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We were out for a normal night out just the two of us. Since we have started this new life of sharing our sexuality with such wonderful people we have been much more outgoing in public. More apt to talk to total strangers and tell them how sexy or drop dead gorgeous a woman is. We have also found out how much in love we are after 10 years together.

We like to go out and try new restaurants now so we found a “normal” American fair and decided to try it. When we got to the restaurant I was already very hot and turned on by watching a couple in the gas station making out like crazy in the parking lot. I have learned this year how hot you can get by watching everything… porn…couples kissing… half naked women on the beach. Pretty much anything can be made sexual now and he is still training me to be his perfect whore. We have tried lots of different people and I am a quick learner so he is very happy with my studies.

The setting for dinner was family style. Total strangers put together for a meal. At first we were sitting alone when we noticed another table still had 2 places open and they were all around our age. We asked to be moved. I knew right away he was attracted to the 3 other women sitting at the table. He had bought me a remote bullet this year and part of my training was that I HAD to wear it when we were out in public. As soon as we sat down and introduced ourselves he started the power. That was my cue to flirt with the men.

My best assets are my 38DDD chest which I now freely flaunt in public for him. I love how turned on he gets when he can tell a man wants me. The more of the tops of my breasts are showing the harder a man will get for me. Now with the bullet slowly vibrating my clit my nipples started to get hard and of course I am getting wetter by the minute. He slowed it down when I complied and started to flirt with the man to my left. The poor man couldn’t help but notice my hard nipples through my shirt and he started to caress his wife’s thigh. Oh she had great legs too it was so nice to watch.

Dinner was going great. The food was wonderful. The drinks were flowing and a band had started to play. We ladies decided to go dance for a while. We all were getting along great. We were all flirting around the table for about an hour now. I was almost dripping because he was correcting me for not being enough of a whore with our newfound friends. My nipples were so hard and needed to be sucked/licked/pinched/slapped anything to get me some relief.

I had stopped dancing to take a bathroom break and Meg decided to go with me. While in the bathroom she commented on how much she loved my hard nipples and that her husband had been stoking himself all dinner under the table looking at me. We were alone in the bathroom when she came up behind me at the sink and pinched both of my nipples and sucked on my neck. I came right then. I told her about my training and she pushed me into a stall and slid her hand under my dress. She was kissing me and telling me I need a little relief and it was our secret. I came so hard on her hand there was a puddle on the floor. She had cupped her hand over my mouth to shut me up. She said “Now whore, your training isn’t over come dance with me it is our secret. If you tell your husband I wont give you any more quick releases tonight”. I was amazed. I asked her if she was a swinger too and she told me to stop asking questions and do as I was told.

My mind was racing. I could not believe I found another couple out for dinner like us!!!! I did as I was told and when we left the bathroom found my husband and gave him a hot wet kiss. He asked what it was for and I didn’t answer him just smiled and walked away not before he could give me a nice swat on my ass. He got even for my disobedience by turning the bullet up to high pulsating. The men at this point had made their way over to the bar. We had all decided to stay out drinking for a while.

Now I was up dancing and grinding with these great sexy woman and putting on a show for the guys while I have Meg pushing up against my chest on purpose and my clit growing by the minute. Dawn then started to grind on me and her chest was as big as mine. I could tell with her up close against me her nipples were pierced. I asked her what else she had done and she laughed and when she leaned in to my ear to tell me she bit my earlobe and licked my neck. Oh I was dying now. Luckily he had turned down the bullet for a bit. Two women that wanted to fuck me. I had to go ask him for permission to see if he could set it up. I wanted both of them so much.

So we all went to get drinks and he sat me down on his lap. His hands rubbing my thighs the whole time. We were all laughing and joking when I leaned over and asked him if I could have the couples. I told him that I thought we could talk them into it. I didn’t want to break my promise to Meg incase I needed more help before the night was over. He bit me on the back of my neck and tightened his hands on my thighs and said “No whore I find the couple now you cant have them. Go be a good whore and I will find you something for later”. I obeyed and gave him a hot kiss so that I wouldn’t get punished anymore. I couldn’t take the bullet with me on his lap. I would have to get off again.

A song Chris loved came on it was one of the ones you have to really dance dirty to and off all of us girls went again. She was so hot and was rubbing her ass on my crotch for the whole song. She has a sweet ass and nice long legs that I could imagine being wrapped around my face for a while.

After the song Meg stole me to the bathroom once again!!

Me, Chris and Meg wanted to go outside to get some fresh air for a bit. Dawn was busy flirting with the men. Meg leaned me up against a car and asked if I had been good. Chris came over and started to run her hands up my thighs then squatted down between the cars in front of me. She pulled the bullet out of my thong and said she could do better than that thing. I told Meg I had been good but that they had to stop. If he caught me it would be torture for months without any cock in my pussy. That was our deal. I could do whomever he picked for me but only with him in attendance or if he set it up (another story). With that Chris spread my thighs and sucked on my swollen clit. Meg had her hands on my tits and was kissing me so hot. I was just about to cum when I saw the men watching. Dawn was with them laughing. She said “Your husband is waiting in the car. I think you should go find out if he is mad.”

I was dreading this. I didn’t think he was going to leave me or yell at me. He saw how we were all getting along all night. It was just sex but I broke the rules so now discipline was his option. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to cum for at least a month and trying to think of ways to please him so that I could get out of it. A whole month without so much as a finger up inside me is horrible. It was pure torture. Especially when he would still continue with my training by eating me or taking me somewhere for someone else to eat me. Or his favorite was to have me suck cocks for him and not let them touch me at all. He had done this to me before for refusing to service a friend of his because I was sore and tired. I was going to offer him my ass as soon as I got in the car. He loves to fuck my ass and that will usually get me out of any kind of disobedience issues.

When I got in the car I was a mess. I was so hot and wet. I could barely close my legs I was so swollen. He kissed me and told me I knew I had been bad and he now had to discipline me for it. He started to pinch my nipples and rub his hand on the outside of my thong. The more he kissed me the hotter I got. Then he put my head down in his lap and said to start paying the price. I knew it. Another month of my cunt throbbing for something to fill it. I started to suck him off while we drove away. I was giving him the best blowjob I could hoping to get some relief when at a light he tied a scarf around my eyes. I was not going to stop and ask any questions. I knew he was going to have me suck cocks for the night for being such a bad whore and not asking his permission before I let someone take me.

We drove for what seemed like an hour before he stopped the car. I thought it was only so that he could cum in my mouth. He was cumming telling me to take every drop or else. I knew I had teased him so bad by grinding on these women and I would be sucking him off again soon. He loved how good I could suck cock now. I asked if I could remove the blindfold and he said no stay here. Before he got out of the car he told me to put my nipple and clit clamps on. OMG I couldn’t I was already dieing to get fucked and he was making it worse. When I didn’t move he asked if I was disobeying him again tonight. I took the clamps from my purse without taking off the blindfold and started to put them on. He told me I was a good whore and kissed me and rubbed his hand on the outside of my thong again.

When he came back from the car I knew I was going to have my mouth filled. He told me to be good and do what I was told and there would be no more punishment for the night. He stripped me right there next to the car. I didn’t know where I was. I started to tense up when he asked if I wanted to punishment to be for a month or a night. I gave in and relaxed. I had no idea what he had in store for me. I was going with total trust in my lover that he would not let me be hurt.

I walked with him naked in my heals and could tell there were people around us. He turned me around and sat me down on something that felt like a table. Then he told me to move myself back and lay back. He took my hand and tied a rope to it. Then did the same on the other. I could move them but not by much. I felt someone close pull up on the clamp chain then he said “I have to punish this whore for disobeying her Master. Feel free to come over and have her service you.” I was waiting for a cock to go in my mouth when I felt a already wet pussy sit on my face. OMG this is going to be the worst torture yet. He knows how much I love to feel a woman while I eat her and he had my hands tied down. That is when I felt the cocks being placed in my hands. “Stroke them” he said. I did as I was told and started to lick and suck her shaved pussy while I stoked their cocks. Then I heard Megs voice. “Told you I would help you” She said. I felt someone between my legs and was praying that I could get some relief. She was licking my lips and my thighs without ever going inside of me. I was moaning and begging to be fucked. I was bucking on the table. I kept calling for my husband to help me when he came to me and asked me if I was going to be a good whore and do what he said for the rest of my life. I promised and begged and pleaded for him to help. Then the cocks were gone and I could feel women all over me. Sucking my clit, my nipples and riding my face. They were taking turns all over my body for so long. I couldn’t stand it any more and came for them. Meg sucked all the juice from me.

They took the blindfold off and untied my hands. Meg, Chris and Dawn and their spouses were all there. The women laughed then. Chris said “you don’t think your done yet do you. You have all of our husbands to take care of now!” I started to protest. The most I had ever done was my husband on one other cock. Never 4 at one time!!!!!! He looked at me and asked “So back to the punishment???”

No no I don’t want that. With that Chris’s husband sat down on the couch and motioned for me to come over and ride him. My husband took Chris by the hand and said they would be busy on their own I couldn’t watch but Chris could. Another part of being punished I loved to watch him fuck another woman. Meg and Dawn and their husbands were starting to help my husband with Chris. I went over and was so wet he slid right into my cunt. I didn’t make it 20 seconds and started to cum. I had been so hot for so long. I was begging him not to stop. Dawn’s husband was behind me then. I couldn’t believe I was going to get him in my ass. I was already cumming and that made me cum so hard. With that Megs husband sat down next to Chris’s husband and told them to flip me over so I could suck him before his turn on me. HIS TURN were they kidding me?

I was gushing and beggin and pleading to be fucked harder and not to stop any time soon. I had one in my cunt pounding away and the other in my ass now one in my mouth…. I couldn’t believe it! Chris’s husband finally came for me and then they started to take me one by one!!!....

Meg’s husband turned me over and fucked me from behind. He was pounding into me while holding my head down to Meg’s pussy. I was fingering her and she was pulling on my tits the whole time he rode me. He really loved to spank and asked my husband if it was ok. He of course said yes she is being punished! With that he twisted his fist into my hair and started to wail on my ass. My ass was beat red and my pussy was so stretched and so swollen I had to beg after Meg’s husband was done for a break. With that Dawn pushed my legs apart and started to lick and suck my pussy. She was going to make sure I fucked her husband good.

My husband was enjoying getting his cock sucked and fucking by these women so much he finally came over and started to fuck me himself. I was so tight he stopped and told Dawns husband he should have a turn before he took me for the finally time of the night. I was a mess. Begging for a cock. I was begging Dawn to sit on my face again while her husband took me. She was so hot and wet. I slid my whole hand into her and fisted her while he took my swollen cunt for a ride. She was smacking the clamps on my tits and telling me to cum on his cock or else. She was soaking me in her juice and I could barely breath any more I had cum so much for all of them. With that she started to smack the clam on my clit!!!!! “Whore do as your told!!! Fuck him good and squeeze that cock for me!!!” I love having my clit smacked but it had never been done with the clamp on. I came so fast and felt him explode inside of me. He never stopped pounding me and then Dawn started to cum on my face. I fisted her pussy even harder until I was soaked.

I never noticed that Meg and Chris and their spouces were gone. My husband had come over and was stroking my swollen nipples and clit and sore ass when I relized that Dawn and her husband left too. That is when my husband told me I was finally his perfect whore. He was so proud of me taking all the men and woman he had arranged to fuck me tonight. I could feel him getting harder and knew there was no way I could get him into me. He rolled me over and pulled my ass up in the air.

“Now this is my cunt noone else’s!!!” With that he grabbed my hair and forced his cock into me. It was like being a virgin again. I was so swollen! He started to spank me and ride me when he pulled out and took my ass. He was fucking me and telling me how hot I was and how much he loved watching. He stopped and rolled me over and started to pound away again on my cunt sucking my sore nipples when I realized he was going to make me cum again. That is the best part of a husband. They can make you cum harder and better then any fuck can. I started to buck under him and he kept giving me my cock harder and telling me he couldn’t last much longer. Please cum for him. With that I exploded on him. He kept going and I could feel all of that cum from all of those men running down my thighs and over my ass. He finally came for me and the jerking of his cock set me off again. He had to push his fingers inside of me to make me finish for him. He wasn’t going to leave one ounce of cum in me tonight.

I finally looked around and realized that we were in a warehouse. He told me that he wanted to finish my training and he needed somewhere that no one would hear me. He knows how loud I get when I am being fucked really well. He rented the space. Set up the furniture and found the 3 couple that would take me for him. I couldn’t believe all the time he put into giving me that much pleasure. I was exhausted and he went and got the robe he bought for me and took me to the car. I slept all the way home and in the morning when he woke me with breakfast in bed. He got the best blowjob I could give. Now that my training is done I can take as many men or women as he find for me in one night!

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