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Unwinding on the Friday commute

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Traffic sucks. No two ways really about it. You get these bits of false hope as things start to roll but then they come crashing down as hard as you have to hit the brakes as some chucklehead up ahead has decided to pull some bone head move. Traffic on a Friday afternoon is the worse. After being pulled in a thousand directions for a million different reasons all week, the last thing I really want to deal with is a long line of steel and red lights.

Sitting there in the driver seat, one hand on the wheel, the other alternating between my lap and the radio dial trying to find a station that doesn't have some blathering afternoon shock jock. The times my hand is in my lap it seems my fingers can't really leave my cock alone. It's been a long week and a little release really wouldn't hurt. I consider just working it out through the zipper but three lanes of stop and go freeway traffic in broad daylight...I don't know. With my luck there would be some minivan full of kids and I'd get my vehicle plate turned into the cops for being some perv. Granted, I am a bit of a perv but not one to scar little Johnny or Suzy before their time.

Somehow the sea of commuters parted just long enough for me to make to an exit...few back alleys and streets later, I find myself outside of Mr. Peeps Video Arcade. From the looks of the parking lot, I'm not the only one with the same idea.

Haven't ever been inside this particular establishment before. It's your run of the mill porn shop really. Dildos, lubes, vibes, mags, movies. The usual. Two sides of the building are hallways full of video viewing booths, at the other end of the store are the Showgirls. Now as much as I enjoy seeing live hotties twisting around a brass pole, I wasn't prepared to spend the sorta money it would take to accomplish what I had in mind. I opted for the video booths.

The hallway was lined with doors, a mix of red and green lights above the doors indicating which were in use, which were available. Men leaned against the opposite wall from the doors. Most of them pretending to be staring straight ahead with their arms crossed. Like they are waiting at some bus stop or holding the wall up. It can be a little unnerving to someone new to the glory hole scene but this wasn't my first rodeo. I wanted something that they could provide and they wanted what I was giving. In biology, we call that a symbiotic relationship.

In the world of video galleries, this one isn't too shabby. Each door actually has a label on it telling the patron what's inside...viewing booth...buddy booth...glory hole. Perfect. As I reached for the knob of an available booth, I see one of the "wall holders" make a dash for the room next to mine. Catching a glimpse in the dim light isn't easy but he appears to be latino, maybe around 40, clean shaven. Smiling to myself, I enter and lock the door behind me.

On my left is a frosted glass window with the option to clear the glass. In front is two monitors. One small, maybe 12 inches square, the other probably 18 inches or so. Not a bad size at all. I slip in five bucks to the arcade and off we go into porn immersion land. The smaller screen is split into four windows, each one showing a letter that coorelates to a button on the wall. Like picture in picture if you will. Push the button on the wall and the large screen now shows what the small sceen was. But really..let's be honest. I didn't come in here to watch porn. I showed up to bust a nut. The right wall of the booth is what really has my attention.

This glory hole is probably one of the best I have ever seen. It's more of an oval, much longer than it is wide to accomadate different heights of people. Professionally trimmed in smooth plastic to ensure no sharp edges. The wall is clean and there are grab handles above the hole that are sturdy and comfortably angled.

Couple of flicks of the belt and snaps, zipper pull and I am stroking my growing, shaved cock while watching some stud make out with a hottie wearing a strap on on the movie screen. One eye on that action, my other eye on the hole, waiting for the sign that I want. Soon enough, there it was. Granted, it wasn't the usual finger, but instead an open mouth but I got the general idea.

Initially I was like "come on man...grab it like you mean it" His soft hands and gentle mouth wasn't going to get me to the edge anytime soon. I had only put in five bucks to the arcade so I was on limited time. The only other bills in my wallet were 20's and really didn't want to drop that much money. He kept at it though, and truth be told, I do enjoy the kink/taboo factor of sitting there pressed against a wall, my cock at the will and mercy of some stranger. On many levels it is quite wrong but at that moment, it was just the right thing that I needed.

Somewhere along the way he took a break, I stepped back to assess the situation. Glancing through the hole I could see his hands with what appeared to be a bottle of poppers and a condom. Stroking myself, I kept a watch, and soon enough his mouth was back at the hole.

Hips back pressed, this time I was more assertive with my cock...well, as assertive as you can be really. Every time his mouth wrapped around my pole, I was thrusting, pushing, making little moaning sounds. He just wasn't getting it. I was starting to get a little pissed that I was wasting my time. Or so I thought. He finally broke out into a decent hand job that had my attention. While not as nice as a hot mouth, he finally got the idea that I like to FEEL it..not this featherweight touch bullshit. He started stroking and got me nice and hard. Little did I realize he had a plan...

At first I didn't recognize the sensation. But as that rubber rolled down my shaft I started to smile. I was assuming he didn't want my cum on his shirt or mouth or something. Part of me wanted to pull back and just end this Micky Mouse bullshit, wank one out and be done but somewhere the little voice in my head told me to sit tight and see what happens next. Sure cockhead sensation was a bit dulled from it's new raincoat but you really can't fail to recognize your dick being rubbed up and down an ass crack. That horny Chico was backing into my manhood like he had a purpose. Rub..rub...there...push...ahhhh yeah..fffuuuccckkk

He settled around my cock like his ass had been prepped for this. I doubted I was the first cock he had that afternoon and I didn't care. He buried my rod up his hole like it belonged there. I grabbed hold of those overhead bars and just went to town. The buckle on my pants, down around my knees, was tapping the wall, letting all within earshot know that I was getting busy. While he was a prepped and ready aka: slut hole, I was lost in the moment. Just being a pig myself, rooting for what I wanted, only worrying about my orgasm. I didn't give a fuck if that hole on the other side got off or not. I knew enough that he has probably been there all day collecting cum from any and all deliveries. With the condom wrapped around my dick, I wasn't worried about it.

God Damn! he was horny...he met me push for push taking it like a porn star. Granted, I'm not hung like John Holmes or nothing but from the various dick I have seen in my adventures, I measure up ok. That son of a bitch was sandbagging me earlier..playing all soft touch and shit...he does know how to handle a dick...uh oh..maybe handles it too well. Ah fuck it...why hold back? No need to worry about cumming too soon, I was here for me. The hell with him. I just kept ramming away, he kept taking it. It took no time at all before my nuts drew tight and I was lost in the pleasures of endorphin rush.

He stepped forward, away from my dick, took off my condom and give my cock a wipe with a cloth. Very considerate guy really. Feeling so much more relaxed I put myself back together and stepped back into the hallway of guys waiting for the bus stop. Several eyes followed me as I walked out into the main store. I wasn't sure if they were jealous that I just came, or that they didn't get my cum. Then again, I really didn't care.

As an added benefit, traffic had died down, my blood pressure was near rock bottom, and the rest of the drive was smooth like butter.

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