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Tuesday morning with Dom F

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I nervously knocked on the back door, I was meeting a new couple for the first time, Denise an Joe. We had e-mailed each other but I didn't know what to expect.

When the door opened, there stood a tall 6' , a little larger than average (around 155) woman with soft features and short brown hair. I was pleasantly surprised, and we introduced ourselves, Denise then said "come upstairs" so I followed her.

The house was small and the stairway narrow..I followed her up he stairs and that gave me a great view of Denise's ass, which was not small, but not real large either. I thought, she is not unattractive, maybe this will work out.

When we got upstairs Joe, her husband was sitting at the computer..the bedroom was small and cramped. I introduced myself to Joe, and all three of us exchanged small talk, computer sites, work, family, etc.

Joe was a fairly large man probably 5-11 and 210 or so. He had average looks, and went on to explain some health problems to me, he has been through 5-6 various surgery's in the last 5 years. But is doing ok now. While we are chatting, Denise puts a DVD in and we start to watch some porn (1 guy 1 girl) while chatting.

I mentioned that I am a bit uncomfortable as to what to do next and I don't want to be pushy or spoil anything, to which Joe reply's " it's ok, we both just like sex and that is what we are here for".

WOW..I agree and find myself getting a bit aroused, my cock is now oozing precum, watching the porn and looking at Denise sitting on the edge of the bed. Denise then invites me to sit on bed and 'relax and watch the movie" I move to the bed, and Joe follows.

I am on one side and Joe on the other, with Denise in the middle. We are all still dressed, and watching the movie and continue talking for a minute, I put my hand on Denise's thigh and she lets out a small gasp and smiles at me. I say, "I am still a bit unsure as to what to do next, I do not want to offend or be pushy". Joe says " go ahead and get comfortable, and Denise says "I think we all should , and with that stands up and starts removing her clothes, she has fairly nice boobs and medium ass and thighs, as she turns to face me I see with excitement she also is shaved smooth..MMMmmm I like that a lot.

Joe and I undress, he has a belly and is wrapped in a ace bandage around his middle, from the surgery I suspect. His cock in average and nice. Denise scoots between us now and starts playing with both of our cocks, I am getting semi hard now.

There are small glistening drops of precum on the end of my cock as Denise squeezes it and then uses her fingers to rub it all over the shaft. This is feeling very good. I begin to caress her boobs and slowly rub her thighs..bending to kiss her now erect and fairly large nipples. She moans softy.. her left hand working Joe's cock and the right slowly stroking mine..I kiss her and continue to lick her nipples and neck. I look over to Joe and he nods, as if to say It's all ok..I am pleased ..

Joe's cock is also wet and shiny now from precum as Denise plays with him..I slowly move my hand to her inner thigh and up toward her shaved pussy, when my hand reaches it's destination, I feel the wet warm softness and begin to caress her clit. Another moan as I slowly part her lips and begin to rub her. Her pussy is getting very wet now, and she continues to stroke Joe and I. I am beginning to wonder what is next, their profile and Denise's e-mails indicated a slight tendency for her to be a Dom..stating that Joe would"work very hard for us" and he would "clean her up".

I did not have to wait much longer, Denise went down on Joe's shiny cock for a minute while I fingered her wet opening, she was very wet. Denise then turned to me and told me to lie back and relax. When I had done so,she turned to Joe and said"go ahead and get him ready for me" that point Joe lay on his stomach on the bed and reached for my cock, he began to suck very slow and nice..licking the tip and slurping the precum that was there.

Denise began to play with Joe's ass and was whispering in his ear...suck him,,suck him good. She then began to lightly spank and play with Joe's balls while he sucked me. Denise was now smiling and fingering her own wet pussy and still slapping Joe with the other..she then whispered something else to Joe, and he immediately swallowed my whole cock!..Ohh did that feel good.

I almost came it was so sudden and intense...Denise noticed I was close so ordered Joe to stop..pulling his hair and head off my now throbbing cock. She had Joe lay back down and leaned over him, sucking his dripping cock while placing her ass in the air toward me and with one hand pulled me to her. Joe was watching and said "fuck her good!" "She like to fuck" to which Denise could only moan with a mouth full of hot cock.

I placed my cock at her moist opening..slowly easing into her tight,steamy wetness...Ohh sooo wet and good, I almost shot again it was so hot to see Denise sucking her man off while I was ramming her from behind..I continued to build up the pace from a slow deliberate motion to a rapid pounding..her ass was shaking and she was slurping and sucking Joe's cock for all it was worth..moaning and saying Yes..Yes..Ohhh..fuck me hard.

Joe was watching me and reached under Denise and began playing with her clit and also grabbing my cock as it went in and out oh his wife's hot pussy this caused her to moan loudly and again I almost shot my huge load in Denise's pussy. I pulled out and began to lick her wet hole and clit from behind. I ate her for about 3 minutes while she was moaning and saying yes yes yes,She was sucking hard on Joe now and he began to moan and writhe around in excitement..still playing with Denise the whole time..she was dripping with my precum and her own wetness.

I stopped long enough to help Denise and taste Joe's cock for myself. It was good. I do not mind returning a favor from time to time. Denise smiled at me and said I should fuck her some more.

Joe moaned loudly and began to shoot his hot load into Denise's waiting mouth, which she gobbled up eagerly. Joe came for like 30 seconds. A huge load. I again shoved my cock into her tight pussy.. this time Denise was meeting my every thrust with her own and the wet, slapping sounds on her ass were loud, It felt so good to have my hard dick in such a wet hot pussy. She then came up for air, and kissed her husband and told him to clean off her face, which he did eagerly.

I had stopped fucking her and was laying on the bed when Denise then ordered Joe "back to work" on me..he again swallowed my whole cock. I was getting ready to cum and moaning loudly when she ordered Joe to stop, she then straddled me and rode my hard member for at least 3 minutes, her juices were flowing and running down my shaft and onto my balls...MMMmmm this was awesome. All of a sudden she cried out god! I'm cumming! and shook uncontrollably for at least a minute..the whole time now , slowly pumping up and down on my cock. My cock was glistening from her love juices when she ordered Joe to "clean him up and finish him off" Joe eagerly licked his wife's sweet juices off my cock and began to suck again, Denise grabbed the back of his head and began shoving him up and down on my god I moaned as I felt that intense, wonderful feeling welling up from my very soul and my balls began to ache as Joe was deep throating me, Denise's face was right next to his and she was whispering to him.."suck it hard" I could not hold back any longer and screamed and grunted with passion and pleasure as I shot my long awaited hot load deep down Joe's throat.

He swallowed almost every drop as his wife watched in obvious pleasure, she then kissed him passionately and licked the last of my cum from his face as I lay on the bed, exhausted pleased at what my new friends and I had just done.

Joe got up to get some towels and I turned to Denise and slowly eased her back on the bed..her pussy was still wet and I easily entered her again, I began fucking her again,and now she was cumming hard, and crying yes, yes!...After she had cum again I could not go on and collapsed on the bed, one happy, spent man.

Denise has promised me another opportunity for Joe to serve both of us again and I look forward to that.

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