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Training the wife to enjoy sex

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christmas day bout 930 after all the kids left we were talkin bout seperating again,, & i said your gonna have the same problem (with your next beau) if you keep acting so prudish regarding sex, your 50 and should enjoy sex & your body, you've been uncomfortable with sex our whole marriage,, you've got a great body &stay in shape for what?? she shrugged & said it was tough for her to let loose, always felt guilty about sex, etc., . I told her tonite to put her inhibitions aside, 2 try to cut loose, enjoy it & get into it,,,, I poured her a glass of reisling & 4 me a glass of jw black-rocks, ,,drank em up, refilled hers and mine and took her upstairs turned on the huge shower in the master, soaked in the steamin hot shower (fukn awesome shower),for about 25 minutes, sippin our drinks,,, i told her what a turn on it was to be in bed with someone who was warm, soft & clean & I cleaned out every inch of her body & mine...i was drying off & told her get into the bed & i would be there in a few,,,,when i got there she was wearing a sweat shirt & jogging shorts..:-(i said r u fuckin kiddin me? are you listening to me at all??? don't u know a man wants to see a woman in something sexy? good sex is about anticipation and packaging,,, go get something sexy on...something exciting,,,so she changes into some red lacy panties & a silk see white thru top,,, pretty sexy,,,..she had something on that smelled like vanilla,,i flipped the tube onto accoustical rock music,, dimmed the lights,,,,finished my scotch,, went into our closet & got my felt riding headband, took the belts out of the robes & came back,,she looked at me with surprise,, i said just relax ,,no ones home just be comfortable and relaxed,,, she finished her glass of wine and i told her to lay back on the bed & i put the headband over her eyes,,,8-) (Stop Here and Drink Another Glass of Wine) i tied her arms to the posters on the bed with the robe belts,,then i started rubbing her shoulders,,& kissing her neck & face,,real slow,,i knew it was going to be a long night so i knew i started slowly,,i was kissing & licking over her upper body for about 15 min.,,spendin time on her tits & kissing and licking her nipples and neck, as softly as i could & firmly brushing my hands over her body curves,,finally i got down to her red lace panties and i rolled them off slowly,,kissing & licking the inside of her legs & inside her thighs, calves & feet,, then i finished tying her up with the other robe belts so she was tied up arms up & over her head and legs spread to the corners of the bed..,,i went back to her head & started to kiss her again,,with a little more force,,pressing a little harder & running my tongue over the outline of her lips,, she opened her mouth & we stroked tongues a bit,,( our first kiss in 5 years!) i was rubbing her shoulders the whole time &moving my hand along her sides and gently across her nipples - i could feel her tensing a bit..,i kissed my way slowly down to her stomach spending a little extra time with her navel, circling it with my tongue,so she would know what was cumming,,,:-) i kissed all around her waist,, inside her legs,,every where except her pussy,,not yet,,,,kissing her legs & thighs, running my tongue all the way to her feet, i massaged her feet while i was kissing them...she was starting to move her hips up & down,,telling me to come up here, come up here,, its not time i said,,...,,, i kissed my way back up the legs & let my hand gently brush across her pussy one time & she arched her back,,when i got back up to her pussy with my mouth i kissed the top of her pussy lips & my hands were rubbing the inside of her thighs,,.i licked my thumbs, & i parted her pussy lips, which were a lot smaller than i remember,,(i hadn't been this close to them in about ten years how gd sad is that),,rubbed her clit slowly & she started to rock & moan, her pussy was already soaking wet, ,,,my tongue probed the inside of each lip going up & down,,licking and kissing for a long time very slowly while i spread them with my thumbs ,,i sucked on her lips,,after a while i put my full tongue on the clit area & began to move my head side 2 side & she went stiff & arched, i said ,, are you cumming?? she nodded, i said,,r you cumming she said yessss,,again i said cant hear u & she said louder im cumminggg..and a flood of love juice covered my lips,,nice,,,i pulled out a 6" pocket rocket from the drawer..,, my youngest son got it last year for christmas for getting knots out of your shoulders, it is basically a little vibrator,(she has no toys,can u believe that), & i began to work the pussy lips up & down & all around the edge,,.after about ten more minutes of licking she started bucking again & i put the tip on her clit then pushed it into her soaking pussy for about ten minutes & she exploded with another orgasm,,,,she collapsed on the bed moaning,,,,, my turn,,, i kissed her pussy made sure i got plenty of her juice on my lips, went up & kissed her & told her to lick my lips to taste how good her pussy tasted,she was nodding,,and licking, taste good? i said,,she nodded,, cant hear you,,,,yes it tastes good,,what does?,,my pussy tastes good,,,good girl,,,, i crawled up the bed and grabbed the headboard & put the tip of my cock in her mouth ,,, how does my cock taste,,,good,,,i went back down and pushed my cock into her hot soaked pussy, came back up told her to taste how good her pussy tastes when its clean & she started suckin me like newborn on a bottle,,,we had been going at it now for over an hour,,i was trying to think about how to quickly bust a nut,,so i fucked her mouth for a while but ,,kept feeling teeth,,so i untied her & put her up doggie style but her pussy was so wet & hot,,it felt great but i wasn't gonna cum there,,,so i laid back on the bed & she started sucking my cock and balls it was great but im so used to her mouth but sometimes she exposes a tooth & scr*pes my cock :which puts me back at square one,, but after about ten minutes of fucking her mouth hard i finally came,,,,i pulled off her blindfold & we both collapsed exhausted,, next morning we flipped tv on and the thomas crown affair with pierce brosnan & renee russo was on,,it was uncut & they kept showing renee russo's tits, which r really nice by the way &pierce brosnans ass like over and over,,she was commenting on how good looking they were i said renee is hot for sure,,she would be a fun friend to have, ,,she seems cool,,,shes beautiful,,waiting for a return comment,,,,,later she asked me if i had ever thought of having another girl in our bedroom and i said umm im a man,,,and that fantasy comes standard with the package,,,,lol,,and that's where we left it,,,then sunday morning she asked me if i had ever thought of anyone i liked enough to join us,, (uh oh!) i said no,,,,not really,,,,well there is one woman iv'e known a long time and shes single,,,,, but i had never thought of her like that, (a wee little lie-ok a big fuckin lie) but id dig it..,,,,,i didnt tell her i been thinking about it forever, but soon maybe....

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