Tony talked.

?Did you just say photo shoot? Is that what you do?? she blurted.

?Yes, I?m a photographer. I do freelance for most of the major sports and fashion magazines here in town.?

?Do you have a studio??

?Yep, but I do a lot of my work right out of my apartment. The skyline views make for some spectacular backdrops.?

?I?ll bet.? Trisha purred, imagining Tony doing more than just photographing one of his many models.

?I?m sure its good for entertainment purposes as well,? she offered coyly.

?It has its moments,? Tony confessed, ?but when it comes to shooting, I?m strictly business.?

?Uh huh. I?m sure,? Trisha wryly countered.

?Actually, I?ve been wanting to talk to you about modeling for a few shots.?

?Yeah, is that the line you use to get all those pretty women up there??

?Not at all. Everyone you?ve ever seen me with has been a professional model. In fact, I can show you the magazines. I?ve got copies of every magazine in which my photos have been published.?

?And here I was thinking you were God?s gift to women,? Trisha quirked.

?Trish, you?re making me blush.?

Tony?s face tightened ever so subtly as his eyes scanned up and down the full length of Trisha?s body. Trisha?s pulse quicken, and sexual hormones charged through her body. Tony?s eyes seemed to memorize every nuance, and his nostrils inhaled deeply as if smelling her warm, moist pussy giving away her otherwise composed stature. His power and sexuality engulfed her as his eyes undressed and penetrated her. Never before had Trisha felt so helpless, yet so aroused by the penetrating looks of a man. Never before had her body so completely abandoned her mind?s need to remain composed. Her body longed for the attention of this incredibly powerful and sexy man, and she yearned for him to explore her every crevice.

Trisha felt alive. Face to face with the Beast she had so frequently fantasized about. The raw sexuality of his presence took her by surprise, and a feeling of submission overtook her. Her tense body softened under his powerful, piercing eyes, and her pussy pulsed with heat and moisture as the hormones charged through her. Trisha?s hardened nipples ached to be sucked, and her pussy begged to be filled. This powerful man was taking what he wanted at this very moment, and the first hints of orgasm coursed through Trisha?s body as he consumed her with nothing more than his eyes.

Tony leaned in closer to Trish and pulled her bar stool closer to his. The warmth of his leg caressed her stocking clad thigh, and the scent of his cologne flirted with her nostrils. His essence penetrated every molecule of her being, and at that moment Trisha knew she would be his. The Tiger owned her in some sexually exotic fog of desire, lust and submission. Her mind freely submitted to the feelings already in charge of her body, and she wanted nothing more than to give her all to this man right now.

Trisha sensed the muscles bulging beneath Tony?s starched shirt. His arms and torso cut off her view of the area behind him. His thick fingers and full lips ignited her hormones, and Trisha?s pussy tingled with arousal, now soaked from the visual penetration she was receiving.

Tony?s eyes met hers as his hand slipped down to his own knee, and then his eyes wandered again, down the length of her body.

Trisha?s breath quickened as she anticipated his hand caressing her knee. Her eyes shifted to his hand, still within his own sphere, and it was then that she noticed the significant bulge resting atop his thigh, and spanning a length that seemed to stretch from his crotch to halfway down to his knee.

?You have very sexy feet,? Tony whispered as Trisha shifted her glance to Tony?s face. His eyes slowly traced their way back up her body, stopping momentarily at her knees, again at her breasts, and then deeply into her eyes.

?Rub your toes against my ankle,? he said, still peering deeply into her eyes.

Trisha?s breath shortened as her mind took in the invitation. Or was it more of a direct order? She quickly glanced around the room, her mind willfully submitting to what she chose to accept as an order. She was speechless and turned on beyond belief, yet no one was looking. No one was paying any attention, and no angle provided anyone ? not even the bartender ? with a view to the mental intercourse taking place between the two there in the crowded bar.

The thought of Tony instructing her ? directing her - toward his own pleasure excited her in some instinctual and evolutionary way. This man was more sexually powerful and dominant than anyone she had ever interacted with, and something about his direct nature seemed to flip every switch in her body. Her foot quickly found its way under the cuff of Tony?s trousers, and her toes nuzzled their way past Tony?s sock, down to the flesh she so coveted as her mind continued to submit to this powerful yet subtle beast, awaiting his next demand. The crowd no longer mattered. Her mind and body submitted, and yearned for more direction.

Tony?s warm hand pressed against her knee and massaged the tendons on its back side. His touch sent erotic chills up her spine. Her foot was doing the same to him.

Trisha looked down to his hand then over to his slacks where the snake-like phallus pulsed and pressed to break free.

Trisha reached for her drink, taking a deep gulp before returning it to the bar. As her arm retreated to its place near her waist, Tony intercepted and guided her delicate hand over to his leg, just below the head of the pulsating monster throbbing beneath the fabric of his pants.

Again Trisha looked around the room, then back to the enormous phallus she so desperately wanted to touch.

Tony?s eyes watched her as she mentally undressed the pulsing phallus, and contemplated moving her hand onto it. Tony?s hand covered her own, and guided her delicate fingers onto the warm shaft. He slowly guided her hand up and down its length as her fingers squeezed its thickness.

Completely without trepidation, Trisha began to slowly stroke Tony?s cock still shackled below the thin layer of clothing. With each gentle stroke, her hand placed exquisite emphasis on the swirl of its bulbous head, as if she were completely consumed with pleasing the aroused beast.

While Trisha continued to stroke Tony?s cock, he withdrew several bills from his pocket and paid the bar tab. Trish continued to focus on Tony?s throbbing manhood, keeping her hand firmly attached to the pipe-like snake she so desperately wanted to please. Her mind and body wanted simply to submit to it. She imagined her mouth taking in the head as her hands continued to stroke the warm, pulsing shaft. She wanted to feel the beast?s heartbeat in her mouth and hands through the pulses of his shaft, and she longed to use her entire body toward its pleasure. She imagined her breasts gently caressing the shaft, as her body continued to work its way up and onto it. She imagined its initial contact with her slippery, inviting pussy lips, and its hunger to be buried within her warmth.

?Come with me to my studio. I need you now.?

Trisha followed his orders obediently, and without hesitation as the two gathered their belongings and exited the building.

It was so dangerous, so wild, so spontaneous, she thought as the two walked arm in arm toward the taxi stand. Anyone in the neighborhood could see them together. Anyone from their building. Anyone, including her husband.

Her mind raced back to the visions of the other women she had seen come and go with Tony. She recognized their expressions as one of her own. Fear of being seen, yet reckless abandon due to sheer lust and awe of the throbbing cock hidden only inches away. They all shared the same taboo fantasy though few admitted it. It was finally her turn to tame the beast ? or perhaps to succumb to its every wish. Her heart pounded as adrenaline and sex flooded her system.

Before her fears could take over, the two were comfortably secluded in the back seat of a taxi speeding its way toward a quiet loft in the safe darkness of Tribeca.

Trisha again placed her hand on Tony?s still pulsing cock. Its size captivated her, and she couldn?t draw herself away from it. Nor did she want to. Her whole being wanted nothing more than to please it and the powerful man it belonged to.

Tony pulled her to him, spreading her legs in the process. His lips met hers, and his tongue penetrated her mouth as his thick fingers worked their way up her inner thighs. In an instant her thong had been brushed aside, and his fingers slid effortlessly across and into her soaking pussy.

Trisha felt the burst of an orgasm as her clit rolled under the pressure of Tony?s probing fingers. Her lips sucked on, and then nibbled at his full, warm lips as the orgasm jolted her senses. Her mind raced as Tony?s fingers continued to probe the depths of her wanton pussy, and as his tongue continued its exploration of her lips and mouth.

Within seconds they had made their way from the dark cab, into a secluded stairway leading up to Tony?s photography studio.

Inside was a very nicely decorated loft apartment with minimal photographic equipment, and no hint of being used solely for business. The lighting was warm and inviting, a bar, two plush sofas, a recliner with a large, detached ottoman, and a stereo system complete with surround sound speakers.

Tony led Trisha by the hand around the spacious, comfortable room, as he turned on some soft, jazzy music, dimmed a few lights, and quickly created an ambiance to match the passion of the moment.

Near one of the sofas, Tony faced Trisha, pulled her to him and began kissing her. The two swayed together to the rhythm of the tune as they continued their exploration of each others? bodies. Trisha?s hands subtly found their way back to Tony?s heavy cock, and her fingers deftly unbelted, then unzipped his pants, freeing the beautiful phallus for the first time. Trisha dropped to her knees as she instinctively grasped it with both hands. Her mouth encompassed the thick head as she proceeded to suck and stroke it.

Unleashed, it stiffened, and responded to her every stroke. She sucked and licked as it pulsed. Tony eased himself down onto the sofa. As he unbuttoned his shirt, Trisha began to sway and dance to the music. Her fingers ran the length of her torso as she removed her blouse and watched Tony remove his shirt. Her eyes admired his chiseled muscles. His chest, his strong biceps, his rock-like abdomen. This powerful beast was about to have his way with her, and she both lusted for and dreaded just how far he was going to take her.

Tony reached out to her as she continued to sway, mesmerized by the hunk of a man who she knew was about to fuck her like she had never experienced. She straddled him as he felt her breasts, and unsnapped her bra clasps. Her hips rocked back and forth, pressing his hardness against her ass and pussy as his mouth sucked on her breasts and his hands explored her body.

Trisha was on fire. Her knees stretched apart to straddle his tree-trunk thighs, and her pussy drenched the tiny thong which still separated her from the throbbing cock she so desperately wanted.

Almost effortlessly, Tony removed Trisha?s heels, and his hands massaged her feet, her calves, and her thighs before taking a moment to remove the moist thong. Tony ran his fingers along her thigh-high stockings, down to her feet, and back up again as she continued to press her pussy lips down against his shaft. It felt so big, so thick, and so warm against her. It was just so fucking big. Would it hurt, or would she love it? She hoped he?d be gentle ? but maybe a little rough?.

Trisha?s nipples were on fire as Tony gently nibbled at them. His hands firmly engulfed her ass as his fingers began to stretch downward, subtly taunting her ass and her gaping pussy with their warmth and probing girth. Her hands nestled around his neck as he continued to taunt her with his fingers and cock. Her pussy throbbed with desire as he lifted her and guided the head toward her opening.

Fear and anxiety hit her as the bulbous head stretched her tight hole, but he was gentle and allowed her to take it in at her own pace. A feeling of submission again overtook her as she slowly worked the shaft into her. At first an inch or two, gently up and down as her juices lubricated it and adapted to its thickness, then more and more, and more as she gently worked it deeper in and out of her tight hole.

Tony met her movement with gentle thrusts of his own, and his hands guided her hips up and down onto him until their eyes were finally at the same level. Trisha closed her eyes and pressed her lips to Tony?s as she completely submitted to being filled by the most beautiful, thick black cock she had ever imagined. Her hips bucked wildly as his fingers explored her ass, and his tongue explored her mouth. Her nipples brushed up and down against his chest as he continued to impale her. His strokes became more forceful as she wantonly bucked back and forth against his cock. His cock now penetrated her completely as pussy juice lubricated its length. Her liquid lubricated his fingers as they continued to explore and fuck her asshole. She was cumming, and the orgasm didn?t seem to have an end. Her body was cumming in an ongoing explosion of feelings and spasms. Her pussy was quaking, her clit rubbing furiously against his pelvis, her asshole throbbing and pulsing as the rest of her body continued to spasm, but Tony wasn?t finished. He continued to fuck her with determination and hunger.

Just as she felt ready to black out from his thrusting, Tony slowed his movement and let her catch her breath. Trisha felt consumed, impaled on a fuck shaft like nothing she had ever experienced. This Tiger was fucking her like she had never been fucked before, and he was still hungry. Her mind regained composure as she simmered in ecstasy, impaled on his throbbing pole.

In one motion Tony lifted her off of him, and he stood up with her in his arms. He carried her around a partition and onto a large bed hidden from the rest of the loft.

As he gently lowered Trisha to the bed, she prepared to be impaled once again, but Tony gently started working his way down her body. First to her breasts, then to her navel, down past her pussy, and then down to her feet. Tony removed her stockings and began massaging Trisha?s feet as he sucked her toes.

He worked his way up her calves, in between her thighs, and up toward her pussy. His shoulders pushed her legs apart as he worked his way up. Trisha felt her pussy twitch with anticipation as Tony teasingly licked her labia and swollen clit. With each gentle lick Trisha began to squirm trying impatiently to force her swollen clit into his mouth. She tugged at his torso with her feet and grabbed his hair with her hands, pulling him mercilessly toward her twitching clit.

As his full lips encompassed her clit he began to suck and nibble at her tormented knob. His tongue made deep thrusts into her gaping hole before lapping up and across her pulsating clit. The sensations sent shockwaves through Trisha?s body as yet another orgasm began to build deep within her pelvis.

Tony began alternating between sucking, thrusting and lapping with his tongue, and expanded his reach until his tongue effortlessly darted back and forth from her sensitive clit to her inner pussy, and down onto and into her stretched, lubricated asshole. His motions persisted over and over as Trisha moaned and squirmed. The sensations sent jolts through her body and into her brain. Fingers began exploring her holes as lips focused more on suction around her clit. Gentle nibbles and tongue flicks taunted and stimulated her clit.

?Oh Tony, please fuck me. Fuck me now, like I?ve never been fucked before.?

Tony moved his powerful body up onto her, and pressed the thick head once again into the folds of her swollen pussy. His strokes lengthened with each slow thrust until he was buried up to his balls.

Trisha felt her orgasm building as the pace of his thrusts quickened. The walls of her pussy felt each and every inch of his beautiful cock, and his balls slapped mercilessly against her asshole.

His strokes seemed to press their way into her mind as her body submitted to the now forceful, demanding pounding he was giving her. Trisha?s body felt pinned to the bed under his weight. Her hands were pinned to the bed above her head, and her legs twitched even as her feet tugged at his ass. Trisha?s body exploded into a gushing wave of wonderful, wrenching, deep orgasms like none she had ever experienced as the beast continued to thrust deeper into her than she had ever felt. His cock pulsed and thickened as it neared its own forceful eruption, and she felt his incredibly full balls start to give their every ounce of sperm to her wanton, willing hole.

?OH GOD, OHHHH, OHHH, AHHHH, YES, AHHHH, UHHHH ?? Trisha exploded in the first of several orgasmic screams as the jets of thick sperm forced their way deep into her pulsing cunt.

?OH YES TONY, YES BABY, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH GOD, I?M CUMMING?.? She screamed over and over again until the fury finally began to subside, and the beast released all of his weight onto her.

Trisha, exhausted and completely fucked out, felt totally satisfied as submission gave way to feelings of accomplishment and victory. She dozed off to sleep as her own tremors settled into a relaxing purr of satisfaction.


?Wake up. We need to talk.?

Sunlight made her squint as the words shook her from a deep sleep.

?Um, good morning. What?s wrong??

?Who is Tony??

?Tony? What do you mean??

?Last night you were dreaming, and talking in your sleep. Who the fuck is Tony??

?Oh God.? Shame and fear enveloped Trisha as the realization hit her. Her fantasies about Tony had crept into her sleep, and now her fantasies were revealing themselves at her most vulnerable moments.

?Honey, I must have been dreaming. There is no Tony. I swear. I would never cheat on you.?

?Sounds fucked up to me. If you?re fucking someone else I want to know about it,? Sam demanded.

?I promise you baby. I?ve never cheated on you. It was nothing more than a dream. I mean it. I?ve never cheated on you.? Trisha?s mind raced. It had been so real. So vivid. Every detail stood firmly planted in her mind. Even the earlier encounter with the young kid, Kenny. It must have all been a dream. Her mind stretched to understand it all. What day was it?

Sam rolled over to her and placed his arm around his wife. ?Trisha, I?m sorry. I?ve never felt that you would ever cheat, and I believe you now. I was just a little shocked last night. I think you actually had an orgasm in your sleep. Maybe even a few. It woke me up!?

Embarrassment continued to plague her as she contemplated the implications of her situation.

?Oh God, Sammy, I?m so embarrassed. It was only a dream.? Trisha wished she could bury herself in the covers, and make it all go away.

?Come out here baby. Pull those covers off your face.? Sam pulled the covers back, exposing Trisha?s ashamed face, her hands clenching the covers just below her chin.

?It?s ok. We all have dreams like that. I?ve never had one that actually resulted in an orgasm, but hell, I would if I could!? Sam grinned.

?Its perfectly natural to think about having sex with others, but I guess I will always get a little jealous if I think its happening behind my back.?

?I will never cheat on you,? she insisted.

?I know you won?t baby, and I appreciate that.?

Sam nuzzled up to Trisha?s face and stared deeply into her eyes before pressing his lips against hers. Their kiss lingered and developed into a passionate embrace. Sam?s fingers wandered down Trisha?s torso as he started to envision his petite little wife, hot for some well hung stranger named Tony. Sam often fantasized about his wife fucking other men, and his mind raced through the catalog of images he had envisioned over the years. His fingers slid their way down to her pussy as the images began to stir his own cock to arousal.

Trisha felt his cock thicken as it rubbed against her hip, her tension giving way to arousal from the continuing friction against her pussy.

?So who is Tony?? Sam quipped, as his fingers continued to taunt her stiffening clit.

Trisha thought a moment before answering. She replayed portions of the dream back through her mind. ?It started out awful. You and I were fighting, and you were a terrible racist.?

Sam piped in, ?A racist? Is Tony black?? as his fingers pressed deeper into Trisha?s wet hole, his mind now envisioning Trisha spreading herself for a faceless black lover.

Trisha relaxed as the fingers continued to stimulate her clit. ?He?s that black guy who always says ?Hello? to us in the lobby.?

?And I was a racist? You know I?m not a racist,? Sam quipped, pressing his fingers even deeper into Trisha?s moistening pussy. ?That must have been a twisty dream! I didn?t know you were attracted to him.?

?I?m not. I mean, he?s good looking, but I?m not attracted to him,? Trisha snapped back, somewhat ashamed that her innermost secrets were coming out beyond her control.

Sam?s cock stiffened as he spread Trisha?s legs farther apart, and began to more aggressively tease her clit. ?I saw him looking at you once. That time when you drove up and parked right out front. He couldn?t take his eyes off you.

Trisha remembered the moment from two years earlier. She had just returned from a conference as Tony was walking in from the park. She remembered the way his eyes locked onto her as she exited the car. It had aroused her, and she had taunted him by allowing her dress to stay hiked up momentarily as she stood up. Her movements had been perfectly executed as she pretended not to notice the stud?s trance-like stare. She had secretly been fantasizing about him ever since that very moment.

?Yeah, I got a lot of looks that day,? Trisha murmured as her pussy continued to moisten while she reflected on the near crippling effect she had had on the black stud?s walking ability.

?I was in the lobby that day when you drove up,? Sam mentioned. ?The guy?s cock was hanging halfway down his leg as he walked in. He couldn?t even hide it behind his hand as he tried to slide through the lobby undetected!?

?You saw that? I mean, you saw him looking at me?? Trisha remarked, slightly embarrassed that her husband had seen her effect on the testosterone-filled neighbor.

?Are you asking me if I saw the huge cock hanging in his pants or if I saw the way you teased him as you got out of the car??

Trisha?s heart skipped as she again wanted to disappear under the covers. ?I, uh?.?

Sam interrupted, ?I saw the way you worked yourself out of the car, and I saw his jaw drop as he tried not to stare! Why do you think I was so turned on when you finally walked in?? with a tone of admission in his voice.

Trisha remembered how excited she had been as Tony had hobbled into the building, and how turned on she was after handing over the car keys to the valet. She had secretly hoped to catch up with the black hunk in the lobby, and ride the elevator up with him, but he had already disappeared.

Her mind then turned to the moments just after her arrival in her apartment that day two years ago. Sam couldn?t keep his hands off her, and he had pulled her to the sofa where he had proceeded to fuck her roughly and passionately. She remembered that time on the sofa, and how she had secretly fantasized about Tony as her husband ravaged her. It had been one of the most explosive series of orgasms she could remember. Sam, too, had cum hard that day, filling her with more semen that she was used to receiving from him. It had oozed out of her all day, and Sam had fucked her again, twice more that night, and again the next morning. His drive had surprised her, and it had come at such a perfect time. Her mind had remained focused that weekend on the submission of her body to her upstairs fantasy lover, and her own libido had craved the physical reality her husband had so unwittingly provided.

Only now did she realize her husband had experienced his own version of the same fantasy that weekend. Only now, two years later was it obvious their thoughts truly were shared. Trisha?s body softened as the comforting reality of it all settled in. There was no anger. There was no jealousy, there were no secrets that could not be shared. As Trisha?s mind continued to reflect, Sam spread Trisha?s legs. He nibbled at her thighs, and worked his way down her calves. He massaged her feet and sucked gently at her toes before working his way slowly back up to her now engorged pussy. At first he teasingly licked her labia and swollen clit as Trisha squirmed to force it into his mouth. She tugged at his torso with her feet and grabbed his hair with her hands, pulling him closer to her twitching clit.

In a sexually charged, husky voice, Sam softly demanded, ?Close your eyes while Tony has his way with my hot, wanton wife. I want to watch you cum, like I have so many times in the privacy of my own mind. I want to feel you give yourself to your lover, like your mind so vividly craves. Let me watch your ecstasy, as I cum from your own pleasure.?

Trisha?s eyes closed and her body relaxed as she willingly submitted to the demands. Her mind eagerly drifted back into the clutches of the beast she so often fantasized about. Her lover?s lips encompassed her clit, and began to suck and nibble at her swollen knob. His tongue made deep thrusts into her hole before lapping up and across her pulsating clit. The sensations and familiar mental images of what was happening sent shockwaves through Trisha?s body as an orgasm began to build deep within her pelvis.

Her fantasy lover began alternating between sucking, thrusting and lapping with his tongue, just as she had so often imagined, and he continued to explore her, darting his tongue back and forth from her sensitive clit to her inner pussy, and down to her asshole. The licking intensified as Trisha openly invited further exploration. The sensations sent jolts through her body and into her brain. Fingers began exploring her holes as lips focused more on suction around her clit. Gentle nibbles and tongue flicks taunted and electrified her clit.

?Oh Tony, please fuck me. Fuck me now, like I need to be fucked,? Trisha moaned, now willfully voicing her highly secretive thoughts.

Her fantasy lover then kissed his way up her body, momentarily stopping to gently suck her sensitive nipples, before slowly guiding his cock into her swollen pussy. As his thrusts strengthened, Trisha felt the onset of an enormous, unstoppable orgasm strengthening in her pelvis.

?Oh yes Tony, yes baby, you fuck me so good,? Trisha whispered softly into her lover?s ear, relishing in the initial moments of her own ecstasy, and sending Sam into a frenzy of deep, penetrating thrusts and grunts. His cock thickened and pulsed powerfully, as they both reached a crescendo together.




?Honey, do you know what?s wrong with the computer?? Trisha asked.

?Not sure. It blinked out on me yesterday, and I haven?t had time to look into it,? Sam replied, still concentrating on dressing for his morning meeting.

?Do you think we should call someone to fix it?? Trisha inquired.

?It may be cheaper just to buy a new one.?

Trisha?s mind drifted to the young kid from the 10th floor. He had handled a few simple errands for Trisha in the past, and he most likely knew a lot about computers. Didn?t they all in this day and age? ?Do you think I should ask Kenny? The kid from downstairs?? she said.

Trisha waited for a reply, but one didn?t commence.

Still thinking about it, she strode into the bedroom, and asked again, ?Should I get Kenny to take a look at it first??

Sam?s eyes looked his wife up and down, admiring her beautiful features, and knowing what would be going through the young man?s mind - alone with her, here in this apartment.

?That?s a good idea Trish,? he admitted, followed by a slight grin.

?What? What?s that look for?? she asked, puzzled by his sinister look.

?A 22 year old hormone-filled boy? You? Alone?? his grin widening as he spoke.

?Don?t be ridiculous!? Trisha stammered, but flattered by the thought.

?I remember when I was 22. I had the hot?s for every older woman still breathing. But you! You?re an older woman that is off the fucking charts! Hell, I bet he jacks off every night thinking about fucking you!? Sam piped. ?He?s probably fucked you in every imaginable position by now!? reflecting upon his own youth, and the fantasy sex he enjoyed as a testosterone-filled young man.

?Stop! He?s a kid, and I?m??

Sam cut her off, ?Your Mrs. Robinson!?

The image of young Dustin Hoffman entranced by the sophisticated Mrs. Robinson snapped to Trisha?s mind. It was, in fact, a hot image. The stocking gliding seductively up her leg. The subtle ankle flex drawing attention to her foot and calf. The sultry, seductive older woman wreaking havoc on the young man?s hormones. The power?! The seduction?! Trisha?s pussy moistened and pulsed with hormones at the devious thought?.

?Call his apartment and have him come up later today. I?m SURE he?ll cancel any other plans he may have had.?

?And Trish??


?Wear something really sexy?.?

THE END (or perhaps, just the beginning?.)

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