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Tux Fitting

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Tux Fitting

This happened last summer but I am just getting around to write about it. First let me tell you a little about myself. I am a 31 year old mom of 3, but you couldn?t tell it by looking at me, with long blondish hair. I am 5-9 and weigh 132 lbs. with what my husband calls. ?killer boobs?. I think he says that because my cleavage will devour anything LOL! He says my ass is my best ?ass?et? and who am I to disagree, I always keep my pussy shaved and my motor clean, to coin a phrase. The other thing he prides in is showing off my very long, firm and sexy legs. Hell, I could go on with the list but who wants to hear about hard dark nipples all stuffed in a ?D? cup anyway? LOL!

To get off the subject of what my husband thinks and more about my everyday life I?ll just tell you I work for a nationally known clothing store chain and I am the manager over the infants, the young mens, the mens, to include the tux rentals and perfume/cologne sections. On this particular day I wore a short skirt to work minus any hose, of course and some nice heeled shoes and a blouse that was loose with buttons both unbuttoned enough to be professional yet sexy. Showing an ample amount of cleavage.

The story starts with a man 25, very nice looking, coming to me saying he?s going to get married and needs fitted for a tux. He goes on to describe the brides desire to have the theme colors in blue and yellow. I tell him that that is not a problem that we have many combinations of things available to us to be able to coordinate any desired wardrobe.

I placed a book of different tuxes of which he could choose from on the table and while doing so noticed him looking down my blouse as I bent down. I chuckled to myself thinking, ? what a guy, getting married yet can?t pass up an opportunity to see another woman?s boobies. ?

We go though the normal do you like this, do you want that, til he decides on what he wants. He choose the slacks, shirt, vest, shoes, tie and suit coat that he wanted from the book of options and I told him I needed to get his measurements in order to get the right size.

Now, after his noticeable glance down my blouse and his quit good looks, I think hmmm?. My husband would love for me to come home telling him all about how I flirted with this guy while I fitted him for his tux, so I decided to do things ? a little different?.

I first suggested before we do that would you want to try a cologne that you?ve never worn before that would remind your bride of your wedding day every time she smelled it? I said this for a few reasons. One, because I am trying to make the store money. Two, because when we got married my husband did just that and I loved it. Three, I thought it would give me a chance to get a little closer to him so I could flirt a little.

He said sure that was a great idea and asked what I recommended? I told him we would try a few and he could decide. We went to the cologne counter and I said ? darn, we are out of the cards we use to sample the cologne with.? He said that that was ok and that we would just smell from the bottle. I said no, it would be to strong and told him I would spray some on me and let him smell. I could tell by his expression he liked that idea.

I choose one and applied it first to my left wrist. He held my hand very softly and sniffed with his nose slightly touching my wrist. He then suggested he try another one. I choose another and put it on my right wrist, he again held my hand and smelled but wan not satisfied with that one either. I said that was fine and we had many to pick from. I got another and sprayed it on the left side of my neck. He placed his cheek softly next to mine as he smelled and said no that not the one. Again I took another one and dabbed it on the other side of my neck and again he said he didn?t care for it either

I told him, being daring that I?m running out of places to have you smell and chuckled, but I?ve left out my husbands favorite cologne and I really want you to try this one out. He said if he likes it and it?s your favorite it must be good, so sure, let me smell. I then placed the spray between my breast and said I hope you don?t mind but I?ve run out of places for you to smell. He said not at all as long as you?re okay? I said, ?silly as cute as you are I don?t mind a bit.?

I looked around to make sure nobody was watching and noticed the other sales assistant was at the back of the store and there were no other customers in the store. Our store has no surveillance cameras wither, just the dummy ones.

I gently placed my hands on each side of his head and guided his face into my cleavage. I could feel the warmth of his breath against my skin and shortly after felt his lips against my flesh. I was at this time so turned on with the whole flirting thing that I wanted to go further!

He said that he lover that fragrance but wanted a deeper smell. I then grabbed his face and buried it between my breast and held it there while squeezing my breast together. I heard him moan and felt his lips and his tongue try to capture as much of my cleavage as he could. I took his face from my cleavage and said we needed to bet him fitted. He asked if he could have one more smell and I told him maybe later but first we needed to fit him for his tux.

We walked from the fragrance counter to the mirrored area where we do the fittings. I had my measuring tape in hand and told him that I needed to get his chest measurements. I asked him to turn around and raise his arms and while doing it watched me as I watched him in the mirrors. I put the tape around his chest and in doing so held my breast against him and while I reached around his back he grabbed and held my hips. He drew closer so that I could feel his breath. He asked ?do I measure up?? I replied that I didn?t know because I wasn?t finished yet. We both let out a slight laugh and I told him I needed to measure his sleeve length. He extended his right arm and I held his hand as I placed the tape at his shoulder. I held his hand tightly and he could tell it was one of those holds that was like saying ? I don?t want to let go?. While extending his arm I directed it towards my bosom and rested his hand between my breast, and just like a guy, he allowed four of his fingers to slide between my cleavage and slip into my bra. I could I of course being turned on to the flirting didn?t object. He almost reached my swollen nipple when I removed my grip and said I needed to get his waste measurements. I moved him back a little and did something way out of the norm and sort of squatted down allowing him to see up my skirt, of which he affixed his wide opened eyes on my sheer white lacey thong panties. I thought to myself, why of all days did I have to put panties on? While putting the tape around his hips I drew it tight drawing him closer to my mouth. After recording the 32 inch size I brought his obvious hard on to my lips and breathed heavily upon it letting him know that I was not only enjoying the flirting but was also enjoying him.

I stood back up and said, ?Wow, I have never liked fitting a man for a tux as much as I have you!? He said that this was his first too and didn?t realize how fun it was either. We both chuckled and I said ok, I need to get your inseam.

I again knelt down and instead of taking the normal measurement I held the end of the tape at his heel and slowly ran its length up his leg. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that he had on a pair of baggy kaki shorts. I worked the tape up his inner thigh and slid my fingers between his leg and shorts all the way to his groin. He let a slight moan as my finger tips touched his balls inside his boxers. I allowed my fingers to explore his balls long enough to tell that he was completely shaven. This excited me even more, as it obviously did him.

I couldn?t believe I was doing this but the combination of his being cute, fit and hot and how much I wanted to tell my husband about this was overcoming me.

The other sales clerk was now to the front of the store and a customer was also inside but the other clerk was helping her so I said that there was only one thing left to do?..he looked at me nervously and I said, with a little laugh, ?your shoe size silly?.

We walked to the back of the store where the shoe department is and he walked behind me. I could feel his stares upon my ass and knew he was checking me out. I turned my head a little and said, ?what are you looking at?? To my surprise he quickly answered, ?your ass!? I let out a small giggle and said ?men, you?re all alike!?

Once at the stool with the mirror used to assist the customer trying on shoes, I sat down but with my legs far enough apart that he had an unobstructed view of my sheer and lacey white thong. I?m sure he could probably at least tell I shaved, if he couldn?t see my now moist pussy lips. I asked him to remove a shoe and held his foot between my legs. I took his shoe size while I watched his eyes fixed on my crotch. I told him that?s it, he could put his shoe back on. He replied, that?s it? I said yep we?re done. He said just like that? Yep, I answered, that?s it til you return to make sure everything fits.

He reminded me that I told him he could have a deeper smell of the cologne he picked out. I agreed and this time, while he was still sitting I grabbed the inside of my bra cups, pulled them apart as I bent over and put my breast into his face. I stood back up and said we needed to go up to the front counter so I can get his information.

After getting his information I told him that we would give him a call when his tux came in. He asked if I was going to be the one calling and I said I wouldn?t miss it for the world.

Fast forward five days. Knowing his tux would be delivered on time, gave me plenty of time to decide what I was going to wear and what I wanted to do. I decided to wear a button down blouse with a bra that hooks in the front along with a more flowy skirt and oh yeah, no panties this time. I opted with low heel shoes and no thigh highs.

I called him and told him his tux were in and asked when he could make it in by? He said he could be there in an hour and said that would be okay.

When he arrived I took the tux from the hook and had him follow me to the rather large dressing rooms we have. I told him to holler at me when he was dressed. Well this must have been he first tux he?s ever worn because after putting his pants and shirt on he was already hollering at me that he needed help.

I gladly entered the mirror lined room and shut the door behind me. He was standing there holding his pants up and his French Cuff sleeves past his finger tips. I laughed and grabbed both sides of his pants and adjusted the straps to tighten the waist. I asked him if his mom still dressed him? He chuckled and said he didn?t understand the vest either.

After getting him dressed and satisfied that everything fit I told him okay. He said ok what? I replied, I had to dress you, you don?t think I?m going to undress you, do you? Laughing he replied, I was hoping you would. I giggled and said, ? you men are all alike, turn around!?

He had his back to me as we looked into each others eyes through the mirror. I reached around and undid his vest and put it on the chair. He turned and held my hips and gave me a very soft and passionate kiss. As he was kissing me his hands slid up my waist and started rubbing my breast. He continued to kiss me as I felt the buttons on my blouse being unbuttoned. He un tucked it from my skirt and his hands slid up my back across my bra then his fingers traced the straps to the hook in front.

My excitement was building and I could feel my pussy getting wet with the idea of me alone with a customer in the fitting room. His hands were soft and his touch was slow and sensual. I had my hands behind his neck as I held his lips next to mine while his tongue explored mine.

I felt my bra become loose as his fingers unfastened the clasp. He slowly removed his lips from mine and brought them across my cheek, around my ear and down my neck sending goose bumps down my spine. He moved down til he reached my swollen and hard nipples. I continued to hold the back of his head as he drew circles around my nipple with his tongue, holding both breast firmly in his hands. He began to suck softly on both my nipples as my pussy became wetter and wetter!

As he lowered his hands to my hips I unbuttoned his shirt. He drew me into his chest and again started kissing me feeling my breast against his bare skin with my nipples grinding against his.

He pulled my skirt down as I unbuttoned his pants letting them fall to the floor. I moved my hands to feel his enormous hard on and soft shaven shaft. I cupped his balls and massaged them as his hands explored my ass. I grabbed his manhood with one hand and started stoking his gorgeous cock as the other hand grabbed his tight ass cheek.

He brought one hand to my wet pussy and began moving his fingers across my swollen clit as his other was touching my pussy from behind. I could barely stand the excitement any longer and I pushed him to the bench seat. I put one leg up on the seat and shoved my pussy against his lips. He put two fingers inside my already drenched pussy and started banging my pussy as he was eating me out with his tongue. ?God it felt so good? and I told him I was going to cum. I exploded all over his moth hardly able to stand, hardly able to not yell but knowing I had to be quite.

After my orgasm I knelt between his legs and started licking his gorgeous cock with my tongue doing circles over the head of his huge cock. I held his balls in one hand and started stroking him while I held the head between my lips.

Then I took him all in, as much as I could to the back of my throat. I could fill his cock rubbing against my tongue as I drew him in then out again of my wet mouth. I stroked him faster as he started to fuck my mouth. Faster and faster til he started throbbing and his breathing became heavier and heavier. I knew he was about to cum as he began to moan and I felt his body begin to twitch and quiver! I stroked even faster as I felt his hot seaman begin to leave his balls and travel through his hard shaft. I took his cock all the way to the back of my throat as the head exploded in my mouth! I felt his hot cum coat my throat as he held his breath and moaned on more time.

I stood up and he sat back exhausted with his eyes closed saying ? Wow!? several times over and over!

I told him I have never liked fitting a man for a tux as much as I have you!

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