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Trip to Germany (day 2 limo ride)

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It was now 9:30pm on our second day in Germany. Me, Valerie and Stacey were all in our rooms getting ready to go back to the club tonight. Stacey was in the shower once again and Valerie was asking me what skirt she should wear. Well, none of her skirts were slutty enough to club standards or to my liking, so I told her to take a pair of scissors to them and make it really short. She took the scissors to her jean skirt and started cutting. After the first cut, they were short, but could get shorter. The second time she started cutting, I saw that she cut REALLY high up and that it would be maybe too short. She put them on and wow?..they were short. She started blushing in an embarrassed state and asked me if it was too skanky. I told her yes, but that?s what we were going for and I wanted to see her give some euro guys boners. She looked at me and smiled and said ok. She then slipped on a white tube top over her strapless bra and asked me what I thought. ?Well, whats the point of the bra?.when you have tits that are as nice as yours?? I said. She smiled and replied with ?well, Mike, I can?t look like a total slut.? And I said ?why? The point of this trip now is so that you can be a slut for a week, might as well look it.? She kissed me and removed her bra. Stacey came out of the bathroom at this time to see her sister in a white tube top and a tiny skirt. Val was turned around putting her stuff that shes not wearing back into her dresser when Stacey said ?Um?.Val?you cant wear that skirt tonight?. Val said ?why not? We?re just gonna be out there to have some fun?. And Stacey replied to her older sister ?Well because when you turn around and bend over a bit, I can see your panties?.and if you?re gonna wear a skirt that low, you should wear a g-string or thong.? This was one of the sexiest things I?ve ever heard anyone say to someone else. Stacey continued with ?Well, either wear one of my white g-strings or go without panties, like I am.? Both Val and I were in shock when she said this.

Stacey then dropped her towel and stood before us completely nude. Her nipples were hard on her 32B tits, her pussy was glistening with water as it dripped over her bald mound. When she walked over to her dresser, she bent over a bit and I saw that sexy ass I saw yesterday and also got to see a little sneak peak at her little pink asshole. She wiggled her ass a bit and not even Val could keep her eyes off her 18 year old sister. She pulled out a tiny white g-string from her dresser and came over to Val, knelt down, and pulled down her sisters blue panties. This was so hot to see. Val was fully cooperative with this and Stacey then told Valerie to sit down on the bed so she could get this g-string on her. She did and Stacey slipped it on, her lips just inches away from Val?s sweet 19 year old bald vagina. Val stood back up and Stacey gave her ass a little slap and started walking when Val grabbed her ass and told her in the most sexy voice ?thanks sis, I appreciate it?. I was now on the verge of exploding with cum through my rock hard 7 inch dick. Val and I both watched as Stacey got changed in a seductive way in front of us. She was always making sure that we got a great view of her ass and pussy when changing. Stacey then turned to us (sitting down on the bed) and said, ?could you guys see my pussy?? We could, I just didn?t wanna get in trouble, so I said ?I don?t know? and Val said ?yeah, and I can tell that its freshly shaved from her?. Stacey then bent over, with her skirt riding above the bottom of her ass cheeks and asked us ?can you see my ass and a little of my pussy too?? I quickly relied with ?I can see your pussy and your asshole from here, and they look great.?

On that note, I called the limo service that we had gotten for 1 night compliments of the contest Valerie won, and the limo arrived within 15 minutes. We hopped in the back, Val and I were sitting across from Stacey who had her legs spread and wanted us to look at her nice young pussy. Valerie said ?I think you pussy is making Mike hard?..lets check?. She then pulled down my zipper and grabbed my cock. ?yup, I was right, its rock hard sis.? I liked where this was going already. Val then took out my cock and looked her sister in the eyes just before she wrapped her glossed sexy lips over the head of my pre-cum drenched cock. I couldn?t believe what was happening to me. Here I was, in Germany with my hot girlfriend and her hot sister, in the back of a limo, getting head from Val, while her sister watches with her legs spread and her pussy visible. Val licked slowly up my shaft and then pulled my pants low enough that she could access my balls. She said to Stacey ?do you like Mike?s cock sis? Does it make you wet?? ?Oh my god sis, it looks so hot watching you suck his rock hard dick. You?re doing it so sloppy too. I like the spit you?re getting all over his cock and balls.? replied Stacey. I thought I was gonna lose it, but then Stacey hiked up her skirt so it acted almost as a bet, and spread her legs so her knees were by her head with her feet on the seat, and started to finger fuck herself like a little porn slut. Her little fingers were going in and out of her sopping wet bald cunt, and it was driving me nuts. Val saw this, and she then got even more slutty with her cock sucking. She would try deepthroating only to gag, and would also take my cock and slap herself in the face with it. Stacey was squirming with excitement from her self fucking she was performing, when Val said what I was hoping she?d say some day. ?hey sis, come over here and help me with his cock.? Stacey took off her tight white t-shirt and came over with her skirt still hiked up. Valerie pulled down her tube top to expose her perfect large B, small C tits and grabbed the base of my cock and pointed it at her sisters face. Stacey licked my head which drove me wild, then she took in my member with a soft, sexy, and slutty action. ?Suck it sis, make my man cum. Do it you little slutty girl.? said Val. Stacey removed her lip grip from my cock and said ?help me out sis? and they both started licking my cock. It was hot to see their lips touch and when they met at the top one time, they engaged in a long wet, sperm smelling, French kiss. They each moved over to grab each others tits as they were making out. With them going at it now, my cock was alone, so I started to masturbate to the sexy sinful scene taking place before me. Stacey then saw me jerking off and said, ?no no no, I?ll finish you off, its not a do it yourself type job when you got two slutty sisters near. ?Stacey, could you please lick my asshole too, it?ll get me off so fast.? She obeyed and I was in heaven. Stacey had her tongue buried into my asshole, while she was jerking my cock, when I noticed something that would eventually be the cause of me cumming. Val got behind Stacey and started to lick her pussy and asshole from behind while she was sucking my cock and licking my asshole. Stacey noticed obviously and said ?mmmmm sis, eat my pussy Valey, give my asshole a lick. Make mom and dad proud.? I then couldn?t take it anymore and started to let go a jet stream of sperm into the mouth of my girlfriend?s sister. Stacey was hold it in her mouth when Val started to make her cum. Stacey couldn?t do anything logical and just spit my cum out right back at me. My stomach and cock were now drenched in my own cum and Val came over to help her sister clean it up. They would get a gob of cum in their mouths and snowball it to eachother.

We all got cleaned up and I said to Val ?thanks for that. I?ll pay you back tonight in ANY way you want. Nothing is off limits. You can do whatever you want, and I?ll do whatever you want me to do.? She said ?good? and we pulled up to the club. We were entering the club now and were also entering another new and exciting part of our relationship.

To be continued in Trip to Germany (day 2 at the club)

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