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Unexpected group fun!

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We have been out of the lifestyle for a while, but that was all about to change. I'm Scott and my wife is Tina, she's a blonde haired, blue eyed goddess. She's 5'8", 135 lbs with 36D's and completely shaven with a clit piercing that drives her wild when you pull on it with your teeth. She has a great ass with curves in all the right places and she loves sexy women as much as hot guys. I am 5'10" 200 lbs, sandy brown hair, athletic body, great 6 pack, a few tattoo's and I have a thick 8 inch cock and I love to watch my wife being pleasured by multiple partners. I love to go down on women and I get turned on by getting women off multiple times while I'm with them, but I digress.

We were out at our local sports bar watching our college team play a big rivalry game and it was a great game. While we were at the bar and my wife struck up a conversation with a couple of lovely fellow fans sitting next to us at the bar. Jill and Sofia were gorgeous; Jill is a very tan green eyed brunette with the longest legs I've ever seen and a great set of tits. Sofia is Brazilian with dark hair and a perfect hourglass figure and green eyes. My wife loves Latin women and I could see she was really interested in Sofia. We got to know one another over drinks and cheering for our team in the game and we were all hitting it off well. That’s when we met Mike; he was visiting from out of town and he was the lone fan in the bar of the rival team. The girls were relentless with the trash talk about his team losing but he was a trooper and bought us a round. He was about my height with sandy blonde hair and he had that southern California surfer look. The game progressed and the trash talk between everyone was intense. That’s when Tina suggested a wager, when you lose Mike you give me $500.00 plus your jersey and Mike said ok but if you lose, you and your friends have to come back to my room at the hotel and work off the 500.00 while wearing my jersey, and Tina you have to wear it out of the bar and change right here! Tina agreed before anyone had a chance to speak up, not that anyone would have anyway!

The game was almost over and we were still winning and the trash talk was getting worse, that’s when an interception leading to a touchdown for the other team made us the losers in the bet. With that Mike proudly proclaimed he was the winner and he pulled his jersey off and handed it to Tina saying, it’s time for you to change. She pulled her jersey off in the crowded bar, handing it to Mike, and taking his. He held back on his momentarily allowing Tina’s hard nipples to peak out of her lace bra, the bar cheered louder for this than the game. She pulled the jersey from him and put it on, saying I hope you enjoy your victory. At that we left the bar, Tina rode with him and I followed with Jill and Sofia, We weren’t out of the parking lot yet when we saw Tina’s head disappear into Mike’s lap and not return until we arrived at his hotel. Mike led the way to his room with a bulge in his pants and Tina had a big grin on her face and traces of his cum around her mouth.

Mike had a suite on the top floor with a hot tub and a large patio, overlooking the city. He said ok time for your punishment, and said Tina you’re going to be our slave for the night, now get the hot tub going and bring us some drinks he then turned to Jill and told her to take me out on the balcony and have her way with me in front of the window and make Tina watch from inside. We walked out onto the Balcony and the cool fall air was exhilarating, she pulled me close and whispered in my ear that she was going to have fun with me. Then she kissed me and stepped back pulled off her top and let her skirt fall to the floor, she was exquisite, she had small perky c cups in a lace bra and a matching lace thong on. I immediately pulled her back close and began kissing her, while I removed her bra and kissed my way down her body, I ran my tongue over her panties and I could feel the heat and the wetness in them already. I slowly removed them and admired her neatly shaven bush, with only a small landing strip of brown hair leading to her gorgeous pussy. I stood up and grabbed her by the waist and lifted her onto the patio table, she leaned back and I immediately dove into her pussy, her juices were intoxicating. She moaned in ecstasy as I ran my tongue over her lips and slowly sucked and nibbled on her clit, I easily slipped two fingers inside her and quickly found her magic spot, and it wasn't long before her body trembled with her first orgasm of the night. She sat up looked me in the eyes and said wow I need your cock NOW! She got off the table removed my shirt and went to her knees pulling off my pants. She grabbed my cock and said very nice as she began giving me a long, slow, wet blowjob, slowly running her tongue over the length of my shaft, and tracing my head with her tongue before taking me all the way into her mouth, she looked up at me and said mmmm, I can’t wait to have this inside me, and went back to work on my shaft. I was rock hard and I told her, I want you now and she said only if you’re going to fuck me hard, I said no problem. She turned around and bent over the table exposing her lovely ass and pussy to me, I looked through the window and Sofia was laying on the edge of the hot tub and Tina’s head was buried between her legs while Mike worked his tool into her from behind. I was running my head slowly between Jill’s lips and over her clit while watching my wife inside the house, Jill began to quiver and said, PLEASE give me your big cock now! I complied and slowly slid the length of my shaft into her hungry and waiting pussy, I eased into her to let her get accustomed to the girth of my member. Then I began picking up the momentum, she was moaning loudly as the table slid up against the wall, allowing me full access to give her pussy the pounding she desired. She rocked back into me with each thrust, and cried out loudly as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body, she said Oh My God Fuck Me Harder, Cum in My Pussy Please! I could feel myself getting close and I thrust deeper into her she was trembling more with each thrust I finally slammed my cock into her and erupted inside her, filling her with my cum until it began to run back out of her pussy around my cock, she had a massive orgasm as I came and moaned OH MY GOD and collapsed on the table. I slowly withdrew my rock hard cock from her well fucked pussy and stood back and admired the swollen cum soaked mess I had left behind.

Her knees were weak, so I helped her stand and I said lets rejoin the others. We walked back in and found Tina and Sofia on their knees and Mike sitting on the couch getting a blowjob from two beautiful women. They would alternate between kissing each other and licking each side of the shaft of his dick, cleaning him up after the fucking he had just given Tina. I could see her red swollen lips glistening with his cum as we rejoined the group, Jill walked over to Tina and rolled her onto her back and said since you’re our slave tonight your husband made a mess of me so why don’t you clean it up and she straddled her face and lowered her cum soaked pussy onto Tina’s waiting face. Tina dove in and began sucking our combined cum out of Jill's pussy. Sofia joined the group and got on her hands and knees and began sucking Mike’s cum out of Tina’s swollen box, gently tugging on her clit ring while doing so. I was in heaven, watching these 3 beauties ravage each other’s bodies. My cock was rock hard again as I came up behind Sofia, and slowly slid my thick shaft into her. She gasped and pushed back against me and said mmm, that’s nice, and I slowly began sliding in and out of her, she leaned back and Jill took her place.

Soon Jill and Tina were in a 69 position and I laid Sofia on her back beside them and continued to drive my stiff cock into Sofia’s wet box. Sofia was moaning with an orgasm when Mike, who had now recovered walked up to Jill’s exposed pussy and slowly inserted his impressive 9 inch cock into her waiting, well lubricated pussy. I heard her say Oh fuck yeah, Tina was still under her and Jill still had her face buried in Tina’s pussy as Mike drove his member deep inside her. Tina would alternate from licking Jill's clit, to sucking on Mike’s balls as he drove his stiff member into Jill’s hungry pussy. I continued to slowly slide my shaft into Sofia and she said Oh my god your cock is so thick, as she pinched and rolled her nipples between her fingers, she cooed mmmmm. As I picked up the pace and began to thrust into her harder she roughly rubbed her clit and she said oohhh I'm cumming and I could feel her tighten up around my cock, that put me over the edge and as I tensed up I said I'm going to cum, she said don’t stop, don’t stop cum in me please I need your cum. I grunted and pushed my shaft deep inside her and filled her with my seed, her eyes rolled back and she said Oh my god that was great as she trembled in the afterglow. I slowly withdrew my dick and lay down beside her and watched Tina, Jill and Mike. Jill was driving her hips into Mike with each thrust, I know she likes it hard and as I watched I got up and I walked around to her head and pulled her head back and said clean my cock NOW! She immediately took me all in and I began thrusting into her mouth as she got pounded from behind, after my cock started to come back to life, I returned to Sofia to watch them. She gently rubbed my cock and I stayed hard from watching the incredible display in front of me. I saw Mike tense up and Jill pushed back onto his cock as he deposited the second load of the night into her well fucked pussy. Mike pulled out and his cum ran out of her down into Tina’s waiting mouth. Tina rolled Jill over and immediately went to work sucking and slurping up their combined juices out of Jill's swollen pussy. I approached my wife's exposed pussy and finally slid my dick into her, the sensation was amazing and she pressed back onto my thick cock as I picked up the pace. I watched as Sofia took Mikes cock into her mouth and cleaned it and then deep throated him, I knew he would be ready again soon. Tina's moans were muffled as each thrust drove her into Jill's pussy, she began to shake as an orgasm ripped through her body and at the same time I tensed up and I filled her pussy with more cum and slowly backed away leaving her pussy gaping open and cum running down her legs. We were all spent and we all just collapsed and watched Mike begin to drive his stiff member into Sophia’s hungry pussy, we awoke the next morning to Sophia and Mike finishing what they started the night before and everyone laughed, as she was riding him she looked at us and said, what, we lost right? We now make our rivalry game a party every year when Mike comes to town and we get together with Sofia and Jill regularly to relive that amazing night!

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